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Henne remains the starter, but evaluation coming

Despite another three-interception game, Chad Henne remains the Dolphins starting quarterback -- for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Monday he is not considering benching Henne (again), this time for Tyler Thigpen. "No, I don’t think so right now," Sparano said.

But ...

Sparano admitted some re-evaluation will take place by the Dolphins at the quarterback position. Perhaps not now, but eventually? Absolutely. Like at the end of the season.

“Listen the guy’s a young player right now. He’s, I think, getting better at a lot of things. At the end of the year we’ll have to sit down and from our standpoint we have to evaluate the whole big picture, I mean, we really do but there’s obviously some areas there where Chad needs to continue to improve and he would tell you that. One of the areas is, is this, this turnover thing.

"We just cannot, nobody can; I mean I’m watching one of the best in the league the last couple weeks have some problems that way (Peyton Manning), so you just can’t overcome them in this league. The margin is, it’s just too hard to overcome those kind of turnovers and unfortunately what you see is the guy throwing the football doing it. We don’t see all the other factors around it and there are a lot of other factors that go into how the quarterback plays in general and, and I think what the outcome is. In other words the result of an interception or all and any of those things.

"I mean, we had two protections yesterday where for all intensive purposes we’ve blocked these protections 150 times during the course of the season and what occurred yesterday on those two protections should never occur in that particular protection but it did and he got hit as he was throwing and at the end of the day you don’t convert a third and four. That stops a drive and that kills you in some of those things. The quarterback kind of takes the blame for that and there’s a lot of people around him.

"I feel like we got to make sure that the people around him are getting better as well. That’s probably a long answer to a short question but I do think this guy’s getting better. We’re going to have to evaluate everything at the end of the year."

Seems like Henne will get at least this coming game to get out of the Cleveland hole he dug himself. If he wins, he continues. If he loses, well, he probably continues because benching him at that point would be moot. The Dolphins would be out of the playoffs for sure, rather than almost definitely out of the playoffs.

The only reason Sparano would have for benching him at that point is if the coach believes Thigpen has a better chance to win him some games and he feels the need to get himself some wins for his own job security.

It otherwise seems wise that Henne might just keep his job until the end of the season and gets those games to prove himself.

Either way, it seems the Dolphins will go quarterback shopping this offseason. They will either try to find backup help or a quarterback that can compete for the starting job. That, of course, will all depend on that evaluation of Henne that will come when 2010 is over.


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Ok...so another possible question is:

' W O N D E R L I N K ' SCORE?

Posted by: Yazzi | December 07, 2010 at 02:45 PM


I don't know. I DO know Dan Marino famously had an abysmally low score (and truth be told, nobody would ever confuse him for Albert Einstein)

Did it matter on the football field?

If I can find ONE good thing to say about Henne (besides the nice touch on the TD pass), it was good to see him run out of the pocket when he was in trouble a couple of times. That was a positive.

Now, back to negative, lol. Henne did check out of 2 plays. 3rd and longs, and he checked to a run. Now we know why Henne isn't given a lot of rope to do with what he pleases. The guy still doesn't get it totally.

I say, Henne needs to spend the entire offseason getting an education. At least if he can't do it physically, it'd be nice to know he can handle it mentally. That would be my OTA with Henne, open the book, learn it backwards and forwards, and move on.

WOW… all I can say anymore. I have some advice for you all the next time you feel the urge to post on here: open up Microsoft Word, type out your message, fix all those red squiggles under the words that are spelled like my 1-year old tossed a Boggle game and fix those green squiggles that indicate grammar usage (or total misuse of words that sound alike i.e. their, there, they’re) that is of my 3-year old daughter’s caliber. Once you’re done typing and fixing, use that right button on the mouse to copy and then paste to the board… What’s worse than reading Armando’s sporadic grammar slips?? You tools misspelling your words when you’re criticizing Armando for the grammar… maybe you should be less concerned about being “first” to make a point and be the first to put together a readable post.

