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Dolphins to hit road early this week

Tony Sparano is apparently doing whatever he can to shake his team up a little. And so, he is taking them on the road to their meeting with the New York Jets a bit early this week.

The Dolphins, which normally leave on Saturday for their Sunday road games, are hitting the friendly skies on Friday this week. They will practice at the New York Giants practice facility on Friday morning and be at their team hotel in the Meadowlands Friday and Saturday, rather than just on Friday.

So why the change?

Coach Tony Sparano will give his official decision on Wednesday when he meets with the media.

To me, frankly, is feels like a grasp at keeping things interesting as we begin the regular-season's final quarter.

The Dolphins went on the road a day early for the Oakland game their last road game and seemed to play well. So maybe Sparano likes how that worked out. Of course, that says nothing for the four other road victories this year in which Miami left for the venue the day before.

Maybe the coach has become superstitious.

Maybe he likes the idea of being in control of his players on Friday night -- including curfews at a team hotel -- instead of having them home where the lure of South Florida's nightlife might be too strong.

Maybe Sparano wants his team to get used to the fact it is cold up north now -- although I doubt anyone could acclimate in one extra day.

Maybe it's just a desperation move to, as I suggested earlier, shake things up a bit and keep players on their toes.

It must be noted the Dolphins are a better road team (5-1) than they are a home team (1-5). So maybe Sparano wants to get his guys on the road as early as possible.

I would say this: If the Dolphins beat the Jets, maybe they should attack their home dysfunction by getting on a flight for the games at Sun Life Stadium. Maybe they should fly from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and make the players believe it's a road game.

Because, after all, it is that 1-5 home record that seriously glows in neon as a problem -- much more than the 5-1 road record, which should be a source of pride for the team.


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DB- I really hope that we don't draft a quarterback early. The free agent list isn't very good. So what I would like to see happen is for us to give Henne another shot(I think he deserves this, weather it pans out we will see) The quarterback class of 2012 is full of prospects that play in pro style offenses, and who knows this could include Luck who may not even enter the draft(longshot, but possible) My point being that this is a win win for the Dolphins in that we can evaluate Henne and make sure we make the right call. And if he ends up playing poorly again we have a shot to draft a better quarterback in 2 years. Rather then from the class this year.
I would like to see Henne play with some sort of running game before I can really judge him. I know last year we did this well. But take into consideration that last year was year 1 of the project, year 2 has been a dissapointment, but so has the rest of the unit.

Seems when Joe Robbie died he took the plug out of the Dolphins seaquarium with him. When Robbie died Dolphins championship hopes died with him.

I hate to say this but it seems so true.

Darryl Dunphy,

If youve paid any attention to my numerous posts. Then you know Im a very strong advocate of drafting Mark Ingram. Telling me we shouldnt draft a qb 1st rd is like preaching to the choir! LOL..........

The owners that succeeded me and the coaches that succeeded Shula are whimps.

So says the ghost of Joe.

I'm channeling.

Darryl Dunphy, also to even consider drafting a top 5 qb in 2012 means at seasons end fire everyboby and bring in a new staff/fo that will scrap everything and start over. That's the only way to guarantee we draft high enough to get the top 2012 qb prospect.

Other than that, in 2012 we'll draft somewhere in the same neighborhood as this season. Too far away to grab a potential game changing qb.

The only 2 franchise type qb's the Dolphins ever had were both 1st rd draft picks. Griese was drafted in the top 10 and we got real lucky false drug rumors came out about Marino or we would never have sniffed his jockstrap at 27th, I think it was.

Marino should definitely have been a top 5 pick. Then the clown Parcells an his over bloated ego thought he could find a franchise qb in the 2nd rd. Geesh!

I'm not going to argue with any of the top backs. Ingram can catch, and block so this is a bonus. Above all he is hard to tackle. I actually wouldn't be upset if we pick 2 running backs. A guy a I like as a late rounder is a player named Tawain Jones from Eastern Washington. He may not come out for the draft this year but if he does he is worth keeping an eye on. He is big, fast and very very hard to tackle. I have seen him play twice in person and he is the only player that I have seen that in 2 tries. That the Grizzlies could not stop. Last year he had 3 TD's including 2 of over 80 yards(1 was a kickoof return) This year he had close to 400 yards(all purpose)

Its extremely difficult unless you're the Detroit Lions to pick #1 overall. So if you get there and need a franchise qb and one's available. You got to take that guy no matter what!

