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Henning: Henne shouldn't be looking for Marshall

Pehaps I am a conspiracy theorist. But it just seemed to me last week against Oakland that quarterback Chad Henne seemed more comfortable without Brandon Marshall in the lineup than he has previously been with the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Perhaps that was a fact that Oakland had a hobbled defensive backfield. Perhaps it was just that Henne hit a stride that was going to show itself regardless of the receivers in the lineup.

But he looked more comfortable. So I asked offensive coordinator Dan Henning moments ago whether he believe Henne is more comfortable without Marshall.

Henning didn't exactly shoot down the idea but he did say that shouldn't be the case.

"I think you have to ask Chad that one," Henning said. "Shouldn't be. We try to treat them all the same and obviously they're all different. I understand that. Everybody's the same. But when they pick their checks up they're not the same.

"They're not the same and sometimes that holds water with who they are and what they are. And then you take a guy like [Davone] Bess who has to fight his way up. And now he's got a little credibility because of where he came from. When you get into the game and they come across from the front office, who brings them in, and signs them, and pays them, and they come to us, we try to treat them the same. What we see is what we get. We go by what we see.

"We shouldn't be looking for Brandon any more than the read takes us there. Now, we do try to design certain things for the better players. There's no question about that, that's what we should do. That's our job. But most of the time there's a read system that Chad has to go through and if he breaks that read system then that's his fault. He knows that and he's called down for it. He's put on the carpet anytime he breaks his read. But you'd have to ask him what his comfort zone is with different people."



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It doesn't matter if marshall demands the football... Henne has to be the leader of the ENTIRE TEAM for the dolphins to have legitimate success and therefore Henne needs to be the one to put marshall in his place and he needs to let Marshall know that if he doesn't quit his b*tching that he simply won't look his way.

But armando, If we finish the season anywhere from 9-7 to 11-5 and miss the playoffs... do you still consider this season a failure? And if so do you agree with much of the other dolfans out there that believe that henne is not our future QB?

Henning needs to be looking,for a job that is!!!!!!

Let's face it, Marshall is a distraction on a team, much the same way Moss can be a distraction on a team. I've seen games where Marshall's body language tells you all you need to know about the guy. He pulled this stuff in Denver with Cutler. Why do you think Cutler chided him when they played us this year. There was no love lost there between the two guys. It's all part of having a diva on your team for a wide receiver and it's whay Parcells is against drafting guys like this in the first round. You have to coddle guys like this and if there not getting what they want they whine and complain, and worse than that maybe even don't give it full effort. And this is regardless of what the team is doing. I expect the Dolphins to win again this week without Marshall and for Henne to have another good game.

blah blah blah henne this oc that... you fools act like they don't already know everything you are saying. it comes down to what they are able to do, they don't need ignorant fans telling them what they should do, that they already know.

Hey blahblah,

This is blog where Dolphin fans get to express their opinions. We're passionate about our team and we are allowed to express ourselves. If you don't have an opinion of value or don't like the format maybe you should look for a blog on nature or a site on crossword puzzles. If it's Ok with you, we'd like to enjoy being able to continue to talk about our team.

Agree with you Craig M that we need to offer opines on our team...isn't that what this blog is for? But I do disagree that Brandon is a distraction. He might have the body language that you talk about, etc. but I think he is a team player. People used to tell me the same thing about Marino and how he would always have the scowl on his face. We all know Marino wanted to win and that he was a team player. The great ones are fiery and they demand excellence not only of themselves but of others too...Miami has just not been excellent in many areas this year. Hopefully they can finish the season on a high note and add a few more pieces in next years draft. I for one am excited about this team down the road...the fins are a VERY young team.

Craig, I offered my opinion, isn't what the blog is for? Is your opinion better than mine? Are you saying the blog should only have politically correct cheerleader opinions?

Perhaps I`m a conspiracy theorist too.
I have to see one of theses FEMA camps everyone is talking about.
Alright, I have too watch this video and see what all the rage is about.
Where is it? you tube - FEMA Camp footage


How is calling other people on here 'fools' offering anything of value. If you want to disagree with people on here about it then go ahead but at least have something constructive to say. Just opening up on people and saying they don't know what they are talking about is not only rude but counter-productive to what blogs should be all about. None of this is life and death and shouldn't be treated that way. We are only expressing how we feel about our team.

MiamiMike, I am now convinced that you don't win championships with guys like Marshall. He's a distraction because the body language says a lot about where his head is, the mindless penalties, the dropped balls on easy catches and the half effort sometimes. I don't believe it was a coincidence last week that Henne had one of his best games and i expect the same again this week.

