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Henning: Dolphins lack speed, changes haven't worked

I've been telling you for some time the Dolphins are team without enough speed and consequently that is one reason they don't have a lot of big plays. No revelation there as anyone with eyes can see this is the case.

Well, offensive coordinator Dan Henning agrees with me. (I don't know if that's a good thing or not.) Henning, however, thinks the lack of speed on the Dolphins is pervasive throughout the roster.


"On our football team overall, we're missing dynamics," Henning said today. "We haven't had a dynamic kickoff return or punt return to put the ball even on the plus side of the 50. We haven't had a dynamic interception return to take it back for a touchdown the entire year. And we haven't had but two or three dynamic plays on offense out of about 800 or so.

"So we're missing that. And somewhere along the line we have to find it for this team."

I asked Henning if he believes that lack of dynamic play-making has to do specifically with a lack of speed overall, and particularly on offense.

"There's no question about it," he responded. "The same people that are playing on special teams, play on offense and defense ... We're just not making the big plays. That is speed, that is ability, that is those things that come from dynamic individuals. We do a good job of catching the ball. [Davone] Bess does a good job just like he does on offense of making plays. But they're not 50- or 60-yard plays. He'll dramatically change a play from a 5- or 6-yard gain to 15-yard gain. A couple of weeks ago he got a 40-yard gain but that's what it is. When you have a body of work, whether it's one year or 15 games or whatever it is, usually, you are who you are."

Henning on Thursday gave the gathered media a recount of what Miami's personnel department has done and needs to do.

"I can tell you from an offensive standpoint specifically because that what I deal with," he said. "We won the division in 2008, They were 1-15 and came very close to being 0-16. They won an overtime game. We broke down the team, we tried to deal with the personnel that was there. We let some players go that people before us had a higher opinion of but we didn't have as high an opinion. And we elevated some people we had a higher opinion of and we won the division. We won 11 games. it wasn't easy. It wasn't exactly dynamic. But we had about 8.03 yards per attempt. We had 11.9 or 12 yards per completion and we had over 4 yards per carry with that team.

"After that season we all agreed we had a little bit easier schedule than we were going to have. If we were going to be where we wanted to be, we needed to change some things and get better. We haven't done it. That doesn't mean we haven't tried to do it. But this group is not as efficient and consistent as that group was. Therefore, they're not as effective as that group was. Basically we had the same coaches. We have some players in this group who are more dynamic than we had. But as a team, we're not as efficient, consistent or effective as we were in 2008.

"We need speed and we need it in the areas where if you break something loose, you have a chance to take it to the house regardless of whether we're on our 10 or their 10."

Henning, the offensive coordinator, considers himself well-versed enough on the Dolphins because he has been around the players and coaches and personnel department for three years now.

"I feel like I know some things about this team because I work with it all the time, I'm on top of it  with the players and so forth," he said. "I do think there are some things that need to be done. I've told Tony when he's asked me. And I'm sure he's taken in not only my opinion, but many opinions."


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Blah, Blah, Blah

It was a must win game w Playoff intentions

The old stubborn mule called for the Wildcrap on 2nd and 10 in the 4th Q when Henne finally had the hot hand and was throwing consistently and accurately

Henning is an old stubborn fool, who lost many games trying to prove his Wildcrap was still the way to go
or trying to pound the rock w an offensive line that can only pass block

Grand total rushing TDs for the Miami Dolphins including the Wildcrap was 6 rushing TDs all F!@#ing season

So the Jackass can run his mouth all he wants, but Henning & Sparano w all there talk about being self proclaimed O-line development gurus and the team must run to win, brought us SHIET!

Henning & Sparano are to blame

and the team they put together on offense SUCKED

Huge disappointment
Huge Let Down

Let me know when these (LMAO!)offensive coaching geniuses get fired

As for Home
Heard enuff of Blah, Blah, Blah

If u knew the problem
Then your job which u r grossly over payed to find a solution for, was not done

Blah, Blah, Blah

Home needs a breathe mint for his ear when he listens to this shiet talk

Fire them both


Nice Christmas post! Hope evrything on the list comes true. For you Mr. Dunphy I hope we all get to celebrate a SB win before Hospice comes to do bed side vigil! LOL............

When does he announce he's stepping down, again?

Henning's brain isn't fast enough either...

I'm sorry, but as an OC isn't he supposed to maximize the talent with schemes to make up for areas of weakness. All the NFL teams have some weakness, but adapt or do things to compensate. This guy does none of that and his play calling at crucial times is suspect. The offense doesn't use mis-direction, ball handling (like Peyton Manning does), motion, or route running, the way other teams do. When was the last time you saw a good screen play from this team? That's coaching in my minds as I see other teams work it to perfection - and you don't need a ton of speed for that.

