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Henne getting more comfortable in his own skin

There is a feeling from those around Chad Henne that he is feeling more comfortable these days.

That's interesting because so many critics called him robotic and unfeeling and just not comfortable in his own skin when he was on the field in recent times, most notably before his benching following the Nov. 7 loss to Baltimore.

But that seems to be shifting a bit these days. I cannot exactly quantify for you that Henne is feeling more comfortable with his status on the Dolphins because there is no statistic for that. But it's just a hunch, a gut feeling, that he seems more at ease.

The most tangible example of that is what Henne said today about throwing interceptions. Look, Dolphins coaches have beat him over the head with the dogma that he must not make the big mistake and throw interceptions.

These coaches preach not losing the game as much as winning it.

But the truth, as has been discussed on this blog before, is that great quarterbacks throw interceptions. It's a fact of greatness. If the QB is going to expose himself and gamble sometimes and stretch skills to the breaking point, sometimes the result will be an interception.

The measure of greatness could include making sure the touchdowns far outnumber the interceptions. But the interceptions will come. And the great ones, while not accepting the interceptions, understand they are a fact of life.

Henne showed on Wednesday he understands interceptions are to be avoided. But they are sometimes a fact of life.

"This isn't life or death," he said of the miscues. "There's worse things in life out there that you can do. Obviously it hurts you deep down inside, but you have to let those things go. You have to keep on trucking ...

Henne cracked a smile.

"That's like Will Ferrell there, huh? No, you just have to put it behind you and move on to the next play because you can't let something despise you and shy away from it. You have to keep confident and keep throwing the ball out there."

I like it. I don't want the Dolphins quarterback playing scared.

On the other hand, Henne isn't a wild child, either. He has a sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes edgy streak he rarely shows the media. But it is there.

On the other hand, he is still big on saying the right thing. So when he was asked today if Arizona quarterback Derek Anderson blew it by smiling and laughing on the sideline in the fourth quarter of a blowout loss to San Francisco on Monday night, Henne straddled the fence.

He would never condone what Anderson did. But he didn't want to rip a fellow QB, either.

"I think you take the game seriously," Henne said. "It's not time to joke around, I guess, on the sideline. I mean, sure, if someone says something funny, you're going to laugh but I think staying focused and staying in command at all times shows the team you're there to play, this is a business, this is a game. You have fun and I'm sure whatever Derek did wasn't to say, 'Blow off the game or my mind's out of the game.' "

Well, that's polictically correct Henne. Maybe he's not totally comfortable being himself yet. But he seems to be headed in that direction.



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not this time marc, no way they play in 2011. and im sick of saying that year after year


I'm not drinking any kool aid. I'm not talking about running the table or making the playoffs.

Breeds post at 5:00 directly addressed a developmental stage for Henne. A very important developmental stage.

Henne just faced some of the most severe adversity he's had to face as PRO. He passed the test(s) with flying colors. Just like shaking off a bad interception and coming back and winning the game.

Over the past month Henne has proven to me that he has the mental toughness to play at a high level in this league.

The last time he has faced adversity like this, the last time he was benched was in High School. I was extremely curious and concerned to see how and if, he could bounce back. I was impressed!

We may or may not make the playoffs this year. More importantly to me and the "big picture" is we need to find out if Henne is going to be the MAN.

So far, all I've seen is steady, albeit sometimes slow PROGRESS!

AwRight MIAMI!!!!

Anyway, there's always next season.

Posted by: Marc | December 01, 2010 at 05:58 PM

Seems that's been the Motto of the fins since 1984...........


Never claimed my posts are gospel. I appoligize to everyone if it seemed that way.

However Marc, You can not deny some very nice signs from Henne since his benching. As far as playoffs I like our chances if Henne continues with this kind of play. Let's add that to the fact we do have some nice talent on this roster and if everyone gets on the same page there's very much reason for increased optimism as a Dolphin fan.

As we all know, it isnt always who's been the best team all year long. Its also about staying in a position to do damage and then getting hot down the stretch.

