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Dolphins still lead Jets 10-3 in borefest

Well, after an electric third quarter in which the Dolphins and Jets set back NFL offensive football about two decades, we have the fourth quarter.

The gun cannot come soon enough ...

No, I'm not talking about the one that signals the end of the game, but rather one that can signal the death of this terrible, terrible show.

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Its all on Henning for our O's play..........

d won this game. it's not henning it's henne. he sucks, period. come on 55 yards passing. horrible.

LMAO at the Jests!! Next week they go to Pitt, then to Chicago, then get ready to watch the Playoffs from home.

this is are superbowl!where the jet fans i told ya we were gonna get the last laugh..sean smith played great even if he drop 6 int's today!brandon fields was awesome!

I'm done defending Henne I don't think he could run a 7/11 much less a NFL offense, but what really gets my ire is the fact that everybody on the planet that has ever seen the three letters NFL together knows this but our bull-headed coaching staff leaves him in the game.

We won this game despite Henne not due to his omnipotence. In the NFL a QB is expected to make more than 4 good throws a game. True Brandon Marshall didn't give him any help, but this guy way too often throws into triple and worse coverage. If Bess has three guys on him you can't tell me that there isn't someone out there that is not covered.

Even with all the time in the world he'll still throw it to the guy that has a defensive crowd around him.

Face it Henne does not have the tools to be elite.

im shocked we won...we had nuttin except defense.....offense stunk...but a win is a win and fukk the jets....but we have a long long ways to go...CAM WAKE is a pro bowler today

bet Jason Smith won't be doing his ESPN radio gig tonight. He always bails when the Jets lose.
Mando, do the majority of Fin players like Nolan?
He was unsuccessful once as HC, and I believe players were not so happy with him
Maybe that's changed. Bellicheat learned his lesson at Cleveland.

being conservative won us the game!i wish someone would have punch jason taylor in the nose..in the start he was acting like a jerk!than he disapeared in the second half like he did with us no plays in the clutch!jt learn from wake he plays to the end!

You know Henne didnt have a good game but the positive note is he didn't throw a pick. But in his defense he didn't have much time in the pocket we definitely need an upgraded OL in the offseason. How bout Sean Smith? Yeah I know he couldnt catch the pick but he was all over the field batting the ball down. Im ok with that as long as he doesnt make mistakes. And no one is talking about Rashad Jones! He had a great game on ST, I cant wait to see him on D as some point next season. Guys we have a dominant D now its time for the offense to fix itself

As usual the guys who actually played and KNOW football, Sam Madison, is on the radio telling the truth, it's not Henne but the way he is coached, while the fry cooks on the blog are blaming Henne, even AFTER a huge win.


Are defense is comming on now!It takes time to learn Nolan D!If we would hae jelled earlier we'd be in the playoff!Where the Jetfans at!!!!!!!!!!!!

apparently rex was thinking of benching sanchez in the 3rd quarter

jetfans are licking their wounds and taking their meds...

that's bullsh$t bobby, sam madison, who is he? did you hear what bill cowher said did you hear what marino said? i think they know a little more than sam madison.

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