Bill Parcells is a whimp and has no balls. If he did we would have Matt Ryan instead of Jake Long! LOL.........

Darryl Dunphy,

Ingram also has outstanding field vision and instincts. Those two things cant be taught. Another thing to his greatest benifit is the fact that SEC run defenses are the closest thing to pro level run defenses in college. If you do very well in the SEC as a rb you have a fighting chance in the pros.

I know Ronnie Brown's from the SEC but this guy didnt even have a 1000yds rushing season in college then all of a sudden people were building him up as a top 5 rb only because he was huge and had an outstanding 40 at the combine.

Our dumbassed regime took the bait and drafted him 2nd overall. Geesh! LOL........

DB- To the point on 2012. If Henne plays like this next year, it will most likley spell doom for Sparano, and Ireland being they put their chips in with Henne. Also there will be 3-4 very intresting prospects in that draft. If the Henne project doesn't work out I'm sure that a new regime will want to, actually be forced to start over and will do whatever it takes to have a shot at one of the top guys. And as you know this is a crap shoot, there are no sure things when it comes to drafting a qb.
But lets hope this doesn't happen. I have been far from a Henne supporter. But the last thing I want to see is another mediocre season, and then watching this team get blown up. I can handle a few folks here telling me "I told you so" What I cannot handle is another rebuilding process. So I'm rooting for Henne.

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Good night all..

I dont care about the injuries! Ronnie Brown has been a Dolphin for 6 seasons now and has had 2 900yd seasons and only 1 100yd season, just barely(1,008yds). If thats #2 overall pick production I'll eat my dolphins cap.

Brown's Numbers:

2005 MIA 15gms 207 attempts 907yds 4.4ypc
2006 MIA 13gms 241 attempts 1008yd 4.2ypc
2007 MIA 7 gms 119 attempts 602yds 5.1ypc
2008 MIA 16gms 214 attempts 916yds 4.3ypc
2009 MIA 9 gms 147 attempts 648yds 4.4ypc
2010 MIA 12gms 156 attempts 589yds 3.8ypc

Career 72gms 1084attempts 4,670yds 4.3ypc

Injury or not, Brown has only averaged 778yds per year and only 65yds per game. Does that sound like #2 overall pick production to any of you?

Yeah Dying!....But he does do a hell of a Curly Shuffle and he looks like Florida, the Mom on Good Times. "Oh James, the good Lord will
provide and we have each other" "JJ! Stop that!"

BenJarvis Grren Ellis? Woodhead? Are you Fricken kidding me?

Remember when Zach Thomas and the gang use to watch Gladiator with Russel Crow before games? It got em all pumped up! Damn I miss those days!

Hey Chad! Just like Jimmy Buffet says in the song. You gotta listen son!

Phins to the left...Phins to the right...

Don't just stare at on receiver the whole time...

Martin = Home.

It's good so they can get used to the cold

Its bad gentlemen...its bad.....The only hope is that Henne is the man...otherwise we are screwed for years to come.....You can't succeed in this league without a ELITE QB that gives you the chance to win day in and day out....

As Darrin has said many times..their is no magic pixie dust that makes a coach great....only players can make coaches great....if memory serves me correct...Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 unti he got 4 HOF on his team....

If there is a such thing as football purgatory then we are certainly there....

DB...SOme really good post earlier in this blog...I agree with alot of it...classic line with our offense still riding horses while pats are on UFO...lol

Also got to add that the stuff you said about R. Brown is on the money....during pre-season or the offseason I got into it with somebody (who i am sure will never come forward to identify themselves now....who swore up and down about Brown's 4.5 yard arverage per carry made him elite....that number I coudn't argue with...however my eyes do not lie and very little that I have seen from Brown says elite...servicable, yes....good teammate...yes...and does a lot of little things righ (WC)...yes...but elite...not on this team.