He's a BIGGER part of the problem, coaches coach and he sure doesn't. Sparano is supposed to be one of the best O-line coaches, don't see any improvement as the O-line is consistently manhandled game in and game out.

Nolan has proved to be the best coach pickup - look at what he's done with the "D". I'd fire the DB coach as whatever tip drills he's running don't work, much like the special teams area.

I'm not drinking Henning's Kool-Aid!

there wont be an announcement, he'll just dissapear after this year, like he of all people should get a proper send off here in miami...a Kick in the @ss and dont you come back here no more!!!!

Mark in TO, Ricky & Ronnie are not the same type of RB as Faulk. Faulk was good in space, not carrying it every down. He had open field quickness & agility. Ricky & Ronnie have been & continue to be grinders & pounders.

Ricky has some explosion but it's into a crowded line of scrimmage, not in open field to get away from anyone. Ronnie had some before the injury in 07. I've seen both catch screens or dump offs & they can't juke anyone, they run through them.

Faulk could make you miss & turn a 4 yard dump off and go for 40-50 yards. Like Woodhead. Our guys are not elusive or shifty in the open field. Faulk wasn't their primary ball carrier either, that was Antwan Smith, Maroney or Corey Dillon.

Faulk came in as a change of pace. We have no change of pace.

Thanks for the well wishes DD!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and every1 else who reads here (even Home).

PS, if it means anything, expect gold stocks to charge again in the early part of the new year. They've been retracing/consolidating for a while - creating some good buying opportunities. I have a gold position out now but will not go full board on gold yet - think it's still a tad early.

rex ryan..what a fat joke..and now his hideous wife with the shanker covered toes is trying to make a name for herself...just like buddy ryan..no class white trash scumbags

We were only division champs and a playoff team only on the backs of one of the most door matty seasons seasons in Dolphins history! LOL..........

Posted by: DyingBreed

You are right on the money DB, but never forget.....

"Basically we had the same coaches."

Joe, didn't Ricky just have a nice reception last week? Only took what, 15 weeks for Henning to use it? Not syaing they are the same type of player as Faulk but both Ricky and Ronnie have scored their fair share of TDs and not all of them have come runing between the tackles - they can do other things but we've seen very little of it his year from either.

Rex Ryan has a new tape of Mark Sanchez and Bart Scott playing footsie.

Lack Speed ? So why did management got rid of Ginn? Ginn could have at least 10-12 plays even if he was not going to start,and what's the point in speed if Henne always underthrow most of his passes ! Again what good is speed since Henne likes the quick dump offs type of throws(2-3 yd).

Hey, thanks Darryl. We fight and argue but in the end, we all want our Miami Dolphins to regain our rightful place. On the mountain looking down.

Merry Christmas to you, all the regulars and Dolphin fans everywhere.

How's that?

I agree that they could call more of those plays but neither Rb will ever break 1 of those long. It's not like Woodhead where you can put them in space and they can dart all over & break a big one. It is what it is.

That's why this teams needs to drop the Bigger is better mentality. I've been very critical of moves they made. Not taking Dez & passing on Manningham. We need speed, speed & more speed. For once, I'm ok with what Henning had to say.


2008 was also the the wildcat's unveling against the Pats. Its very rare to catch Belichek totally unprepared. Pats clearly whipped our butts that 2nd meeting.

Even early wildcat success cant be fully credited to Henning, it was David Lee's baby. Without springing it upon a totally unprepared league with the early success. We dont even make it as a wildcard team that year.

"Basically we had the samae coaches." LOL...........

Joe Shmoe,

The deal with me isnt that we dont have a rb that can do what Woodhead does. My argument is that in this "stiff necked" offensive sysytem Woodhead would never have even made the team. He clearly doesnt fit the unbendable mold of this current regime's "player profile."

This regime has to had some flexibility to this.

"has to add"

DB, agreed. Mark made a comment about not using Ricky & Ronnie more the way the Pats used Faulk and I countered that neither of our RB's are capable of doing what Faulk does...or how well he did.

I am clearly on record as stating this outdated offensive playbook, philosophy & coaching must go. We must adapt with todays NFL, not the 80's NFL.

I don't think this team improves with Sparano as HC. It's his vision for how his team will play. Tough, strong, physical & able to win close games. That's his schtick. Unless he gets an open minded O coordinator, this team is going nowhere anytime soon.

Fasano is a perfect complimentary te but thats about it. Going into the season we knew speed needed to be added here. They automatically assumed Marshall meant breakout year for Fasano.

But I dont care if Marshall does occupy safety and corner. If Fasano doesnt have the speed to beat a linebacker deep it means absolutely nothing. With a player like Marshall we need a te that can beat a linebacker's one on one coverage deep too.

