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Henning (no surprise) not saying he's retiring

If you were expecting offensive coordinator Dan Henning to come into his final press conference of the 2010 season and announce his retirement to much pomp and circumstance, you are disappointed. There was no pomp. No circumstance. No announcement on Thursday.

As expected, the man who often says he only need answer to his supervisor Tony Sparano, isn't sharing anything with the media or fans.

"I'm coaching a game here, men," Henning said when asked if he is retiring. "I'm not thinking about nothing but coaching this game in New England ..."

Henning was in defend mode today. He defended Chad Henning, comparing him to Steve Young, Jim Plunkett and Phil Simms, saying they didn't hit their stride years and years into their careers. And he kind of defended himself, too when addressing the issue of scapegoats.

"It's easy to find scapegoats. It's not easy to find solutions. When you determine this guy is it and you take him out of the mix and find out it wasn't him, you find out you're wrong. So you better do the due diligence. You better dig. You better find out why you think its wrong. Why did this change. Why did the chemistry change. Are we doing the right things here, there and everywhere. That's the easy part to pinpoint someone out and take him out of the mix.

"If I am the problem, Dan Henning. If I'm the problem and you take me out of the mix and it works great after I'm gone with the same operation, hey, I'd love to be able to say, 'Take me outta here.' I don't believe that. I don't believe it's any other one individual on the offense that has caused the offense to settle down and not be as good as it has been in the past."

Correct, it's a bunch of individuals. Henning is not alone. But he has responsibility to bear for the problems, too. So does Chad Henne. So does the offensive line. So does Ronnie Brown. So does quarterback coach David Lee. So does Tony Sparano.

You don't get to be 29th in the NFL in points scored by having just one person struggle.



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Don't watch while you eat

Poizen, the bigger question is, why was Ronnie getting so few touches? Don't you think this team may have under used him to try to reduce his value on the FA market? Making it easier to resign? Me thinks so!

Joe, like I said before - there are a million ways to attack this and all I hope for at this point is that they do. I want gamebreakers added. names are interchangeable and I'm not really able to debate who is better than whom - but they must get one elite OL talent, a young RB, a fast TE, a kick returner, and some dynamicism from teh WR. Sadly I thought marshall was going to give this to us but all he's looked like so far is Davone Bess on steroids with worse hands.

Yeah 0x80, unfortunately I'm a little shaky in my belief of this administration to blindly believe in their claim that Berger was the best C. Because Berger is only a year away himself from getting to practice on that engineering degree he has - he sucks! At least Grove could move someone - the stats in their head to head last year do not lie.

I agree Joe, this was a joke year for Ronnie. We still do not know if he can stay healthy with a normal carry load, and he was not able to get it going. ronnie was not to blame for any of that...

i can not believe ross hasnt fired all these bozos yet what on earth is he waiting for

Pancake, I just threw up in my mouth a little

Ronnie has to bear plenty of blame. Ricky ran behind the same line and had better numbers. If Ronnie produced the same YPC as Ricky and ran as hard as he did, he would have had a satisfactory year.

No time for Ronnie aplogists - he's supposed to be in his prime - be a leader and he didn't play well at all

Mark in Toronto,

Julio Jones would a GREAT add for this team, as would the running back Harris. The problem this team may have is that some of these guys may be gone if they in fact trade back, as we expect they will. However, there were guys still there last year who could have helped this team, even after they traded back. I'm thinking like guys like Best and Thomas, who ended up in Denver. As far as a KR/PR is concerned, I don't see why we can't have a guy who this is specialty and maybe he's only a bit player on offence. Why does it have to be a guy who also plays offence or defence. Let's get a guy who is good/great at what he does. Again, and I know you're a fan of this too Mark, I'm going to suggest we look to Canada to find this guy.

He may not be retiring, but no way he's on the team next year----no way!

I think Ross gets that at least.

If we stick with this same crew of clowns completely then we deserve what we get.

