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Henning: Dolphins lack speed, changes haven't worked

I've been telling you for some time the Dolphins are team without enough speed and consequently that is one reason they don't have a lot of big plays. No revelation there as anyone with eyes can see this is the case.

Well, offensive coordinator Dan Henning agrees with me. (I don't know if that's a good thing or not.) Henning, however, thinks the lack of speed on the Dolphins is pervasive throughout the roster.


"On our football team overall, we're missing dynamics," Henning said today. "We haven't had a dynamic kickoff return or punt return to put the ball even on the plus side of the 50. We haven't had a dynamic interception return to take it back for a touchdown the entire year. And we haven't had but two or three dynamic plays on offense out of about 800 or so.

"So we're missing that. And somewhere along the line we have to find it for this team."

I asked Henning if he believes that lack of dynamic play-making has to do specifically with a lack of speed overall, and particularly on offense.

"There's no question about it," he responded. "The same people that are playing on special teams, play on offense and defense ... We're just not making the big plays. That is speed, that is ability, that is those things that come from dynamic individuals. We do a good job of catching the ball. [Davone] Bess does a good job just like he does on offense of making plays. But they're not 50- or 60-yard plays. He'll dramatically change a play from a 5- or 6-yard gain to 15-yard gain. A couple of weeks ago he got a 40-yard gain but that's what it is. When you have a body of work, whether it's one year or 15 games or whatever it is, usually, you are who you are."

Henning on Thursday gave the gathered media a recount of what Miami's personnel department has done and needs to do.

"I can tell you from an offensive standpoint specifically because that what I deal with," he said. "We won the division in 2008, They were 1-15 and came very close to being 0-16. They won an overtime game. We broke down the team, we tried to deal with the personnel that was there. We let some players go that people before us had a higher opinion of but we didn't have as high an opinion. And we elevated some people we had a higher opinion of and we won the division. We won 11 games. it wasn't easy. It wasn't exactly dynamic. But we had about 8.03 yards per attempt. We had 11.9 or 12 yards per completion and we had over 4 yards per carry with that team.

"After that season we all agreed we had a little bit easier schedule than we were going to have. If we were going to be where we wanted to be, we needed to change some things and get better. We haven't done it. That doesn't mean we haven't tried to do it. But this group is not as efficient and consistent as that group was. Therefore, they're not as effective as that group was. Basically we had the same coaches. We have some players in this group who are more dynamic than we had. But as a team, we're not as efficient, consistent or effective as we were in 2008.

"We need speed and we need it in the areas where if you break something loose, you have a chance to take it to the house regardless of whether we're on our 10 or their 10."

Henning, the offensive coordinator, considers himself well-versed enough on the Dolphins because he has been around the players and coaches and personnel department for three years now.

"I feel like I know some things about this team because I work with it all the time, I'm on top of it  with the players and so forth," he said. "I do think there are some things that need to be done. I've told Tony when he's asked me. And I'm sure he's taken in not only my opinion, but many opinions."


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Some have suggested trading down to gain a 2nd rd pick. This is what I would do in such a scenario:

First of all resign Brown to a heavily incentive laden contract.

1st rd Mike Pouncey LG, move Incognito to RG

2nd rd Jake Kirkpatrick C, TCU

3rd rd Noel Devine RB West Virginia 4.31 40

4th rd Depth at oline

5th rd Speed returner

6th rd ST's tackling machine

7th rd Practice squad qb(developmental)

I also suggest converting wr Roberto Wallace into a hybrid TE. We got to have someone at that position capable of getting behind a linebacker.

At Nolan's press conference he admitted that he made some mistakes at SF (namely Alex Smith).

Did you hear that, Henning? Your counterpart has the honesty, integrity and the manhood to admit his own failure rather than passing the blame on to someone else. No wonder he gets more respect than you.

Also Nolan said: “You have to bring in good coaches that help the individual players. You can’t just say I did this in 1973 and by God it was great then and it’ll work today. That doesn’t fly because the players are different.”

Was that '73 reference a swipe at Henning?

