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Dolphins to hit road early this week

Tony Sparano is apparently doing whatever he can to shake his team up a little. And so, he is taking them on the road to their meeting with the New York Jets a bit early this week.

The Dolphins, which normally leave on Saturday for their Sunday road games, are hitting the friendly skies on Friday this week. They will practice at the New York Giants practice facility on Friday morning and be at their team hotel in the Meadowlands Friday and Saturday, rather than just on Friday.

So why the change?

Coach Tony Sparano will give his official decision on Wednesday when he meets with the media.

To me, frankly, is feels like a grasp at keeping things interesting as we begin the regular-season's final quarter.

The Dolphins went on the road a day early for the Oakland game their last road game and seemed to play well. So maybe Sparano likes how that worked out. Of course, that says nothing for the four other road victories this year in which Miami left for the venue the day before.

Maybe the coach has become superstitious.

Maybe he likes the idea of being in control of his players on Friday night -- including curfews at a team hotel -- instead of having them home where the lure of South Florida's nightlife might be too strong.

Maybe Sparano wants his team to get used to the fact it is cold up north now -- although I doubt anyone could acclimate in one extra day.

Maybe it's just a desperation move to, as I suggested earlier, shake things up a bit and keep players on their toes.

It must be noted the Dolphins are a better road team (5-1) than they are a home team (1-5). So maybe Sparano wants to get his guys on the road as early as possible.

I would say this: If the Dolphins beat the Jets, maybe they should attack their home dysfunction by getting on a flight for the games at Sun Life Stadium. Maybe they should fly from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and make the players believe it's a road game.

Because, after all, it is that 1-5 home record that seriously glows in neon as a problem -- much more than the 5-1 road record, which should be a source of pride for the team.


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Why change things up on the road? Road games arent our problem. If its not broke dont fix it. Geesh!

I sense the comings on a our customary late season swoon for sure now. LOL

Maybe he's going early to dump Henning in a nursing home and Henne in the Hudson river. He is Italian and his name rhymes with Saprano...

Who did Sparano consult on this move, his astro-oligist or voodoo-ologist?

We'll be undefeated...

In the offseason

Seems the Parcellians are willing to do anything to keep from buying Dan Henning an expensive new rocker with a bright red Christmas bow on it. Geesh!

After this brilliant move I say the Jets win by only 28pts now. Absolutely genious Tony, way to f^cking go guy!

You must have been smoking some of the Coptic Church's sacraments when you wrote that one, that was waaaaay out there...LMAO.


I hope this isn't the best new wrinkle they could come up with in dealing with the jets.

I find it odd that we are OK on the road, yet the coach feels he has to shake up that side of things. Do we need more proof of a coach completely out of his element and in over his head?

With that said, I'd welcome nothing more than a win against the Jets to send them into a swoon of their own. Their fans get into such a defensive mode this time of year. It's priceless. I'd love for my team to add to their misery of last night.

With that said, I long for the 2011 season with Mike Nolan as HC.

You know, despite Henne and Henning, we still have a chance to win this game if we just play to have of our potential because the game is in NY. Sanchez is extremely distracted by the cold and is more concerned about getting off the field and into the warmth than playing football. That combined with our D roughin em up pretty bad, I totally see us winning this one.

It looks like the Phins have been slowly integrating Lex Hilliard into the fullback position. This is interesting because I wonder if that is where they see him fitting into the offense. If not. I would like to see him get some carries so at least we can figure out if he can be a third down back. This is where I think he could be very effective because of his hands, and his ability to pick up blocks. He could be a very important piece to the puzzle(depending on what happens with Ronnie, and Bong Pipe). Especially if we draft a speedy-factor back. Lets see what we have, if he shows nothing, he is a free agent and he can be on his way. But he could produce, and it would be a shame to lose out on a player because of failure to evaluate properly.

If we are blown out on the road by the Jets does Sparano realizes everyone will blame it on this move?

Does he believe in dont fix it if its not broken? His HC job may hinge on the outcome of this move more than anything else he's ever done in Miami.

A Jet blowout result after this move will certainly bid farewell to Tony Sparano in Miami. He'll fade into obscurity under the trivia line of: "What Were They Thinking?"

Whoops! I meant "play to HALF of our potential" not "have" as I wrote, excusez-moi.


In Response To Your Post On The Last Blog:

What endeared Sparano to Parcells was his ability to say a whole lot while still telling you absolutely nothing. Exactly the way Parcells likes it. That's why the overly secretive Parcells saw him as prime HC material. LOL

Sparano's own mother still tells him to go sit down and shut up after listening to his babble.

Get there early practice outside, take plenty of liquids.GO DOLPHINS! Too bad about the call against the Steelers and the Browns choke. OR we would be right where we need to be.

The jets are reeling the past few weeks. They have been lucky for the 3 games before new england. Of course we know about the last game (45-3) The dolphins should be o.k. unless they give it away

After Listening To His Babble:

Sparano's Mother:

"Tony....Tony.... Go ta sitty yo-self downy and shutta yo mouth boy."




It seems to me HOME would be on this snowstorm by now

It is a direct result of HAARP

Not its location on the globe

Does anyone get the feeling no one ever listened to Tony Sparano as a kid or is just me?


>>Joe Schmoe:

You are right, the road thing is the only thing that works, why go messing with that too and totally f*ck everything up? Yes, sadly it's a sign of a coach grasping for straws. Anything to avoid joining the ranks of Wade and Josh. Th man is trying to fix what isn't broken but is incapable of fixing that which is. Watching Irleand, Henning and Sparano run this team is liking watching monkeys f*cking a football.