Mark, I am not apologizing for him. Ricky did not have to run the failure of the wildcat. Most of Ronnie's no yard carries were in that formation. If Ricky was that much better they would have let him run the damn thing. The fact is the wildcat was figured out, and we did not throw out of it enough. If ricky ran the thing his numbers would have been horrendous in my opinion. I think it is short sighted for you to assume Ricky was better because he ran behind the same line with SLIGHTLY better numbers. HE RAN DIFFERENT RUNNING PLAYS.




"As far as a KR/PR is concerned, I don't see why we can't have a guy who this is specialty and maybe he's only a bit player on offence. Why does it have to be a guy who also plays offence or defence."

Craig, I made the comment so why not address me? I don't bite. Neither logic is wrong but it has advantages & disadvantages. The reason This year I think ST guy who also does other jobs is better because those guys are actually available. It kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

Why get a guy who does just one thing well when you have 2 guys out there who can do both equally well?

It's not like they are like the rest of Sparano's so called roster flexible guys on the o-line who don't excel at anything. They are just bodies. Breaston & Smith have speed, can play WR & can also execute on ST. Why use up 2 roster spots when you can get equal productivity for 2 positions with 1 roster spot?

Aloco...can I at least get a small CREDIT...you know...like the same way I mentionedthe radio show (640 sports) who I heard it from....you never cease to amaze me.......


Sorry I'm with Mark in Toronto on this one. Ronnie as a 5 year vet this year didn't bring it. Now if he's hurt or doesn't have it another more then that's one thing but he has produced the way we've needed him to produce and anything else is just an excuse.



Go and find a way to make Rex Ryan more disgusting. . .

Daniel....thanks :(


make me a cup of tea.

Kris, that was good .you came up w/breaking news .

p.s/.....the third person is african american .

wow marshall really threw henne under the bus. He doesnt like henne or henning.

One other thing about Brown. The FO gets criticzed a lot about for the moves they have made. One of the truly smart moves was to wait and see what Brown brought to the table this year before commiting to him beyond this year. I think Brown has shown he doesn't have it any more and I'd be surprised to see him back next year.

Joe, we've tried the approach of finding guys that can play offence AND special teams. It hasn't worked. I'm saying let's forget that strategy and find a guy who can play ST only....who's a specialist. It's one roster spot, so big deal!

By the way, which Smith is it you are looking to add?

It's fair Craig, I do not agree at all, but that is why we are all here to discuss. ricky BTW is a 11 year vet. :) Anyway, it is a mute point anyway. I would like to see Ronnie back but it will not happen. I pray he does not end up on the PATS, he will destroy us.... LOL

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When did Marshall "throw Henne under the bus?" Quotes, please.

So because it failed once or twice don't try anymore? I don't follow. Brad Smith & Steve Breaston are both PROVEN return guys, with good speed & more than adequate wr's too. Both of which are positions of need & are both players are available.

We all agree we need to improve our special teams play. Why on earth would we want to pass on guys who would absolutely be an improvement over what we have to take a flier on a Canadian player who will likely not make it out of training camp?


You may well be right about Brown....he may go to the Pats and come back to kill us. I'm just not sure we can gamble that he bounces back next year and then be stuck with him if he struggles, with no other options available to us. He's a great guy and a great community guy but we need a lot more productions out of our running backs next year.

I agree Craig with the thought that we need better production. The weird thing is, by limiting his carries we lowered his price, so maybe an affordable risk. I hope that was not the plan and why he did not get carries though.

Brad Smith is intriguing thought. former Jet, great return guy, can run the WC if we keep it and can throw. I do like him as an option.

I think Breaston's $$ tag will be higher than his growth potential. He is young, but just does not create seperation all that well.


Take a breather man....you've got your back up again for NO reason. You and I are actually on the same page with this, unlike how we feel about Sparano and Ireland.