Whether thru premium draft draft picks or free agency we have to upgrade our oline. We also have to add blinding speed to the rb position. That's why I suggested taking Noel Devine from West Virginia. The kid runs a 4.31 forty yard dash. That's homerun ability from anywhere on the field.

Also Roberto Wallace as a hybrid te gives ability to get beyond linebackers in coverage. A lb in coverage against a former wr is a definite mismatch to be fully exploited.


Damn! Nolan's sounding like a good HC prospect. LOL.............

I see Dying Buffoon is still at it here. Cannot handle a good place like the Sentinel you putz imbecile...

childress would be a step up from strapono, a VERY VERY smal insignificant one altho, but a step no less. Coaches blame players, Players Blame coaches and gameplan, C'mon, ranks of decension are growing and i cant only bet with some of the vets in the locker room, they have to be just as frustrated as us, it would be inhuman not to be which could explain dead hennings attitude a lot and strapono's ballsless position.

Dying breed, A lincoln sounds alot like NJ PHIN FOOL to me. Dont let him tempt you.

For outstanding comedy, you've got to check out Henning's full press conference. It's hilarious. He's really senile.

Highlight #1: “When you get in the middle of the season and these changes that you made don’t seem to be working, you just don’t go down to Wal-Mart or Publix and pull a box of Graham crackers off the top shelf, you know what I mean, because you need Graham crackers.”

No, I don't know what you mean, you old fart! What are you and Sparano smoking? Ben Gay?

Highlight #2: “Your wife wants to go with green carpet. Well, we have blue carpet that’s fine. Yeah, but blue carpet was good last year. Green carpet is good now. So now, when the green carpet comes in, she goes, ‘Gosh, I like that blue carpet.’ Who gets the knife for that one? Why’d you talk her into the green carpet? She didn’t do it. You did.”

After blowing milk out of my nose from laughter, I think he's trying to say...ah, hell I can't understand his Ingrish. You figure it out.

Here's the link:

Im still dumbfounded none of our current offensive staff havent come up with the idea to try and develop Wallace as a hybrid TE. It doesnt take a genius to ask himself why the hell do we need two Brandon Marshalls playing the same position.

DB:you're dumbfounded that our offensive staff lacks creativity, ingenuity and outside thinking? Hmm...The last great idea they had was the wildcats and whoa...that's plenty of excitement for this team. We don't need any new carpets or Graham crackers, thank you.

You're idea is intriguing, nonetheless.


Went to Slum Sentinel and read coordinator Thursday.

Henning made a statement you didnt mentioned that intrigued me most. He said all of the drafts picks were spent to make the defense better. The tone I got from him is that he was extremely upset about this.

Makes me wonder if Henning intentionally did some of the things he did this year out of envy and pout that he couldnt spend the 2010 draft picks on his offense this year. If so he deserves to be fired one second after the gun fires ending the 2010 season.

Henning also endorses the we keep Sparano as HC. Im sure even with Sparano himself, Dan Henning's the wrong man you want endorsing you for anything right now. Unless of course it's shoveling s hit! Then you're not to get the job. LOL.........

Don't worry.
We're good.
I purchased a few cans of Henning-B-Gone.
I'm on my way to spray down Dolphins HQ right now.

Apparently Dan misses Teddy Ginn


Hate to disagree with Henning, but there is enough speed on this teem to win games if the play calling was better on offense. That ultimately falls on Henning's lap. To me, this seems like a classic example where the guilty party is trying to pass the buck or point the blame on some-one or some-thing else. Henning is not the coach he once was, probably due to his age catching up with him, and he has to go...along with Sporano and Henne. With the exception of the QB position, our offense has the talent to be a top ten unit...at receiver, at RB and on the line. This coaching staff knows how to bring out the worst from this team rather than the best.

Somebody correct me if i'm wrong....but didn't Steve Smith become the best reciever IN THE WORLD under Dan Henning???

Didn't Jake Delhomme go to the pro bowl in 06 under Dan Henning???

Jake Delhomme Go to a SB in the Dan Henning ????Offeense...recently??? Certainly more recent than 1984 i'm sure...

Jake Delhomme was undrafted.....

Just Saying.....

Coaches coah and Players play!

Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!!

