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Fun on the field and the live blog today

It is a beautiful day in South Florida, perfect for football. There were not a thousand Cleveland Browns fans outside the stadium as a drove in -- defined as people wearing a Browns jersey or dog faces.

So stuff is good so far!

It's time to have some fun, folks. Let us hope the Dolphins have some fun. The Dolphins did not have much fun earlier in the season, but I write in my column today that Tony Sparano's team has focused on having some fun while on the field the last couple of weeks.

Brandon Marshall, prominent in that he's eager to have fun, is not expected to play today. He is questionable, which raises questions about his availability, but he was on the field and running around. Curious.

He seems to be ready to go but the Dolphins may hold him out for preventative measures. He missed last week's game with a hamstring injury.

[Update: Marshall is inactive.]

I do not believe Channing Crowder plays today. He was doubtful with a knee injury this week. Al Harris is also not likely to play today as he is doubtful with a hamstring injury.

{Update: Crowder is inactive.]

I'll give you the update on those guys 90 minutes prior to kickoff when the team announces the active roster and its inactive players.

[Update: the full list of inactives is Brandon Marshall, Al Harris, Crowder, Ryan Baker, Chris Baker, Eric Ghiaciuc, Mikey Shuler, and Matt Kopa.]

And, of course, there is a live blog on this site today. We start below in the comments section.

Let's have fun!





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Oh no...Wake is pullin a Porter....


No link...First Row not working...I hate the NFL TV rules

anyone have a working link???


Another team's away fans don't outnumber ours!!

What's next? The Hurricanes will gain a "home-field" advantage at SunLife???

I think I just saw Home in the crowd...good seats

=[ no linkkk....


You can tell. I wouldn't drink a 100 bottles of Captain Morgans until I've DRUNKEN a 100 bottles of Barcardi!!!!

Lets Go Miami!!!!


the stadium is EMPTY.


I want to se some air

Well, if the Browns aren't going to cover Bess today, it will be a bad day for them.

Nice pass...led him outside

Marshall was running around but they wouldn't dress him. Guess they are giving up on the season. Looks like the fans have to. Nice 1/2 empty stadium. Embarrassing.


OK, everyone be honest: That was a nice play-call on the screen by Dan Henning.

Get owned Ricky you sh*t bag.

need this 1st

armando do you know the link to the live stream?


Here comes an exploding SParano fist pump.

Way to put three on the board. FIST PUMP !!!!!!!!!

... And now we once again hate Dan Henning for running the ball on third-and-10 to seettle for a FG.

didn't like that call...would rather have seen them throw for the 1st


Sh*T bag fish. Nice special teams. Total disgrace.

they deserve to lose.

to settle for a FG attempt, Mando

I do not know a live stream link. If anyone has one, please share with everyone else.

Give the ball to L Polite on 1st and 10 and run the ball on 3rd and 10. Time to give another retard an opportunity to run this offense.

win or lose, i cant wait for henning to screw.

ST's strikes again....

third and ten run to set up a fist pump fg but they get C blocked...............Henning is a effing Moron.

yep, ST is back to being special!!!!

ATDHE.NET go to american football, it is delayed a few sceonds but works


there goes grampa simpson and his conservative play calling!

no links?

Such a problem with this coaching staff. They played for a FG. And their conservatism burned them.

I'll give them credit for taking a shot at the end zone on 1st down from the 31. But the 3rd down play call was gutless.

I love the jack a s s es who write everything on a word document and come on here as if its english class....STFU

Starting linebacker Titus Brown has a head injury for the Browns. he will not return.

the stadium is totally empty.

kris... LOL!!

Matt Ryan would hang himself if he had to play with Dan Henning as his OC, Fasano as his TE, and no speed on the offense. It should be mentioned however, that Henne would gladly kill Ryan to take his place.

Is this junior high? We're making fun of people for good grammar? Grow up.

they has no confidence in henne-int-boy to throw down there.

Henne's knee looks better ths week

Ok Lebron just keep driving up the middle and dish to Wade.. Oh wait wrong blog.

By the way, referee Al Riveron is from Miami.

What a great road trip for the Bills and Lions this month. Empty stadium. Great weather. Easy tickets for family, friends, and fans.

Did everyone think there was a Marlins' game today?

This streamtorrent link is terrible...

effng ricky!!! c'mon man!!!!!!

ricky Williams having a dog game so far.

I smell a Jake Delhomme turnover.

that was a catch

Ricky has to make that catch...story of the season, missed opportunities.

Those silly, drive-killing drives the reason we're mediocre!! How does a pro drop that? my wife catches that pass..

Hollis is a load

Tim Dobbins came on a run blitz and the Browns made Miami pay.

Not making fun of Kbrad...saying except a typo and move on...so move on so I can watch the game....won't be replying back troll

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