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Henne remains the starter, but evaluation coming

Despite another three-interception game, Chad Henne remains the Dolphins starting quarterback -- for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Monday he is not considering benching Henne (again), this time for Tyler Thigpen. "No, I don’t think so right now," Sparano said.

But ...

Sparano admitted some re-evaluation will take place by the Dolphins at the quarterback position. Perhaps not now, but eventually? Absolutely. Like at the end of the season.

“Listen the guy’s a young player right now. He’s, I think, getting better at a lot of things. At the end of the year we’ll have to sit down and from our standpoint we have to evaluate the whole big picture, I mean, we really do but there’s obviously some areas there where Chad needs to continue to improve and he would tell you that. One of the areas is, is this, this turnover thing.

"We just cannot, nobody can; I mean I’m watching one of the best in the league the last couple weeks have some problems that way (Peyton Manning), so you just can’t overcome them in this league. The margin is, it’s just too hard to overcome those kind of turnovers and unfortunately what you see is the guy throwing the football doing it. We don’t see all the other factors around it and there are a lot of other factors that go into how the quarterback plays in general and, and I think what the outcome is. In other words the result of an interception or all and any of those things.

"I mean, we had two protections yesterday where for all intensive purposes we’ve blocked these protections 150 times during the course of the season and what occurred yesterday on those two protections should never occur in that particular protection but it did and he got hit as he was throwing and at the end of the day you don’t convert a third and four. That stops a drive and that kills you in some of those things. The quarterback kind of takes the blame for that and there’s a lot of people around him.

"I feel like we got to make sure that the people around him are getting better as well. That’s probably a long answer to a short question but I do think this guy’s getting better. We’re going to have to evaluate everything at the end of the year."

Seems like Henne will get at least this coming game to get out of the Cleveland hole he dug himself. If he wins, he continues. If he loses, well, he probably continues because benching him at that point would be moot. The Dolphins would be out of the playoffs for sure, rather than almost definitely out of the playoffs.

The only reason Sparano would have for benching him at that point is if the coach believes Thigpen has a better chance to win him some games and he feels the need to get himself some wins for his own job security.

It otherwise seems wise that Henne might just keep his job until the end of the season and gets those games to prove himself.

Either way, it seems the Dolphins will go quarterback shopping this offseason. They will either try to find backup help or a quarterback that can compete for the starting job. That, of course, will all depend on that evaluation of Henne that will come when 2010 is over.


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This Is What I Would Like To See Henne Do:

Forgot which Pat game, but remember Brady threw the hissy fit on the sidelines? Pats offense has been playing great ever since.

I would love to see Henne throw that kind of fit when his offense sucks instead of sulking on the sidelines like he has a bucket over his head. He needs to get on his offense's ass.

Marino did it with regularity. recievers rather catch the ball and get thier heads torn off rather than face the wrath of Marino. Henne needs that kind of fire or he'll never have total command of his offense.

As a leader you cant try to be everyone's buddy and expect great results!

Henne definitely has some nfl starting qb skills. Would he needs to learn most is not to keep having his head burried so far up his ass.



He can't do that? Brady has clout, all that would do is piss someone off and start a fight.

Are you kidding Martin?


The only way Nolan stays is if they make him the Head Coach.

Bring in Jim Harbaugh as the OC or better yet HC!

Posted by: Martin | December 07, 2010 at 04:01 PM

I think your first statement is probably true. Former HCs usually don't stay 'former' long. HCs get fired every year and it's usually DCs and HCs who were former HCs who get the jobs.

My Eval of Henne: below average

His problem is not that he does not have a good arm. But throws too many INts and has no vision or pocket presance. He also has no come back ability. In 3 games he had the oportunity to bring the Dolfins back and win. In the jets game with 1 and 10 from the 10, loss. With Pitt with 2 minutes left for a field goal, loss, with Browns itercepted, and even if it snot is at best 4th and 5, loss. All the very good and great QBs win when its on the line and they need a score in the 4th. If they look for a Backup next year the Fins are Done again for another year. They need a starter.


You gotta admit it is a "sick" adaptation and listen to the bass lines. Snoop loves it!

Good thing we have David Lee.Can you imagine the first year would've been without the wildcat.This Parcells experiment isn't panning out.So he quits to sucker another team.Maybe,he can take all his cronies and Cowboy rejects with him.Worst move getting Marshall and losing draft picks when TO COULD'VE BEEN HAD FOR NOTHING.

I love peoples optimism & glass half full attitude but I think saying we need 6 or 7 players is being extremely generous. We need 6 or 7 guys on offense alone. By My count, we need about 12 to compete. Let's not forget, the Pats are in our division with A LOT of young talent & draft picks.

