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Dolphins still lead Jets 10-3 in borefest

Well, after an electric third quarter in which the Dolphins and Jets set back NFL offensive football about two decades, we have the fourth quarter.

The gun cannot come soon enough ...

No, I'm not talking about the one that signals the end of the game, but rather one that can signal the death of this terrible, terrible show.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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omg henne has no instints


Is Henne retarded or something? Seriously???!??!?!?!??

Once again, Henne scared to throw, so he takes another sack

we are a million miles from being a good team....wtached COLTS v TITANs the other night....The COLTS are well oiled machine....even the Titans are good...we are a few levels below....DO SOMETHING SPARANO you moron.....make a move

nice job/play call scrubs!


great play call

He didn't slide.....thumbs up for that

Did you see the look on Fasano's face? It says it al-you shmuck

OMG, is he even trying?!?!!

Way to get off the block marshall

I cannot believe how bad the coaching and or QB decision making is... we just snapped the ball trying to run out the clock with 10 BLEEPING SECONDS LEFT ON THE PLAY CLOCK... Unbelievable. Watch the Jets win on a TD pass to Holmes with 6 seconds left..

the defense is good. marshall is good jake long is good. so not yhe whole team.


Henne has got to be the slowest f*cking QB in the ENTIRE NFL!!

Don't you guys remember early in the season we're THIS close to being ELITE...


What do you know...?? A play action on 3rd down..!

Nice ST Miami! Can't even get the punt off without a penalty

Well, why not leave it to the defense, its been their game all season long , not just this one......If special ed doesnt botch it up!!!

nice job of preparing your team sunglass man!

Coaching on this team hideous.


Yet one more one rec set by Miami what are we back in the sevendies

thank god for fields


even vick couldnt have got the first with that many jets in the way

Here comes the Sanchize comeback and weekly fish fry

Big third down for Sanchez----huge scramble.

Henne? Not so much.

Watch the double move deep routes here.

Punter is a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 times Brandon has had to punt? WOW

Our kickers are our best players, that's sad


Chad Henne Fuckin Sucks....What a damn joke!!!!!

500 YDS of punting!!!


punter and fg kicker r ur best weapons its a sad state of
affairs. does anyone remember last weeks game?

Holmes, or Keller?

can we pray for a jet TO!

I bet the JETS score a TD....13 to 10....we dont even look close to scoring....

Sparano has made NO offensive adjustments. Relieve him of his duties.

This might be the worst game played in the NFL in the last 5 years. Pathetic.

Glad we have a good Kicker and Punter... defense has been good but always on the field they cant be expected to stop every drive

I didn't c Wake lined up on that last play..


yeah, here come the cardiac Jets. It's gonna get ugly momentarily.

Here in Charlotte they switched from the pats game because it was a blow out now CBS is stuck with 2 offense's that couldn't blow out a candle

we aaaalllll feel it coming dont we??? (big play) for us or against us is the question

>Fire all last names that start with Hen!

Posted by: phinsfaninne

Great post! BTW In your excitement to contribute to this blog,you mispelled your name.

I'm sure you mean, "phinsfannie". No need to thank me.

Game Ball to fields if we win, never thought i see the day where your punter is your best offensive weapon.......Truly Pathetic from "Sparano"s team!!!!!

We need a earthqWAKE.

ok all the henne haters who do you think we should play instead.

So how many of you have a #7 hanging in the closet that will go to charity?

I cannot beleive we have no PLAYMAKERS at all....NONE....ZERO...

Sparano...i have been in your camp but Im slippin away buddy.....make a move

another reason to beat these dirty sobs


My girls know how to torture me...they gave up the TV...just watched our usual 3 and out...and a great punt.
See you folks in 5-10 minutes


Whether they win or lose the jets are the most overrated team in the NFL

Look for a S Smith toast special here. Hope I'm wrong, though.

cam newton

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