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Henne remains the starter, but evaluation coming

Despite another three-interception game, Chad Henne remains the Dolphins starting quarterback -- for now.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Monday he is not considering benching Henne (again), this time for Tyler Thigpen. "No, I don’t think so right now," Sparano said.

But ...

Sparano admitted some re-evaluation will take place by the Dolphins at the quarterback position. Perhaps not now, but eventually? Absolutely. Like at the end of the season.

“Listen the guy’s a young player right now. He’s, I think, getting better at a lot of things. At the end of the year we’ll have to sit down and from our standpoint we have to evaluate the whole big picture, I mean, we really do but there’s obviously some areas there where Chad needs to continue to improve and he would tell you that. One of the areas is, is this, this turnover thing.

"We just cannot, nobody can; I mean I’m watching one of the best in the league the last couple weeks have some problems that way (Peyton Manning), so you just can’t overcome them in this league. The margin is, it’s just too hard to overcome those kind of turnovers and unfortunately what you see is the guy throwing the football doing it. We don’t see all the other factors around it and there are a lot of other factors that go into how the quarterback plays in general and, and I think what the outcome is. In other words the result of an interception or all and any of those things.

"I mean, we had two protections yesterday where for all intensive purposes we’ve blocked these protections 150 times during the course of the season and what occurred yesterday on those two protections should never occur in that particular protection but it did and he got hit as he was throwing and at the end of the day you don’t convert a third and four. That stops a drive and that kills you in some of those things. The quarterback kind of takes the blame for that and there’s a lot of people around him.

"I feel like we got to make sure that the people around him are getting better as well. That’s probably a long answer to a short question but I do think this guy’s getting better. We’re going to have to evaluate everything at the end of the year."

Seems like Henne will get at least this coming game to get out of the Cleveland hole he dug himself. If he wins, he continues. If he loses, well, he probably continues because benching him at that point would be moot. The Dolphins would be out of the playoffs for sure, rather than almost definitely out of the playoffs.

The only reason Sparano would have for benching him at that point is if the coach believes Thigpen has a better chance to win him some games and he feels the need to get himself some wins for his own job security.

It otherwise seems wise that Henne might just keep his job until the end of the season and gets those games to prove himself.

Either way, it seems the Dolphins will go quarterback shopping this offseason. They will either try to find backup help or a quarterback that can compete for the starting job. That, of course, will all depend on that evaluation of Henne that will come when 2010 is over.


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pump fist ball boy coach keeps reiterating how much better Henne is getting. fact is, he's not. he has talent and the coaching staff is wearing the lack of development. sparano keeps chirping about Henne "getting better" in the same way he kept chirping about Gibril Wilson getting better. the difference between belicheck and sparano is the former knows how to get the most out of the player

hey J Ireland.... draft me, i will make the same errant throws and stupid decesions for alot less than henne..then the $$$ u save go and get a good QB .... henne looks like will ferrel when he is wearing his helmet

Belicheck has Brady, makes him look like a genius, but Bellicheck is also best coach in history maybe so i would welcome him as he would make the team better. Unfortunately he isn't, so who does Sparano get replaced with that makes the team a winner?

I don't think the problems are on Sparano alone, they brought in Nolan to run the defence and it is a good unit. Sparano had little to to with making the defence better. Henning is pretty conservative, but then again there are not many weapons on offence so maybe it is hard to get aggressive.

Henne has been up and down all year. I was at the Jets game and he was very very good. I don't think that was luck. Then he lays an egg, then he is good, etc. Its frustrating to watch. Not sure just a coaching change makes him that much better. Give him Bellichek's two rookie tight ends and a speed outside receiver and seen how Henne does then. I think they don't have the personnel on offence for Henne to consistently be good, not sure that is on the head coach. If we use Nolan as an example, he lost Edds as his cover linebacker on third down and has basically replaced him with Sean Smith on third down, a creative move. What has Henning come up with on offence to mask shortcomings? I don't see it, but then again, Nolan has alot more talent on defence to hide problems than Henning does on offence with a crappy interior o-line, below average tight ends, and no speed receiver.

I just don't think it is the head coach. I also think in the NFL the players themselves know if a coach is crap, and the players seem to love Sparano so i am just not sure he is the problem. Then again, in reference to your Wilson comment, Sparano won't throw his players under the bus either, so maybe Henne is just crap and is the problem. I think the problems are deeper than qb, although a great qb will mask alot of problems on offence, much like Dansby and Davis do on defence.

Fire Sparano and hire Dungy!!!!! We want a coach that knows what the hell he's doing!! I can't watch the damn games anymore because I get physically sick while that idiot was pumping his fist over a damn field goal repeatedly. Let sparano go coach pee wee leagues.

