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Henne remains the starter, but evaluation coming

Despite another three-interception game, Chad Henne remains the Dolphins starting quarterback -- for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Monday he is not considering benching Henne (again), this time for Tyler Thigpen. "No, I don’t think so right now," Sparano said.

But ...

Sparano admitted some re-evaluation will take place by the Dolphins at the quarterback position. Perhaps not now, but eventually? Absolutely. Like at the end of the season.

“Listen the guy’s a young player right now. He’s, I think, getting better at a lot of things. At the end of the year we’ll have to sit down and from our standpoint we have to evaluate the whole big picture, I mean, we really do but there’s obviously some areas there where Chad needs to continue to improve and he would tell you that. One of the areas is, is this, this turnover thing.

"We just cannot, nobody can; I mean I’m watching one of the best in the league the last couple weeks have some problems that way (Peyton Manning), so you just can’t overcome them in this league. The margin is, it’s just too hard to overcome those kind of turnovers and unfortunately what you see is the guy throwing the football doing it. We don’t see all the other factors around it and there are a lot of other factors that go into how the quarterback plays in general and, and I think what the outcome is. In other words the result of an interception or all and any of those things.

"I mean, we had two protections yesterday where for all intensive purposes we’ve blocked these protections 150 times during the course of the season and what occurred yesterday on those two protections should never occur in that particular protection but it did and he got hit as he was throwing and at the end of the day you don’t convert a third and four. That stops a drive and that kills you in some of those things. The quarterback kind of takes the blame for that and there’s a lot of people around him.

"I feel like we got to make sure that the people around him are getting better as well. That’s probably a long answer to a short question but I do think this guy’s getting better. We’re going to have to evaluate everything at the end of the year."

Seems like Henne will get at least this coming game to get out of the Cleveland hole he dug himself. If he wins, he continues. If he loses, well, he probably continues because benching him at that point would be moot. The Dolphins would be out of the playoffs for sure, rather than almost definitely out of the playoffs.

The only reason Sparano would have for benching him at that point is if the coach believes Thigpen has a better chance to win him some games and he feels the need to get himself some wins for his own job security.

It otherwise seems wise that Henne might just keep his job until the end of the season and gets those games to prove himself.

Either way, it seems the Dolphins will go quarterback shopping this offseason. They will either try to find backup help or a quarterback that can compete for the starting job. That, of course, will all depend on that evaluation of Henne that will come when 2010 is over.


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Henne is the fourth best QB in our division right now. Who would have that that Sanchez and Fitzpatrick would be playing better at this point. We will not contend for a division championship with this type of play.

They should look North to Philly and see what it would take to get Kevin Kolb.

sparano is such a boob. it's painful reading his quotes.

tony seems to be a stats geek. maybe he could make a good quality control coach for another team.

"that;s 48 reps for troy already. he may need a break"

"thanks, skippy"

too early to cut ties with henne yet, he needs anotehr year with a decent offensive coordinator

Is there a head coach with a worse command of the English language than Sparano? That guy needs 80 words to say 10 words. His sentences are so convoluted and meandering that he just can't be to clear on what he is thinking about.

Please not Kevin Kolb I live in eagle country and he can't do it man if he could he would be playing, he struggled against much less competetion then what we normally play, now having said that what is the answer well , Henne has started 23 games or so now , and I guess the question would be can he develop into a good QB? I don't know is there or was there a QB in a similar situation that finally developed into a good QB, I can't remember one usually you can tell by 20 starts or so , the only problem is if your wrong you set yourself back a few years. The Fins have plenty of needs, they will probally draft between 12 and 16 maybe, I don't know if you go QB with that first pick or not I guess it depends on who is there .But then you still have to develop them as well, go FINS kick some JETS ass this week, it is funny the Jets are arrogant even when they lose 45-3

After watching Tom Brady crush the Jets with an
aggressive performance that made Henne's timid,
inept and humiliating show totally embarassing.
I opt for an admission by the Dolphins that
he will never be the QB that will lead this team to glory. They should bench his ass and
play Thiggy for the rest of the season,then
spend whatever is nescessary to obtain a first round QB with potential,and leadership talent.
Henne looks robotic, and mediocre,he really
does not appear bright, or confident. I do not
think his teamates are all that supportive of
his leadership abilities.I guess what I am trying to say is,he sucks.