We are just hamstrung in too many areas offensively to consistently do much of anything very well. That IMO is more on the offensive staff than the players on our team. Who's most responsible for what we do and dont have on this team?

I hope he has a stroke tonight this low life POS deserves nothing less.

DB, you're right. They assembled the roster. If they aren't good enough, it's not the players fault. It's the people who brought them in thinking they were good enough.

I just emailed the Dolphins and asked them where I could submit my resume. I'm from NJ. I can tell them I know Parcells too, I bet I could get a job. As long as I know the Tuna, I'm qualified.

The wildcat....

David Lee's idea to bring it, as DyingBreed stated. I give no credit to Henning for that. He did probably love the idea, since it involves ALMOST NO PASSING.

I could be wrong, but don't we have a losing record since the wildcat has been figured out?

But let's not forget....

"Basically we had the same coaches."

Joe Shmoe,

By eveidence now in on Sparano Im inclined to agree. IMO, the HC must be a man of vision. If his vision is also slightly flawed so will be his team.

Sparano didnt see the lack of team speed coming into this season? If this is the case he failed to demonstrate the insight neccessary he has a clue what's predominant in today's nfl. May also be proof he could alway's be just one step behind the rest of the hierarchy of the rest of this league when it comes to being a dominant team.

One step behind could always mean the difference between top tier and middle of the pack no matter how much talent is on your roster.

Who knows, Sparano could one day be a very fine HC. But right now he has only proven to be a players coach and tow the company line man. Unfortunately presently we need more. If a huge upgrade to TS is willing and available to be Dolphins HC this offseason we have too pounce!

Dying, once again mgmt didn't understand how the NFL has changed. TEs who can catch and make plays aren't exactlly something new.

Me, you and probably a lot of fans couldn't believe we did NOT select a tight end in the last draft. NE does understand and got both TEs.

One more reason why the whole bunch must go.



Hell, I'd settle for an NFL competent offense. Is that asking for too much? Hell, I'm not asking for a show like the Colts, Pats, Eagles or Saints. I'd KILL to have the Ravens offense!


Did he not see the lack of team speed, or did he, and his "superiors", believe they could outmuscle the competition? I honesly believe they thought they could build a team based on size and strength, that they didn't need that speed we all speak of.

This team is no accident, and lest we forget.....

"Basically we had the same coaches."


Both Pat rookie te's are better than Fasano as far as stretching the field. Gronkowski's hard to bring down too. Hard to believe this team saw neither coming when priding themselves of being a such experts at examining collegiate talent.

Hard to believe we came into 2010 with Fasano as our one and only answer at te. Total bs!



The absolute perfect physical out-muscle you offense Ive ever seen were the early 70's Dolphins. But even they believed in speed too as they had the perfect compliments to the smashmouth philosopy with Warfield(wr) and Mercury Morris(rb).

Now that's how you run the smashmouth offensive philosopy. It's insanity to believe you'll outmuscle everyone every play. I think these guys have been watching to many of those old "Super Friends" cartoons.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Henning on Thursday gave the gathered media a recount of what Miami's personnel department has done and needs to do"

We've done a good job of insulating the coaching staff from the majority of blame for our ineptitude.

Also as a staff we have successfully moved away from a traditional QB based offense to a field goal based offense.

Looking forward the Dolphins offense will be a unit aided by the opposing teams defense to let our offense know what routes they are or should be running.

Soiled :)

ALOCO...That one game got him a FAT contract extension...whats up with that?

Happy Holidays To ALL!!!!!!

Basically the smashmouth offense's job is to grind away and soften the defense up for lightning strikes(speed). The speedy strikes allow you to enjoy doubl digit or better leads.

Once you have the double digit leads, as the game grows longer you enhance your chances to run the ball down the opponent's throat while also taking away the ability for them to run the ball against you. Then your pass rush becomes a force too.



Being offensively inept in so many different areas undoubtedly means the offensive system itself if f6cked!

This means you Mr. Henning!

If I were a NFL defender this is what I would know almost for certain about our Dolphin offense:

1st down: About a 3% chance of passing the ball.

2nd down: About a 10% chance of passing, no matter distance.

3rd down: About a 85% chance of passing, bring blitz.

Dan Henning really makes life a whole lot easier if you're a nfl defense doesnt he! LOL...........

Yeah Dying, I remember, get this guy. OK, get this one. Couldn't believe we didn't get either one.

HARTLINE......... I TD
FASANO........... 1 TD
MARSHALL........ 3 TD
BESS.................3 TD


WASHED OUT T.OWNES........................... 9 TD

This is all old news.

No speed WR, no team speed on offense, conservative predictable play-calling, playing for FG's, being competitive against bad teams, consistently losing to good teams.

