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Fun on the field and the live blog today

It is a beautiful day in South Florida, perfect for football. There were not a thousand Cleveland Browns fans outside the stadium as a drove in -- defined as people wearing a Browns jersey or dog faces.

So stuff is good so far!

It's time to have some fun, folks. Let us hope the Dolphins have some fun. The Dolphins did not have much fun earlier in the season, but I write in my column today that Tony Sparano's team has focused on having some fun while on the field the last couple of weeks.

Brandon Marshall, prominent in that he's eager to have fun, is not expected to play today. He is questionable, which raises questions about his availability, but he was on the field and running around. Curious.

He seems to be ready to go but the Dolphins may hold him out for preventative measures. He missed last week's game with a hamstring injury.

[Update: Marshall is inactive.]

I do not believe Channing Crowder plays today. He was doubtful with a knee injury this week. Al Harris is also not likely to play today as he is doubtful with a hamstring injury.

{Update: Crowder is inactive.]

I'll give you the update on those guys 90 minutes prior to kickoff when the team announces the active roster and its inactive players.

[Update: the full list of inactives is Brandon Marshall, Al Harris, Crowder, Ryan Baker, Chris Baker, Eric Ghiaciuc, Mikey Shuler, and Matt Kopa.]

And, of course, there is a live blog on this site today. We start below in the comments section.

Let's have fun!





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Is Merling playing today?

that was an effing catch by Williams

very mature, once again, Kris

i just changed channels during the commercial and heard Steve Tasker. Very thankful I dont have to listen to his garbage this week.

I want whatver medication Delhomme is taking...

Wtf is up with Randy Starks this year? He's been invisable. At least TRY to earn your money

Wake is getting held....next year he should get more holding calls against him...Sporano acan help with that

Imagine what our season would look like if we had a decent special teams unit. We'd at least be in control of our destiny I think.

STs are an adventure every time out....c'mon

I can't find a link to the game that works.Damnit.

Special teams have been awesome so far. I think they're going to win this game for us.

hey all, game is on TV here so i wont be on much.
But heres the top tortured comments for this game
- its only the browns you losers, play a real team
- its the browns and you smelly fish cant score on them
- [fill in former phin name here who i now like since hes gone] was a stupid move by the stupid coaches to let go
- Henne is lucky to made that play
- bwahaaaaa you deserve Henne
- Sanchez wouldnt of done that
- JT is still in his prime and will dominate
- [something good] about bills, Pats, Jets or anyteam doing well compared to phins

and thats only when the phins are not doing well as the rest of his time will be in his corner hoping..
thats enough for now
enjoy and lets go FISH


our specials teams rides the special short bus to school


Try http://www.firstrow.net/watch/40371/1/watch-cleveland-browns-vs-miami-dolphins.html

I like it, Dag

I know thsi isn't gonna happen, but maybe Ronnie should get the lion's share today

play action there woukda killed

If the Dolphins had run a play-action on second-and-nine, there was no safeties in the secondary. None.

Anyone have a link?

Yep, Mando is right. They could have easily tried a pass on 2nd and 1 for "chunk yardage"

i use atdhe.net

Nice credits mando--u should hire me as your assistant

hahaha ... 2nd & 2 and they can't convert absolutely pathetic.

no chunk with our o.c.

I hate Dan Henning. Wtf was that? Even if that pass was on point he would of been hit in the backfield. Run it on 3rd and short, damn.

Has Polite even caught a pass this year? how about a slant or seam route

That's 2 series in a row in which we've thrown on 3rd and short and both times it's failed.

Maybe a change in tactics is in order?

3rd and 10....run the ball
3rd and 1....pass the ball.
I'm really confused here.

we are letting the browns stay in this game

knew i should have stayed home zzzzzzzz

Maybe the Browns are letting us stay in the game

They should try using 4 or 5 wide on offense like they did against TEN & they should use cobbs on offense. Disappointing offensive coaching.

Thanks Phil

Both Ricky and Ronnie averaging over 4 yds a carry and they pass 3rd & 1...Sigh even a field goal sounds good right now

lol kbrad

Dobbins plays harder thst Crowder IMO

let's see...2nd and 1, great time for a play action pass to throw deep, and we get a run. 2nd and 2, great time for a play action pass and throw deep, and we get a run of 1 yd. 3rd and 1, we throw a 2yd pass and incomplete. Earlier, 3rd and 2, and an incomplete pass.

Dan Henning--really? Armando, jump on this guy again please..

Third and inches and we pass, third and ten we run........Oh that tricky henning......


Cant get this link to work. Any suggestions. Im running Firefox with the vshare addon.

drfletcherdc: Didn't Polite catch a big TD pass last week?

Look at Tim Dobbins makiong a play! What do you think about that, Channing Crowder?


id rather have rex as our o.c.


Watching in Cleveland. Is this game a sellout? Lots of empty seats.

Ahahahahahahaha bwahahahahaha oh tortured, you're soooooo funny! OMG I love reading your posts. I'm not even watching the game , i'm just waiting for your next superly clever post. Can't wait, you're soooo clever

No scores in last 5 quarters at home WOW!No wonder stadium is empty with that type of play.

Nice 3rd down d losers. That was J Delohme shredding you. Pathetic.

Rich -

Be patient. It took 3-4 minutes for me to start working. But if you have V-Share, it should work. Hang in there.

And, by the way, you aren't missing much. So far, this looks like a game between a mediocre team (Miami) and a bad team (Cleveland).

adthe.net doesn't work

New Kid-

Thanks. Just curious, which link are you using. Im using Link 1.

Rich. Try restarting firefox. I had to do that after installing vshare.

Qb of the future... NOT

same Henne. underthrows deep. he sucks. period.

beat hayen like a ragdoll and he couldnt get it to himmmmmmm!!!!!!! FFFF!~

they can not win with Henne the focus of offense. run the ball

Can someone please post a working link

Sanchez would have made that throw.

atdhe.net is working

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