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Dolphins to hit road early this week

Tony Sparano is apparently doing whatever he can to shake his team up a little. And so, he is taking them on the road to their meeting with the New York Jets a bit early this week.

The Dolphins, which normally leave on Saturday for their Sunday road games, are hitting the friendly skies on Friday this week. They will practice at the New York Giants practice facility on Friday morning and be at their team hotel in the Meadowlands Friday and Saturday, rather than just on Friday.

So why the change?

Coach Tony Sparano will give his official decision on Wednesday when he meets with the media.

To me, frankly, is feels like a grasp at keeping things interesting as we begin the regular-season's final quarter.

The Dolphins went on the road a day early for the Oakland game their last road game and seemed to play well. So maybe Sparano likes how that worked out. Of course, that says nothing for the four other road victories this year in which Miami left for the venue the day before.

Maybe the coach has become superstitious.

Maybe he likes the idea of being in control of his players on Friday night -- including curfews at a team hotel -- instead of having them home where the lure of South Florida's nightlife might be too strong.

Maybe Sparano wants his team to get used to the fact it is cold up north now -- although I doubt anyone could acclimate in one extra day.

Maybe it's just a desperation move to, as I suggested earlier, shake things up a bit and keep players on their toes.

It must be noted the Dolphins are a better road team (5-1) than they are a home team (1-5). So maybe Sparano wants to get his guys on the road as early as possible.

I would say this: If the Dolphins beat the Jets, maybe they should attack their home dysfunction by getting on a flight for the games at Sun Life Stadium. Maybe they should fly from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and make the players believe it's a road game.

Because, after all, it is that 1-5 home record that seriously glows in neon as a problem -- much more than the 5-1 road record, which should be a source of pride for the team.


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who cares?

Thats fair enough BobbyD....you are on the "one more year" camp...and I believe weather I like it or not....it will be one more year....why cut Chad Henne so we can draft Chad Henne...makes no sense.

Lets get some more quality players and talent on offense and take some pressure off the kid....my Motto...2 RBs by any means neccessary

Wannstedt stepped down at Pitt. Worst coach to ever have such a long career. Actually all those old Dallas coaches ended sucking the big one.

No Hallucinating about how many games we win next year, Price Master... And its regrettable to see sarcasm hasn't Left the building ...
You must start somewhere... Henne has until the end of this season to right the ship... he has more then he deserves... but one way or the other if Miami does not address the issue things will NEVER, EVER change (They haven't in 10 years...why now?)... if it takes 2 or 3 more years with a rookie so be it... if Henne rights the ship... so be it...

No Matter what is the case... this is the truth....

"When Nothing Changes.... Nothing Changes!!!"

The ONLY 2 Reasons I would be willing to see Henne stick around would be #1... start with him playing out the rest of the season like he belongs in the NFL, Sunday did not help that argument... #2... because we HAVE already gone through the "Growth" stage with him, he could do a lot by first winning, and then having to compete next year for the job with a Drafted Young gun who would be his back-up should he keep the job and his replacement should he lose the job.
No matter what... Miami needs some "Allstate" when it comes to Henne and Thigpen ain't it and neither is soon to be "Coach Pennington"... Miami needs to draft a guy who can run the team when and if Henne blows it next year...Period!


Good luck with Mr. Luck. Youre right, you never know. However, the fact remains Luck has yet to face one top 20 college D and when facing far middle of the pack and best D he has faced. His numbers were absolutely just plain average.

Not saying its impossible he cant be a good pro qb. With proper development and desire anything is possible. But not facing even one top 20 college D all season, then when facing a very middle of the collegiate defense like Arizona. This supposedly phenom only put up very plain and average numbers.

If you're a team drafting 1st overall and needed a franchise qb you had better be concerned because as a GM your ass is fully on the line.

kris, RB/s, speed receiver, another TE and ST playmaker are on my wish list.

Last year we drafted all "D" and it seems to be paying off.....If we go ALL "O" next draft I will believe thos FO has a long term plan to fix this....even though they will probably draft "O" players NOBODY has ever heard of or seen play.


You stole my line, lol! But it is true, "Why draft Chad Henne to replace Chad Henne?" That's exactly how I put it in a prior post. LOL.............

Plus we can always just skewer the Cowbays waiver wire for offensive players who coudn't make their team....lol

DB...you did, and I meant to give credit were credit was due...i just coudn't rember who said it.

I told you earlier that you had some really ggod post/....now you know I wasn't lying

Mark in Toronto, when Pitt (college) lets u go as HC, time to consider broadcasting.


thx, lol!

