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Henning (no surprise) not saying he's retiring

If you were expecting offensive coordinator Dan Henning to come into his final press conference of the 2010 season and announce his retirement to much pomp and circumstance, you are disappointed. There was no pomp. No circumstance. No announcement on Thursday.

As expected, the man who often says he only need answer to his supervisor Tony Sparano, isn't sharing anything with the media or fans.

"I'm coaching a game here, men," Henning said when asked if he is retiring. "I'm not thinking about nothing but coaching this game in New England ..."

Henning was in defend mode today. He defended Chad Henning, comparing him to Steve Young, Jim Plunkett and Phil Simms, saying they didn't hit their stride years and years into their careers. And he kind of defended himself, too when addressing the issue of scapegoats.

"It's easy to find scapegoats. It's not easy to find solutions. When you determine this guy is it and you take him out of the mix and find out it wasn't him, you find out you're wrong. So you better do the due diligence. You better dig. You better find out why you think its wrong. Why did this change. Why did the chemistry change. Are we doing the right things here, there and everywhere. That's the easy part to pinpoint someone out and take him out of the mix.

"If I am the problem, Dan Henning. If I'm the problem and you take me out of the mix and it works great after I'm gone with the same operation, hey, I'd love to be able to say, 'Take me outta here.' I don't believe that. I don't believe it's any other one individual on the offense that has caused the offense to settle down and not be as good as it has been in the past."

Correct, it's a bunch of individuals. Henning is not alone. But he has responsibility to bear for the problems, too. So does Chad Henne. So does the offensive line. So does Ronnie Brown. So does quarterback coach David Lee. So does Tony Sparano.

You don't get to be 29th in the NFL in points scored by having just one person struggle.



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Mark, would you rather have Jacoby Jones or Brad Smith? Taking him away hurts the Jets and helps us. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Also, are you like me, in that this o-line needs to be rebuilt through FA? To me, if this team really is close as they say(not sure I agree), don't you think we need vets who can produce from day 1 and not get on the job training?

Randy Moss in Miami? Wow... I hope not. Can you imagine 2 HUGE egos like Marshall and Moss on the same team? I wouldn't want to be the QB throwing them the football. That would be a disaster.


they all stink fire all of them bumbs!

O Tim says:
December 30, 2010 at 2:58 pm
NJ, Joe W. said so much I didn’t think he was just blaming Henne. If that’s what he was really getting at then I don’t agree with him as much as I thought I did because I'm an idiot,So just keep bouncing your teeny sac off of my chin NJ.LOL

Joe Schmoe, Logan Mankins!!! That's what I've been saying for weeks. Long and Mankins on the left side and Incognito as a center. We have to get the same kind of toughness on the right side of the line. I'm not a big Vernon Carey fan. He can never play a full season, imagine if they would play 18 games. Time to bring in some people to compete on the right side of our line!


Joe, like last year - the Dolphins surely cannot merely rely on the draft. They must sign free agents and perhaps even throw in a trade too. The most you are going to get out of a draft are 3 players - realistically. So even if the Dolphins draft excellently and find 3 starters - they will still be short a couple of players in rebuilding this offense. The administration knows they are on borrowed time - and must exhaust all avenues in making this a playoff team at last.

So, in short - like last year's signing of Dansby - acquiring an offensive player in his prime will add more flexibility to the draft.

For example - getting an OLinemen may make a Qb an option or even better a WR like Julio Jones.

And as far as Brad Smith v Jacoby Jones - I would take either right now. I know all about the wildcat Qb stuff but honestly - the quicker they bury that alignment - the better in my opinion. I hate it.

#1, I don't want Mankins because of the money he'd ask for and you can't have that much tied up to 1 end of the o-line. I think we need moderate upgrades. I can't stand Incognito, I don't want him anywhere on this team.

My ideal line would be: Long, Cooledge(Packers), Kalil(Panthers), Jerry, garner & Carey can fight it out for RG & RT.

A big NO to Randy Moss. The guy is DONE as far as I am concerned. I'd be interested in looking at Santonio Holmes or Steve Breaston. Sorry but I just don't think our WRs are good enough. They are good but not great.

Montreal, I thought Mankins would be GREAT for the RT spot. Is he not capable of playing as a RT. I would think Long at LT, Jerry at LG and Incognito at C would be ideal.


Joe, Incognito and Long are the only positives on our o-line. Incognito can't pull, so guard is not the best place for him. Center is better. The Dolphins finally ran the ball successfully up the middle last week and it was when Incognito was at center. As soon as that stiff Burger came in, that was the end of it.

