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Dolphins still lead Jets 10-3 in borefest

Well, after an electric third quarter in which the Dolphins and Jets set back NFL offensive football about two decades, we have the fourth quarter.

The gun cannot come soon enough ...

No, I'm not talking about the one that signals the end of the game, but rather one that can signal the death of this terrible, terrible show.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Is Henne even playing...for the DOLPHINS?!?

Need to put some pressure on Gaychize!!

lol henne is not playing good but come on people he is not the only one


NO ONE gets open

Our punter is a beast!

BLAME IT ON THE HENNY....I said it before and I will say it again.... I am no longer in the HENNE camp...even if we go 4-4 in the last 4

Win or lose.....I've made up my mind on Henne.

What was his wonderlic score, again?

It might not be "life or death", but, it could be employment, or umemployment

I'm so sick of watch one and two rec sets it's really F--king pathetic


Douche bag Henne. What a loser. 55 yards passing.

Wow Henne is just not good

1 yard total offense this quarter. LOL

Wish our offense had half the heart of the defense.

we lose 13-10.....i am from the future.

1 Yard for Dolphins 100 Jets

why would, or how could, anyone ever defend henne? I can't take it anymore...!!!

Henne Is NoT the One!!!!!!
Henne Does NOT Have The IT factor!

I'm done with henne go get white lol

ronnie brown wide open with room to run, our scared rabbit QB throws it out....


>Did I say our O sucks?

You got that right. PWTrash.

Oh wait, it's all Henne's fault. What was I thinking...

Have to admit I'm happy I can't watch this game.
My girls are bogarding the TV's LOL

Hurri...I think we said the same thing..lol

People keep saying give Henne more time. I actually think he is going backwards from the draft.

RUN the ball. RUN the clock. WIN the game. RIGHT HERE!

we are so lucky sanchez is so inaccurate

Jets are playing crappy too!

Fak punt!

Thank god for #6 on the jets!

Your girls are bogarding your TV's?

Have you no spine? Who pays the mortgage?

Please get me off planet Ryan!! Is he really leaving the biggest piece of drek to ever lead a NY team in the game with Brunnell on the bench!!! Sanchez is a total loss!! Eat it and get on with it, you defensive genius-- offensive ignoramus!!!

i still don't get the play action call on 3rd and 12... WTF! both henne and henning need to go!

OK Henne-like we say in the air force-its time to grow a pair

Wets r gonna start timeouts.

I say the Jets have a least 2 more possessions after our upcoming 17 sec 3 and outs.

I garantee SANCHEZ makes a massive play shortly....cant stand him...but the prik can do the unusual....Henne is simply not a QB

yeah blame it all on henne


guys, looking forward to the home game against detroit. i'm living my life for that day.

We need a vet QB.....to groom our QB of the future....someone who can teach a young QB how to go down feild

What are you guys complaining about? We've been running the clock out since the 1st quarter

WE NEED TO FIRE SOPORANO HE HAS DONT NOTHING FOR US....AND HENNE IS OVER HE IS HORRIBLE. I would rather have J. Russel who played for the raiders. this is sad every year we get hyped up and it is a totally let down.


Jets record is a lie.

Just first downs, that's all we need...can we just do that?

32 passing yards....C'on man

Im sorry ppl, Dead henning sucks balls, but Henne is truly lost out there in the NFL, this guy isnt the guy i thought he could be.....Stop defending his horrible play 12-15 td int ratio and this will be the 2nd straight year his Ints will be higher than his TD rate..the guy just cant make the plays we need him to make. Thank god this game is coming to a close!!!!

can we please put a drive together!

Got to love miami heartattack games seems like thats all we get now days

give teams chances, over and over...

Snapping the ball with 10 sec on the playclock??

1st down pleaze!!!! Throw us fans a bone for watching boring a s s game

Henne, WTF kind of clock management is that? Hikes it with 13 seconds left on the clock!

David Lee trying to coach up Henne. Laughable.

"WTF! both henne and henning need to go!" --true indeed!!

That was brilliant

put in thiggy to RUN out the clock!

The Jets score here & we lose by 3. W/ any luck the bus will make a wrong turn leaving the stadium & they end up in Canada & we can build a new team from scratch

helmet to helmet no call

What a walking piece of human garbage.

a good qb finds a way to get a first down on that

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