Wait and see what happens with Fat Albert (in DC). For all you guys who can't stand "problem" players (which some of you believe Marshall is one), they will remember this lesson.

Everyone knows by now Albert has been suspended final 4 games. Well, now Redskins are gonna try recollecting much if not most of that money they gave him by saying he didn't live up to his end of the contract. How? By not doing what he was asked to do, play the position the coaches wanted him to play, and disregarding the organization's demands at every turn.

So, next time some idiot thinks they are bigger than the coach or the team, let them remember Fat Albert, who's about to become a pauper (not really, but if they can get 20 of the 35 mil back, that'll be a hard lesson learned).

Miami will not have a shot at Luck.... So that argument is a waste of time. Luck will go to Carolina, Buffalo or whomever in the 1st 3 picks decide to take him.

Let me ask the "Henne Band Wagoners" this question.... And first let me say I am NOT for running Henne out of town on a rail.... Are you saying that Miami should ride Henne, without drafting one of the better QB's in this draft for him to compete against for a job next year?.... Are you saying we as a team need to hand Henne the keys to this team without making him compete for them? (like this year) and without the insurance of having a replacement?... NOT Thigpen level replacement... The sort of replacement you keep right on going with... The sort of QB Miami needs to win a championship.

Are you guys saying you are SO CERTAIN That Henne is the Future of this club we should close our eyes and go walking like idiots into Next season with our QB pants down...?

Because here is what will happen... Next year... should Henne totally blow it (I give that about a 70% probability)... all of you guys who have said "Henne is the man... Give him more time"... Will be on this blog talking about how STUPID the coaching staff was for not replacing him or at least getting a future replacement for him when they had a chance... You'll run for the caves when confronted with you unexplainable Confidence in a player that many of us who have been around a few years see as a very sub par player...

One thing I think will help Henne a great deal next season is whoever is the next OC needs to do a better job of gameplanning against defenses in the passing game and our wr's need to do a much better job of reading coverage and quickly finding soft spots.

If the OC, recievers, and Henne are all on the same page next season it can be a very stellar year for the passing offense.

DB, also utilizing the RBs out of the backfield. We did it all last year, this year haven't done it much at all. Not sure why? Guess they're keeping them in to block more, but then why aren't they using the TE more? I hate the whole scheme Henning has. Use 8 guys to block, send 2 out. It's the exact opposite of the Pats spread formation.

BobbyD12....sounds like a good list.....I think we got a play making TE who is never active because we keep 15 O-linemen active at all times....even though the same 5-6 are the only ones who play......we might have that TE on the roster or practice squad.....The sad thing is because Fasano probably reminds this FO of Mark Bavaro (big. slow, I can't say tough or sure hands)...they have extened his contract and I don't think they will go after a TE based on that.....

I am with you on the rest...my priority is definely RBs...by any means necessary

Bobby, thing is Wannstedt recruited really well at Pitt. They had the most talent in their program than they've had in 30 years. Problem is, Wannstedt was still the coach. Didn't watch them play much this year but I saw them a lot last year and I saw the same old thing happen. He'd get a lead, then just run and try to play defense. They'd get nipped at the end. Same old shite with Wannstache.

Derek, Penningtons career is over so it is a given Miami will either be drafting or signing a free agent QB. I dont think to many people will argue with you on that point. In my mind, competition is good.


You just admitted Luck isnt even in the conversation. The rest of the qb's in "THIS" draft dont even look like they will ever be as good as Henne is now. Just because it seems we need a qb doesnt mean we throw away a 1st rd pick on one who's not projected to be any better.

Derek you have to FULLY consider we have no 2nd rd pick. It's absolutely paramount we hit on our first pick. We dont have the luxury of just rolling the dice with this pick.

That's why I rather see us get Mark Ingram if still available. If Ingram isnt there I rather see us just go best player available regardless of position. Because with no 2nd rd pick we at least have to come away with a very productive player in the first rd.

Not draft a qb for the sake of drafting one then in 3yrs realize we totally wasted yet another 1st rd pick. We are absolutely not good enough as a franchise to do this.

I hope our first pick is a stud offenive lineman. With our personnel, we need that more than anything. because our skill players aren't fast, we need to be brutish in strength. If last year's draft was this year - the easy pick would have been Iuapati.

I also think we need to bring in a Qb - won't be in the 1st round because there are some really bad teams in search of a QB out there. We aren't a bad team.