You dont have to have the best record among the leaders. But you do need 2 very neccessary ingredients to be a champion:

1. You do need talent.
2. You do need to get red hot at the right time of the year.

We do have number one and with a win Sunday we will continue to be on track for number two. After that it's just one game at a time baby and the chips will fall where they may.

Until we lose another game both my and all other Dolpins fans optimism will continue to multiply with each and every new victory. Will yours?

I think he is still being confused by some coverages. Will he learn? Hmm...

Menace ThanX,

Love Petty since I was 15 an he was an obscure free spirited talent
Was big Aerosmith fan growing up as their recording studio was 20 min from my house during my youth

Just re watched Petty at Super Bowl on you tube
was Awesome
The way the guitar shaped arrow comes around and goes right thru the heart All in Moving Neon Lights

F!@#kin Awesome

and most of all
All the beautiful blond chics dripping wet in pairs and herds having the time of there life dancing and singing to one of the best American Rockers Ever

Check out the 3 song Super Bowl set on you tube
Awesome memories


Nice post @6:09. That's what Im talking about baby!

Cuban Menace,

Thank You for the support.

If you're "bucking" for an appointment as Head of Homeland Security or maybe the Attorney Generalship, you're doing a good job!


There are no more "gimme" games in the NFL.

I Saw it Live..........

To all those with hope, you're either too religious or just in basic denial about this team this year. After 11 games:

1. only one win at home.
2. only one victory against a winning team, GB, who was without a bunch of starters that week.
3. worst special teams in the league
4. one of the worst running teams in the league.
5. one of lowest scoring teams in the league (bottom 3 in the red zone too)
5. No back to back wins since week 2.
6. Currently hold no tie breaker advantage with any of the other 6 teams fighting for 2 WC spots, which means we have to finish a game ahead of 4 of them.

Now, slap your self in the face, open your eyes, look in the mirror...do those facts sound like a team that is suddenly going to run the table???

Accept reality, this year is done.


Oscar Canosa,

Did you see the Colts game? Peyton had 3 picks. One they kept showing on espn clearly showed he was tricked by Chargers coverage.

What about the SB loss? Again during the pick 6 he was clearly confused by the coverage.

My point is even the best get confused by coverages at some point. The point is too overcome your bad plays with good ones. If Henne can consistently began to do this we have a franchise qb.

That's what plays a major factor in separating the franchise qb's from the rest of the pack. No qb consistently makes zero mistakes.

I Saw it Live, too.......Woodstock.

dream on this team has zero shot at any playoffs. just finish year out strong and at 8-8 we should have middle pick of first rd.


The pass to Bess was very similar, as was the throw to Moore, of that throw to Bess, I think against the Patriots, maybe the Jets. He does not make that throw accurately, but he has made it. I can see any complaints against Henne, he certainly deserves his share of the blame. I just think he plays better when he is confident (who doesn't) and needs to be given the chance early to find that confidence.

Hey Aloco....whats for dinner? And what about that Gruden announcement you promised?

There were some Cubers there, sisenor.

No doubt about it, DB, but he will never be a Peyton Manning.


You been on fire today. Nothing wrong with showing some team spirit!

Don't apologize!!!!

Viva La Breed!!!! LOL!

Our path to the playoffs needs one of the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, or Pats to take a nosedive. The best case scenario for us, not just because of the rivalry, but because it is the most likely to happen, is for the Jets to falter. Sandwiched around their home game against us are roadies against the Pats this Monday night and the Steelers. We take care of business against the Jets, and do the same with both the Browns and Bills, we could very easily be tied in 3 weeks with them. What better way to get in the playoffs than to ruin their dreams.

Odin gets better as the night goes on. Me too.

next year , i said 24-48 hours.didn't i ? i am never wrong .


look, henne had a good game against an awful raiders team. in fact, the game was still in doubt halfway through the fourth quarter. miami lost the games that mattered most, and consequently, will miss the playoffs this year. does henne have upside? yes. was henne mediocre in the most important games this year? yes. i will not believe in henne until he proves he can win against the best defenses, and in the most important games. in the meantime, miami should go ahead and draft a quarterback in the first round (lets not forget that the miami coaches saw fit to bench henne just a couple of weeks ago!)