Our only true hope out of this mess is to get 2 running backs that can get yardage and not trip and fall over their own feet everytime they make a cut...

Its bad when your #2 overall pick who is stil in his 20's is beingout played by a #1 overal pick in his mid thirties...abd the back in his mid thirties is overly impressive.

If we can get 2 backs who we can hand the ball to 35 plus times agame, then it might fix Henne and this team in the short term. Short term being next season....

Hey, Coach Sparano, I have another idea! Pull somebody out of the stands and let them be head coach for Miami! No Tony, I see your point, they would probably WIN and get you FIRED!

Hi Armando,
Being a "soccer" fan as well, it actually seemed strange to me that in the NFL if you play at home you can just show up at the stadium from home a couple of hours before the game as if you were going to the office.
It is well known that most (if not all) soccer teams "concentrate" in a hotel one or two days before the game even at home. The staff is not as large as an NFL team, but I'm sure it's a drop in a bucket from a cost prospective.
The "concentration" helps keep the team focused, avoid any distractions and I'm sire also gives time to build relationships amongst the players, while keeping only one thing in mind: soccer, not parties, family, etc.
Is there a specific reason it is not done in the NFL?

Maybe he likes the idea of being in control of his players on Friday night -- including curfews at a team hotel -- instead of having them home where the lure of South Florida's nightlife might be too strong.

The New York nightlife sucks.

Cmon Mando, The weather. They did to get there early to get used to the weather.

just need to finish out this year, hopefully lose last 4, which could move us way up in draft. and hope ross replaces this garbage staff and gm

tim obviously hasnt been to NYC lol

wonder if Henning watched the Mon night game. 4 wide? 5 wide? is that legal? that guarantees single coverage on a receiver. can they do that? dadnabbit. . . .


On pace stats had Brown not been injured:

2005 907yds missed 1gm 16gms= 967yds 4.4ypc
2006 1008yd missed 3gm 16gms= 1241yd 4.2ypc
2007 602yds missed 9gm 16gms= 1376yd 5.1ypc
2008 916yds *played all 16gms 4.3ypc
2009 648yds missed 7gm 16gms= 1152yd 4.4ypc
2010 589yds missed 0gm 16gms= 785yds 3.8ypc

There you have it. Ive compared the yardage Brown has had in his Dolphins career vs what he was on pace to have had he not been injured. Still the closest thing he's had to playing up to #2 overall status was 2007 when injured gm 9.

In 2007 Brown finished with 602yds thru 9 gms. Had he not been injured he was on pace to finish the season(thru 16gms) with 1376yds rushing and a 5.1ypc average. This should be the minimal output each season for a #2 overall rb. Not a best projected had he not been injured nor even best season in 6yrs neither.

Also if you'll notice, Brown is currently on pace for his absolute worst season ever in either on pace or actually played 16gm season. Even worse for him this is a contract year for him.

Brown has only been mere mortal in 6 seasons at Miami as his numerous injuries and pedestrian stats well suggest.

why even talk about brown, hes a free agent. miami has no interest in resigning him, thankfully

im pretty sure our starting qb and rb arent even on the roster right now for 2012. no season next year almost guarantees that.

here's an idea for sparano and the offense; watch the pats/jets game from monday eve at least 9 or 10 times in full. see what you learn from watching a bellichek/brady team on both sides of the ball. they make adjustments throughout the course of the game. they acquire players who are smart;they dont have to meet a size requirement.

Im neither a huge detractor or supporter of Henne. Still I say if you evaluate Henne you have to also evaluate whats around him. Henne's stats thru 12gms:

2,621yds passing/ 12tds/ 15picks/ 77.5 qb rating

Clearly at least 40% of Henne's picks are tipped balls and on his recievers. 40% of 15picks =6. 15-6 =9picks. Without this Henne could very well be looking at 12tds and only 9 picks.

For the season Henne would have been on pace for 3,500yds passing/ 16tds/ 12 picks/ and a qb rating obviously in the 80's range. That's not god awful at all.