Second, it amazes me how you all bite each week on the flavor of the week… the only constant is that Henning needs to hit the skids. Other than that, one week Henne is a star and the future; the next he should be stocking shelves at Piggly Wiggly. Here’s a clue: if Sparano and his morons cannot admit that they have made a plethora of mistakes since they took control, then they sure aren’t checking the hot sheets (Armando’s posting board comments) for your feedback. I know you’re just venting, but for God’s sake, pick a stance and stick with it for more than 6 and-a-half days. Bottom line, Henne cannot be 100% evaluated while he is taking play calls from the dinosaur. Sparano, Henning and Ireland have had their chance to prove their abilities and captain fist-pump should be shown the door; that’s D-III stuff and those who allow him to keep it up, without any signs of progressing past his inability to motivate and keep his 53 playing for 60 full minutes, should also be on notice too. You want a coaching comparison? How about Belichick (yes, I actually researched how to spell his name rather than murdering-by-keyboard) getting his team together toward the end of last night’s game and telling them they all needed to finish strong? I know it isn’t fair to compare Sparano and Belichick but that’s the difference between Super Bowl-caliber and bottom of the AFC East-caliber.
Henne needs to have more time (a la Brees) but with the pressure of another QB behind him waiting for his turn; Thigpen isn’t that answer… they need to draft a QB (no, not trade as we cannot afford to lose more ground to the Pats in the upcoming draft) and, once they do, make sure Henne knows he’s on a short leash. YES, the short-arming, stare-downs and, overall poor decisions are killing me too but to switch up now will set us back another 3 years (and that’s IF the “next coming of Marino” turns out to be just that; otherwise it’s just the next coming of Fielder, Beck, et al). Marshall will be just fine; calling for his head after months ago praising the chills down your leg for him are Busch League. You want Pro Bowl performances from him?? Get the QB to deliver passes to him that fit his needs. If this QB cannot do that while Orton could, then that fresh QB sitting on the sidelines (whomever that may be next year) can prove his worth.

I am well beyond tired of seeing the same, year after year, piss poor performance from the ‘Phins… even worse is seeing teams like the Pats in “rebuilding” years tear up the competition that we cannot stack up to. I don’t like Henne at all as a player today but I hope that the future moves the next regime make can mold the team around his future growth.

Let's get a proven Super Bowl winning coach> Norv Turner is a good coordinator, but as HC hasn't won anything yet...he's only been to one Championship game as head coach and got beat by the Pats...overall record is still below .500....wonder what Shula thinks about this current state of affairs?

Gotta go Phinatics, You guys keep up the good fight... Go Phins....


a couple of things to keep in mind. The Brown's are better than what you are giving them credit for. They beat the Pats almost beat the jets and have had strong showings through out the season.
Also, the Brown's D was breaking down the O-line all day. Their NT was not able to be contained and Henne was under pressure on nearly every throw.
QB is a very hard position. Everyone has to execute for an offensive play to be successful and that has hardly happened all season.


I see this entire 2011 draft qb's as potential busts. Hell the top prospect of all, Andrew Luck, hasnt even faced a top 20 collegiate defense all season. When they play VA Tech in whatever bowl game it'll be his first top 20 defense of the year. Im very eager to see how that turns out for him.

Cam Newton, what a joke. Sure he fine with the spread offense requiring not to take snaps underneath center and the option to run or pass. But thats not the nfl.

Tebow and Pat White both were in and excelled on the college level in those offenses. QB's dont have pass/run options in the nfl and you must be able to take snap underneath center and drop fluidly and quickly back into the pocket.

Cam would not only have to quickly learn this which would be the first time in his career, he would also have to learn to quickly learn the defense and and progressions to boot. The college spread option is a gimmicky collegiate offense leaving those type qb's hugely unprepared upon entering into the nfl.

Remember Pat White anyone?

Nobody has a clue how ANY of these college QB's will pan out. There is no Manning or Elway coming out and it's a total crapshoot regardless of how "sure" anyone is about this guy or that. They were just as "sure" about Heath Shuler, Akili Smith, or Ryan Leaf.

Not that Miami shouldn't invest in one (I think they probably should) but there's anything BUT a guarantee with any of them.

The 2nd best qb prospect in this draft is Ryan Mallet. Mallett is only the collegiate version of a glorified Tyler Thigpen.

My biggest fear about Mallett is on the nfl level he will become a Mullett instead of a Mallett.

Oregon, I tried to make that point earlier. People dismissed the Browns automatically assuming we are better than them. Well, they did bury the Pats, they did take the jets to the wire & they also beat the Saints. They basically contained 3 elite offenses.

