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Henning: Dolphins lack speed, changes haven't worked

I've been telling you for some time the Dolphins are team without enough speed and consequently that is one reason they don't have a lot of big plays. No revelation there as anyone with eyes can see this is the case.

Well, offensive coordinator Dan Henning agrees with me. (I don't know if that's a good thing or not.) Henning, however, thinks the lack of speed on the Dolphins is pervasive throughout the roster.


"On our football team overall, we're missing dynamics," Henning said today. "We haven't had a dynamic kickoff return or punt return to put the ball even on the plus side of the 50. We haven't had a dynamic interception return to take it back for a touchdown the entire year. And we haven't had but two or three dynamic plays on offense out of about 800 or so.

"So we're missing that. And somewhere along the line we have to find it for this team."

I asked Henning if he believes that lack of dynamic play-making has to do specifically with a lack of speed overall, and particularly on offense.

"There's no question about it," he responded. "The same people that are playing on special teams, play on offense and defense ... We're just not making the big plays. That is speed, that is ability, that is those things that come from dynamic individuals. We do a good job of catching the ball. [Davone] Bess does a good job just like he does on offense of making plays. But they're not 50- or 60-yard plays. He'll dramatically change a play from a 5- or 6-yard gain to 15-yard gain. A couple of weeks ago he got a 40-yard gain but that's what it is. When you have a body of work, whether it's one year or 15 games or whatever it is, usually, you are who you are."

Henning on Thursday gave the gathered media a recount of what Miami's personnel department has done and needs to do.

"I can tell you from an offensive standpoint specifically because that what I deal with," he said. "We won the division in 2008, They were 1-15 and came very close to being 0-16. They won an overtime game. We broke down the team, we tried to deal with the personnel that was there. We let some players go that people before us had a higher opinion of but we didn't have as high an opinion. And we elevated some people we had a higher opinion of and we won the division. We won 11 games. it wasn't easy. It wasn't exactly dynamic. But we had about 8.03 yards per attempt. We had 11.9 or 12 yards per completion and we had over 4 yards per carry with that team.

"After that season we all agreed we had a little bit easier schedule than we were going to have. If we were going to be where we wanted to be, we needed to change some things and get better. We haven't done it. That doesn't mean we haven't tried to do it. But this group is not as efficient and consistent as that group was. Therefore, they're not as effective as that group was. Basically we had the same coaches. We have some players in this group who are more dynamic than we had. But as a team, we're not as efficient, consistent or effective as we were in 2008.

"We need speed and we need it in the areas where if you break something loose, you have a chance to take it to the house regardless of whether we're on our 10 or their 10."

Henning, the offensive coordinator, considers himself well-versed enough on the Dolphins because he has been around the players and coaches and personnel department for three years now.

"I feel like I know some things about this team because I work with it all the time, I'm on top of it  with the players and so forth," he said. "I do think there are some things that need to be done. I've told Tony when he's asked me. And I'm sure he's taken in not only my opinion, but many opinions."


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Oscar Canosa,

Do you call it imposing my wishes when I introduce FACTS to support my assumptions. While you just use even more assumptions to support your assumptions? LOL.............

Throw rock high into the air and assume it wont come down and let me know how that works out for you buddy. LOL..................

As you may know we Cubers celebrate Christmas today so I have to attend to the Pig that I am roasting and consequently don't have too much time for you.

Oscar, I agree that players have to wanna play for their HC. However, that does not mean he is qualified to be one. He's in over his head. At some point, he has to exhibit skills necessary to adjust, compete & take his team to the next level. Sparano, in my eyes, has shown NONE of those things.

I have seen no in game modifications to adjust to the opponent other than minor things. I have seen nothing in his elementary approach to football that tells me he will adapt & have his team play outside his comfort zone. I've seen nothing to show me he is an X's or O's guy.

As HC, in some situations, you have to use your authority to change a call sent in. He can't because he knows nothing about it. All he knows about is reps a guy gets in practice or snaps in a game. That doesn't help win games.

We need a football guy not spawned from the Parcells bigger is better, it's ok to punt school. This team is not going to win anything in this division with NE in it. Miami & Sparano aren't in the same league as NE talent or coaching wise.

The Pats, with inferior defense this year, are the best team in the NFL. Why? he understands his teams deficiencies and plans around it. Sparano has shown an insistence to stick with the only thing he knows. Players can love him all he wants, at some point, he has to step up. Sadly, he'll never be able to.