Bastardi is predicting that the pattern will result in over 50 percent of the country having a white Christmas which is well above the average coverage of less than 25 percent of the country which is usually covered by snow Christmas Day.

Shomer Shabbas

I live in Philly. There is no snowstorm forecast this weekend and it's supposed to be above 50 degrees here (and in New York) Sunday.

Where are you talking about, Maine??


Come on man, "Watching Ireland, Henning, Sparano run this team is like watching monkies f^ck a footbal?"

Rotflmao in total hysteria........ LOL

Mrs. Doris Wilson---

Glad you've branched out from peeing only at Publix. That must have gotten old after awhile. Happy spritzing!

Chuck C,

I've never watched a monkey f^ck a football but the visualation of that is just too funny man! LOL...................

At this point, why not leave today? They could prepare like it's the SB. And it might be for what's left of the 'trifecta'.

IDK I'm relying on a guy named Joe Bastardi for my weather predictions.

Hitting the road early is all fine and good. Maybe they should concentrate on hitting Sanchez early and often. Take a good look at the Pats game film and learn from it. Then,kidnap Brady,put him in a Dolphins uniform,and let him play QB for us....Lol

Damn you Chuck C, now I cant get the visualation of monkies f^cking a football out of my head and neither can I stop laughing! LOL................

Maybe he figures it will take an extra day to try to wake Henning up from the in-flight slumber?

Henne's 5-1 on the road and now you wanna start f^cking with his head on this?


Seems to me whatever we're doing at home needs changing up not this. WOW...............

let it be clear that the use of the word "monkeys" was directed directly at the Grand Illustrious Trio of Ireland, Henning and Sparano lest anyone be confused...LOL

This week will provide the ultimate competency test for this coaching staff. The Pats provided a perfect blueprint of how to attack the Jets. Same strategy that many people on these blogs has recommended the Dolphins try for weeks now. 4-5 WR set and spread out the defense. On top of that, the Jets are down to 2 healthy safeties. The problem is that the Dolphins coaching staff is too stupid and stubborn to adapt their offensive approach. We will probably just try to run it and play the same conservative stupid approach and end up losing the Jets game in another close contest.

excellent post DK. Henning thinks "shotgun" is a weapon.

Henne is officially credited with 6 losses however at least 4 of those were joint loses that can be attributed to an entire lack of team effort and playcalling.

Now Sparano searches for new ways to f^ck with Henne's already fragile psyche. Unfuckingbelievable! LOL...........

For all you conspiracy theorists out there: Henning is on our PK's Agent's Payroll to get a cut of his contract...what better way to get a big fat contract than to be AFC Offensive Player of the Week a few times...60 yarder last week sets team record...4th in the league in scoring...1st in FG attempts...1st in FG made...and with 4 games left only 4 pts away from eclipsing his personal career high of 112....Maybe Sparano has a piece of that kickback action too? That's why he's so excited Capt Fist Pump..when they get 3s...


What makes you think it will be a close loss? This latest attempt to tinker at Henne's fragile psyche plus we play a wounded bear seems like the perfect mix for a total blowout loss.

Jets by 28pts! Parcellians fired!

It would be great to see a dolphins win against the jets it would make going into the off season that much sweeter, I guess it all depends on who Henne throws the ball to us or them

so I heard a rumor the other day that new episodes of an old TV classic is being filmed in SoFL.. ..."The Three Stooges"

Some of the Sparano stuff with you guys is borderline asylum.

Did you conveniently not read the part where the Dolphins ALSO left a day early for the Oakland game?

You actually think this "f*cks" with Henne's psyche?!? Jesus Christ, if his "psyche" is THAT weak he definitely needs to go!

I feel sorry for my Dolphins that they will have to spend extra time in the state of New Jersey.

Maybe Henning can take a play or two from the Patriots with an empty backfield, maybe Henne will have some sucess with it since the running game has been dormant this season.

Chuck C,

What do mean rumored? The Three Stooges has already been an ongoing 3yr sindication here at theatre headquarters Davie, FL. Get with it man! LOL............

As long as the Dolphins win,I'm getting tired of Fireman Ed with his J E T S. Just win and be a spoiler team from here on out.


One thing that really worries me is that Sparano and Henne obviously still have problems with using the clock and time outs properly. It cost us some games last season and they still haven't corrected those problems...gee, isn't this the NFL?

I have a "BRILLIANT" idea Mr. Sparano:


Mr. Sparano if you wore a hoodie then just maybe we can trick this team into thinking they're the New England Patriots and Henne into thinking he's Tom Brady. LOL.........

Hey jim, didn't you hear? The season's over, we're just trying to laugh a little.

dude who doesnt want to party in new jersey in the winter??

whoop whoop whoop....gnarrr arrr arrr...he he he wise guy! Gnyack Gnyack Gnyack!

I love to see Ronnie do the Curly shuffle!

Chuck C,

Thats been a huge problem with the Parcellians. Before adequately addressing one problem they try and multitask fixing other areas and create even more problems than solutions.

Just as you stated, "Its like watching Monkeys f^ck a football." LOL.............

Carpenter for MVP!

Chad Henne is Jay Shrader can we move on now?

Word has it that Ireland, Sparano and Henning were spotted in a late night meeting passing around a big Fatty while listening to that Jammie Fox song "blame it on the Henne". Ah ha ha ha! I fricken Kill myself!

We all dropped the ball on the Parcellians. Our first clue should have been the Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan pick. The 2nd was Parcells saw Henne as a franchise Qb. No one that actually watched his collegiate career would have made that assessment.

Yes, we all dropped the ball. The signs of coming doom were there the very first year. But like blind sheep we all willingly followed.

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