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Henning (no surprise) not saying he's retiring

If you were expecting offensive coordinator Dan Henning to come into his final press conference of the 2010 season and announce his retirement to much pomp and circumstance, you are disappointed. There was no pomp. No circumstance. No announcement on Thursday.

As expected, the man who often says he only need answer to his supervisor Tony Sparano, isn't sharing anything with the media or fans.

"I'm coaching a game here, men," Henning said when asked if he is retiring. "I'm not thinking about nothing but coaching this game in New England ..."

Henning was in defend mode today. He defended Chad Henning, comparing him to Steve Young, Jim Plunkett and Phil Simms, saying they didn't hit their stride years and years into their careers. And he kind of defended himself, too when addressing the issue of scapegoats.

"It's easy to find scapegoats. It's not easy to find solutions. When you determine this guy is it and you take him out of the mix and find out it wasn't him, you find out you're wrong. So you better do the due diligence. You better dig. You better find out why you think its wrong. Why did this change. Why did the chemistry change. Are we doing the right things here, there and everywhere. That's the easy part to pinpoint someone out and take him out of the mix.

"If I am the problem, Dan Henning. If I'm the problem and you take me out of the mix and it works great after I'm gone with the same operation, hey, I'd love to be able to say, 'Take me outta here.' I don't believe that. I don't believe it's any other one individual on the offense that has caused the offense to settle down and not be as good as it has been in the past."

Correct, it's a bunch of individuals. Henning is not alone. But he has responsibility to bear for the problems, too. So does Chad Henne. So does the offensive line. So does Ronnie Brown. So does quarterback coach David Lee. So does Tony Sparano.

You don't get to be 29th in the NFL in points scored by having just one person struggle.



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Some mocks have Jake Locker falling to us in the first round. The question is do we take him or continue with the plan and trade back? We should try to address some if not most of our issues in FA. I have a feeling that we will have some cap casualities for younger cheaper players. Players that may be on the chopping block: V.Carey (always injured), C. Crowder(injured and loud mouth), etc. Players that need to be signed: Solia, Incognito, Mcdaniels. I wonder what the salary cap will be next year if there is one. Locker just went down!

This guy is a disgrace to the Miami Dolphins organization. He needs to keep his mouth shut and re-f'g-tire.

Aloco...as far a calling plays, yes Penne can last 4 quarters lol

Locker, no complete passes in first half....

Funny listening to Lou Holtz at the half, grading Locker per pass and can't give him a minus because receivers can't get separation and a receiver dropped a pass.

Sound familiar????

Per PFT:

Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall supported embattled coach Tony Sparano Thursday, calling him “awesome.” His words regarding his quarterback Chad Henne were more measured.

Dan Henning is gone after the New England game.
He is this year's punching bag ala Pasqualoni.

He is not announcing his retirement yet because he plans on decomposing before he has to do that. We all know he has already died by his play calling. RIP Henning. You truely outlived your legacy. P.S. Take your wildcat playbook with you to the afterlife.

Hey R

Well my phone is acting all fed up!

here is my Phins draft for 2011:

1RD Trade Down for 2RD & 4 RD pick
2RD RB LaMichael James
3RD QB Colin Kaepernick
4RD RB Roy Helu Jr.
4RD G John Moffitt
5RD RB Kendall Hunter
6RD C Tim Barnes
7RD TE Martell Webb

Also expect the Phins to kick the tires on the following UFA's QB Kevin Kolb, TE Owen Daniels, TE Kellen Winslow, G Kevin Boothe

The Patriots intercepted Henne three times and Tyler Thigpen once in a 41-14 win at Miami on Oct. 4, also scoring touchdowns on a kickoff return and a blocked field goal return during a 35-point second half.

The only time the Dolphins have beaten Brady in Foxborough in eight tries was Jan. 1, 2006, when Brady played one quarter in a playoff tuneup.

The Patriots are looking to finish the regular season undefeated at home for the second straight season and fifth time since 2003. A victory would also give them their fourth season with at least 14 wins under Belichick, something no previous coach has done.

and , ah

The Dolphins Suck

have a HAARPy new year

I've definitely been with more women than 99% of the guys I know. Never got talked into a stupid marriage and made it with a LOT of seriously hot chicks.

I absolutely love women.

I like guys, too. So do some of you other guys but you're completely paralyzed with paranoia to even ATTEMPT to admit it.

But you are. I know it.

It's OK. Go ahead and laugh it off and/or deflect it with "macho" tough talk. You and I know the actual truth of the matter.

Reality is that I am a better lover of both woman and man than you have ever been, but that's only because you have not been YOURSELF.

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i think if jake locker is there then we take him. if not we should take ryan mallet. he has come
a long way quick, is henne sized.
i also believe in julio jones. i think
is the next brandon marshall, as much as i hate alabama.

I'd like to see Cam Newton come to the Phins. It would be nice if Denard Robinson could come out this year. Those two would instantly inject our offense and Return game with explosiveness.

I like Mallet as well.

Dolphins = Browns = Bills = Lions ... Oh sorry, those are all better teams, You haven't won a playoff game in ten plus years. Irrelevance in a parity league makes you one of the worst teams in the league. I guess that's why the stadium is empty every game. Move the team to LA.