Dear Wizard,

Please give Jeff Ireland a brain
Tony Sparano courage
Chad Henne a heart
& Dan Henning a new home.

Disgruntled Phin fans

Kolb couldn't keep his starting job in Philly, what makes anyone think he'd keep it here? Stupid.

"Chad Henne is the Dolphins remains the Dolphins starting quarterback"

Try proofreading Armando, you might like it.

"for all intensive purposes"

You mean, for all intents and purposes? LOL

if Sparano thinks Henne has made progress this year, and need to get better. How the hell did he get to be a starting QB.He wasn't ready, he wasn't even close to being ready.
There are 32 starting QB in the NFL,Henne is one if not the worse.Hell he's got a lot to learn, a touch pass for one.For crying out LOAD a touch pass!!!
Tony Sparano is hanging on to the old saying, fake it till you make it. He's a head coach in training, we can't afford that. Get a real head coach,one that can at least manage the clock and time outs.what a mess!!!

Like everyone I’m disgusted with the fiasco we are seeing week in and week out from this Dolphin team. The ultimate responsibility must fall on the head coach. I believe we have much better personnel than our record indicates, they are simply lacking leadership and Sparano’s ass must be held to the hot seat. The offensive game plan every week is just that OFFENSIVE and Sparano allows it to continue. It’s time to make a statement if he wants to keep his job “Get rid of Henning NOW “Use players to their strong points not ancient ideas. Let’s see leadership at the top, we are going no where this year, start making moves now or Good Bye Tony.

Just say no to Kolb. We are not going to find out starter by trading for someone else's scraps. Plus we can't afford to trade anymore draft picks.

Well, Henne's looking slightly better than Sanchez now.

from espn

The Jets have beaten one team with a winning record -- the Patriots in Week 2. In their three other games against teams over .500, the Jets haven't produced a touchdown and have been outscored 64-12.

Cam Newton will be the starter for the Dolphins next year!

sparano always looking at stats. like bellichek said; "stats are for losers."

Interessting stats.....

TD to int ratio between 22 and 26 starts

Bradshaw 19-46

Tarkenton 40-42

Griese 36-34

Steve Young 24-24

Drew Brees 28-31

Favre 37-37

Namath 27-42

Aikman 20-36

Our boy Chad Henne 24-29

All of these guys are hall of famers or will be. Lighten up

All of these travails were seen coming. How come John Bonamego did the job last year but not this year and got fired? How come they chose not to start Sean Smith until well into the season? How come Bill Parcells chose to leave at the beginning of the season? Weird. Something happened this year that threw this Team into disarray.

Sparano reminds me of the retarded bartender on the sopranos. The one tony always put a beat down on .

It is probable that the reason for the Team's problems this year will never be divulged. But is of no consequence, they KNOW we know.

There is no point of shopping for a backup QB. Bring in someone that will compete for the starting job. If he doesn't win it, we have a back-up. We need at least 3 capable QB's. Always have back-ups that push the starting QB. Never let the starter get to comfortable in job security.

Armando, whenever you quote Sporano in interviews it is difficult to read at best. I know it isn't your fault, Sporano should take a public speaking class at MDC during the offseason, along with a developmental English class. His speach makes him sound ignorant.

NC, He sounds ignorant because he is ignorant. Nice guy, but dumb.

also doesn't help that Armando's grammar is so bad you never know what is Armandos fault (intensive purposes???) and what is Sparano's fault.

Are there any quality special teams coaches out there that could be hired? I would'nt trade Henne till he gets a chance with a new O.C., but that does'nt mean he can't be our back-up if we find a great starter either.

Lets start at the top. Interview Gruden and Cowher for the head coach job. Ask them both if they see a future for Henne and let whichever one you hire decide if he's worth keeping or not.

Wait til Philadelphia franchises Vick........then sign him anyway, two first rounders or not.