Joe Shmoe,

I know you are entitled to your own opinions. However, I would never take Nolan as HC over Cowher. There's just to much sustained success on Cowher's resume for me to ignore.

Drafting speed requires losing seasons. Those players are taken early in the first round.
On the other hand look at Detroit, they draft receivers all the time, and can't produce a winning season.
I think our approach is good, but key injuries have hurt us more then anything.
If our quarterback play were better, and the defense had gotten a few pick sixes, we would be in the playoffs.

I seriously am beginning to doubt that even Parcells himself expected Sparano to be a great HC. He may have figured Sparano could at least lay the foundation for a good oline and "if" his team had immediate success he could probably skate his way thru.

Sparano's a very likeble guy but that alone doesnt qualify him as a high pedigree HC. If Sparano had a few years of grooming as a OC or DC it maybe different. But lack of experience in those areas place him at the mercy of both his top coordinators. You cant overule something you're not qualified to over rule.

Db, opinions are like as*holes. We all have 1 and most stink. Luckily, mine are without odor.

I'm not toally opposed to Cowher, but I'm not keen on him for a few reasons:

1. He's had some issues with finding QB's until he landed Big Ben. QB is a big issue in Miami right now.

2. He's had steady success in the NFL yes, but he already won a SuperBowl. We all know the stat about coaches not getting wins in the big game with another team.

3. He is aggressive on Defense & we already have that. Offensively, he is conservative & we have that. What will really change?

4. Money. Nolan would come much cheaper than Cowher. With all the money Ross is shelling out to Tuna & his henchmen, I'm sure he'd prefer to pick a guy who wouldn't take as much as a big name.

People don't consider money to be an issue but when he's paying hand over fist for modest results, he'll be VERY skeptical shelling out cash for a guy who had success somewhere else.



Finally, somebody talking sense here. Thankyou, Joe Schmoe. NObody knows everything and a good debate is done for a common purpose of obtaining a common goal. I DID NOT like the end of last week's game, nobody knew what to do and time was running out. That's not the mark of a good Coach. TS seems not to have a grasp of all the Team's specializations(remember John Bonamego). Now, is it dullness or lack of experience? That's all I'm saying. Note- I don't wish to get anybody in trouble and you HAVE to learn to read between the lines.


The speed we need on offense doesnt require drafting top of the pecking order:

Resign Brown to incentive laden contract. Draft rb Noel Devine of West Virginia. Guy's not a 20-25 cpg back but he runs a 4.3 40, would be the edge guy we need, and isn projected to go until 3-4th rd. He can also return kicks.

This is just a matter of perhaps finding a guy who runs a legit under 4.4 forty. The guy doesnt even need to start right away. He just needs to be able to catch. Break him into the offense in 4 wr sets. God forbids this current staff ever gets a little creative.




Hell, I hadn't thought of that, DB. GD!

It's(the Pig) coming out great. I wish you could have a nip, or a nab.

Joe Shmoe,

You actually make a better argument for Cowher when talking about qbs. He went to 5 afc championship games without a real one. Finally winning in the appearance he did have one(Ben).

Money is a key issue. Money would be owed to Sparano if let go and Ireland too if its a double outster. Then there's the dump truck load of money Ross would have to back up to Cowher's front door.

Still, my thought is the possibilty that we cant afford not too do it. Yes there are always other options. But we havent been successful recently with secondary options. That concerns me.



You take blogging far too seriously my friend. Doesnt matter what amny of our opinions are in here. It only matters what Ross himself does.

I never attack anyone's opinion here I just try to make a case for my own. Doesnt mean any of our opinions will ever see the light of reality. So calme down my friend and dont take all of this meaningless stuff in here so seriously. LOL................

how about lack of no doze pills in the coaching booth!

fins needs to draft that boy form fui yt hilton! he got speed...

Which one of us is right or wrong in this blog is totally meaningless. If you dont believe me think about how many Miami Herald paychecks we've cashed lately. LOL...............

DB, are you wrong! At this very moment all our commentaries are being read by many interested in Miami Dolphins matters including their Administrators. Also, we are being read by many who have absolutely no interest in Fins matters but in some other things. I belong to both. Very interesting. Don't get scared, at least I, am benign.

I have to check on how my pork is doing.

"You actually make a better argument for Cowher when talking about qbs. He went to 5 afc championship games without a real one."

