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Henne getting more comfortable in his own skin

There is a feeling from those around Chad Henne that he is feeling more comfortable these days.

That's interesting because so many critics called him robotic and unfeeling and just not comfortable in his own skin when he was on the field in recent times, most notably before his benching following the Nov. 7 loss to Baltimore.

But that seems to be shifting a bit these days. I cannot exactly quantify for you that Henne is feeling more comfortable with his status on the Dolphins because there is no statistic for that. But it's just a hunch, a gut feeling, that he seems more at ease.

The most tangible example of that is what Henne said today about throwing interceptions. Look, Dolphins coaches have beat him over the head with the dogma that he must not make the big mistake and throw interceptions.

These coaches preach not losing the game as much as winning it.

But the truth, as has been discussed on this blog before, is that great quarterbacks throw interceptions. It's a fact of greatness. If the QB is going to expose himself and gamble sometimes and stretch skills to the breaking point, sometimes the result will be an interception.

The measure of greatness could include making sure the touchdowns far outnumber the interceptions. But the interceptions will come. And the great ones, while not accepting the interceptions, understand they are a fact of life.

Henne showed on Wednesday he understands interceptions are to be avoided. But they are sometimes a fact of life.

"This isn't life or death," he said of the miscues. "There's worse things in life out there that you can do. Obviously it hurts you deep down inside, but you have to let those things go. You have to keep on trucking ...

Henne cracked a smile.

"That's like Will Ferrell there, huh? No, you just have to put it behind you and move on to the next play because you can't let something despise you and shy away from it. You have to keep confident and keep throwing the ball out there."

I like it. I don't want the Dolphins quarterback playing scared.

On the other hand, Henne isn't a wild child, either. He has a sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes edgy streak he rarely shows the media. But it is there.

On the other hand, he is still big on saying the right thing. So when he was asked today if Arizona quarterback Derek Anderson blew it by smiling and laughing on the sideline in the fourth quarter of a blowout loss to San Francisco on Monday night, Henne straddled the fence.

He would never condone what Anderson did. But he didn't want to rip a fellow QB, either.

"I think you take the game seriously," Henne said. "It's not time to joke around, I guess, on the sideline. I mean, sure, if someone says something funny, you're going to laugh but I think staying focused and staying in command at all times shows the team you're there to play, this is a business, this is a game. You have fun and I'm sure whatever Derek did wasn't to say, 'Blow off the game or my mind's out of the game.' "

Well, that's polictically correct Henne. Maybe he's not totally comfortable being himself yet. But he seems to be headed in that direction.



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Simply The Bess
Will Surely Impress


Henne has only one leg

Simply The Bess has two legs

Next week or week after that, Henne will be a bum

Simply The Bess with 5 good weeks ahead could hit 1000 YDs for a slot receiver with Marshall & Hartline on the team

Pretty Darn Good, Eh?

This being the last full season of NFL football with the upcoming Nuclear War & End of the World fastly approaching

Hope Bess gets his 1000 YDs

Don`t you, Babe?

called him robotic and unfeeling and just not comfortable in his own skin, sort of like the Reptilian leader Jerry Jones

Henne will be fine as soon as the powers at be let him play to win and not play not to lose.

After the INT in the last game sparano yelled at him and shaked him up for a couple of series.

I can't even remember how many interceptions Marino threw but it didn't matter because miami was a scoring machine back then.

Even Channing Crowder could sack one legged Henne

When R U going to take down long ago photo and put up new picture of fat Armando?

What happens if Matt Roth sacks Henne and rips his leg off & throwa it in the stands?