For all intensive purposes, come on Armando where's your editor, "for all intents and purposes" aagghhh!!! What we need to do is let Henne sling it, I mean make an aggressive offensive game plan and let him sink or swim. I don't like Henning's game plans, they are too timid. It's like they let get Henne do it on one play and then they choke him the next play.

i hope this staff doesn't get to shop for anything. IMO the dinosaur Henning and his prehistoric play calling is what is holding Henne back. They have the guy so drilled to not make mistakes, that he is tentative and afraid to do anything. He deserves another shot, but with a different offensive staff.

One more year for Henne.If we get rid of him now,he'll end up winning a SB with a different team.
That was closer than I was expecting.

Henne should finish the season as the starter, no questions asked. Look at the mess the media-hyped Sanchez was last night! What was his QB rating? I can't imagine very good. Yet do you hear everyone clamoring for his benching? No, of course not. Take a pill and relax. Back in the day, a QB might take 4-5 years to develop. It would be quite ironic (and fitting) if the Fins gave up on Henne already and he turned out to be a quality NFL starter somewhere else.

Oh I forgot Elway.........25 td 29 ints.

TOM BRADY'S RATTING................ 109.5
MARK SANCHEZ............................ 77.4
CHAD HENNE.................................77.5

ecoppeler, that was my take...until this last game. That game showed me Henne doesn't have that "will" factor to make things happen (now). Could he get it, possibly. Henning is a definite problem and will be retired on Jan. 2, 4pm (God willing). So if a new OC is coming in, might as well bring in another QB to develop as the offense learns the new system. Makes total sense. Henne might still win a starting spot next year, but he won't do it without outplaying someone (other than Thigpen, which people on this blog who go to camp say he didn't even do this year).

Any chance Josh McDaniels can come here as the offensive coordinator and work with Mike Nolan?

Did anyone here see Drew Brees first 2 years in the league? There was a reason that Phillip Rivers was drafted in the first round. Drew didn't play well until the pre-season the year Rivers was drafted and held out. Chad will look much better with a new OC.

dusty, not a chance. Nolan left Denver last year, he doesn't get along with Josh, neither does Brandon. Not sure Josh is worth anything without a Brady to make him look good.

Hold The Fort with Henne

Keep The Faith

Henne Will Improve

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Hey Dusty, I had the same thoughts as soon as I heard on Sirius that McD had gotten the ax. But not only do we have Nolan, we also have Marshall. Personally, I'd sit them all down and tell them to act like grownups and just deal!
And DC Dolfan, we should definitely bring someone in to compete, but I really don't think we can afford to throw our #1 at a QB. Too many other major needs: quality RB, top shelf center, playmaker wr/kr, ILB. I'd love to take a fly at the Mallett kid tho.
Also, when do we sign Soliai and Wake to lock them up long term? Our D is almost in place. O def needs major playmaker attention.

Dolphins dont have to live like a refugee

Henne will play good against the Jets

Fire Sparano ASAP!....draft Newton !!

We will lose 4 in a row...Start firing and get ready for Cam Newton to take over...Henne is a joke...Hire Jeff Fisher for HC !!! Henne, Pennington, R.Brown , Williams and Chowder..trade or release .. Wake up Ross !!!

Not ready to throw Henne on the scrap heap just yet. The kid still needs more time and a better offensive coordinator.

I'm sorry to say this but.. ive given up on henne, he just does not make the right decisions when hes throwing the ball.. That said Sparano is going to be in the hot seat this year and if he doesn't do something fast he will be fired. So I think they should trade for Kolb and not waste time on another draft pick that could be a bust. I want Sparano to stay hes a good coach but he doesnt have time for a rookie qb. Kolb atleast has some experience a couple 300 yard passing games, and he got injured early in the year thats why he isnt starting, the eagles offensive line is terrible and Vick is better on his feet and is on a mission to save his career, that is the only reason why Kolb is not their starter.. So Miami should trade the draft picks and pick him up.

Don't mean to get urgent or anything, but we have waited so long, now we have Denver to compete with for Gruden or Cowher...

I grew up in Miami, first purchase with my first paycheck after high school were 2 season tickets for the 'Fins...

But if I had to choose between Miami and Denver, considering a family and all...

Denver; Cleaner, better schools, public services, better infrastructure all the way around.

We get stuck with two hand me downs... QB and coaching staff...