TO ALL MY DOLFANS friends, stop worrying, nobody in the high office will fire Sparano and robo-Henne will be the QB also next year, we will not have a decent draft pick and will be EXACTLY like where we are now, in one year, this is how patetic this team is...face reality and you all will feel a little better

Yea Henne just needs another year and a better supporting cast.... That is the same crap I've heard for the last 8 - 9 years. I don't know how many more years I've got to see them get this better supporting cast or for Henne to learn how to throw a f ing football.


unlike the other qb's the past 8-9 years, Henne has shown some flashes of being a good qb (he was pretty good against Jets), but has been regressing this year behind a poor o-line. I see no other real option in the draft and no better qb's available in free agency so who would you replace him with? All i am saying is there is much doubt about him, but he has had many 300 yard games so he has some talent. He is just so damn inconsistent. To make a final determination on him, get him a speedy tight end and a fast outside receiver, fix the o-line and then Henne has no excuses for not producing. If he doesn't produce next year then he is out of excuses. After Andrew Luck, this really isn't a great draft year for sure fire qb's so i just don't see a better option out there at the moment.

Ryan1, he's both uneducated and a slob.

Dolfan from the bay area ... i hope he's not an Alex Smith ... equally worried about our recent drafts ... only 1 game changer in Long, and potential pro bowler in Vontae ... horrible drafting lately

Shaggy, you make good points about those HOF's and future HOF'S. Now if you could please list all the QB's with a 25-29 TD/Int ratio that we never heard of and have faded into obscurity or infamy. I just think Henne doesn't have the savvy to start in this league. With a extremely strong supporting cast he might do OK. With this team he looks below average. He called an audible to a run play on 3rd & 10 against Cleveland. He said they dropped 8 into coverage so he called the run play. Did he expect to get 10 yards with that play? He does not have that innate ability to lead effectively. He is not a team captain. He rarely won BIG games in college. He is wildly inconsistent. I see other QB's hit their receivers in stride for big gains. Often times Henne throws passes that make the receiver adjust and lose any possibility of YAC. The Fins need to bring in another QB, OC, HC, GM. The list of needs is long. Gruden supporters, think again, he is not the answer. Cowher to Carolina. Jim Harbaugh to Miami hopefully. Thanks for the rant. Out.

shaggy your da man great stats,, how bout we take it easy and let him develop another year,, a new qb will do the same. Get better OL to block for the run and Henne will be fine. We are still builing, we are not a playoff team yet, add some OL, little more Defense, we should be where we need to make the playoffs next season,, Peyton did it in 4 season's, Aikman in 3 years,, Time people just takes Time!!!

what about Cowher?? Anyone,, Bill is available and with Nolan in place it would make us that much better JB makes a great point we need a encouraging coach to get things done. Tony seems a little uptight and is a strait faced coach, we need some believing in our guys and passion about the team!!! Cowher would bring that excitment and passion we need to get over this hump.. I hope MR. Ross offers him the world.!!!!

Until this season, Sporano was a great coach. Until this year, he was smart. So what happened between last year and this year to make him so dumb and ineffective? Nothing-- as in nothing was done to fix the problems the Dolphins have had for years and which we expected Jeff Ireland to fix. Ironically, the same thing happened with Dallas (not the coach-- who was bad then and stayed bad), and other losing teams. There must be something about the expiration of the CBA that is keeping teams from investing in players. If Jerry Jones and his fat wallet won't spend to fix a pathetic front line, there's got to be a reason unrelated to the play on the field. Same with the Dolphins and at least 10 other losing teams.

Henne clearly can make throws and has demonstrated some ability to work through reads--However, he suffers from two issues at inopportune moments at crucial points in games: 1. Forces plays 2. Hesitates on throws--To me there is one of two problems: 1. He is suffering from bad coaching and a bad offensive scheme 2. He lacks the capacity to learn---Ross and Ireland are in a much better position to evaluate than any of us idiots on this board. I hope they make the right evaluation

I would bench Henne now for Thigpen. What can we lose that we haven't already? Thigpen looked pretty good to me a few weeks back. But, don't ax Henne. I go way back to the days of the Orange Bowl Dolphins. I had season tickets when George Wilson was head coach and George Wilson was the starting QB!! Then Shula took over, made Griese the starter and for almost 2 seasons we were all saying the same thing about Griese as we are now saying about Henne, Griese at that time was a joke! Give Henne one more year if it works, no harm no foul. If not? Kisc him to the junk heap of NFL QB's. My 2 cents worth......Merry Christmas!