Mark, I don't want Smith for the "Cat", I want his return ability. Punts & kicks. I can't stand watching Bess & Cobbs returning kicks & punts anymore. We need DYNAMIC game changers. How about we start a drive on the 40 or the other teams side of the field for once?

As a bonus, Smith can also play WR & QB in that wildcat. Unlike the rest of Morono's roster flexible guys, he does them all VERY WELL.

Michael Bush is also an interesting player.

Montreal, in fairness, moss has had every opportunity to blow up in Tenn but hasn't. They've treated him horribly there and has said nothing. His days of catching 100 passes are over - I think if his heart is into playing in South Forida then Miami should look into it and bring him in on a short contract. I don;t want to hear anymore progress stopping arguments because with the hartline injury they had plenty of opportunity to get Moore/Wallace more time and didn't.

Joe, Nate Garner will be back next year, he was doing well.

Craig, I'm not sold on Jerry one bit. Sometimes you have to pay to get quality, as we saw with Dansby and Marshall. I wouldn't mind paying Mankins, but we'll see what the Dolphins do. Drafting at least one o-lineman wouldn't be a bad idea.

As a gorilla living in confinement at the Hartford Zoo may I say that I find you people to be pedantic, tedious and lacking even a semblance of originality, rational thought, or maturity.

It is my EXTREME displeasure to view your antics on a daily basis and unfortunate that we share a biological connection as fellow primates, given your propensity for astoundingly stupid and violent behavior.

I fervently wish that I could return to my native forest and never again have to interact with you disgusting creatures.

Mark, I said weeks ago I think we should REALLY go after Deangelo Williams if available AND Michael Bush. Bush is a bruiser with some speed!

#1, you just pointed out WHY I want ireland and Sparano gone. Incognito out of position. Berger benched cause he isn't a good center. it took them 15 weeks to realize this? These guys are inept & clueless. Makes me sick!

Joe, about Cobbs and Bess, couldn't agree more. These guys aren't real K/R-P/R. Not even close.

Joe, I agree with you there. We need a dynamic specialist and another thing I don't want to hear from this regime is - well he can only return kicks but do nothing else - this team has carried D linemen and O linemen for years that have no impact on any game and can't play ST either - scrub the dead wood out and if that player can only contribute for about 10 snaps a game - then so be it. Those 10 snaps can be very important for a few games a year.

Aloco, its cool, it's easy to spot the fakers, didn't believe that was you.

Of course, he is the scapegoat, he is sitting on top of this offense.

Rather than fixing the offense, he let it get worse and worse, it has regressed to ZERO offense.

All plays that are being called are 3 yard passes to the right sideline. It's the same plays being called. It's too predicable.

Mcdaniels definitely not the answer if he has rift with Nolan and Marshall, right? I think Sporano already has someone in mind but not telling, waiting to see if Ross is going to keep him first. The overhaul is going to have to include making smart draft picks to improve O line and RB and TE.

I think they plan on using Carroll as a K/O returner permanently.

I have no idea how berger got the C job this year. Sparano must be a complete moron. last year with a broken Jake Grove, we were averaging 40 yards more per game than with berger and somehow he wins the job this year? Even ALoco used to spout that stat on here every week. I'd rather have a one armed Grove than an able Berger. This guy is atrocious - worse than Satele.

Montreal, you do say something I agree with - the Dolphins must add one ELITE veteran talent to this offense. You mention Mankins - and that would qualify under that column. I don't care if it's a TE, QB, OL, RB, or WR - they have to add someone on a big ticket to big name money in free agency who is in his prime - like they did with Dansby last year.


Amazing after a the whole season people are still clueless about Grove and Smiley. Yeah, they are so much better then Berger (who isn't good) neither are playing anywhere. Smiley out of the NFL, Grove is 9th string I think on Jax. That should tell you they are spent, done. The only reason Berger won was because Grove because useless to all 32 teams in the league.

FA's Miami should have on their radar:

RB: Michael Bush, Deangelo Williams, Ricky
WR/PR/KR: Steve Breaston, B. Smith, James Jones
LG: Daryn Cooledge
C: Ryan Kalil
LB: David Harris or Lamaar Woodley if available
FS: B. Poole, A. Bigby, Q. Mikkel, D. grant
CB: R. Marshall, K. Jennings, T. Williams

Use the draft for a QB, TE & rush OLB since Woodley likely wont be available.

0x80 and if Berger is released, who will he start for? I wasn't hailing jake Grove as an All Pro - just saying that even banged up - he was better than what we have.

Mark in Toronto, I don't know what makes you want Moss on this time, he's shown very little this season. Outside of the game when he played for NE against the Jets this year, he's done very little. Personally I'd rather have Owens here but I don't want him either.