Of course, what I have been saying all along. Henne needs more time. Of course u bring in another QB in the off season to compete with him, thats a given. He will play well against the Jets. Good move Sparano showing confidence in Henne.

I'd hate to waste 5 years to find out Henne is a bust. Not saying that's gonna happen, not even saying I know now that Henne will be a bust. Just saying, the worst possible scenario is Miami spends 4-5 years developing Henne, and he turns out to be a bust (that would be on Henne AND the coaches by the way).

Good to see the J-E-T-S gets exposed finally. Loved every minute of that, except for the uncomfortable feeling that the Dolphins are no where close to playing at the level of the Pats--and this is a very young Pats team with lots of undersized no-names. We have a long way to go to catch up. At least we can crush the Jets this weekend and have that satisfaction as we start looking ahead to the draft.

Sparano says that Henne is improving? Are you kidding me? Sparano compares Henne with Manning? Have you lost your mind? FOR HEAVENS SAKE, HENNE IS REGRESSING. AND PLEEEASE, HENNE WILL NEVER BE MANNING.

I wish everyone would stop comparing him with great QBs. Great QBs have natural talents. Henne does not. Great QBs are winners. Henne is not. Great QBs learn from their mistakes. Henne is not. Look at tape of Henne in college and you see the same Henne you see now ... hint, hint, hint Tony and Jeff -- go and look. It pains me to watch 6th round pick Brady out of University of Michigan tear up the Jests and wonder what happened to the QB mold at that school. And, people are saying let's draft Mallett? He looks and acts like Henne -- and didn't he also go to U of M at some point in time?

BTW, since everyone seems to agree (except for Tony and Jeff) that we need a new OC, why not go out and get Josh McDaniel? Boy, wouldn't that make Marshall happy? Better yet, why not just go to Marshall and threaten this unless Marshall gets off his butt and starts producing?

forget about high price free agent QBs. We need to draft a QB.
If henne can beat the jets this weekend all is forgotten.

How bout them Jets :-). Fat rexy was eating crowe last night

This season is toast and Henne should get one more year to prove himself. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know we all want the NEXT great QB now but let's take one more year to make sure Henne isn't him (see shaggy's post). He shown flashes of it. We've waited a long time since Marino, what's another year?

Draft a QB now and in terms of development he'll be way behind Sanchez, Fitz and WAY BEHIND Brady. It's tough but as Dophins fans we just got to...

"Keep on truckin'"

I believe when a team comes out flat with no passion or fire....the coach is to blame.It appears to me that this team is not even giving 70% of what they are capable of.I haven't seen anything this year to make me think that these guys are ready to take the field and play football.This might sound like a knee-jerk reaction but I think it's time to let our staters know that the back-ups could take thier jobs any given week.Heck maybe even sub more players in and out just to make these guys appreciate the fact that when you are on the field you need to make the most of that opportunity and make some damn plays!

I was at the game and it seemed Henne was playing scared (afraid to make a mistake).

Karlos Dansby made a statement in an interview that is worth noting. Not sure of the exact verbage but it was something like, " go out and play your game Chad, we got your back".

Play calling has been in question, but I think the biggest issue is the philosophy of dealing with a young QB. It's drilled into his skull DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE.

How about the coaching staff takes that burden off this kids shoulders and tells him to go out and do your thing much like Dansby did?

I have read alot of fans want Henne's head, but haven't really seen a REALISTIC option. This kid needs another year and a better supporting cast to see what he can do.

Seasons been over for a while

Please Mr. Ross start your evaluation process now. Take lessons from Denver.

Our D is solid enough, but we've had no offense for a long time now.

This project isn't working.....

For those that want Kolb, remember this -

- less experience than Henne

- Qb rating 77.8 to Hennes 76.2

- also more INTs than TDs

they just might be the SAME GUY !!!!

No wonder Parcels left before the season started.

He didn't want to be associated with a losing franchise.

Since Sparano is so quick to quote stats why don't one of you SPINELESS reporters ask him about the most important stat- WINS!!!!!! PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!!!!

Great coaches seem to have thier team ready reguardless of the situation or the talent they have to work with.I hate "players" coaches.A friend of mine asked me why I am so rough on my kids..I said "I'm thier Dad not thier friend" I think that applies to coaches as well.

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