Who put that talent ( or lack there of ) on the field? Who coached them?

sparano wants to continue to do the same things over and over but expects different results. he is a position coach;nothing more. imagine mike nolan having to listen to this guy. must be frustrating.

Everyone on here says over and over again, we need this , we need that. You have got to have the right leaders and coaches. Look at what this team focusses on. Keep the score close and hope to win at the end. Field goals. Don't take chances with the ball to avoid turn overs. The Q.B.s with the most touchdowns also have a lot of int.s. You best homerun hitters in baseball usually lead in strikeouts. You've got to take chances! Not kick 58 yd field goals on 4th and 1. This team was not built for speed. The players do not dictate the plays designed or called and they did not create the offensive philosophy! This all comes from the top - period. We passed up on speed in the draft. The only speed we had in years ( Ginn ) didn't know what freakin' direction to run. The only other thing this team focusses on is celebs. and only draw has beens or never will bes. See the philosophy. BET BIG -WIN BIG!


VICK ,,,,,,,,,1.5 MILL
HENNE........ 16 VOTES




the head coach is supposed to be the leader. sparano needs to grow a set to be remotely successful. his lack of confidence in the offense has been passed down. we play "small ball";frustrating to watch! ireland/sparano/henning need to follow parcells (out of town).

I somewhat disagree. When you call curls and outs those plays are not broken for long gains.

When you have a QB that won't and can't accurately throw the ball past 20 yards you don't get big gainers.

Call some plays where the receivers are actually in motion when they catch the ball and see what happens.





i don't think henne has connected on a deep fly or post pattern all year. he's never learned to put some air underneath and let the receiver run it down. weird. henne always misses a deeper target. he doesnt realize he's got to throw the ball before they break open. he has to learn to hit these receivers in stride with a full head of steam. you never know where he's going to put the ball;tough on receivers!

the best thing the dolphins could do at this point in the season is sit henne down;let him realize its an honor to be an nfl starting qb. how can a 3rd year NFL QB not know how to run a 2 minute offense???????? or "look a receiver open?" or operate out of the shot-gun? or when to burn time-outs? etc etc etc


At Michigan Henne was one of the best deep ball throwers at the collegiate level. I already posted that his mechanics may have been over tinkered with in that regard.

It also maybe testament to needing greater wr speed catering more to his powerful deep arm. Henne's now seeming so overcautious of overthrowing our pedestrian speed-like wr's he's now underthrowing them.

We need a legit 4.3 speed guy with hands that Henne doesnt have to have much fear of overthrowing.

Maybe another problem with Henne could be that he's not cut out to be a "caretaker" qb. This offensive system forces him to be something he is not.

Henne may always be a 15-18 pick per season qb. But if cut lose instead of restricted he also could probably become a 25-30 td a yr qb. 25tds and 18picks per years isnt the most horrible thing that could happen to an offense either.

As Henne matures into his qb career that pick number could also decline to around 13-16 per year and still average 25-30tds per year.

Chad Henne isnt Chad Pennington. The greatest mistake by this offensive system maybe trying to develop him as if he is. I say just cut him loose and take the good with the bad as he matures ands comes into the prime of his career. Where a player at any position begans to play his absolute best football.

Henning is correct about everything he said. EXCEPT for one thing, the lack of speed has NOT been the main cause. He is comparing the 2008 QB Pennington to Henne in 09 &10 who doesnt see open recievers. To make things worse he teleagraphs his throws which creates double and triple coverage. And if that's not enough to make the yards per catch drop consider the drops. Factor Henne into that as well. No touch on the ball, as well as placing it poorly. I saw plays all year that were there if we had a QB that could deliver. If Pennington had stayed healthy he would have proved this. EVEN WITH HENNING>

A big reason is the tale of 2 Chads. The ability to make a play at a certain time gives the Offense confidence they can make it happen. Our first Chad was obvious. our 2nd is a hanging Chad. Not sure what to do or where to go with it. Misses the throws and is not the leader they need.

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We also hear a lot of "we take what the defense gives us". This maybe bs. Its obvious that it seems at times Henne throws the ball exactly where the play was designed to go whether the reciever is fully open or not.