They have a pretty good defense. Better than our offense filed with filler (I.e. undrafted WR's & cast off linemen from Dallas & St. Louis)


Its very possible that I do.:)

Speaking of which...I stumbled across this HOT Latin dancer named
'Iris Chacon' recently...

The Problem is...
I can't tell whether I'm attracted to her...or if the Dolphins should use her to replace Vernon Carey!
(She has an ELITE pair of Dancers Legs.)

This Girl is quite a specimen! (even at her current age.)

She's on youtube...Check her out!


Posted by: LUISCOM | December 07, 2010 at 03:03 PM

Unlikely you'd see McDaniels and Brandon Marshall working together again, although stranger things have happened. And be assured Marshall WILL be on the roster.

Keep an eye on the Texans situation. Good chance Kubiak will be fired. He'd be a possibility (and a damn good assistant, btw)


Reality Check Guy. Were you the guy that ruined the curve for everyone in the class?

Joe Schmoe. My point was... Even if we get a new coordinator. How is a new system going to make Henne an accurate passer? How will the play calling help Henne see where pressure is coming from, and adjust accordingly? What will having a new scheme do to help Henne lead this team in the fourth quarter? These are the deficiencies that I see with Hennes play, and I don't think that they can be blamed on Henning. What you can blame Henning for is. Poor situational play calling. For instance on the last drive the drive started out like we just wanted to kill the clock and play for overtime. That is fine. But if the idea was to win the game, calling a run play on first down???? They know this is our tendancy, we did the same thing against the Steelers. In fact the whole drive was similar. Instead of an interception, the ball was turned over on downs. Same result, nothing learned.

Isn't Iris Chacon like 85-years-old at this point??

I do not know what the answer is. I do know Our Dbacks can't catch a football(something I thought was taught in middle school and high school) I do know Crowder is an over paid under producing player who is best at running his mouth!!BIG DRAFT NEED! QB has been inconsistent at best! Play calling has been horrible!!Is Henne killing the system or the system killing Henne? DM once said:I can't throw it and catch it both! WAY too many drops! This season is GONE like so many others before it!! I stuggle with the concept that it will be better next year!? Bill Parcells FLOPPED HERE!! Should be posted above the Locker room door!!Let the good year blimp fly the message over the stadium on sundays!! Take the money and Run Bill!! We have the makings of a good Defense if the Dbacks could catch!?


Are you ready to dump Brandon Marshall? That's what will have to happen before Mr. Ross can even say hello to McDaniels.

Besides, McDaniels is a highly thought of OC and will have his pick of the litter of teams to choose from come offseason. So why would you think the Dolphins will be top of that list with two people(Marshall/Nolan) he obviously had issues with?

As it stands good money would suggest the Dolphins are absolute bottom barrel as a destination for McDaniels to land. Get over it.

1 - the number of games we scored 30+ points
5 - the number of games we scored 20+ points
5 - the number of games we scored 10+ points
1 - the number of games we scored 0 points

Not alot of points thus far and nobody touches the ball more than the QB.

We got robbed vs. Pittsburgh (22-23) and special teams killed us vs. the Jets(23-31)
Toss in the loss to Cleveland (10-13)
and we are oh so close to being 9-3....
I'm just sayin' we lost a bunch of games we should have won.

One thing I'd caution with McDaniels is that he was blessed in New England with TREMENDOUS talent and a top-level QB to make it all go.

ESPN ran a graphic last night showing how former Belichick disciples really haven't done all that well elsewhere.

Not saying he isn't a good assistant, but those guys effectiveness (or lack of same) has a LOT more to do with the talent at their disposal than any kind of special coaching ability.

Hell, even Henning was able to call high-octane games when he had the talent available with prior teams (including the Dolphins years ago, actually)

That's NOT a defense of Henning today...just saying.

More than anything this team needs a dynamic offense. The Dolphins have zero vertical aspect to the offense and that is a major problem for a couple of important reasons.

1. Having a vertical offense would free up BM and Ricky/Ronnie.

2. Not having a vertical offense makes for boring football.

Who ever is installed as HC for the Dolphins I pray will bring an exciting brand of football to the Dolphins.