As a young QB Henne is going through the learning curve of becoming a good or maybe even a great player for the Dolphins. He will make mistakes. Like every job, you learn from the mistakes and then move on. Too many people are too quick to jump all over him when Miami loses. The more educated fans of the game can see that this seasons loses are more a result of poor game planning and poor preparation on behalf of the coaches. It is telling that after the game Henne played against Oakland, all the Henne haters went into hiding just like cockroaches when the lights come on.
The longtime Dolfans want to see the whole franchise make progress after the 1 and 15 debacle of a couple years ago. The ones expecting Miami to get to the playoffs this year are only setting themselves up for a big dissapiontment. It is more important to continue building on what we have. Making the playoffs would then be a bonus. Lets hope that the coaches also make the improvements in their job as Henne is making as Miami's QB.

How much should a one legged QB make?

The world is ending Sunday. Wonder if we can move the game up to Saturday.


After reading certain posts I see why our "HOME" win loss record is so poor.

Hey home, is home short for homer?

About that INT and Sparano’s reaction. I could read his lips when Henne came to the sideline. Sparano kept repeating ‘we cant have that’. Duh, Henne obviously knows he should not throw INT’s.
Sparano coaches scared and he try’s to impart that on his team and his QB. Henne will be a better and more comfortable QB when Sparano is gone and when he no longer has a dinosaur calling plays for him.
Look, QB is the toughest position in all of sport hands down. The defenses are very fast and full of misdirection. The best QB’s are gunslingers and do not get intimidated by the occasional INT. To beat the good defenses you have to be fearless and willing to take a chance to beat a coverage. Sparano does not understand this and never will.
Sparano is a clown and between him and Henning they have done nothing but stunt the development of Henne.


Why all the one legged hate on Henne?

Oh yeah, he single handedly destroyed your MRI Conspiracy!

Reality checks suck, don't they Holmes.

Henne getting more comfortable in his own skin =

DolFans getting queasy at the thought of another year of mediocrity, Ireland & Sparano.

Previously, like a lot of other fin fans, I was first doubtful then undecided about him. After wtaching the the way he's responded his last two outings after the benching Im now fully riding his bandwagon.

Does he still need to get even better? Hell yeah he does. Has he now given clear evidence too be more optimistic about him? Hell yes he has. Should he be signed to longer playing better paying new contract? Hell yes he should!!!

C`Mon Man
We might get a token win against the Browns

but just as sure as Odin farts possum stew

Jets defense will destroy the one legged Henne

That It!
I`m drinking Rum! (was waiting 4 excuse)


I'm no qualified lip reader, but I thought Tony was saying "You got to throw it away".

I don't blame Tony for saying something at that point, it's his job to point out the mistakes and make sure you're learning from them.

Either way, I think(at least hope) Henne already knew before he reached the sideline.


Difference Between Henne Now And Before The Benching:

Before: Trying to accomplish what everyone else expected of him.

After: Now trying to accomplish what he expects of himself.

The later is the primary ingredient of becoming a future franchise qb. Unquestionably!

ALoco players play the same no matter how much you pay them, unless you pay them too much (see Haynesworth) then they play worse.

You people are annoying. He has a good game and you love him...he has a bad game and you want to exile him to Siberia. Let the kid grow into his own, he will be fine...and I know for sure he will not have a heart attack like a lot of you nutcases.

Why is it a bad thing that Sparano said that we can't have that? He is absolutely right, Sparano wasn't telling him to be conservative. He was stating the obvious, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING there, the ONLY play, the right play, is to throw the ball away. You take points off of the board by throwing that ball. You can't have that.

Benching Henne was a Parcellsian move, not to suggest it was necessarily his idea. But, I think it was the best thing for him, a slap in the face of reality. You don't get to keep riding the horse if you can't stay on it.

I think Henne will be ok. He's still raw and working things out, but I think he can be at least a moderately good QB.
I know a lot of people are either on the fence or ready to throw him under the bus, but I like what I've seen from him to date.
I think some of his current issues really stem from the coordinators and play calling more than his own limitations.


If Henne continues to play with more confidence than ever before. The entire offense around him will play more confidence too.