That was George Wilson, JR. that was the QB under George Wilson, SR.....sorry for the confusion.

I agree with the overall theme of these posts! Fire Sparano! We already have paid cheerleaders, what we need is a HEAD COACH!
I also question, the OC too, unless there is something that we don't know about, but---! Just Sayin---

We Miami fans were soooo spoiled by Shula and Marino.

Henne has the tools, what he doesnt have is the support from the HC who is in over his head, and an OC who is senile, predicatble, and calls play action on third and long! The wildcat takes the QB's rythym out too and when we are in thrid and long after two 1 yard gains we expect a miracle from Henne. Please!

This kid needs a real offensive coach who can mentor him and let him play without all the constraints put on him by this staff who are worried about thier jobs. Only then will it be fair to evealuate his progress. Hopefully we havent blown it for him/us already by messing with his confidence.

Looking forward to beating the JEST this week and bring a bit of joy to my season.

My XMAS wish is that Santa brings us a good HC and front office guy for next year, DC is fine. (Dear Santa, Bill Cowher would be nice!)

Happy Holiday wishes to real Fin Fans all over!

Listen all you couch MVP's, coaches, Trainers, etc....

Shut your mouths. You don't know squat!

The 'Fins stink. Simple.

...ain't no cure going to fix this smelly rot.

All of the QBs listed above with similar stats have something in common. They all had that fire and leadership quality. They never said this is "not life of death". Given the teams need for a new OC, we need to do whatever it takes to move up in the draft and take the only real QB outside of Luk, that is Newton. I know the guy is raw, and has only one season under his belt,and some off the field issues, but look at his production against the best conference in football. Terrel Pryor has had 4 yrs in the medicore big ten and Newton blew away his numbers in one yr.He has better numbers than even Andre Luk and he is the best coming out in a long time. HE has the one intangible that we need desparately... Leadership!! He inspires his teammates, even his ave defense at Auburn. We have to use his skills to move in the pocket, given we have to improve the Oline as well. There is no QB in the nfl that will help us, they are all on the pine for a reason. We need a Sam Bradford type who can make plays. Bradford didnt need several yrs like Henne and Sam is way outperforming Henne, even with the Rams personnel. Newton is nothing like VY, in that he has no illusions of entitlement like VY. He has already overcome his youthful transgressions. This guy is mature and can perform under pressure. This is our guy!!!

Strange, even with a much worse year than last year, Henne has a better QB rating than Favre, Sanchez, Hasselbeck, McNabb and others... He is actually not having as bad a year as I thought. Fans sometimes jump the gun, and maybe I am guilty of that myself. QBs have had sophomore slumps only to become great in the following years. Give him AT LEAST the rest of the season and see how he does. If we can't get a guy in the offseason.... we will be alright with Henne even if he plays the way he is now.

Whens Dan Hennings evaulation coming up?

i am a 35 year dolphin fan. This year is been so frustrating. this team has talent, but until we get this quarterback situation settled we not going anywhere. I hope we can get back to SB before i passed some day go dolphins

Sanchez vs Henne...I'll take Sanchez all day long. Further I'll put our receivers vs theirs and ours are better. But this can't be done...sooo.
The biggest problem is Henne...I know he has one of the strongest arms in the league but he has to be accurate when he throws long and he HAS to throw long. He can't live on the dink passes. Brandon Marshall is an elite I repeat elite receiver in this league he has to see more balls go his way. Even triple cover he stands a good chance of catching the ball or working a flag in his favor...I want to see Henne holler at some body or grab a lineman and cuss at him when they make a mistake... I want to see him kick an opposing player when he is down, I want to see some FIRE in his eyes...He is just ...maybe too cerebral or feckless. I want to see leadership from Henne. I want to see him own the team. I want him to show a demeanor or an aura of a leader. The good ones have it.Henne has to find it!!!!!

Take Locker in early 3rd round, get better qb coach next yr that can get him ready and hopefully compete for starter and for sure go and get a good special teams coach and better OC or doomed to mediocrity for long time! GO FINS beat the j e s t s!

You guys are wrong in saying Sparono needs to go! he is a great coach. he get the players to play there hearts out!! Henneing is the reason we suck!! perfect example when thygpen started he ran the ball 7 tims!!! WTF!
he should be fired for that alone!!
everyone here knows Chad has the tools to be great!! with a solid back up just in case. chad should keep his job!! what if he turns that corner next year? 3 years, thats the rule. he could be the next Brees of we let him go!!!
and Ricky needs to come back woth Mark Ingram as our Running bsck!!!

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