Kris, I love the idea of going all offense - maybe even doing the saeme trade down and racking up quantity. 2 linemen, a RB, TE, and a Qb (I like Christian Ponder in the mid rounds) and that would make me happy.

kris, after watchimg Gronk and Hernandez for NE Monday night, thats exactly the kind of TEs and offensive sets i would love to see Miami run


I am neither a Henne Hater or a Henne Lover....the same can be said of Thigpen, or Pennington, or any other player at any other postion...I am a Dolphin Fan first and who ever is the best player to help this team get WINS should play.

Now on to your question, which is a valid one....

I think Henne needs to compete for the job, but I woudn't draft a QB, I would sign one from the FA list...a legit one....even a Rex Grossman (he has played in a SB)....don't coun't out Kyle Orton from being cut....and my ideal situation is we bring in....Donavan Mcnabb and sit Henne for 2 more years......Mcnabb throws the ball deep as often as he can....Henne could learn from that...Pennington's check down mentality has helped to stunt his growth.


The whole Henne argument has been played so thoroughly that its created two very distinct trains of thought. One say's kick him to the curb (I do not subscribe to this) the other Say's "Give him more time and help (I do not subscribe to this either).....

Here is the trouble with the "Give him more time he needs help plan"... Running backs don't make QB's throw accurately. O-lines don't make QB's throw into triple coverage. And they don't make QB's miss wide open receivers and TE's.

I am uncertain how many of you were at this past game... I can say I had the best seats I ever have had at a Dolphins game. Why did I have those seats instead of my usual Club Level Home side seats? Because the owner, a 41 years season ticket holder said he knew they would lose and gave them to me, that is pretty damn sad...Huh?... I sat less then 45 feet from Miami center bench... Just high enough to see the play's unfold and even hear the snap count & receivers jabbering at each other. It is not what Henne DID... that bothered me the most. It is what he missed.

Maybe... Perhaps... I hope..... Those are the words that we are riding... And what I saw from Henne was NOT cause by the players around him. I'm not willing to blame 10 guys for the play of 1... Not when I saw it up close and personal like I did. Sure, Henne was under some pressure, but he NEVER takes a step up or out of it.

I truly hope that Miami can get Henne straightened out. I hope they can bring in some Offense that will get some play making ability in front of Henne. I say that very whimsically... because the truth is, from what I have seen with my own 2 eyes... The guys he has right now could be doing much better if Henne were playing at a higher level.

This suck....a month left in the season and we are reduced to VERY SERIOUS discussions on the draft of 2011...Darn Miami.....why do you torture us so.....football purgatory




I dont have a post at 10:26, you may be referring to 10:24am:

High 70's is just slightly pseudo-borline as a starting qb. Lower to mid 70's qb ratings avg completely begins backup at best territory.

Solid 80's is solid starter territory. Henne has consistently achieved high into the 80's all season. The 2 stinker games this season has the season avg qb rating down to 77.5

Henne has 2 games this season with over 100 qb rating, a couple in the 90's, and the rest in the 80's. Henne is a solid starter. Still these final 4 games will be key in his 2010 overall evaluations.

I will be watching and Im sure so will everyone else.

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 08, 2010 at 10:24 AM

Was this the one?



YES, THIS ONE .thank you ..this break down of henne's games very helpful to understand the big picture .

Koa Misi currently ranked 8th best 3-4 olb in the league. Jason Taylor ranked 17th. Wake ranked 2nd.

Guess thus far Wake/Misi trumphs Taylor/Porter with only 4 games remaining. Also with 4 games remaining and 12 sacks Wake definitely honing in on his first pro bowl appearance.

ALoco, Miami and San Diego have one thing in common - special teams sabotaged the season big time. I don't think you will ever see Bonamego or the horse's arse that coaches the Charger unit in pro football again. I don't think you need to have an excellent special teams unit but you just can't ahve one that loses games for you. leave winning and losing to the guys who actually make the big paycheques - not the 3 year scrubs on the roster.

DB, Wkae is a given for the Pro Bowl - the discussion is now is he the defensive player of the year? If Clay Matthews was the hands down winner a month ago because of sacks, now that Wake passed him, why not?

Kris/ Breed,
I am not "admitting" anything because I am not arguing with either of you.

We are having what is commonly know as a "Discussion" and you are both 100% capable of having one.. I have seen it myself. Please do not take a discussion as an attack...

Lets turn the table on your point about "Missing the pick".....

McNabb is a stop Gap Kris, you know that. So is Orton and Grossman, there are reasons why there are "Journeymen" and why there are "Franchise players"... and with the exception of McNabb, who is a west coast QB... Those two are Journeymen. Miami would need MAJOR changes in the offense for McNabb to be effective.