Good move Aloco, Chinese, no way. Ok, you've got another 24 hrs on the clock....


Spot on assessment about struggling with zone coverage. You will notice that Henne absolutely eats up man coverage. Walter McFadden looked like he had no business on an Arena Football field this past week, because every single time the Raiders went man, Henne had his lunch. Touch passes were something he really struggled with, and has shown a great deal of improvement with. I hope that his struggles with zone coverages can be worked out too, which most young quarterbacks struggle with too.

That MNF game is going to be the most important game of the year, for us. I'm going NY.


We have no one to really even take the pressure off of Henne against those great defenses, ie great running game, a vertical threat, and this met that they could condense everything into a tighter area. His struggles with accuracy become far more glaring when the areas in which he has to throw are condensed.

If Sparano and CO. are still in place, you can bet the farm our running game will be almost completely revamped, and a speed threat should be added as well. This is the scenario in which Henne should reach his potential, at least as I see it.

Oscar Canosa,

Even at times even great qb's benifit from a little great luck. To me it all a combination of 3 great things:

The qb himself, the offensive system, and whats around him.

Duper and Clayton arived 1 yr before Marino, plus he entered the system of a veteran hof coach.

Marvin Harrison arrived a year before Manning. Tom Moore is a veteran and highly respected OC. Colts also have always done an oustanding job of surrounding Manning with great weapons. With the rash of offensive weapons injuries even Peyton Manning isn finding it difficult to beat stellar teams.

I can go on and on but these are but a few well placed examples to naw on.

DB - I would amend that with stability. Manning has had the same OC his entire pro career. The Steelers have had their DC for a very long time. Brady has had one coach and one system his whole pro career. Look how good Rivers is doing..same HC for some time, and Norv is known for his offensive prowess. The Miami staff has been a merry go round since Shula left. With no consistency in staff, there can be no consistency on the field.

I will be most happy if Sonia was just steady.


I think Nat Moore often gets overlooked in regards to Marino, Clayton and Dupers early sucess.

He was originally a Wide out and then became one of the best slot receivers to ever play the game.

He took clayton and Duper under his wing and was always there for Marino as an outlet.

Definitely one of my all time favorite Dolphins!

Nat Moore was a grat competitor.


Odin...Nat Moore was awesome, and I'd personally take him over either of the Marks...The other guy that is overlooked is Tony Nathan, great all around offensive player. Fast and tough. Don't know if you remember in the day (before youtube) there was a great clip of him getting hit hard over the middle while in mid air to make the catch and he spun around like a helicopter before hitting the ground, ball firmly secured.



All dolfans should be rooting for the Pats Monday night provided we do get by Cleveland. It sets up a very important show down the following week between the Jets and us.

Sholud we come out of this oh so important showdown victoriously then we need only root for a Jet loss against the Steelers and we'll then be in a dead heap with them for a wildcard spot.

To beat them out we need to win our meeting with them by at least 9pts, they beat us by 8pts(31-23, to win strength of victory tiebreaker) earlier and we have to win our final 2 games. Jets go 1-4 down the final stretch while we go 5-0 gives us the wildcard too.

Sometimes I wish but I know is not so.

Com'on Man...we all know the TD/INT ratio of all great QB's is 5:1
Henne for his career is 1:1 meaning he throws 10 TD's and 10 INT's.
Until that changes...he is an average QB.

You are overthinking it. The difference is that they played the Raiders.


Kinda terrible when you think about the significance of one call by the officials in the Steeler game might keep up out of the playoffs. They are 8-3 and hold the 6 seed at the moment. Had we won that game, we would hole the 6 seed with a 7-4 mark. I think the Jets game will be very interesting, as Sparano seems to get our team very fired up in these backs against the wall scenarios.

