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Henning (no surprise) not saying he's retiring

If you were expecting offensive coordinator Dan Henning to come into his final press conference of the 2010 season and announce his retirement to much pomp and circumstance, you are disappointed. There was no pomp. No circumstance. No announcement on Thursday.

As expected, the man who often says he only need answer to his supervisor Tony Sparano, isn't sharing anything with the media or fans.

"I'm coaching a game here, men," Henning said when asked if he is retiring. "I'm not thinking about nothing but coaching this game in New England ..."

Henning was in defend mode today. He defended Chad Henning, comparing him to Steve Young, Jim Plunkett and Phil Simms, saying they didn't hit their stride years and years into their careers. And he kind of defended himself, too when addressing the issue of scapegoats.

"It's easy to find scapegoats. It's not easy to find solutions. When you determine this guy is it and you take him out of the mix and find out it wasn't him, you find out you're wrong. So you better do the due diligence. You better dig. You better find out why you think its wrong. Why did this change. Why did the chemistry change. Are we doing the right things here, there and everywhere. That's the easy part to pinpoint someone out and take him out of the mix.

"If I am the problem, Dan Henning. If I'm the problem and you take me out of the mix and it works great after I'm gone with the same operation, hey, I'd love to be able to say, 'Take me outta here.' I don't believe that. I don't believe it's any other one individual on the offense that has caused the offense to settle down and not be as good as it has been in the past."

Correct, it's a bunch of individuals. Henning is not alone. But he has responsibility to bear for the problems, too. So does Chad Henne. So does the offensive line. So does Ronnie Brown. So does quarterback coach David Lee. So does Tony Sparano.

You don't get to be 29th in the NFL in points scored by having just one person struggle.