DB, you think it helps better your argument for Cowher because he's the guy you prefer. In reality, it just cements mine. To me & most of us, the object is to not get to the AFC Championship game. It's to win a Superbowl. That's why all the Jets talk last season & so far this year about going to the Championship as being some sort of achievement....it's not.

In that regard the proof is in the pudding. No Cowher Superbowls without one & 1 with one. His track record in that Dept. is poor. That makes my argument fool proof. In my opinion of course.

There once was a Cuban anchorman at CNN who started to talk sh-t about their bosses......

I have a gift that reaches the Truth promptly. All the Fins need to become contenders is to add some very good offensive players.

Armando....some ideas on what you can re-name this blog...

The Miami Cowher Blog

The Gruden Watch Blog

The Dan Henning is Responsible for Global Warming among everything else that has ever gone wrong in the world Blog

Just some suggestions....

Happy Holidays To ALL!!!!!!!

Henning is right here (unfortunately hasn't been right on the playcalling front to help the personnnel on the team now).

But, if anyone heard Big Ben's presser after the game yesterday, he spoke like a franchise QB is SUPPOSED to speak. Here's a team, on top of their division, about to be #2 AFC team in the Playoffs, and Big Ben said he wasn't playing "good enough." SO REFRESHING! He wants to be as close to perfection as possible. Compare to Chad Henne, when asked about his play. This guy says he grew a lot this year, made some good plays, but can't be called on to win all by himself (that's why he wouldn't co-sign Brandon's statement). That's a defeatist attitude. That's a minimal role-player's words, not the supposed leader of your team.

I'm all behind Henne (at least I was), but he needs to grow some balls before he can lead an NFL franchise.

DC.. Ben can say those things because he has earned the respect(on the field) of his teamates, and franchise. He has won, he understands what it takes to get better. Right now Henne is a little boy that is playing with his dingaling. He has never played consistantly well enough to say "This is not good enough" We all know his play isn't good enough. So what good does it do for him to say it?

DC, I think what you hear from Henne is words from a totally defeated man. He has no confidence, no matter what he says, because his coaches have given him nothing to be confident about.

What has Miami done to instill confidence? Pull him off the field for Wildcat and then back in on 3rd & longs? Preach to him not make a mistake vs trying to make a big play? He's playing scared because that's how his coaches coach.

Until I see Henne with a better offensive system I'll defend him but it doesn't mean I think he's the guy. I do believe he deserves a chance at being successful. I think we all have that right in any walk of life. Under a system designed around his skills, not the skills of a different team from the 70's.

I want him to be the guy. The rest of us should hope so as well. If he isn't it sets us back. I just wanna see him get a fair shot under the right coaching and offense.

That's my wish for 2011.

Let some people go? Welker? Even Camarillo? Yeah...we let a lot of good people go. Many of them to New England. And they are going to win the division. Miami deserves this kind of season. An angry fan.

Merry Christmas to all, Feliz Navidad.

Ok, so my wish list for the 1st 3 rounds if the draft (I know, no 2nd rounder, but I say we trade ricki and Ronnie for 2 second rounders)
Rd 1. Stefan wisnewski C
Rd 2.1 Chris Hairston LG
Rd 2.2 Demarcus Love Rg
Rd 3. Sumbody fast on offense
Trade a 6 or 7th rounder for Ginn strictly to return kicks and occasionally stretch the D
Off Season
Retire Henning get real OC (disciple of Andy Reid or Sean Payton
Sign Vince young (won't happen)
Sign Chad 85
Now u have a young talented oline for yrs to come one of the more accurate and mobile qbs....... It's seems pretty simple here sitting in my arm chair throwin the football.... A man can dream can't he? Thoughts?

HeHateJets, Firstly, you can't trade guys who are not on your roster. Ricky & Ronnie are Fa's at seasons end.

Secondly, I'd love to have some of what you're smoking because there is no way in hell either of those 2 RB's are going to fetch a 2nd round pick. They'll be lucky to get a 5th.

So what are you smoking? Banana peels? Artichoke stems? 'Shrooms?

I smoke special "k" and fine yeah their contracts r up, but just get me' a 2nd round pick. Do u really have a prob with that oline? I'm mean look at the Pats starting rbs for years..... Maybe 1 high draft pick? Or deniers string of 1000 yd rushers...... It's the o-line. We can't keep grabbing people cast offs and backups, or drafting late round "projects" who might be serviceable in afew yrs to try and build our offensive foundation. Speed and accuracy at the skill positions is irrelevant if there are no holes and no time to throw.... So aside from my 2nd round gaffe, any other issues with the plan?


