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Dolphins to hit road early this week

Tony Sparano is apparently doing whatever he can to shake his team up a little. And so, he is taking them on the road to their meeting with the New York Jets a bit early this week.

The Dolphins, which normally leave on Saturday for their Sunday road games, are hitting the friendly skies on Friday this week. They will practice at the New York Giants practice facility on Friday morning and be at their team hotel in the Meadowlands Friday and Saturday, rather than just on Friday.

So why the change?

Coach Tony Sparano will give his official decision on Wednesday when he meets with the media.

To me, frankly, is feels like a grasp at keeping things interesting as we begin the regular-season's final quarter.

The Dolphins went on the road a day early for the Oakland game their last road game and seemed to play well. So maybe Sparano likes how that worked out. Of course, that says nothing for the four other road victories this year in which Miami left for the venue the day before.

Maybe the coach has become superstitious.

Maybe he likes the idea of being in control of his players on Friday night -- including curfews at a team hotel -- instead of having them home where the lure of South Florida's nightlife might be too strong.

Maybe Sparano wants his team to get used to the fact it is cold up north now -- although I doubt anyone could acclimate in one extra day.

Maybe it's just a desperation move to, as I suggested earlier, shake things up a bit and keep players on their toes.

It must be noted the Dolphins are a better road team (5-1) than they are a home team (1-5). So maybe Sparano wants to get his guys on the road as early as possible.

I would say this: If the Dolphins beat the Jets, maybe they should attack their home dysfunction by getting on a flight for the games at Sun Life Stadium. Maybe they should fly from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and make the players believe it's a road game.

Because, after all, it is that 1-5 home record that seriously glows in neon as a problem -- much more than the 5-1 road record, which should be a source of pride for the team.