Joey Porter almost singlehandedly sabotaged the whole operation at the end of the year last year, hopefully Marshall does not do the same this year. IMO, it is Marshall who holds all the cards, if we are going to go to the playoffs, I can envision no scenario that happens without him playing like a man possessed. People can pretend that we are better off without him, but anyone who knows football knows he is still a guy we have to have on the field.

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Mother Do u think
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No use speaking against Henne here, there is too much man love for him by the bloggers. Everything is the OC's fault, Sparanos fault, and the receivers fault.


Back in the day, the Nat Moore "hellicopter" catch was part of the opening highlight sequence for Monday Night Football.

One of the most amazing catches of all time!

My first year of Pop Warner Football all the kids were picking number 12, 33, 34 and 80. When it was turn to pick 89 was still there. I took it-lol!

Mother Do u think
They`ll Drop the Bomb?

Posted by: Home | December 01, 2010 at 06:59 PM

"Mother do you think they'll break my balls?"

I enjoy a variety of cheeses. They are wonderful. I also enjoy cheese-flavored soft drinks and cocktails.

Nat Moore was more a more graceful runner than Lynn Swann, was a great route runner, and had the greatest hands. You didn't see him routinely dropping on the money passes like so many 'top' receivers today, Brandon, Braylon, Ocho, Chad....Class act all the way, and fearless.


Moore(Marlon) and Wallace's development down the stretch could be key to our future with Marshall. If either one of them steps up huge the possibility lends itself to trading Marshall for at least a 2011 2nd and 3rd pick this offseason.

But only if Moore or Wallace absolutely catches fire. Other than that I wouldnt even dream of doing this.



You have angered ODIN the almighty God of War! You will beg ODIN for mercy, but Vengence will be MINE!

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ODIN has spoken!

You have been WARNED!

Aloco, you are forgiven. The lesson here is that you can't bite on every little tidbit you find online. Writers have to write, and are often too lazy to track down a new story, especially with all this web stuff, so they just repeat whatever gossip they can to say 'they worked today'. NFL Veteran Super Bowl winning coaches just don't go back to the college grind. None ever have.

Home Thinks
It was more of a Nat Moore
"Helicopter Hang On For Your Dear Life Catch"

which gets us back to sports entertainment, Man

Like the one handed circus catches of WR O G

In the gay community of South Florida(not that there is anything wrong with that, yeah right)
The @ss catch of Gregory Camarillo still high in 360 degree squinching & well time puckering power

WR Greg Camarillo is known for an @ss of a man

and being that Gregory catches is always a plus for the gays living in an only,
"I want to pitch world"

Vontae Davis who recently has been playing like a man Hit in the Head with a Frying Pan, has also made some spectacular INT catches

Hope Vontae get 2 picks this week
AS Home Is Predicting

Vontae Davis 2 Picks against the Browns

home, do you know of any gay football players ?

next year, i ask your forgiveness .still we have 24 to go.

Aloco, What the Duece are you Babbling about?????

odin, i was there working the sideline as a cop when nat moore made that tremendous catch....that catch still ranks as # 1 for me!!!

cuban, do you know of any gay football player ?

aloco, are you looking for a gay FB player to fufill your fantasies? lol!

Henne needs to take the bull by the horns.

Well, at least take the beast by the facemask.

He needs to let Henning and Baby Brandon know whose team this really is.

He needs to get the ball to Marshall for sure. He just needs to tell him to STFU with that "I'm always open" shyt. We see your open Brandon, we're a little more concerned with you actually CATCHING the ball. Why force the ball to Mr. Butterfingers when you got a guy like Devon Bess being automatic on 3rd downs. STFU and focus on learning how to catch and BECOME a team player-SUPERSTAR!

Mr. Henning wants to go into ultra conservative, "stick an enema up my a s s" mode?

Henne just needs to smile, flash Henning a big thumbs up and then call an audible!

STFU Dan Henning and try not to spill your prune juice every time we score a TD!

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