There have been some good kick return guys come out of the CFL. Logan for one. I'd like to see what we can find out of the CFL and it won't cost us a draft pick. Bess and Cobbs are mdeiocre at best returning punts and kicks.




x80, Rover is not in the NFL. Smiley is still on the Jags, not sure if he is starting however.

Mr. Aloco

Cam Newton

"HE'S 6.6 250 Ib very fast in pocket and moves with ease"

I also heard he's able to jump out of second story windows with other peoples laptop.

Also able to pass a college test without having to study for it....then transfer before being thrown out of said college

Able to gain 180,000 k from a major college and at the same time have his fathers church repaired...this kid is like a superman

Soiled :)

Also able to

Joe, I would definitely add malcolm Floyd to the WR options - he's huge AND fast.


Fat Rex's wife is spead eagle on some fetish site....

link please......


Mark, I know but he is going to be 30 already. I'd prefer in the 26-28 year old range. The rate it's taking these guys to build this team, he'll be past his prime. I'm afraid Dansby & Wake will suffer the same fate as JT & Taylor. They're almost 30.

I'm sick of all this fanstasy football talk.

Lets get this guy, and lets get that guy. It's all silly.

I pray to GOD nobody leaks any naked pics of Rex....

Craig, we need speed at WR - just saying - why not? The only reason I could think of is because he just won't want to play here- which admitedly is a very real possibility. he won't be expensive or signed for a long time.

And he may be inspired if he's jilted by his beloved Patriots.

On the same topic though - I obviously would much rather prefer Holmes or Breaston - heck even Braylon Scissorhands.

Dolfdave13....it really is.....

I meant JT & Zach LOL

Someone is sick of free agent and draft talk on a football blog at the end of December witha non - playoff team???

What else is there to talk about?

Joe, granted Malcolm is 29 - but he's got 3 good years left and man - that 19 YPC looks so dam good from this vantage point!!

Mark in Toronto,

I think you have named all better candidates than Moss, including Floyd. I haven't looked at the list yet to see who will be available but I think we have to upgrade Bess and Hartline. Both big-hearted guys but I'm just not sure they are DIFFERENCE makers. We've neglected this poistion for too long. People want to talk about the fact we haven't had a QB since Marino but who was the last great WR we had? It could be Marshall but you probably have to go all the way back to Duper or Clayton for that. Chambers was a NICE player and Welker too but we never used him properly.

Rex's wife Mark...Rex's wife

Kris, uhh, can I smell those?

They are having a contest on 640 sports to see what to rename the JETS....best name so far....TOES AND HOES...lol

I'm not a foot guy...but she looks decent for her age....bur rex has been in there..gross...

I agree with you Craig - that's why I would be happy if Miami signed some vet help on the o line and drafted someone like Julio Jones. That would make a nice set of bookends with Brandon Marshall, no?

There are definitely a lot of ways for the front office to attack this offseason - but one thing is for sure - now is the time for gamebreakers.

Kris, all he's done is smell her toes. There's no way that fat pig can perform sexually at that size. She's fresh as a daisy!!!

Mark, problem with Floyd, along with age, is he isn't a KR or PR. I'm thinking about speed in the return game more than at WR. That's why I'm all bout Breaston & Smith. The plus is, BOTH can provide it in both areas. Don't be fooled by Breastons number in AZ. He was HIGHLY productive before their QB debacle.

I think if we can find speed at RB & TE, it will have the same effect as adding one fast WR.

"Foot balls"...staring SEX RYAN (his new stage team) ....pretty good

Saving "Ryans Privates"...not bad.....it passes the time

In that case Mark...the i'm in!!!! No pun intended


Why is there blame on Ronnie Brown? That is silly. the O-Line has sucked for run blocking. ronnie has to run the damn wildcat everytime and there are no wholes. I think Ronnie played wekll with his opportunities. Just last game he was @ 5 yards a carry, then the some ol wildcat comes in. Or a 6 yard back pitch and the line was to slow to get to their blocks. I think Ronnie was not the problem at all. He danced a little more, but that was because if he didnt he would have ramed into his own lineman in front of him being blocked into the backfield. JMO.

Actually Aloco...its resufacing with nude pics of Rex'x wife doing the SPEAD EAGLE...it will be all over Sports Center Later....usually you are the one with breaking news.....This thing will catch fire....

Marc, apparently Grove is no longer as good as Berger if the coaching staff that knew the two the best got rid of him. Besides, if he can't crack a starter on any of the other 31 teams, really can't worry that we are really missing anything. The only reason he isn't hurt again is probably because he's been on the bench.

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