Maybe the smartest move considering the OC position would be to promote within. Learning a brand new sytstem would set our entire offense back at least a full year. It takes at least 1 full season for everyone to get comfortable in a new system.

If we bring in a new OC and system, like someone else posted, it will setback Henne's progression possibly back a full year. With a new OC and system we may as well start all over on offense period with anyone not named Jake Long.

To continue to build offensive continuity the best OC move would be for Henning to retire and promote either David Lee or Carl Doran as OC.

Doran has HC experience with a stint at UCLA and David Lee as been a little all over the place. But with either of those two we dont have to institute an entirely new offensive system.

Who ever is installed as HC for the Dolphins I pray will bring an exciting brand of football to the Dolphins.

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin fan | December 07, 2010 at 03:24 PM


Sparano will very likely be the HC next year. As far as I'm concerned, he should be, too.

What will obviously change is the OC position (Henning is simply going to retire rather than there being any drama---you can bank on that) and I think it's VERY likely they will go another direction at QB as well.

What makes anyone think that Nolan is going to stick around for this crap?

He was a Head Coach already and is probably rolling his eyes at this debacle.

On Henne- Besides the pics he is very inaccurate. He over and under throws his receivers all the time. I also think instead of standing around on the sideline on Wildcat plays.It would be nice to see him looking at photos and talking with coaches about strategy.

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!


Judas Priest just announce their farewell tour in 2011. The Miami Dolphins have not won a Superbowl since before this band even formed!

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!

Daryl, I'm not saying Henne isn't a problem. He is still learning. He has allot to learn. But just like situations you mentioned above, he is PUT in positions to fail! The offense is simple to defend. It's hard enough overcoming that obstacle, but to do it playing from behind late in games? Almost every week? With mediocre talent? It's almost impossible.

I am not of the belief that Henning is the ONLY problem. Sparano too. This conservative approach is a burden. Biggest issue I have is that I honestly think this isn't a talented offense. Aside from Long, Marshall & Bess, every one else is replaceable. To me, that's the big issue.

It's a team sport, your only as good as the people around you. I rarely see guys open by a significant distance. I always see balls being fitted into tight windows. I saw allot of dropped balls earlier in the year (Fasano / Marshall). We can make Henne the scapegoat but he is put in positions to fail. I am not excusing his occasional gaffe or poor throw, but let's be fair in our assessment of him.


'darrin stevens' (@ 3:00 PM)

Its like everything else...

Some people simply don't test well...
Others are Anomalies...(Dan was an Anomaly in many ways.)

Teams use the Wonderlink as a Prediction Tool -- but the also rely on interviews and research to complete their Forcast.

All I know is that a lot of folks think that Henne is underachieving right now. It might be because he's NOT WHAT THEY THOUGHT HE WAS or
because he is not responding to his Coaches.

Either way...he probably has less than 10 Starts left to prove himself.


The truth isnt always a pretty read. The truth can be both beautiful and on the other end of the spectrum absolutely horrid.

The greatest indicator about the truth is it allows us to ascertain should we continue as we are or come to an abrupt halt because we're headed towards a cliff.

Yeah, if it makes you guys feel better to say we played the '72 Dolphins, then have at it. But everyone saw the game I did. Cleveland is/has been one of the worst teams in the league these last few years. They had a merry-go-round of starting QBs. They finally settled on a guy who got kicked off what is today THE worst team in the league. Their ONE shining light offensively was completely shutdown. Their only other weapon (return man) was shutdown. They had more 3-and-outs than a Nolan Ryan/J.R. Richards Astros game. They scored 10 friggin' points (until the final second).

You give props to them if you want. To me, they won NOTHING. We lost. That's it. We coulda won, shoulda won, but didn't. They didn't win. WE LOST!

Michael Jackson became a child singing sensation. Made Off the Wall, Thriller, had numerous plastic surgeries, moon walked, had cookie and milk parties with Mc Caulay Culkin, died and the Dolphins still haven't won a Superbowl!

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!

Did anyone notice during "Woodhead's" presser last night he looks just like a young Bud Bundy on "Married With Children?"

I would speculate that Al Bundy isnt selling shoes anymore!

Aloco: (@ 3:15 PM)

I don't think so...(At least I HOPE not.)

Look at her videos and tell me what you think!