The Sparano approach is played out.

I'd love to see Sparano/Ireland/Henning gone. However, the one argument that makes me wonder is that Ross would have to pony up a lot of money to see those 3 walk and add another staff.

I believe the Dolphins are best suited to be a wide open dynamic offense. I hope eventually the team adds a coach who will bring that style.

I would like to talk about who the next OC would be (without invoking McDaniel's name). But there is a big problem IF Sparano is retained for another year. What quality OC would come in to a 31st ranked offense, a questionable QB and possibly only one year to right the ship?

There's probably not a lot to choose from. Either go internal (Lee or Pennington), an unemployed OC, or a college OC/HC looking for a leg up to the big league.

Its rare to hear any one so close to the heart of the organization talk publicly about what their team lacks....tell the whole league that we are slow and need speed.....hmmmm

Sounds like it could be a little mis-direction to me....maybe they are trying to postion themselves for that QB in the draft....just maybe.....

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!!

To truly be a championship team I believe in having a great defense and having a "smashmouth" offensive team complimented with great speed. Even with the balance offensive combo of smashmouth and speed you still need a OC smat and wiley enough to not predominantly tip his jand "tendancy wise" offensively until the outcome is pretty much inevitable.

Now that's the exact formula the early 70's Dolphins used for consecutive SB success. Hands down guys!!!





Im not sure who the next OC will be but I know his philospy should be both speed and power to run a sufficient offense. He should also be a guy that doesnt show tendacy to nfl DC's of particularly favoring either until he has the game fully in fold of victory 85% without doubt.

We find a guy that accomplishes this and we find ourselves a truly championship calibre offensive coordinator. Without doubt! LOL...........

I also believe the reason reason why we are 31st offensively in points scored is because Henning's system is overly predictable and DC around the league are too "dialed in" to Henning's offensive tendancies. He may mildly keep the defense guessing at best! LOL...........

I wouldnt put strapono in charge of cleaning toilets right now, so i sure as hell wouldnt want this man picking another dead loose end in the OC ranks another year, we've already seen where his motivation lies in with an offensive gameplan, Fist Thumpin FG'S and field position and in Proud support of it.






Are you in favor of supporting the Fist if it means more FGS and field position next year???

DB, I agree with you about developing a more balanced offense composed of both power and speed.

And that's why I fear that if Sparano has another year and any say, the next OC could be Dan Henning 2.0.


I believe Henne has grown so fearful of out throwing our wr's he underthrows them. Nothing against Hartline, as he did show lots improvement late before his season ending injury. I believe we need a wr who can run a consistent and legit 4.4 forty. Under 4.4 would be even better.

Henne has a cannon connected to his shoulder. Right now he's just too concerned with over throwing our wr's and its equating to consistently under thrown deep balls. We have to add a wr who can match Henne's arm. Presently I dont think we have one.


I cannot support the fistpump so grand,

Although it's seen all through the land.

It may be a favorite of the Dolphins boss,

But all to often results in a loss.

Your being awfully nice DB, Mr roboto needs true competition next year whose names arent thigpen and ramsey backing him up, that way if he is still around and continues to underachieve we dont have another year saying WTF was that Henne!!!??

Two midgets may just be the way to go,

It's helping the Pats get to the show.

Sign a few midgets and feed them the ball,

It might help the Phins get past this brick wall.


We also need to add a rb that can stretch the run defense horizontally to breakup the inside congestion. Sparano says its our 2nd level blocking. But how can you be successful at that when the defenses are consistenly stacking the middle with more defenders than can be consistently blocked. They do it because we dont have an edge attack rb to stretch that defense horizonally.

We also desperately need a te that can beat a coverage linebacker vertically. Fasano is unquestionably to slow to do this this unless the coverage assignment is just totally blown. I dont remember seeing this happen not once all season.

Right now i wouldnt believe strapono if he came out and said he was being blackmailed into having a HC position and that this organization was just a front for Fist Pump T shirts sales!!!!

Two words: Wes welker
How the **** did we get rid of him? How come no one ever talks about him? Look how he is utilized, it's all about understanding your personnel and we don't do that.


Disagree about Henne needing competition. Unless you add a wr of legit 4.4 speed or less who actually catches the ball, then you dont want someone who competes with Henne. In that case I want a qb that can totally force us to sit Henne.

Hell, Thigpen and Chad P competed with Henne in camp and practice this season but where did that get us. Bringing in a qb that isnt already clearly better right now than Henne is just another wasted roster spot.

Ginn would have been a good option for 3 and 4 receiver sets and special teams, but that's not enough plays to tie up that much 1st round draft money. You pay guys like that just barely over the league minimum you don't pay them millions a year.

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