Lets say for discussion sake that Henne never improves beyond mediocre... Now, place that into the context of us placing all our eggs in his basket. Should Miami go through this QB heavy draft... and not take a QB... and one year from now we are still having this stupid assed conversation that we have been having since 1999... where do we turn then?... Now we are at 3 to 4 years out... then 5...6...7 Hell... when does this franchise decide that without a "Great to Elite" QB your pissing in the wind?

If a Running back is the thought... One of my my guys would be Mikel Leshoure out of Illinois. Great talent, great work ethic and fantastic instinct as a runner. And of course Mark Ingram... but I doubt very seriously he makes it to us.

Derek, if Miami doesn't answer their QB issue by next year, then quite simply, you do what the Jets did and mortgage the farm to move up in the draft to get one. No other way around it. People don't trade you franchise QBs or simply let them walk away. Only one way to get them - in the draft.

Lots of Wildcat on tap for the Jets...looks like no Hartline, no Marshall, Bess will be taken away by one of their stud DBs, and that leaves us with what? Fasano, maybe a few flings to Cobb/Brown/Williams coming out of the backfield. Unless the temps drop dramatically to affect Sanchez (looks like 50's) Fins get annihilated. And then start the Party....the Going Away party for the rest of the Tuna's casserole...


My writing style must suck because in no means did I mean to attack you...I was just clarifying my postion...

As for Mcnabb being a stop-gap...i agree 100%....thats what I think we need him to be....next year I would let Henne learn from him and be the back-up (henne)....and the following year I would draft that QB to either push Henne to be the starter we need, or replace him.....thats what I would do....

and as far as woulda, coulda, shouda's I would have drafted Legarret Blunt....he went in the 4th round...after we picked...I never understood that.....he Ronnie Brown only younger.

I can feel it coming mates !!


Kris, the biggest 4th rd blunder was not grabbing Aaron Hernandez - he was a gift and fell because of the super crazy depth available last year at TE. AJ Edds better be a starter because there was no need to draft an ILB after we signed Dansby, had Crowder and traded for one with SD.

That's SOMEWHAT true, but, there are QB's to be had. Most just have baggage, and/or are a gamble.

Warner (twice!), Vick, Favre (last year), Jason Campbell, Drew Brees

Problem is, there's just as many, Culpepper, Derek Anderson, and Delhommes

There are only really 4-5 Really good QB's in the league period, and I don't think I even have to mention their names

"Derek, if Miami doesn't answer their QB issue by next year, then quite simply, you do what the Jets did and mortgage the farm to move up in the draft to get one. No other way around it. People don't trade you franchise QBs or simply let them walk away. Only one way to get them - in the draft."
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 08, 2010 at 11:54 AM

What I can say is that this team is no devoid of talent, so, the fact that they can't win is either a fundamental issue (COACHING), or the QB. A good QB makes everyone look good...



McNabb would be one helluva expensive stop gap. Derek there's really no such thing as a heavy qb draft. We're usually talking 2 starters max then you have definite backups and bust. Very occassionally will you see 3 starters come from a single draft.

The biggest exception to this rule was 1983 when Marino and Elway led a list of 5 starters that came away from that draft.

Never has it happened before then or since. So After Luck everything else is clearly at best equal to or worse than Henne. So whadaya mean by this being a very heavy qb draft?


New blog......

I'm in NJ-there is no snow storm in fact getting a bit warmer by Sunday! WFAN Boomer and Carten, specifically Carten suggested the Giants invited the Fins up to use their facility...I don't know about that one but that's what he was torked off about. Many years ago, the Fins left on Friday for away games... the new stadium is more what they need to get a look-see at. Fans don't like it and I'll venture the players don't either...They all liked the former stadium. But we are coming up to the Jets after a bad, humiliating loss...they are going to play with a vengence...I'm sorry for us! The Fins don't have that blood drive...when it happens, we'll know!

Dying Breed;

Your lexicon is not only limited but boorish.
It's embarassing to see an individual that can't express themselves properly and respectfully in mixed company. I am offended that Armando or the Herald would allow such immoral and depraved posting an a otherwise interesting and informative blog.
You, sir, remind me of a Jet fan...enough said!

im with u bobby on the tes, but keep dreaming. this staff will def never do that.

Sporano is clueless. He is grasping at straws.
They have had no problems on the road at all. Why fix it when it aint broke. Our road record is 5-1... Maybe he should tell Ross to leave some movie stars and cocktails at home so everyone can focus on football. IMO Ross is ruining the team. This is a blue collar team, we dont need the celebrity atmosphere...And if you havent figured it out yet, the 2 dont mix

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