Jets rushing 4 lineman are no greater than anyone else getting to the qb. One big play like the Moore td would quickly put an end to the blitzing gambling style of the Jets as it the Raiders.

If you had noticed, the Henne pass to Moore was a very well-placed ball. Henne had at least 3-5 perfectly placed balls during that game. Should this continue to happen on a more consistent basis we will be witnessing the coming out of a franchise qb right before our bery eyes.

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Farting Possum stew? Thanks, best laugh I've had all day. Then I read the wets comment, UuggggH!

Excuse the cliche homes but you probably screw up wet dreams, or in your case Sancheeto dreams.

At any rate, considering that you mentioned Nuclear War. I think we should bomb N.Korea as a diversionary shot preceding an all out strike on Beijing.

Impressive strategy, I know, thanks. Think of the economic benefits with my plan. Goldman and Sachs will love it!

Very solid observation and post, Breed. Henne may have just finnaly figurd out what it takes some guys a LONG time to get... There is only one person who is going to always be on your side and always be looking out for you... That is the guy in the mirror.

If you spend all of your efforts trying to do the job YOU WERE HIRED TO DO, because of the talent YOU HAVE.... to the expectations of guys who could/can not do it themselves... You are in for a crappy ride. Chad Henne knows what it means to be good and he knows what it means to suck. I feel he is also aware of how to do both... He does not need Sparano to tell him how to throw a football or run a drive down the field... But it seems that all he has been listening to is either Tony or Dan Henning... Neither of which have ever driven the field as a QB.
Stay tough Chad.... The only person who can keep or lose your job is YOU... No one else.

Always liked Henne as our Franchise QB

However cannot hide QB on one leg anymore
The rest of the league is way too smart and will plan accordingly striking at the weakest link and claiming, "checkmate"

Henne has made many great throws this season and last. Last week was nothing new. Unfortunately the other thing that was nothing new - he has been inept in the red zone all season long. That is the one specific area I need to see him improve in before I can jump on the bandwagon. I don't care who the OC is or what the play call is, the QB has to be able to consistently hit receivers in the red zone.

If anyone noticed, as far as ball location, Sunday may have been the absolute best game Henne has played as a Dolphin. Sure his completion percentage was only 57%(Mostly due to Raiders blitzing 7-8 guys) on 17-30 passing. But I've never seen Henne look better as far as consistency in ball placement.

He led the recievers well and on some of the completed passes the ball was in the absolute perfect spot. There's a difference btween accuracy and perfect location.

Accuracy is placing the ball in a catchable area for the reciever. Perfect location is placing the ball in a spot where only your reciever has a chance of catching it. Inaccuracy just means your qb flat out sucks.



Home, Should I take the "Blue" Pill or the "Red" Pill to get into the Matrix?????????

DB - Henne was already throwing the ball just as good last season. I think he regressed this season, played with out confidence or fire for the most part. Since he came back from the benching, he just seems more determined, like I remember he was last year, only now he did seem suddenly more comfortable last Sunday, made quicker and better reads than normal. We'll see if it continues soon enough.



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Reminds me of the Dolphins offense
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What may have went unnoticed in game against the Raiders was Ronnie Brown's running. Sunday's game was the absolute first time as a dolphin that I saw Brown run the damn ball like he wasnt thinking.

We all know what Brown can do when he has wide open 18 wheeler trucker lanes to run thru. But I was shocked to see Brown hitting the hole no matter how slight and just picking up what he could. He was even at times picking up an extra yard or 2 or 3 doing this.

Could Brown be abandoning the ballerina ways and finally emerging into the type of rb we all expected him to be as a 5th overall pick? With a clearly improving Henne and Ronnie Brown putting the ballerina ways of the past, this could suddenly become a very explosive offense right before our very eyes.

We saw glimpses of it during the Raiders game. Although we did score 33pts we still left up to 13pts on the table. There was the pick and 2 Carpenter missed field goals. We could have been looking at putting up 46pts or more against the Raiders on Sunday.

