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Fun on the field and the live blog today

It is a beautiful day in South Florida, perfect for football. There were not a thousand Cleveland Browns fans outside the stadium as a drove in -- defined as people wearing a Browns jersey or dog faces.

So stuff is good so far!

It's time to have some fun, folks. Let us hope the Dolphins have some fun. The Dolphins did not have much fun earlier in the season, but I write in my column today that Tony Sparano's team has focused on having some fun while on the field the last couple of weeks.

Brandon Marshall, prominent in that he's eager to have fun, is not expected to play today. He is questionable, which raises questions about his availability, but he was on the field and running around. Curious.

He seems to be ready to go but the Dolphins may hold him out for preventative measures. He missed last week's game with a hamstring injury.

[Update: Marshall is inactive.]

I do not believe Channing Crowder plays today. He was doubtful with a knee injury this week. Al Harris is also not likely to play today as he is doubtful with a hamstring injury.

{Update: Crowder is inactive.]

I'll give you the update on those guys 90 minutes prior to kickoff when the team announces the active roster and its inactive players.

[Update: the full list of inactives is Brandon Marshall, Al Harris, Crowder, Ryan Baker, Chris Baker, Eric Ghiaciuc, Mikey Shuler, and Matt Kopa.]

And, of course, there is a live blog on this site today. We start below in the comments section.

Let's have fun!





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first baby!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Since coach says have fun....I will !

Sine they say practice makes perfect do you think Coach would mind if I borrow Channing Crowder and Dan Henning to practice with my posting skills....they will be my posting dummies...should be fun.

Soiled :)


Saw your link in the last blog...the Herald website is funny...sometimes it won't let me read the articles...somedays it does...lets just say...NO CROWDER today and a legit running back....let let Dobbins and the rest of the D decide it for us on the feild

Miami got its 15 seconds on ESPN...guess I can get some work done till 1PM

Question... Why can Ronnie take snapes out of the wild cat without being listed at a 1st 2nd or 3rd QB?


Too little, too late with The Fun, though I totally agree with your premise about their (better) performance when having fun.

The last but most meaningful opportunity to have fun passed away in the first half of the Steelers Game, where two early turnovers deep in Pit territory SHOULD have caused the fun of stomping a better team............but instead led to two wishy washy drives to set up FGs w/ NO attempts in end zone.

The fun, and the Season, ended there.

Dear Mr. Salguero

When ever I see the name Dan Henning these things come to mind.

Stool softner
Wheel of Fortune
Bob from the Enzyte commercials
Charlton Heston

What do you think this means ?

Soiled :)

Have fun? Win and everyone has fun.

Can someone please post a link to the stream for us Pennsylvania Dolphins fans :-)


You guys saying the D is better or has improved with or because of Crowder stick a sock in it.

You guys are going to great lengths and embarrassing yourselves trying to defend this oft injured barely average linebacker.

Like bringing in Nolan and a new system has nothing to do with it. This NEW defense has steadily improved from the first game of the season.

Like the continued developments of Solia, Wake and Misi in this new system has nothing to do with it.

Like the steady improvement of the secondary in this new system has nothing to do with.

Yeah, just keep swinging on our weakest links nads. He's the real reason the defense has improved.

And Deytreder, you and somebody else did compare and insinuate that Crowder was like a shutdown cornerback at linebacker.

PS: Just for the record I've been bashing Henning EVERY SINCE THE DAY HE WAS HIRED HERE IN MIAMI. I thought I would give you guys a little break, but never mind.


yes, fun. my boss in my soulless cubicle is always telling me, "let's have fun!"

So, we'll test (some of) the theories. No Marshall, no Crowder today. We'll see if the team can win (not just compete). I definitely think the weapons are still on the field to get the job done. But home hasn't been welcoming. That needs to change today.

our corners needs int's today..vontae davis 1 int.. come on ..we need to put this team away..please not another nailbiter..my heart can't take this s@@# no more..at least we don't have to worry about the browns fans taking over our stadium.
god i hate boomer esaiason,

Can someone please post a link to the stream for us Pennsylvania Dolphins fans :-)

Posted by: Jeees | December 05, 2010 at 11:52 AM

Not sure where you are but the game is on regular TV here in Philly (somewhat surprisingly)

27 10 fins marlon moore two tds wildcat goes for 175 yds and ricky gets another one sets up division showdown in the stinking meadowlands against the dishwashing qb and the suddenly 9 and 3 and hurting nyets...season aint over yet!!


It is if you want to make the playoffs.