Home, you are not crazy! I thought you were until I watched the videos on FEMA camps & HAARP weapon for controlling the weather. OMG this is nuts!

My read system always starts with the Herald the Herlad coverage, followed by the Sun-Sentinel, followed by the SI/ESPN and only then the Palm Beach Post.

If I break my read system -- then that's my fault -- if I, for instnace, start with the SS instead of the Herald then Armando calls me into his office and puts me on the carpet for it.

Phillip Rivers doesn't seem to be suffering from Vincent jackson not being there all year pulling of his diva stuff in San Diego.



Yes, you are right. It was out of line for me to refer to anybody as a fool (even though I think we are all fools), so on that note, I do apologize.

However the rest my opinion stands, which is basically just a challenge to the bloggers to maybe wait until they have something a little more original to say, rather than regurgitate the same concepts day in and day out as though we all haven't heard it before or as though the coaching staff hasn't already considered it. So you see, my opinion is to say brevity or fresh insight would make the blog far more interesting than just reading through an endless repetition of long comments saying nothing new.


Boy, it doesn't take long for people to turn against a player. Marshall is the ONLY established, ELITE player on the team aside from LONG, and arguably BROWN, even though he's had a rough year, not all his own fault either...

Marshall has said and done all the right things since he's been here, UNTIL those last 2 games.

Some of his frustration is warranted. As others have pointed out, in the endzone he's been mis-targetted or NOT targetted.

Let's hope Marshall saw how well the receiving corp performed without him. Regardless if it was because Henne did not have to focus on throwing him the ball or not. Regardless if the Raiders secondary was banged up. Marino would have told Marshall to shut up, quit bitching and play ball. Mike Singletary would send his ass to the locker room. Henne and Sparano are the two people that need to keep Marshall focused and on task because let's face it we need him to play his best.

Blah, Blah...

Original thought? That's a good one

New blog about MARSHALL

There is a blue owl standing on my toilet singing Sex Pistols songs.


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This is a cake walk. Easy money. Now all I have to do is take out some whack job that calls himself HOME!

Pehaps I am a conspiracy theorist. But it just seemed to me last week against Oakland that quarterback Chad Henne seemed more comfortable without Brandon Marshall in the lineup than he has previously been with the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

U see there is still hope for the rest of U

Stop watching FOX news!

This guy is crazy!

I have but one thing to say to your comment about Fox, Home. Why is it that you make the comments about Fox you do, but can never seem to discredit what they place on the table? You name it... You and every liberal rag in America including but not limited to The "Huffington Puffington Post"..."Media Matters"..."Democratic Underground"...."Talking Points memo"... "Michael Moore .Org"... "Tides Foundation"..."Common Dreams"... "Counter Punch"... Hell.... Every Goof ball Liberal News outlet that George Soros can pump Money into has been looking for something... ANYTHING to discredit Fox, Beck or O'Reilly about.... and have been able to find ZILCH..... All they seem to have is bloviational Douche bags... like you... Running off at you pie hole about how terrible they are... sorry dude... Your not only WRONG... You misinformed. I have watched as every single thing that some of these people have said would happen has transpired.... all the way from the day Bush took office and screwed it all up to the day Obama made it ten times worse....... Fox has been the only station Obama and his socialist have not sent a "Chill up anyone's leg in".... Conspiracy theory moron aside... I still think you a funny guy! You just need a new shtick....

definetly interesting.... It seems to me Henning has an opinion he isn't going to share with the media. smart move. B Marshall while he isn't 100% all there chemistry wise I believe he will eventually once he settles down. He hjust needs to go back to how he was when we signed him. Gracious ready to work and enthusiastic. His presence alone is a present - kanye

finishing off blocks and routes even when his number isn't called for example

There is is, he is put on the carpet if he breaks the ROBOTIC read and makes a mistake... What other team calls their QB on the carpet for a mistake, or changing the read. I am convinced this is why Henne is not as successful as he could be. How can a guy be made to follow a progression and if he breaks it then he is threatened. It does not happen to other top QB's... Just my opinion.

Henne Needsto Grow A Set And Smack Marshall Into Place, IF He Is Bugging Him In The Huddle.

Othqerwise, Not Sure What The Issue Would Be


Why didn't you just say "Only throw it to him if he's open." and be done with it? I love how coaches can talk for like 10 minutes without saying anything.