Offense: Speed WR, TE & RB. LG, C, RT.
Defense: ILB, FS, OLB, Cb x 2
ST - at least 1 St core player

Need skilled speed players on offense, better lineman & guys to get us off the field on 3rd down - Speed rusher, cover corners & safety.

Right now Don Meredeth is singing to us from the grave... Turn out the lights the party's over...

I just can't stand country...Period

The Pats beat the sorry Jets based on offensive scheme. I dont think Henning has a shotgun 5 wideout, no running back formation. In fact I dont think he even knows what a shotgun formation is.


Hell Yeah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsqONjjMDfw LOL!

Martin: (@ 4:06 PM)

They've taken LOTS OF STEPS during the past three years.

and...I think that these steps have made a HUGE Difference difference in the Team's FOUNDATION (going all the way back to dAVE wANNSTEDT)

Be patient for a little longer.

Ownership changes are never easy on an organization.
...and Mr Ross has probably caused a great deal of distraction with his "New Marketing Strategy."

The teams that change Coaches every three years NEVER win.

I prefer it the other way around Martin


I think our team is good enough as is to be a playoff team - if we got the breaks that you need to get in the NFL. However, we didn't. We had a high school level special teams, the refs messed up the Steeler game, Carrol and Sean Smith dropped sure pick sixes. These are the things that go in the favour of playoff teams.


I love and hate songs/artist from almost every genre. I never let anyone limit me into just one thing. Kinda like food my Brotha a little taste here a little taste there for me.

I like tons of food, and tons of women, not a diverse with music.

Country and and form of techno are a no-go.

Joe Schmoe. I have been fair in my critiques of Henne. I thought at the start of the year, we handled the games perfectly, letting him be a game manager, and not trying to put the pressure on his shoulders. This proved too much against the jets, and the Pats game was far from Hennes fault. Although he played poorly. I also think, or thought benching him mid season was the right move. His 2 games after the benching proved that, he was great. This last game was his worst of the season. Now I'm not saying these things about him now that I haven't been saying all year. I recognize that the offense has under performed, and that if he had any running game, or consistant line play perhaps his play would be better. I was just pointing out what I thought he needs to improve upon. I'm all for giving Henne a shot to start next year. I would like to see some real competition though. Not just announce Henne as the starter before any real evaluation.



IMO, the Pats showed last night that they are now the class of the nfl. The gap between us and that Pats is now absolutely gregariously not funny. Not only is thier offense now playing on a interplanetary scale, thier defense is jelling and maturity right before our very eyes also.

The Pats proved last night that the gap between themselves and the Falcons is even phenominal. Hate to say it but Belichek looks poised to hoist yet another Vince Lombardi this season.


I feel ya!

I can't get behind anyone sampling Journey though.

This here is the shiznit-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc0mxOXbWIU


Best thing about the Pats is that even though thier coordinators may change, the system never changes.

I feel like this is my own personla version of "Groundhog Day"! I mean F%^&*! Every season is the same outside of the 1-15 2007 season. Dolphins are just good enough to be mediocre with a coaching staff and management lacking the main ingredient - testicles!The coaches coach scared and the players play scared.

O.K. One idiot it's wonderlic not wonderlink. Henne is not the answer.... Even though you guys want to can Henning, the Q.B. idiot throws the int's. I bet you guys blame the teacher when your kids come home with an 'F'. Sparano was not even a coordinator, but he must have blown Parcells.The idiot has an orgasm when we get field goals. Hence the " we need more field goals comments I made but you're too stupid to get it. We need a Q.B. ... period . The former idiots that ran the team since Shula could'nt figure that out. HELL, J.J. got rid of all the good receivers and wanted to go to a running game with an a%% named Karim Abdul Jabar. How genius.Henne has been here for 3 years , he's an IDIOT. Give him a chance , we don't want to rebuild again. Get your head out of your a@@es. We need a QQQQQ.BBB. Damn. Shut up.If Marino had the defense we have now he would have 5 rings. You idiots with we need a new corner, Defensive end , running backs, DAMN!!!!! We need an FFFFing leader and a Q.B. Go to your sons little league game and shut the F up.


Been the story for too long around these parts? Fan since 1973 8-)

Dear 0X80: since you are so wise, try learning the difference between ignorant and dumb.

Never heard the Cee-Loo jam...That's pretty hot...

How about this one?


Wonderlic ees more money fo yu! You want aroun da worl ees extra too! You go now you no have girl touchy fo yu! No wonderlic fo yu!

Spell check that MOFos!