Instead of saying "we take what the defense gives us", they should be saying, "we go where the play takes us". No matter whether thats play is open or not!

Then blame it on the players and say if they did a better job of executing the play would have worked regardless. Snap, snap...if the play wasnt so poorly designed and telegraphed to the defense before even snap of the ball. Then just maybe the players have a better chance of excuting it too! LOL..............


Chad P was a 10yr vet and understands nfl defenses and matchups much better. The younger less experienced Chad is more inclined to stick with trying to go where the play was designed to go no matter what.

We may call him checkdown Chad but that's mainly the bulk of what this caretaker style offensive system allows him to do. Woe to him if he throws a pick when improvising outside of what the play was designed to do.

They probably villify him when making mistakes when going where the flawed play system was designed to go. Lord only knows what happens he errors thinking outside of thier little pandora's box.

This staff loves to say "we take what the defense gives us." Isnt that just another way of saying "we're not smart enough to dictate to the defense what they give us?"

"We take what the defense gives us."

In the sales world, sales 101 states:

"The party in control usually always wins."

If the customer is in control its highly unlikely you will make that sell. Dont make the sells you dont eat.

If you're only taking what the defense is giving you. As an offense you're not in control, the defense is in control.

Next was the year to draft offensive players by the Trifecta. Now, who knows?

Cowher Sure Sucks Doesnt He!

Coaching career:

William Laird "Bill" Cowher (born May 8, 1957) is a former American football coach and player. Cowher resigned after 15 seasons as the Steelers' coach on January 5, 2007, 11 months to the day after winning 2005–06's Super Bowl XL.

Cowher began his coaching career in 1985 at age 28 under Marty Schottenheimer with the Cleveland Browns. He was the Browns' special teams coach in 1985–86 and secondary coach in 1987–88 before following Schottenheimer to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1989 as defensive coordinator.

He became the fifteenth head coach in Steelers history when he succeeded Chuck Noll on January 21, 1992 – but only the second head coach since the NFL merger in 1970. Under Cowher, the Steelers showed an immediate improvement from the disappointing 7-9 season the year before, going 11-5 and earning home field advantage in the AFC after the Steelers had missed the playoffs six times out of the previous seven years. In 1995, at age 38, he became the youngest coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl. Cowher is only the second coach in NFL history to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first six seasons as head coach, joining Pro Football Hall of Fame member Paul Brown.

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances. He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles. It has become an article of faith among NFL pundits that the Steelers do not have a bad team two years in a row – they have never lost 10 or more games in consecutive years since the 1970 NFL merger. At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

On February 5, 2006, Cowher's Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XL by defeating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10, giving Cowher his first Super Bowl ring. Through the Super Bowl, Cowher's team had compiled a record of 108–1–1 in games in which they built a lead of at least eleven points.[2]

Cowher led the Steelers to a SB appearance at only 38yrs of age. The nerve of that guy to wanna come to Miami! LOL...........

Last year we lost games due to our inability to stop big plays on defense...remember how many huge pass plays our secondary gave up?

So we fired the "other" pizza guy and hired Mike Nolan...we now have the 4th ranked D in the NFL.

...So, all we need to do is find the hottest OC in the league and bring him down to south florida and we should be pretty competitive next year...right?

Same as in baseball where a great pitcher can completely dominate a game, a great defensive football Team(players and Coach) can do so too.

6 afc championship games. Sure doesnt seem we need a coach who at least consistently had a say in who plays in the SB if it wasnt his team. That's so unlike what we are now used too! LOL..............

Cowher has 15 seasons of upper echelon coaching experience, 8 division titles, 6 afc championship games, 2 SB appearance, and a SB victory. Despite being out of the game for 4 seasons the guy is still only 53yrs old.

Naw............ We dont need him! LOL.............

I remember Pat Riley when he first came to Miami stating, - "I can get any five guys and mold them into a championship Team". Boy, was he wrong!

The aim of any defensive Team is to allow 0 points.


For many reasons, DB, it would not be wise to fire Sparano. However, it might just be that Tony does not want to coach here any more. In that case, I agree with you, Cowher, perhaps Jeff Fisher. Nobody else that I know of.