In reading over the posts from the last hour, my views mostly align with Joe Schmoe.
I have been pointing out the same things for some time now.
I have zero confidence in Sparano going forward. The Dolphins will not be able to compete with the better teams with the Sparano approach.
I could tell from the start of the season that a lack of a deep threat was a major problem.
How is that Ireland and Sparano didn't see that?
Hartline is a speedster? I think not. Let's see him in a foot race with D Jax.
Cowher is a conservative offensive coach. How is that better?
I'd love to see a Dolphins team that air's it out and brings some excitement to Miami.
I thought Gruden could be that guy. Perhaps he isn't. Who would?
Oh yeah and if you want to be dominant on offense then it all starts on the O-line. Early draft picks, high prices FA what ever it takes.
A good line can make mediocre skill position players look good while a bad line can make great skill position players ineffectual.

Hope they play Nolan Carroll more, especially in the return game.

Joe Shmoe,

Your repost to me only makes me wanna see you have your way other than me have mine. Lets see, we havent even had a 2nd playoff appearance in at least 20yrs or more, if not quite that long it certainly seems so.

You say the goal is not to get a conference title game, which is greatly better than what we've accomplished dating all the back to 1984(26yrs). Joe, last anyone checked, the best case scenario to reaching a SB is to get to your conference title game.

Unless a whole lot of people are wrong about this. I would by far rather have 6 afc championship appearances, 2 SB appearances, and at least one SB win. Do you realize how difficult it is just to make one conference championship appearances let alone 6?

You make it sound as common as opening a loaf of bread. The great Shula only appeared in 5 conference championship games in nearly 30 seasons with the Dolphins and is considered best coach ever.

He may have won those 5 conference championship but has only 2 SB championship rings to show for it. Cowher has 1 but coul easily have 2 had he not turned over a SB championship calibre team to Mike Tomlin. Shula has more conference championship wins but it could also be easily argued the goal isnt just to get the SB too.

I wish the Gruden lovers get your wish. Right off the bat Donavon McNabb will be our starting qb next season. If you're not for bringing McNabb here, guess what you've inherited him with Gruden. Can anyone say west coast offense? Can you also say Gruden was offensive coordinator with the Eagles for a stint before becoming a HC.

Also get ready to see the entire offense stripped to bare bones and rebuilt in the west coast style. Guess what else? We get about 3 more years before we find out if the job was done correctly or not. If not I hope you people really love yourselves some Gruden because he's gonna need it.

Now for those wanting Nolan to be first choice as HC over Gruden or Cowher. To you I say best of luck getting an upper echelon OC. You gotta figure these top tier OC's want the best shot at job stability.

Nolan's still unproven, it's highly unlikely a top tier OC wants to be a part of what could have a very percentage of being a very short term tenure. I believe there's greater chance offensive problems continue under Nolan. Just dont see a top flight OC kicking doors in to come work for an unproven HC fired in the last HC gig he had.

You also gotta realize top coordinators rather worked for already proven HC's because they want shots at becoming HC's themselves someday. That only comes when working under proven winning HC's that have had multiple success. Gotta be careful wher you go as coordinator if you have high aspirations of auditioning for a future HC job.

"So aside from my 2nd round gaffe, any other issues with the plan?"

Most of it. I would not draft any o-lineman to rebuild an o-line for a team that is supposedly ready to win now. Their words, not mine. You won't win now with an entire interior line full of rookies.

I would move Garner to either G spot. Sign Ryan Kalil at C. Sign Ryan Cooledge to play the other G spot & let Carey & Jerry battle it out for RT. There isn't time for more development when you're in win now mode.

I would get my RB in FA too along with a speedy WR like M. Floyd or S. Breaston. I'd also target a CB & a FS. All of these positions will be loaded with young talent without having to pay ridiculous contracts. Save the draft to find another rushing OLB, ILB & TE.