We are now light years behind the Pats. Maybe next year we can catch up to the Jets. We will have to learn to either travel at the speed of light offensively or learn to master time travel to catch up with the Pats.

At least if we could master time travel we would know what thier gonna do on offense before they even do it. Still the problem would be hanging on to the pick 6's unless we totally mastser stopping time dead in its track too.

At least that way our db's would have time to hold onto a totally motionless football.

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z740b2J-czY

I'm tired of people keep saying henne is a back up. he's not a starter. Unless you can come up with a better alternative, henne is and should be our starter. He's 8-8 qb right now. Maybe he'll get better or maybe he'll get worst later. I don't know. But right now he wins one and loses one. Until we have some one that can win more than he loses henne should start.

Mark, I usually agree with a lot of your posts but I couldn't disagree more with yours @ 4:29. Play is based on talent & ability, not luck. It's not lack of luck that makes us suck ass on ST. It's not lack of luck that DB's drop int's. It's not a lack of luck we can't run the ball or pass protect without max protecting. Good players make the plays that need to be made, average or poor one's do not.

Even when we were 2-0 the problems were visible, some of us ignored them. Playing good teams, they became glaring. Good teams may get a lucky bounce here or there but the success they enjoy has less to do with luck & more about abilities.

This team wasn't a playoff team this year & with the way the Pats are stacked & if the Jets hold a couple of more core players, next year isn't looking real good either.

BTW people can blame the loss to the brown on henne. But you can also blame Nolan Carrol. Because if he catches the damn INT we won't be having this conversation. I think all the blame should go to nolan carrol :-)


Definetly on those two fu shu!

Not sure of your era but I just found some sick Vocal only tracks of the Temps. "Goosebumps Mang"!


What endeared Sparano to Parcells was his ability to say a whole lot while still telling you absolutely nothing. Exactly the way Parcells likes it. That's why the overly secretive Parcells saw him as prime HC material. LOL


But, I get down with some al green, etta james, marvin, etc

just about anything but COUNTRY and TECHNO...and weird folk crap, oh, and punk, LOL

Sanchez's problem is that he cannot handle the cold, it is a major distraction to him. I am not joking. Henne continues to suffer with the same problems as when he played at Michigan, the tapes are all avail. to see. Someone, helping to build this team, thought they could make a project out of him and correct his deficiencies. Well, 3yrs later he suffers with the same exact deficiencies as in Michigan. Admit he is another NFL bust and start preparing to acquire a new starting QB for the coming season. And yes, probably no use benching him now because we have no other viable option and unfortunately, he probably offers the best chance to win at this juncture in the season. Basically he continues by default not by choice. At this point, being light yrs behind in the AFC East race, and as far as business decision making goes, we might as well be playing for the best spot we can manage in the draft. I can see another reason why the staff would want to keep playing him and that is so he can have at least some trade value when we go to dump his a*s, gosh forbid we get stuck with him.

Chet, thanks for bringing garble into the discussion. Well done!


Nolan Carroll was converted from a receiver to a cornerback at Maryland.

Guess we see why.

"but evaluation coming" hahahahaha What the heck has been going on all three of his yrs in Miami? That is called grasping for straws by a coach who is saying anything to keep his job. What idiocy!

bring in mcdaniels to run the O!

Scott from Del, I can think of at least one who will be a HOFer, if he isn't aready in Steve Young that was HORRIBLE his first few seasons, who turned things around. I think Henne's biggest issue is Henning, and our O line. The Dolphin brass keep saying that Henning has been around long enough to know EVERYTHING about being an OC. That may be true, but there is a big difference between knowledge, and effective application of that knowledge. So many times this season I have been able to predict EXACTLY what the Phins were going to do in certain situations.

I am just as disappointed in the fact that several times I have been able to predict what the opposing team was going to do to us as well. The spread sneak by both Rodgers, and Rapelisberger, and the fake punt with no one covering the gunner. I think if some duffer sitting on his couch can see what is coming, then the DC/ST coach, and players should be able to see it coming too. If it was the players' fault, fine, but don't you think they should coach up these situations every once in a while? Players see what they are trained to see.

Point of all this? we need a lot of work. We don't need an elite WR, but we need a true Burner. We need to overhaul our running game, with our two "studs" at the end of contracts, we need to draft an entire O line short of LT. I have never felt Vernon Carey was as good as his press. I don't feel he is good enough in the run game, and most of the sacks against Henne this year has come from that side of the line. Our secondary must spend more time in front of the Jugs machine, and we need to Draft a NT/DT that can replace Fergie. Soliai has stepped up better this year, but you need more than one guy. If Henning goes, I am willing to give Sparano, and Ireland another year, but things need to be turned around.