Good, ALoco, suck on an ice cream.

Tony Sparano was born in 1961. Cowher 1958. only a 4yr agae difference but an astronimical difference in HC resumes.

If there was a 10yr age difference I would suggest possibly Sparano's better for the longterm future. But only a 4yr age difference and Cowher overwhelmingly has the better resume. I say an owner has to be absolutely nuts not to take Cowher over Sparano when he's practically banging on your front door.

Why would you wanna pretend nobody's home? LOL...........

I want the Steelers personnel guy to replace Ireland. That team finds a load of talented players every single season! If we get Cowher as HC, I'm undecided if this would be good or bad, but if he comes on I hope he gets B. Ariens, as his OC.

They have a pretty diverse offense over there. They can run it & throw it equally well. Just because you wanna be tough, doesn't mean all you have to focus on is running. You can be tough and make plays throwing also. Pitt is a prime example. They actually spread the field with 4 WR's.

We need a Qb friendly coach & OC. Henning is not. Nolan's little jab at Henning with his 1973 comment was spot on. The coaches must come with fresh ideas every season. You can't rely on past successes. Sadly, this is all these guys talk about. When I was in Dallas, or when Bill was in NY or this or that. That's ANCIENT HISTORY.

Miami is too predictable and this is Sparano & Henning's fault. If both went, it would be for the best.

I like Sparano but his gameday management flat out sucks at times. We've had some of the most questionable timeouts in the league over the past 3 seasons. At times Sparano looks way in over his head on gameday and clock management. This is crucial in close games.

Sparano also shows little signs of being able to stop the bleeding with this team once it starts on gameday and our halftime adjustments seem to rank as one of the poorest in the league.

As I said, personally I like Sparano but at times he shows himself over his head as HC far to often for my liking.

good,oscar,go have a nab .

Many reasons, DB, many reasons. Some claim continuity, I claim fairness. Ask any player of the Fins if they don't put their most out for TS and you will get a negative answer. Ask them if they enjoy playing for him and give him their all, they'll be positive. At least for me THAT is very important. Note- Fairness does not mean softness(many times quite the contrary).

Joe Shmoe,

I absolutely love the jab Nolan took at Henning. Though Im sure Henning didnt. Shows Nolan has no allegiance to Henning whatsoever. LOL...............

Also, even if we lost Nolan by hiring Cowher as HC, Cowher's heavily laced ability to build stoudt defenses in Pittsburgh eases my mind were that to ever occur.

Oscar Canosa,

I dont give a damn what the players have to say. Outside of Carlos Dansby I dont think there's one player on this roster that's even been to a SB or even played in a conference championship game for that matter. Oh yeah, neither has Tony Sparano. LOL.............

there's no such fairness in football,winning the only remedy donkey .

Hey, man, I know you are passionate about Bill Cowher and I agree that he is a good Coach but don't try to impose your wishes on anybody here.

If we kept Sparano and Mike Nolan accepted a HC job somewhere else. Then we're right back to square one with the defense. Sparano not having successful experience at the OC or DC position really hampers us.

I can see top OC's or DC's lining up right now to go work for a guy named Tony Sparano. Especially after they have witnessed his verbal command of the english language during press interviews.

Cowher's a proven championship commodity and would lure both upper echelon players and coaches to come to Miami. Think about it! LOL....................

Db, getting Cowher & losingg Nolan is a wash as far as defense goes because the 3-4 is in place & that's what Cowher wants. He may actually be more aggressive than Nolan. I would prefer keeping Nolan at all costs, even if that means making him HC over Cowher.

Is this guy for real... ????? what a clown......
1. they are responsible for drafting slow players for one they have kept Ronnie Brown who is a cow!! slowest RB in the NFL for sure.....

2. Won the division in 2008 only because Tom Brady was HURT who is he kidding!!!..... that team was just as bad as the 2010....

3. If you have slow players then figure out a scheme that works.... if not fire all of them and fire yourself in the process for picking them in the first place..... Henning ITS CALLED THE NFL COMBINE HELD EVERY YEAR IN INDIANAPOLIS YOU SHOULD STOP BY AND CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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