They waited too long to open things up, assuming that they actually have openened things up.

dolphins 31 browns 16

Dear Mr. Salguero

Not sure why people give Channing Crowder a hard time...He's a natural mis-tackling machine with an uncanny sense for when to give up a big play.

You can count on Channing Crowder to get injured...no guess work with this guy.

and people bit ch

Soiled :)

Darn...I was just about to give Odin props for the post on the last blog (about Crowder being a shut-down ILB...among the funniest things I have ever read)...and here comeMR. Bottoms with something that blows that out of the water......Its gonna be a good day!

@ JEEES try these two links u may find it here..i too am far away in the southern caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago so i'm hoping to catch the Phins on either of the two
http://www.atdhe.net/index.html or http://www.ilemi.com/

cribbs will play..this guy is just like hillis very hard to tackle super strong ..they like to throw him passes in the middle of the field on playaction..

Dear Mr. Salguero

I didn't realize Channing Crowder is inactive....please disregard my post concerning him...I will not poke fun at an injured man....Dan Henning is playing right ?

Soiled :)

stop peyton hillis. wake will have a big game. hopefully the phins will pass the ball and score some points.

"cribbs will play.." And that's why we need Karlos Dansby to be a baby. What do babies do? They p*ss on cribs, sh*t on cribs, even spit on cribs (not to mention kick and break). Someone give Dansby a rattler!




Thanks Soiled

No crying during the game today f a g g o t s. Chad Henne won't be crying he'll be trying to win the game.

We have to score early and often.

Take the run game away from them.


I'm well aware of Mr. Bottoms intellectual prowess, but blown out of the water?


Need a good justin.tv link or something

Guys, John Jerry is not starting today. Pat McQuistan is starting in his stead.

No Kris it's OK!

I've been on a bloggers high every since I read your comments about my post this morning!

Thank You my Brother!!!!

AwRiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

What's up with John Jerry? Rookie wall?

is jerry another bust?

The decision to not start Jerry was about performance and not discipline, I've been told. Bad news.


Dear Mr. Salguero

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with BINGO cards....he doesn't notice

Dolphins 34 Cleveland 17

Soiled :)

Armando Who Would You Pick Today Matt Ryan Or Jake Long? I Was Watching On ESPN Twelve Come Back Wins In The Fourth Quater In The Last 42 Games, Already In Company With The Likes Of Montana , Elway And Brady , Third Year In The NFL

I have nothing against you or your lifestyle. I was not speaking about gays specifically when I said "...no cying during the game f a g g o t s". In my book anyone that cries during the game is a f a g g o t regardless of whether they actualy s u c k c o ck which you clearly like to do.
Happy swallowing Jim, you are okay with me.
Go Jim! & Go Phins!

hope no one gets hurt on the oline. brings back bad memories.

JOhn Jerry = Another Tuna legacy; Donald Thomas, Jr.

They have so totally Effed up this O-Line, it'd make you laugh if you could stop crying.

McQuickSand couldn't cut it on Dallas' woeful line........and now he's our guy.


all rookies who don't make the pro bowl should be cut.


If Jerry isn't starting because of performance, I guess Carey is screwed huh?

If McQuistan is starting for Jerry, who is starting for Vernon Carey?

StreamTorrent link: st://Az0CgpwEdTUDNQWCoAHIgBaZx/Qyo0YuUxalXKOqhAOYihcGUDJQIFNUikEHZGVmYXVsdIqiBlNwb3J0cw==

For the love of Pete, will Coach Sparano STOP wearing those smocks!

Coach Sporano looks just like my wood shop teacher in high school...cept coach has all his fingers

Soiled :)

I predict at least 2 ints for our D

We just need a couple more undrafted players from other teams practice squads and we can be the cheapest team to ever win a football game.




Mr. Bottoms,

I know I failed lessons 1 and 2 miserably, but I think I've had a break through.

I am going to script my game day posts, much like Dan Henning scripts his first quarter plays.

The problem is, much like Dan Henning, I have a blank piece of paper in front of me and a pencil with no lead left in it.

Huh? Huh?

Priceless @12:49....funny

100 bottles of capt morgan on the wall
100 bottles left to drink
99 bottles of capt morgan on the wall
99 bottles left to drink

let's all sing along now

98 bottles of.....

Ivan, I would play the result and go with ryan. Anyone who wouldn't doesn't recognize the importance of a great QB.

Great QBs lead teams to victories.

Great LTs do not lead teams to victories.

Please a link :-(

The Dolphins won the toss and will receive.

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