Marshall is on track to get the most receptions of any Dolphins WR - more than Warfield or Duper or Clayton. I want players who want the ball every down. I want players who want the opportunity to win the game. I want players who believe they are great, want the opportunity to prove it and manage to perform at a team record level. I do not understand why people get so whiny about Marshalls obviously humorous comments. I cannot believe that people who actually have played football would believe that a confident QB would be intimidated by a WR. Get real, that is not how the pecking order works on an offense. As the QB you scan the field and throw to the one you think is open and in the most promising position. That is the job. There is not enough time to obsess about it. Henne tries to throw to Marshall because Marshall is a big target who is able to win most contests for the ball and can move the ball after the catch better than most. Duh.

there's a rumpr saying this is could be the last year for marshall in miami .

there's a strong rumor saying that this year could be the last for marshall in miami's jersey .

This have told me everything looks like Henning still wants to impose his game plan and no matter what even if Brandon is double coverage or all that stuff looks like he is pushing Henne to force some stuff out there instead of letting his QB play like he knows and be more relaxed and efficient I have played sports as so many here and you will confirm that it is always bothering that someone is always questioning your decisions, so u asked why do they always tell me what to do if they trust me, but at the same time they limit my habilities?

Marshall is a $50 million dollar bust!
You were better off with the receivers you had.
Besides I said very clearly who' better by the end of the Year Sanchez or Henne. Sanchez came on strong the last 4 games and Henne choked.
I look for the same result this year..and he has no excuses with all the weapons he has.

get over it'we are still the dam best ever

2010 dolphins need to tighten up on the wild cat let marshall score the t.d

Craig your are right about Henne needs to be the leader of this team and he needs to put Marshall in his place or anybody else, also he should change the play if need be nobody has a better feel for the game then the QB on offense. And about Marshall I would be willing to give him more time but if he keeps up with shot he has been pulling then I would say get rid of him and go with the young and hungry guys it is a team game and we do NOT NEED ANYONE LIKE THAT GO FINS

Get off Henne he will be fine.

Please Chad Henne, show me last week's performance was real! Go Chad Henne! Go Miami!

I found it interesting that he said Henne HAD to follow his check down list or he was in trouble.

Hard to do anything with someone looking over your shoulder.

So basically if the defense dictates it by doubling Marshall every play Henne is not allowed to throw him the ball. And by going against the coaches & forcing it Henne loses his job. And this is what you have, one frustrated WR & one nervous QB.

Has Henning been drinking? Dude actually made sense there.

If I can get a mid to late first or recoup the 2nd round picks, I trade Headcase before the draft in a heartbeat. Those penalties were unforgivable when you are in make or break situations fighting for your playoff life.

Headcase has that crazy eyeball look like Gilbert Arenas anyway. He said he wants to "not be boring" & "push the envelope"?
Get a job in the mailroom - they have plenty of envelopes to push there. Better yet - head over to the gay bar and push in some stools.

Interesting philosophy on blogging. The thing I like and dislike most is that a blog by definition includes all inputs in a purely uncensored way. Everyone should have an opinion and feel free to express it. Here is mine. If I had the right to run the offense for this team, I would have practiced and polished a fade route from Henne to Marshall that would have been used almost like an off tackle run when inside the 15 yard line. So far this year they have tried the play four times, and Henne has thrown ZERO catchable balls to Marshall. This has caused frustration as he got a steady diet of nice high balls that he could make a play on from Cutler and Orton over the years. That said, I am glad we have him, and think he will be a piece of a steadily improving team. Root, Follow or get out of the way!!!!

The fact that there's even discussion on Henne being more comfortable on the field without Marshall speaks poorly of Henne. Seriously, whoose in charge out there anyway. Does Tom Brady or Peyton Manning get uncomfortable when they're given maybe the best receiver in the game. Henne needs confidence and at this point iI'd be worried that he doesn't have enough to be our future.

Henne is not the qb we thought he might be..
put another wide reciever ,a very good one on the other side with a good qb and problem solved..it will really open up the game...
henne is a good 2nd string qb ,thats it..
you can see it that he progressed to a certain point and cant get past that...he is no brady or manning....

you know some times it takes a humbling situation for a person to open there eyes!!!
why cant this be Henne's??? I say he plays like this this week and against the Jets. and maybe he's realized what he has to do! and he did play better with out Marshall. he shouls just play his game and not try forcing anything!!!

Good offenses dictate what defenses do, not the other way around. Get rid of Henning, he's worthless at this point.

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