First of all, are you sure that Brad Smith is available next year? I thought this was only his second year in the league and I thought he was under contract to the Jets next year too. Secondly, I think if want to sign Breaston it's going to cost money and term. I think there will be demand for his services. I'm just not sure that you want one of your top guys running back kicks and running the risk of injury. And lastly, it's not that we've tried this once or twice....it's that we've ALWAYS done it this way. It's been a long time since we have had a guy that just runs back kicks and punts. I want someone who can do this well and what I was trying to say is if we were to look to the CFL to find this guy it's not going to cost us a pick, that's all.

Still waiting for those quotes where Marshall "threw Henne under the bus."

Odd that they don't seem to exist anywhere I've looked.

im, I was confused by that post also. Marshall's last press conference after the last game he vented a little. Maybe someone just misconstrued those comments?

Marshall drops A-LOT of balls, I MEAN A-LOT

1. You seem to think I'm riled up or something? LOL Not at all.

2. Smith is a FA, I wouldn't be mentioning him if he wasn't.

3. ST is an area of HUGE need. Why wouldn't we want to make one of those players one of our big ticket signings? Multi role guys for a change who actually play & play well.

We have sucked for 3 years on ST. We have to go 70 - 80 yards every drive it seems like. It'd be nice to start on the 50 once in awhile. It might help our offense too.

I'm tired of low risk low reward guys. It's the difference between winning & simply wanting to win. If we were winners, we'd go out & sign a guy & say "This guy makes us better". Teams that want to win simply try to make due with the cheap, low risk low reward guy. That is your Miami Dolphins. You can turn over every practice squad guy in the NFL & it will always be the same story.

Both of these guys fill 2 HUGE needs on this team. That's all I'm saying.

Poizen---all I saw was the same thing as you. Marshall apologized to the fans (and the defense) for the lousy offensive production without pointing a finger at any individuals. He blamed himself as well.

It was a very accurate and concise assessment without even a hint of "blame those guys" in it.

I think this whole "threw Henne under the bus" stuff is a fabrication from someones imagination. I've certainly seen nothing that would qualify as that.

Marc, yeah, last year he was better, this year he isn't...things change ya know? It's funny how people just assume the entire coaching staff is suddenly retarded and that collectively they have not one sound opinion on anything... I've been hearing all year about why the hell did we get rid of Grove and yet the guy can't even get off the bench, so how good can he really be THIS year...anyway, just saying, I'm not a fan of this coaching staff, but some things are simple, don't think they are just flat out 100% wrong on everthing. Anyway...I've given up on this subject, giving it up LOL

Can somebody confirm or deny whether the 49ers re-signed Vernon David for next year and beyond? I'm looking at a FA list that says he's a FA next year but I thought he resigned with SF. Boy, he'd be great with this team.

Here's a couple of other names that are interesting. Matt Moore, Carolina....might offer a little bit of competition for Henne and we wouldn't have to break the bank.

Tim Hightower, RB.....was a punishing back a couple of years ago but has had some fumbling problems. Some have talked about Michael Bush....intersting pick.

WR....we've mentioned Holmes and Beaston. How about Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith NYG and Mike-Sims Walker

TE....according to the list I'm looking at Marcedes Lewis is a FA next year....might be another nice pickup.



I would be happy with either Breaston or Smith. And yes, I managed to find Smith on the FA list. Do you know if he's RESTRICTED or UNRESTRICTED. It would be a Hell of coup to take him away from the hated Jets.

To be fair, what would you have him say before likely his last game. It's about the team, not him, and he would know this.

Davis is signed until 2016.
I don't want that trash Edwards.
Holmes would be nice but I think he's a scumbag. Steve Smith will likely be franchised & is now coming off major knee surgery.
Matt Moore, he'd just take up space, I don't think he'll give Henne much of a fight.
Michael Bush & Deangelo Williams at RB. Now THAT would be a change of pace backfield.

I am out all, Happy New Year, another year of hoping for improvement for the new season, if there is one...

Also, in general about demand for guys Services....that happens when you're good at what you do.

In this case, Breaston would be the Supply. Miami's dire need for a good return game & stretch the field WR is the demand.

