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Henne getting more comfortable in his own skin

There is a feeling from those around Chad Henne that he is feeling more comfortable these days.

That's interesting because so many critics called him robotic and unfeeling and just not comfortable in his own skin when he was on the field in recent times, most notably before his benching following the Nov. 7 loss to Baltimore.

But that seems to be shifting a bit these days. I cannot exactly quantify for you that Henne is feeling more comfortable with his status on the Dolphins because there is no statistic for that. But it's just a hunch, a gut feeling, that he seems more at ease.

The most tangible example of that is what Henne said today about throwing interceptions. Look, Dolphins coaches have beat him over the head with the dogma that he must not make the big mistake and throw interceptions.

These coaches preach not losing the game as much as winning it.

But the truth, as has been discussed on this blog before, is that great quarterbacks throw interceptions. It's a fact of greatness. If the QB is going to expose himself and gamble sometimes and stretch skills to the breaking point, sometimes the result will be an interception.

The measure of greatness could include making sure the touchdowns far outnumber the interceptions. But the interceptions will come. And the great ones, while not accepting the interceptions, understand they are a fact of life.

Henne showed on Wednesday he understands interceptions are to be avoided. But they are sometimes a fact of life.

"This isn't life or death," he said of the miscues. "There's worse things in life out there that you can do. Obviously it hurts you deep down inside, but you have to let those things go. You have to keep on trucking ...

Henne cracked a smile.

"That's like Will Ferrell there, huh? No, you just have to put it behind you and move on to the next play because you can't let something despise you and shy away from it. You have to keep confident and keep throwing the ball out there."

I like it. I don't want the Dolphins quarterback playing scared.

On the other hand, Henne isn't a wild child, either. He has a sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes edgy streak he rarely shows the media. But it is there.

On the other hand, he is still big on saying the right thing. So when he was asked today if Arizona quarterback Derek Anderson blew it by smiling and laughing on the sideline in the fourth quarter of a blowout loss to San Francisco on Monday night, Henne straddled the fence.

He would never condone what Anderson did. But he didn't want to rip a fellow QB, either.

"I think you take the game seriously," Henne said. "It's not time to joke around, I guess, on the sideline. I mean, sure, if someone says something funny, you're going to laugh but I think staying focused and staying in command at all times shows the team you're there to play, this is a business, this is a game. You have fun and I'm sure whatever Derek did wasn't to say, 'Blow off the game or my mind's out of the game.' "

Well, that's polictically correct Henne. Maybe he's not totally comfortable being himself yet. But he seems to be headed in that direction.



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first post?


henne is happier now b/c he knows few games left and dan henning will be gone

cuban, do you know of any gay football player ?

Posted by: ALoco | December 01, 2010 at 07:32 PM

A very Disturbing post there my Lil friend, Put down the Inhalants and seek help my brother, life will be better for you.... LOL, Just kidding..

odin, good post, ive been saying that all along! henne needs to go rogue, play his game and those guys need to have fun. that happened last week, draw your plays in the dirt, on your hand....go audible, check who is not being covered in the huddle...let henne fly, sink or swim....henne has nothing to lose and everything to gain...,,

cuban, when do you start sniffing at night ?lol just Kidding

Nat Moore might have looked like he was hanging on for dear life. The thing is, those kinds of catches weren't isolated events.

He was always running routes over the middle and making the catch. Absolutely FEARLESS! Matter of fact, I can't remember the guy ever dropping a pass. Probably the most underated WR of all time.

PS: Homes, I loved Orande too! It was like he had vacum cleaners attached too both arms!

Aloco,Aloco,Aloco, I really love you man...., Keep us updated on the UM head coach search......

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'Severe Weather Disasters'
'Food Riots'

I'd take them..A L L
as long as....


keep us informed re nj phin cuban .

Aloco, NJ FlimFlam is a buffoon, You know that.........


Remember way back in the day? Back when me and NJ would gang..........

Ah, when NJ and I would double tea.........

Er, well, when we would give you a tongue lash.......

CHRIST! Do you remember when we used to give you shyt all the time?

Chad Henne used a work in such an improper way that it was difficult to understand the meaning he wished to convey:

"...you can't let something despise you and shy away from it."

Armando, a terrible writer, said:

"I like it. I don't want the Dolphins quarterback playing scared."

Of course, Armando likes it. Henne speaks like Armando writes.

ODIN, I REMEMBER and you never figure it out i was on for the rite .lol

Henne getting more comfortable in his own skin?

That's some skin I wouldn't mind getting comfortable in!

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

ODIN, I REMEMBER and you never figure it out i was on for the rite .lol

Posted by: ALoco | December 01, 2010 at 08:11 PM

What the Fuc......Oh never mind, Have a goodnite Aloco, The Cuban Is Outtahere, everyone have a "FINTASTIC"Nite...


I did too figure it out, it just to me a little while. Ok, a LONG while...........LOL!

BTW, LMAO @ "Buffalo Bill".........


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Go Phins!!!
Go Pats!!!
Go Ravens!!!

Dolphins ride the R & R Express all the way to the playoffs....Wait a minuit...Our playoffs start this weekend...

Go Phins!!!
Go Pats!!!
Go Ravens!!!

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alls im saying is that the combined record of the teams dealing us our 5 losses is 42 and 10!!!!!!

6 and 5 is quite respectable and we should be able to win it...peaking at the right time...getting marshall and MERLING back which will be huge...will beat jets on the road hold serve at home and face a WIN AND IN showdown against the PATS in January...jets go 1 and 4 the rest of the way and DONT MAKE PLAYOFFS Wildcat is back with a more formidable than ever MICHIGAN BLOCKHEAD working with greater confidenc....man is growing some chest hair and grwoin up in front of our eyes.....we may not make it but will be a fun run to watch.....if there is ball next year...we will be team to be feared....

anuary 3rd 2013 @ 1:13 p.m. Home will siht himself...the end


Shake and Bake Chad...Shake and Bake

Sparano coaches scared...

What the F are you talking about?

The elephant is out of the locker room. Confidence is soaring, but let's not do any anointing just yet.

God bless the Dolphins this weekend, F U infidels and agnogstics!

Are the Dolphins going to pick in the Top 10 in the draft or not?

I really think we need to go 5 wide more and keep all 5 wr active with Marshall and Wallace on outside with Moore,Hartline and D-Bess on inside. We also should go more 4 wide and run out of that formation as well. I watched Emmit Smith for years pick up first downs out of 3 wide 1 Te formation's on 3rd and 6 or 7 running the trap play or catching the iso route out the back field. SPREAD THE D**m

I agree! As I said in another post after reading a Mad dog article, It was the very first football game that I have ever seen Chad Henne throw the football with "the touch" that every superstar quarterback ever has had! If I see that "touch" next Sunday again, Chadd Henne, you may just have made another fan for the Miami Dolphins! Go Chad H!

Is Crowder ever going to be healhy a full season again????? Why waive Micah Johnson and Bring Folsom back? Micah is the type of big physical LB I start vs Hillis. Crowder is scared of Hillis.

It's funny Henne has ONE good game (still throwing interception and that's 7 straight games with interception)against the Raiders (still an average team after all), and this Mando seems to make Henne like Marino soon-to-be. It's a long process, and we'll have to see how Henne doing for the rest of the season. It's not like I have anything against Henne or don't want Henne to be great because if he is, we the Dolphins don't have to look for another quarter back but still....I guess this journalist has to write something good for the Dolphin because he has to do it to keep his JOB.

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