"The 2nd coming of Jesus Christ Superstar TOOK Have you watched the Eagles this season? How about that Mon. night record-setting performance by Vick. (Who I might add could have been added to the Dolphins very cheaply, but that brilliant front-office GM Ireland wouldn't even bring him in for a workout. He was too busy finishing up his rough draft of interview questions for Dez Bryant.)"

Cam Cameron called a pass in a running situation deep in their own territory. Troy Boy made him pay.

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!


DB, I don't know enough about those guys, but I disagree with you. I think there is currently no system with which to expand upon. I think you get rid of every part of this offense as soon as Henning leaves. You fumigate the whole facility so you can start fresh.

If they promote from within, fine with me. As long as it's a totally different system, because this pansy, vanilla, 1 WR formation system is total crap. And I don't think it pushes Henne back at all. Sure, he'll have to learn the system, but the fundamentals and intangibles he just needs experience to learn (so he's supposedly learning them now). I think if the players are there, and they play, and the system is worth a damn, then it won't set anyone back.

I don't think it's contradictory to say the Dolphins DID lose that game themselves (they did) but also say the Browns happen to have a good, young defense that is on the rise (they do).

Terrible performance by Miami's offense, no question (especially Henne) but the Browns are not the hopeless bunch they were---at least on the D side.

I bought a case of Mooseheead on sale to remind me of much simpler times. Back in the 80s playing pool with my friends 24/7 after school.

Something about that skunky beer in winter?

Brings me back to a hopeful time when we watched a new kid called Dan Marino and knew we would win at least 3 or 4 Super Bowls?

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!

Anyone on this blog now saying we should have signed Michael Vick over the offseason is absolutely full of bullsh!t!

No one, and I absolutely say no one outside of Jesus Christ himself saw this type of performance coming from Vick this season. All of you now saying we should have signed Vick were hugging your backs of PUPPY CHOW when Vick was available last offseason.

So stop it right now with your bs out of your ass hindsight propaganda. LOL.......

DC, you have a bit of the sore loser thing going on. You're not objective if you can't give the other teams credit. The last few years don't matter. This year does.

This year, they HAVE buried elite teams. Something these Dolphins have FAILED to do. They are 1 game below us record wise. Why you think they are so beneath this Dolphins team is a mystery.

Early 80s British Steel came out...

Boy George didn't want to hurt me...

Cindy Lauper just wanted to have fun...

Flock of Seagulls were viewing an Aurora Borealis...

Who can forget the Safety Dance...

The Brothas cut the Afros off for fades...

Minimum of at least 2 stinky pinkys a week?

Dan Mariono was going to bring us 3 or 4 Super Bowls...

Go Phins! '"but you already went" again!

DC Dolphin,

Henning's primary fault is that he's old school to a fault. I would imagine in Henning's mind he's saying he never asked for this job to begin with and took it as a favor to his buddy Parcells. I honestly believe the guy was just fine with retirement.

However, promoting within, Carl Doran or David Lee would mean keeping the same terminologies and adding thier own little nuances and designs.

Its better on the current offensive players to learn different variations and design than to have to learn an entirely new system and terminologies over one brief camp and be expected to perform it to an upper echelon manner.

Doran and Lee IMO represent a bridge into the combination of old school and new school football. Henning is all old school period. At Henning's age why would the old dog be now willing to learn new tricks. He's possibly only days away from a mortuary table and headstone.

Oh the 80s!

Hook and Ladder!

Dan Marino!

Armando des fruitando in Cuba Rico Republic!

Phins still had the cool amount of orange in the uniform.

I was busting Tires at Fed mart Auto Center with less Taxes beacause of Ronald Reagan.

Wore a shi+load of Old Spice and Pierre Cardin.

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!

Dying, its the same bullshyt when people say they knew Brees or Aikman or whoever would be QB placed here would be a great QB in their first few years. All B/S. The fans wanted Brees replaced early on. None of these people watched the growing pains these QBs had to go through. They only remember seeing them when they started playing well. People "remember" only what they want to remember.

Hey REALITY CHECK TIME, you want to critize people's typos and spelling but I find it ironic you use run-on sentences.

Oh the 80s!

David Woodly gives way to Dan Marino!