To me, it's a match made in Heaven.


Happy New years everyone.

Maybe the real problem is that in 2009 the defense sucked so badly we needed to spend nearly the entire 2010 draft on defense. Only 1 offensive player drafter(John Jerry) and Marshall thru free agency.

Smiley and Grove could never stay healthy. Clearly Sparano felt he couldnt move forward with the two. Incognito was a good but not great pickup because pulling is the weak portion of his game.

Jerry's a rookie, a big powerful kid, that may have needed at least a full season underneath his belt to become a dependable starter. I look for him to be much improved in 2011.

Probably on offense where the boat was most missed by all including the entire staff was the addition of Brandon Marshall. It was au6tomatically assumed his presence alonre would open evrything up for everyone else.

Well it did, sort of. We just found out that Hartline couldnt consistently beat defenses 2nd best corners. Defenses were still able to stack the box because we couldnt make them pay for the Marshall double and at times triple-teams.

As a result the offense stagnated. We had only one te(Fasano) who had to stay in and block most of the time in blitz pickups. Then had a 3rd year qb with not much support via the run or pass game. Whom himself isnt experience enough to heap a game plan squarely onto his shoulders alone.

As much as I hate to admit Henning may just have a legit point. Maybe some of the obviously wierd play calling was an attempt at damage control he was sure inside of himself would come.


We don't agree on D'Angelo Williams. He hasn't shown me he can stay healthy the last few seasons. I'm not sure why you would want to invest in a guy with miles on him, who has had injuries, who is approaching 30, when you can get some young guy in the draft we less miles and wear on him. Bush has had injuries too, so I would have to study him more.

Sparano's status is apparently still up in the air. I think it's likely he stays.

Henning will "retire" Monday. Hope that Kubiak gets canned in Houston. He'd likely be their first choice (and has an excellent pedigree as an OC)

We have to get a speed wr who can more than once in a while beat single coverage. I would be happy to resign Ronnie Brown to contract 75% incentive laden, and get a quick speedy change of pace back.

We gotta get a premium TE even if we have to use the #1 pick on Notre dame's Kyle Rudolph. We absolutely cannot afford to go forward another season with Anthony Fasano clearly being our best TE.


Good post at 4:59pm. The only thing I would add is that I believe the mistake these guys made was not adding a pass-catching TE in a year where there was both quality and depth. The Epps pick I found puzzling, as well as the Jerry pick but both players may still turn out good. I think they miscalculated and we're left holding the bag when it came to drafting a TE. They fumbled it and it hurt us a lot this year.


Right on again at 5:07pm. Totally agree with your points.

Best way to defense offense with 2 really good wr's is cover 2. That's why it's so critically important to have a speedy TE who can beat a cover linebacker down the middle of the field.

That kind of TE my friends is death to the cover 2 pass defense! LOL..........

Hopefully it's a death blow to the dreaded field goal offense - goodbye - good luck - and more importantly - good riddance!

Craig M,

Remember upon the acquisition of Marshall the staff was raving about how it would open things up so much more for Fasano too? As I stated earlier this was true but an over calculation of Fasano's ability. They forgot to account for Fasano's slow footspeed.

Fasano may can at times beat a cover linebacker in horizontal pass patterns. Fasano still cant beat linebackers in vertical pass patterns. I think they just plainly failed to think about this during the draft. They automatically assumed Fasano would be better with Marshall in fold.

Hopefully now that they have seen this they'll get it fixed over the offseason.

Totally agree DB. Not much of a fan of Fasano's. It's a position the regime obviously doesn't value much, which is strange because Parcells has always always had good tight ends playing for him, including Bavarro, Coates, Kyle Brady, Hecht and Witten. Hopefull these guys will make TE a priority again.


newton currently will be there at 15, guessing the combine if he goes will drop him some. hes very raw. i would want mallet much more than newton

Okay, so henning gets fired instead.......That would be even better!!!

for the record at this moment id take blackmon from oklahoma st at wr first rd

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