I think Dying Breed made the post of the year @5:00.

You sure type pretty BREED! The rest of us can pack it in and go home. Breed went right to the heat of the matter, or in other words, NUFF SAID!

Breeds Da MAN!!!!


Yes Henne was throwing the ball well last season but still I think you confuse superior ball placement with accuracy.

What's is the latest? Is Rashad Jones the starter,
or has Clemons been injured?
Thanks for info.


Andrew Luck is unquestionably the front runner as first overall pick. Still Im not sold on him. He will face far superior defenses on the nfl level. Heck he hasnt even faced any of the top collegiate defenses.

You or I may have a 72% completion average facing the likes of MT Union. Many of the schools he faced seem like schools for wayward girls. Best team he's faced I think is Arizona.

Google Luck's stats and you'll see exactly what I mean. Actually I dont think any of the qb's from this draft class are true franchise. Some will struggle to even be good backups.

The pass of the year by far was the throw to Bess on third down. Beautiful.
DB- you have been getting to much props today
WTF. This is Dying Breed Day on the ol blog.
Just playin' good posts today. Odin is right we can all zip up and leave after some of your posts. Well said today...

Henne has had great ball placement at times throughout the season, but that inability to do it with the regularity he did against Oakland was the part that got him benched. He needs to keep it up, Cleveland could be had and this should be a relatively easy win for us. Only 2 ways we can lose this game is if Henne keeps them in it, or we give up a big Josh Cribbs return TD. This is Henne's biggest test to date, IMO, because if he really is turning the corner, he MUST continue to do so against the Browns. Turning the corner means moving from managing the offense to starting to really make impact plays and throws. I look for at least 4 WOW throws this Sunday for him, as I really believe in Henne.


I really do hope this now the case with Henne(DyingBreed@ 5pm). If so I love our chances of running the table for the final 5 games. If its just a slightly anomolly and cruel trick of deception by the football gods. Then we're back to an all too familiar place.

Yeah, I love DB and his ENTIRELY speculative assumpsions that he preaches as gospel.

It was one and a half games. Again, I'm not bashing Henne, nor showering him with praise. There's 5 games left to see what he's really made of, including 2 road games against NE and NY.

However, we were out of the playoffs a month ago, as I stated back then, so, does it really matter?

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good point marc...nothing against db, but you notice how after one good performance the bloggers go giddy, don't even mention firing henning this minute, and after one loss, henne is stiff, a back up, its the oc's fault and sparano has to go. lets see if the team can play a few good games in a row. beating oakland is not exactly a major accomplishment.

finish the season strong and hope we have a solid first rd pick. guessing we finish 8-8. no nfl next year so it will be awhile till we watch them play again.

"ODIN FOR PREZ IN 2012", I like it, your motto could be "He'll Bring back the Thunder"., You gotmy vote.......



I beg to respectfully differ sir. In the past all Ive ever seen from Henne is that some passes were more accurate than others. Examples:

Darryl Dunphy mention the 3rd qtr pass to Bess. Thing of beauty that Bess never had to slow up, down, or adjust in anyway.

Then there's the 57yd Moore td. In the past that ball is picked, thrown out of bounds, too high or some sort of issue. That ball was thrown low and slightly to the inside. The defender was to the outside trying to drive for the pick.

The ball was where only the wr had the best chance of making the reception. Once the defender whiffed its td wr(Moore). Those are just two examples of perfect location.

Naw, DB is alright, but, I have to say he stretches it a bit at times, and has far too MANY assumptions that he claims as fact.

DB, your last post was a bit more realistic brother.

bill_c.... the thing is, its not really so simple as that. teams just don't necessarily pick up where they left off from one season to the next. players change, coaches change, chemistry changes. this team has a history of clinging to mediocre for a looong stretch now. the guru coaches come happy, and the guru coaches leave sad.

Anyway, there's always next season.

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