Over a 16gm stretch Henne does need to get his td totals into at least the lower to mid 20's though. This suggests redzone(Henne himself) and possible play calling/reciever issue. Clearly a combination of all 3 of the above.

dying ur trying hard, very hard

Dont totally count Henne out as 2012 starter yet. He still has 4 remaining games to prove last Sunday was a fluke.

Henne previous qb rating low was against the Ravens, 47.5. Every qb lands a total stinker at least 2 games per season. Henne hit rock bottom Sunday against the Ravens with a season low 37.8 qb rating.

Throw out those two stinkers and Henne has a 83.4 qb rating in 9 games played. That isnt awful at all.

Dave Hyde's column really uplifted me yesterday. After he said the Henne era was over the day before, yesterdays column told how he got his ass totally ripped by the vast majority of Miami fans. Im happy to see that there are a lot of fans down here that actually understand the growing pains it takes with a young QB and understand football. There is hope yet.

*hit rock bottom Sunday against the Browns not Ravens

agree bobby, but next season (2012 most likely) think we all know we will have a new starting qb


If Henning can keep his qb rating avg into the high 70's to lower 60's over the next 4 games I'll be glad to him as starter next season. However, he he's mid 60's or lower with his qb ratings avg over the final 4ms there's legit cause for great concern entering 2012.

dying high 70's is awful by the way.

short hrb


Should Henne finish the remaining 4gms of 2010 with a qb ratings avg in the high 70's or greater we would be foolish to give up on him. Especially with no better solutions currently available.

Even in 2012 we'll need to draft top 5 or better to draft a franchise potential qb then wait a few seasons for him to develop properly. If Henne's the starter in 2011 I see no way we draft even top 10 in 2012. Henne isnt that horrible.

DB, BobbyD12,

How do you evaluate a QB who only has one more game against regular season competition...after the jets it will be like playing pre-season with the bill, lions, and pats playing back-ups so THEY can evaluate players?

How do you evaluate a player when he's playing stiffs?

You people have some very stupid things to say... There is a major snow storm about to go down, and NO ONE WANTS TO FLY IN IT... But you are all right, Tony should be fired now if they lose, and Nolan (a guy who was already fired due to his terrible record) should be our new head coach. Miami is so bad at home because their fans leave mid-way through the second quarter. BY the third quarter the have to listen to their opponents chant at there home celebrity ridden stadium. I have been a Phins fan for a long time, and this is the low point because of the owner and the fans.

Thats why I saw were in purgatory....and we won't know the deal on Henne till midway of next season....but then comes the built in excuse of "its a new system"....so he get 2 years to learn it....purgatory men...purgatory

I don't know how you can abort the Henne experiment now. The first 2 seasons are usually the worst for an NFL qb. Has been very good, no? has been awful, no? I think he's been the best we've had since #13 and the only one I can remember that even on occassion can carry the offense on his back - he just can't do it for a full year and nobody should really expect a young qb to have to do that. I think we've seen the worst of this guy and going forward you should really see the benefit. Aborting this misison now is like building a house and quitting after building the foundation because it was too expensive. We've all doen the hard part.

After next year is when you should abort the Henne mission if we are where we still are today. We won't be bad enough to draft Newton (thank God), Mallett, or Luck. They will go to Buffalo, Carolina, and Arizona. The vet free agents suck way worse than Henne and the only way we may get something decent is if a team like Cincy cuts a Carson Palmer - who Henne isn't far behind on the QB ladder anyway.

High 70's is just slightly pseudo-borline as a starting qb. Lower to mid 70's qb ratings avg completely begins backup at best territory.

Solid 80's is solid starter territory. Henne has consistently achieved high into the 80's all season. The 2 stinker games this season has the season avg qb rating down to 77.5

Henne has 2 games this season with over 100 qb rating, a couple in the 90's, and the rest in the 80's. Henne is a solid starter. Still these final 4 games will be key in his 2010 overall evaluations.

I will be watching and Im sure so will everyone else.