I had Acne (many Hispanic teens have this condition) but still got trim

Coke was all the rage and much less toxic than this Meth thin!

Ahh the good old days

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!

The only way Nolan stays is if they make him the Head Coach.

Bring in Jim Harbaugh as the OC or better yet HC!

Many of you are overreacting.

This team has MORE GOOD PLAYERS than bad ones.


That's NOT something that you could have


The DOLPHINS still need about 6 or 7 additional players to compete in the post season.

You have to admit that
we wouldn't all feel this bad if Henne were playing better.

A Good O.C. will make a difference.
Give this Blueprint time to work.


Valid points! I'm sure if we let Henne go and he has a great season somewhere else. Bloggers of some team, somewhere would be clamoring how stupid thier GM's are for not picking him up.

One thing about hindsight is it makes everyone look he's a genious. If only it were that simple. LOL

Joe, I'm not being a sore loser. And I was telling everyone in my office Joe Hayden is amazing (great player). But I saw what I saw. Browns, yes, are improving. With Holmgren, they're learning to play with pride (like us in '08). And they beat some good teams.

I'm just talking about that particular game. As bad as we were playing, we still were outplaying them. That first drive, it was easy. And defensively, we OWNED them. That's all I'm saying. They kick a FG off a turnover (otherwise wouldn't have gotten that far down the field). Scored a TD, yes, props to them. And then the last FG off a turnover. Otherwise, offensively, god awful.

Defensively, they were ok, but nothing like the Jets, Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Titans, even the Bengals I felt played us tougher. That's my viewpoint. We totally lost that game ourselves (doesn't matter if the opponent was Cleveland or the Falcons).

And, hey, I'm not dissing Cleveland for winning. They did what our team couldn't (create turnovers and capitalize on them). More power to them. I'm not bitter at them. I'm bitter at US, for losing a game any viewer would have said we should have won. I'm not embarrassed we lost to Cleveland, I'm embarrassed we lost THAT game (no matter who the opponent was). If the Falcons played like that, and won, I'd be saying the same thing.

Henne is not the QB of the future. Even his 3rd interception yesterday was a bad disision since he was throwing to a covered man running a 5 yard pattern on 3rd down in the final 2 minutes of a winnable game. Even without the interception it would have been a possible 5 yard completion leaving us at 4th and 5 yds. He is not cluch. And all us Joe's know he is not Marino's replacement he is barely the replacement for AJ Feely.

Martin, LMAO...

So true about Micheal...Sad, but, true...

In fact, the last time we were serious contenders the top, new artists were Snoop, and R.I.P. Biggie. East 1999 was the jam, and Eightball & MJG were "Coming out Hard"


Every team needs 6 or 7 players to take the next step.

The bitterness here is that that is the case every year around Dolphin Land.

That's 1992 for all you white boys


Sometimes an entire game can come down to only 2 plays. The two plays that absolutely should have been made are:

* The missed connection to Hartline turning into a Henne underthrow pick.

* The Nolan Carroll dropped for sure pick 6.

Sometimes only two plays is all it takes to separate good teams from mediocre teams in this league.


You have to Youtube Gin & Juice by "The Gords" It is a serious masterpiecehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCAM3C3dpIA.

I love it! Let me know what you think?

Go Phins! "but you already went" again!

That's one way to look at it bobby. Another is to look at those QBs that were developed, given year after year to perform, and never made that leap to the next level. You talk about Brees and Aikman as if you're SURE Henne is them, but he's not. He's Chad Henne. Just like I don't know if Henne won't be the next Aikman, you don't know that he will.

I think if you're a Dolphins fan, especially, with the history we've had the last few decades at QB, you'd understand the discomfort people have, 20 years and 15 QBs or so later, to wait another few years for an unsure thing.

Now, even at my most rabid (today) I still see the sense in letting Henne at least continue progressing through next year (not sure how much rope I'm willing to give him after that). But I understand other people's frustration (who don't want to wait around for Henne). I understand from a psychological standpoint why Dolphins fans are nervous about that. This organization doesn't have a good track record (lately) with that position. These coaches don't seem capable of coaching up a guy (in that position).

I think you should be a little more sympathetic to that argument. I happen to think waiting for Henne is the best of a bad situation (unless a Peyton Manning falls in your lap) but again, I understand those who don't feel that way.

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