Sign Carson Palmer when the Bengals release him.

Henne is a good QB not a great QB this is the worst possible situation.Sparano will continue to start henne he has too much time invested in this looser if he pulls henne it admits he was wrong. The only thing left to do is fire the whole bunch, Henne, Sparano,Henning if you don't you just keep doing what your doing and keep getting what your getting. Look how well the pats were coached monday, they played like a team it's not that they have more talent they moved like a well tuned machine. The Jets will beat up on the fins sunday and Henne will look like Henne with Sparano saying he just needs more time. Mr.Ross please wake up.

Actually, according to the stats, isn't Henne just as good (or just as bad) as Sanchez is? They both had three interceptions in their last game coming into Sunday's.

Part of what you look for in your QB is a big arm. The other parts are accuracy, decision making ability, and reading defenses. Henne obviously struggles with accuracy and decision making, and I'm not too sure if he can read a defense and figure out where the ball is supposed to go either. If you can't do that, then you have no future in the NFL as a QB. One of the knocks on him out of college was that he wasn't that smart and I haven't seen anything from him to disprove the notion. Watching him try to execute a two minute offense is like watching a monkey try to drive a car. Nothing seems to come easy to him.

It's time to tank the rest of the season and pray that we can lose enough games to get Cam Newton in the draft. It's like one of my buddies who is an Eagles fan said to me the other day, "The Eagles might not win every game and Vick might not play great all of the time, but at least they are fun and interesting to watch again." That's more than I can say about the Dolphins with Henne at QB.



the smartest thing i heard is that cam newton or mallet will be on the team next year. the best thing that will happen to the dolphins is this, what the patriots did to the jets, the jets will do to the dolphins and henne will play like the loser that he is, and they will rid themselves of the piece of crap once and for all!

if we get kolb all of your passes will be under 20 yards he always checks the ball down

All QB's are going to have interceptions but henne is just unaware or over throwing or throwing it into the ground. He looks like he is sleep walking out there.

you guys who want to give Henne more time are freaking idiots, do you see this guys mechanics , and mechanics is a perfect word for this awkward robotic telegraphing baffoon, even the expression on his face says I`m a tard, how can you compare him to Sanchez, are we 9-3, hell no , if you don`t know what ur talking about then shut ur idiotic pie holes

he has no pocket presence. instead of stepping up in the pocket, he takes a sack or tries to take off running or he stares down the receivers or he overthrows or underthrows his receivers, what else can you say about the so called starting nfl qb and not a backup? throws picks etc, etc.

hello everyone..

Were all on here venting because were frustrated with mediorocrity. We all want the best for this fins team but were always behind the curve. Is it coaching, our players?

The fins are not a terrible team. They do have talent. Let me ask you all a question. If the fins had Belicheck, Reid, Rex, Sean Peyton, Mike Smith, John Harbaugh or Mike Tomlin are we winning more games? My opinion is yes.

I like Sparano. I believe the players like him but hes not getting the production that these players are capable of and is on the verge of having two back to back losing seasons. In any other business most likely that employee would be fired for lack of production.

Im kind of mixed as to what the issue is.. Is it Sparano and this staff or Henne?

Henne shows signs of being real good and then has a performance like Sunday against the Browns where we need him most to put this on his shoulders and run with the opportunity. This guy really had an opportunity to be a leader start to turn the corner. We should have never been in this position at 6-6... Were in a very bad position with having to win out and needing other teams ahead of us to have a major debacle that wont happen.

We as fins fans cant blame Sparano for Hennes picks especially that last one the last minute of the game. Actually that whole last series we had was terrible.

I sometimes wonder does this team ever practice a 2 minute drill? It seems like they are lost every time they are in this situation. I dont think they have even converted a 1st down this season during a 2 minute drill.

We need to understand that this decision going forward with this regime and Henne are going to determine our next several years. This decision needs to come from Mr. Ross. I just hope he truly cares for this team and wants to bring a winning tradition here to south Florida.

The challenge is available coaches. Who is really out there that we want? I know the names like Gruden and Cower come to mind. I just dont know if those guys want to coach the fins. Outside of those two names is there any available coach out there that everyone would be excited to have?

I think the first step for Mr. Ross is to Identify the biggest problem we have. So the question to you all out there, what is the biggest problem the dolphins have as an organization?

Read through the blog here for the first time. Not only did I read so many of the same points made over and over and over, many of the very same people have made the very same points over and over and over.