Kris @8:07, I don't know about getting 2 backs. But I think you're suggesting 'getting out of this mess' by concentrating on a running game and passing when you absolutely have to? I think you may have something there.

I think it's obvious to all by now, Henne is inconsistent and that's being nice. So, what to do?

Getting a quality QB via the draft or FA doesn't seem possible. So, as bad as I hate to say it, go back to what this bunch wanted to do all along, run the ball. Get a pulling guard, maybe a RT, a quality TE and back.

And wait for the next QB. What number since Marino will that be?

I think we have to RUN our way out of this mess...running backs that can get yardage and score TD....that in my opinion is how we minimize the damage and and q running game always makes a QB look better.....1 stone...2 birds....

The Defense loos like it will take care of itself for the next few years....

Trying to gage a QB by who he has faced in College...

Brett Favre... played for The University of Southern Mississippi in Conference USA... who the hell did he face?

Tom Brady... only played 2 full years with Michigan. After sitting behind Griese for 4 years he finally made the field. Where he did well, HOWEVER, it could (and did) be said he did not have a complete resume and it showed when he was taken so low in the draft, That worked out very nicely for Mr. Belecheat.

John Elway... Like Luck... was/is a Stanford product. I doubt any of you wish to argue about who he played in college and how that all worked out in the end would you?

Terry Bradshaw... Came from the Louisiana Institute of Technology..... Who the hell are they? LA-tech play's in the WAC division... Boy, I'll bet Bradshaw saw the best there!

Dan "The Man" Marino... played in Pitt. No pushover, the Big East... But in 1980 through 80 they did not play what would be called "Elite" football teams at that time. I'll give this one a nod because it was Obvious Dan was special...but as far as "Competition" that he played in the NCAA... Nahh... was none.

Steve Young ... Played for BYU.... great school... crappy Conference... Air Force...? Wyoming...? New Mexico...? Yeah... he played the TOUGH GUYS!

Kurt Warner...University of Northern Iowa !!! Yeah... I'm shaking in my boots!!!

I could keep right on going......

Point is..... give up the "he hasn't played anyone" crap.... it holds NO water at all...

Either you get it right or wrong... Who a guy plays for is bunk!

Luck will be ELITE... mark those words!

For all of you that are hallucinating about drafting the top qb in this class and having him come in and win 12 games as a rookie you're forgetting one thing: The 2 years that they have to spend around Pennington in order to be qualified to play in this league.

cocojoe...I didn't want to bring up the line because I know that is a whole "nother" issue....but yes, that is EXACTLY what I am saying

Ive heard some posters say Matt Ryan would not have done nearly as well had we drafted him instead of Jake Long. Obviously Ryan's been surrounded by a better cast of talent than Henne. Yet I hear know one say Henne maybe be better if he was surrounded by as much talent as Matt Ryan.

Ryan doesnt have Henning, no ballerina Ronnie Brown, he doesnt have an at times god awful st's unit making life more difficult, and he doesnt have db that consistently drop game winning pick 6's around him either.

Yes Henne throws picks and so do other nfl qb's. As I stated earlier at least 40% of Henne's 15 picks are not even on him. Takeaway those and Henne's pick total is down to around a very manageble 9 in 12 games.

That's less than 1 pick per game.

kris, Everyone knows my opinion and im bot gonna change. As far as im concerned, everyone deserves one more year, EXCEPT HENNING. I believe we have a solid defense and talent with a young group. No matter what anyone says, Henne cannot be evaluated after 24 games. Again, im not the owner so what will happen is up to him. but as a guy who played the game from age 8-18, have watched the game for 40 years and have been a season ticket holder for 15 years I think i have a little knowledge. Time will tell but thats one fans opinion.

I'll bet that Chad Pennington can take any QB drafted this year and in 2 years turn them into what he was: a mediocre QB on a s h i t t y team. I mean seriously what has Penny ever accomplished other than getting paid in the top 5 range for QB's if you consider his income on a per game basis. He's played in a total of 21 games, he's won 11 and lost ten and he's earned $12.5 mil; that about $600k per game.
Chad Henne makes $600k for the season and he's already won 13 games for us.

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