No 85
No Vince Young
Yes to fire Henning

It could be argued, that with only so many draft picks and a deteriorating defense, they simply made the conscience decision to draft mostly D last year to shore up that side of the line, at the expense of bolstering the offense. Reading between Hennings lines, he seems to be a bit peeved they didn't help him out with much ammunition. (Good players have a funny way of making coaches look good). They most likely counted on either Penne getting back to form or Henne taking a teeny tiny step forward, and neither happened. They also gambled that two key oline players with a history of injuries, would not get injured...they lost that bet too.

So, to answer the questions about why we didn't get more speed on the O, well, a big part of it is they haven't yet learned the Belichek art of gaining picks. Marshall is a great player, but until they shore up the O in general, he won't be able live up to that lofty contract. Time will tell, but 50 mil and 2 two's is looking too steep.

IMHO, Sparano just isn't enough of a tactician to be an HC. He himself seems even more timid than last year and always now favors the most conservative approach. I really can't see him ever outwitting any of the elite coaches in this league. I'd go as far as to say I can't really see him outwitting a house fly. Nice guy, but we know where nice guys finish.

gruden or cowher will be like a mercedes compared to a pinto(sparano). if it's gruden he can be the hc and oc. keep nolan as dc. get rid of lee and suck boy henne. we already know all of those dead beats are gone anyway. Mcnabb would be a great addition, as well as trying to get one of the qb's in the draft.

D 77 ,

if you get ready of henne, gruden will come to coach himself for 4 years and cash the money then goes back to espn,nice plan .

gruden will find a qb. he didn't take the canes job because he wanted to get back into the nfl. i doubt he would do that.

Proof Cowher is more flexible than ultra conservative as he is so unfairly labeled:

1998 Cower's first season. Inherits league rush champ Jerome Bettis. Also inherits Cordell slash Stewart and Mike Tomzack.

2552yd passing/ 2034yds rushing

He wins division title first season.

2883yds passing/1991 rushing

2518 passing/2248 rushing

3113 passing/2774 rushing

Has Tommy Maddox at qb now

3832 passing/2120 rushing

3304 passing/1488 rushing

2004 Ben's Rookie Season
2720 passing/2464 rushing

2926 passing/2223 rushing

3733 passing/1992 rushing

There's your proof Cowher isnt over conservative. The guy believe in ballance between the run and pass. He became Steelers HC in 1992 but I only went back as far as 1998 just to give you guys the jist.

Cowher has shown the ability to either run or pass a little more or less based on his personel.

Cowher began his Steeler HC tenure with:

Neil O'Donnell
Mike Tomzack
Cordell Stewart

In succession. Neither of those three were going to light up the scoreboard passing. Yet he still won with them.

After Stewart there was Tommy Maddox then moving up the chain to Ben Rosliberger. Cowher did more with less than any other HC during the exact same period.

That is the kind of HC we need here in Miami. Currently we do less with more and even lessor with less. That is unquestionably undeniable! LOL...........



PITT STILL A GREAT TEAM EVEN WITHOUT COHWER ,they have good players.players make the coach not the coach who make the players .


Sure I would like to see another championship season. Still as a fan Ive witnessed two of them. Drought has been so long it really doesnt matter to me one way or the other now. I hope for the fans who havent witnessed a championship season in Miami far more than for myself.

Basically Im so close to passing this smoldering torch of disappointment since 1975 it isnt funny. Listening to a bunch of fans here I hope we pass on Cowher. He's probably the best chance fans who have never witnessed a fin championship presently could have.

For me it no longer greatly matters. Football just doesnt do it for me the way it used too. The reason I primarily come here and post is to past the time away and sometimes I still enjoy talking football.

Also I wont even come here and boast when we pass on Cowher and still become mired in another decade of useless football. But I will be laughing underneath. LOL...............


I also come here because just about everything on tv totally sucks now! LOL.................

Henning is the molasses of this team and Henne has both of his big feet in it.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas y'all!!!

My man Daryl Dunphy!! Thanks for the really cool Christmas wish brudda. I have always enjoyed your input to the max on this blog. May all your family's love, joy and good wishes rain down on you and them this Holiday season and into 2011.

I hae faith from what I saw early that Brandon Graham will come back from his injury NFL strong next year and be a force. I think the Eagles are messing up if they try to play him heavier and inside at DT. He is a DE type imho.

While some of the players on this blog have changed, some have stayed true to the task of chattin up all things Fins. Thanks, for all the memorable input (You know who you are). While I can't name all the names as I am out of the loop somewhat, just know that I have peeked in and seen a decent amount of content.