What has happened to society? With such easy access to great music, literature, arts and sciences, are so many people just so utterly bored in life that they consume themselves with an utterly tedious and endless debate over the shortcomings of a sports team who provide nothing more than totally, meaningless entertainment a few days a year? Take advantage of life and enrich yourselves, let the games entertain you but surely this endless babble is nothing but wasting time and letting your lives evaporate. Live on friends, but LIVE it well.

It is really sad that a once great franchise has settled back into such a sloppy mess of an organization that it has become. Starting with the owner and his hi profile celebrities, to the rediculous excuse for a job that parcells did, the head coach and ALL his staff,right down to players and their poor skills or knowledge of the game.How many times have we seen delayed game calls, 12 men on the field,unnecessary timeouts including defense, and play calling that has no courage,but full of gimmicks. Outside of Wake,no one has shown consistent determination and focus and heart. I would add davis but he had a couple games that looked like he had been up all night or something.Even dansby had some decent games but others were terrible.Yes my fellow loyal fans we are in deep trouble because the patriots are poised not only for this season but will have an incredible draft next year. We on the other hand almost forsure will have to start all over again to get the right foundation. The owner seems to care about the party at the game more than a winning games. The head coach is lacking control over all phases of his staff. Cowher would be my choice, chucky would be a consideration also. I doubt these guys want to leave the cush jobs of good pay,being involved with the game but not having the stress that comes with everyday coaching. I use to be a long time season ticket holder but had to discontinue do to a move and the economy but i just feel bad for the fans left in the home stadium. Home losses of this number is unthinkable. I wonder if Don Shula would please consider doing the job parcells was suppose to do to get us back on track.GO MIAMI!

People sure are hard on Henne.

The best i can say about Henne is i am just not sure about him yet.

What we need out of a young qb is a guy that steadily gets better and better. Sparano has said multiple times during the year that Henne is getting better. The question for fans is whether Henne's getting better is happening fast enough and whether the team can afford to wait for him long enough to be finally good enough to actually take control of games. It seems to me that fans want Henne to be a game changer who can take control of a game and win it by himself, but he has not shown that he can do it very often. However, he did look very good against I believe it was the Jets early iin the year, i think he threw for around 400 yards. Lousy qb's don''t throw for 400 yards in a game. So the question is was that performance a flash in the pan for Henne, has the downhill performance through the rest of the year all on Henne, or are there o-line issues like Henne alluded to in his last press conference, and is Henne feeling the pressure of fans and media and not handling it well.

I say next year would be a write off if we draft a new qb in the first round, why not continue to build the team around him, solidify the o-line (if Sparano can ever figure out a starting set of 5 linemen that he likes), and most importantly get a receiver that can stretch the field like Ginn used to be able to do. Put a Santonio Holmes or a Mike Wallace on this team and Marshall's production, Bess's production, and likely Henne's production, all probably go up quite a bit with the open space the outside speed likely creates. Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace may be good in a few years, but it was painful to watch Henne have no real targets to throw to on Sunday, no wonder he had his worst game of the year. Let's see what his character is like and let him play through to the end of the year.

Sorry, in my last post i meant to say Sparano said in his last press conference that the o-line had protection issues.

One other thing the dolphins really need is a speedy tight end to create mismatches. Every good team has a very good tight end. Indy, San Diego, Baltimore, even the Jets have a good fast tight end to create mismatches. I like Fasano as a number 2 complementary, blocking type tight end, but we need speed at that position as well.

I hate New England but admire Bellichek's synopsis of what it takes to win in the NFL. His tight ends are going to be phenomenal for many years. Brady has no star receivers, but ate up a very good Jets defence, he always had someone open. Henne can never say the same thing. Give Henne a playmaking tight end, a speed receiver to stretch the field and i think he is an above average qb who can throw for 300 yarda a game and win a few games with his arm. I don't think he will ever be a Brady or Manning, but last time I checked there have only been two of those in the last ten years. And they are truly elite players. Andrew Luck may well be another one, but we can't get the number one pick. I am not sold on Mallett yet either, or Cam Newton. With the right talent, Henne may be an Aaron Rodgers type of player. That might be good enough to get to a super bowl if Nolan's defence can get even better next year. All is not lost in Miami, we literally are a few playmakers, and maybe a couple of linemen as well (I like the idea of moving Carey inside and drafting a right tackle) away from having a good offence and a pretty formidable team overall. Maybe not superbowl worthy next year, but at least very competitive. If Sparano can still motivate his players this late into a crappy year, i say he has head coaching ability and there is no sense in getting rid of him this year either. Just get a few more good players and evaluate the team after next year. We've waited this long, one more year won't kill us.

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