Thanks to Armando (and Merry Christmas to you too) for running this here blog so we can all have a place to camp the Fin fodder.

The Fins are already in the 2011 draft positioning part of the season (actually have been there for 2 weeks or so) I don't know what team to expect, the Raiders version or the Cleveland version... Oh noes, the game is at home...that is something we will have to just fight through... A giant, plush stadium half empty with all those bright orange seats glaring back at our players. Pockets of disgruntled fans using barely audible boo's on mistakes and close to the vest, eratic play. Decently warm air buffeting their faces. Lovely soft natural grass to fall on. It won't be easy, but these Fins need to push through the hostile conditions.

Cheers to all and to all a good night!


On the "Lack of Speed" side of things...


We jettison Ginn (which I was all for) but the guy was fast. Even with his lack of heart, fear in his eyes and desire to go down before contact... he scared people at least some on the deep paterns. For though he didn't always catch it, you couldn't leave him uncovered and hope he didn't catch it as he ran by opposing secondaries. Sadly for all his arm strength Henne has not been a good deep ball tosser. Neither was Penne.

Go back to the draft chat archives from this forum and you will see a common thread in many of my posts... Speed kills (when a player has body control for side to side movements and not just straight line speed like T. Ginn) I was a proponent of adding SPEED to the OFF. Even when many would argue we had to use all our picks on an ailing DEF I was one of the ones that said "Heck No!, you have to draft the best football players on both sides of the ball to better your team year in and year out.

I was high on RB Jahvid Best and WR Jacoby Ford. I know Best has not lit the world on fire lately but he has battled turf toe all season long. He had 5 TDs in first couple of games. His small, light frame is still trying to line up when DT Odrick, DE Derrick Morgan, LB Eadds, and many other big guys are out on IR for numerous games. So much for BIG men are less injury prone argument... see Wes Welker.

I TOTALLY agree that the Bill Parcell's/Ireland/Sparano mantra of #1 criteria "EVERYONE HAS TO BE BIG" simply doesn't fly in todays pass oriented, flags for any kind of rough hit, hands off the OFFENSIVE guys so they can score more exciting points type of NFL we now live in. Maybe they will see the light without BP around. Hey if you can get a big freak of natuire like Julius Peppers lets say, by all means get him. He is BIG AND FAST with BODY CONTROL.

It was a HUGE mistake to let WR/KR Stefan Logan go!!!! Huge. If you don't know who he is watch this weekend vs Detroit. He is their return guy. The guy is lightning in a bottle and our Special Teams will have it hands full. He said his biggest disappointment was having Bill Parcells cut him even BEFORE he could show what he could do due to his size. What the heck is that? Did BP forget old Giants PR/KR mighty mite David Meggett? That guy did wonders for his Giants teams. Sad... Nolan Carroll is no return guy. He is a straight line speedster and those guys can't do damage on a regular basis in the NFL.

The Dolphins better trade for or pluck some talented speedy players from the upcoming draft or it will more of the same.

Henning is saying it, the media is saying it, we the fans are saying it,... Now Ireland and Ross need to hear it!!!

I doubt he makes it through until next year but should he hang on Henning will need to draft Cam Newton to run his Wildcat alignment in order to have success. :)

1-6 at home in your 3rd season as HC is pretty ominous. 1-7 has to be death. I give TS about a 3% chance of surviving. I think Ross will only look weaker not doing anything. We don't need another Wayne H who has endless blind faith in coaches that aren't getting the job done.

Love the way henning points out special team failure to deflect. Organization is about to fall apart

I'm glad I didn't do this interview, I'd be sitting in the Dade County jail for Christmas. They wouldn't be able to pry my hands off Hennings neck!!!!!!!!!

Hartline has speed and was a track star in college. Kevin Curtis has speed and has hand timed a 4.1 and had a 4.3 in the 40 at the combine. Why did the Dolphins only throw long once to him against Buffalo? He had beaten the coverage and had the ball been on target, Curtis would have made a touchdown. But sadly it was overthrown and he could not get to it. He got no more chances. Fire Henning.

Armando, This regime; Parcells and Ireland talked about talent aqcuisition and mentioned big. They always wanted big, forget about athletic and speed. They got big but I guess they did forget about speed, quickness etc....so who is to blame now that the Dolphins are not nearly as good as the Atlanta Falcons. It's a good thing the old school Parcells is going. His way of talent acquisition are no longer relevant.

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