LMFAO if you think coaching changes are going to fix this team. Is there a team that has had worse qb play in the last 15 years in a league were success is based on qb play? Keep trading away draft picks and drafting anything other than qb in the first round Miami. It's been great for the division! I would love to dig out some of your Hennepin jerk offs from September .... Lmfao

what is everyones thoughts on TCU QB Andy Dalton? How about Nevada Colin Kaepernick?

2 more days and the house cleaning begins cant wait!!!!!

after last nights game I think locker is not a 1st round pick. Gabbert looked 10x better

Compare Henne to Steve Young. GTFO!!!!! Old man must be hitting the bottle!

Dear Dan Henning,

Thank you for being so concerned with Miami's dilemma on offense. It's good you can see that we have the most anemic, vanilla, unproductive and boring offense in the NFL.

However, don't you find it strange you're phone isn't ringing off the hook? That no one is stopping you in the streets asking for your opinions on how to fix things? Heck, the very question that got you speaking about Miami's problems went something like this: "so, when will you announce your retirement?"

We know you're just an OC, but we thought that was enough of a hint to let you know how people felt about you around here. I guess not. I guess we need to be even more obvious. So let me state this unequivocally:

Who the f**k CARES what you think about the future? Coach this last game, call your last 1st-down run play, pick up your check and GET THE F**K OUT! Don't worry about anything, someone with more fire in their belly and with a, you know, working heart and brain will attend to those matters. You just get yourself to the Senior Home as fast as your scooter can allow, and watch next year to see how offense play calling SHOULD be done.

I'd thank you for your service but I'd be lying. Thank you for leaving though, that's put a smile on all the fans faces, and given them something to hope for in the future.

Good day to you Sir!

Henning says, " I'm coaching a game here, men ", is that what he calls coaching?

to phinfan67, we should'nt have to wait 2 more days for the house cleaning to begin it should have started already but Ross doesn't care what type of product he puts on the field! He also does'nt care about the fans!

Dear "AMATEUR" Talent Scouts on this Blog,

I appreciate that you think you know which college players in the draft are good and which are bad. Many even go one step further and list which player we should draft in each round (some even going to the later rounds). Amazing, because the front office has NEVER picked according to ANY of your prognostications, yet you persist in this silly, unnecessary exercise.

I prefer to wait until draft day and see who's available when we're on the board, but I guess you all like to be 100% wrong.

If it floats your boat, fine, tally ho with the draft predictions. BUT, the VERY LEAST you can do, is READ and EDUCATE yourselves before you embarrass yourselves with the prediction. For example, LaMichael James, WON'T be drafted, why? Because he said he's staying at Oregon another year. So there goes your reputation as a talent scout right there Mr./Mrs. Amateur.

Please, it's not hard to research your picks before you make them. For all our sakes, and so you don't waste everyone's time, if you choose to predict who Miami will draft, at least do a small amount of research, it'll be best for all of us.


How soon we forget he did fairly well last year in 4th Qtr comebacks with less than he has this year. He had some drop passes with Ginn in close games. We thought bringing in Marshall would change that. But somewhere along the line they changed his techniques in how he throws and plays the games and his mental state. He looks more cautious than he did last year. Someone is pulling his strings. He just needs to get re programmed and back to the way he plays. Henne was a well sought out player and I feel he has what it takes. His confidence is definitely in need of repairing. I like what I saw last year and he is just going through the 2nd year of starting slump. Lets not pass judgement so soon. He needs the competetion in camp.

Biggdolfan, you're right, Henne did do fairly well on 4th-qtr comebacks last year. Oh, wait, what was his record last year? That's right, 7-9.

What will his record be this year? 8-8 at best, right. What's his 4th-quarter QB rating this year, somewhere near the age of my perfect woman, 20-something!

You have Parcells' off-record dismissing of Henne's progression. You see Sparano's and Henning's complete vote of unconfidence in the QB. You see MULTIPLE offense players during the year show/vent their frustration with Henne's HORRIBLE accuracy (i.e. Fasano, Marshall, Hartline, etc.). Marino's down on Henne, as are many commentators throughout the league.

Maybe that's TOO SOON for you, but for me, this is just about the right time to start passing judgment. Miami might be sub-.500 2-years running, that's a perfect time for a change.

You'll get your wish though, Henne will get to compete for the job. What you'll notice though, is if his competition has a pulse, they'll probably be the starting QB in Miami next year.

Not sure why a 0-9 home record going into last year is reason NOT to pass judgment on the QB to you, but to most fans (of any team), that's a perfect reason for them to lose their jobs.

cam newton will be gone before pick 15! i say keep most of the staff but can henning. the team has a lot of good young players. please sweet ceasars ghost get us a speedster outside, a slashing rb and a couple of te's.

Really henning? Cuz I haven't seen u coach once this season. All I hear is that if the players executed the plays (which are elementary at best), then we would be efficient on the offensive side. Isn't coaching about finding ways to get production, and if something isn't working, to find another tactic. A five year old can call better plays on madden, than u have all year. Just retire and shut up. For the love of God, please shut up

Henning you're days are way past you and hopeuflly you will retire soon,,,very soon. This guy couldn't call a high school game and he neeeds to go as soon as possible.

I know Cheo and Raul in Hialeah who would do marvelous things for $100 a piece.

Actually we lost more games specifically because of special teams breakdowns than because of Henning - so in that sense he is not alone in culpability. Special teams coaching needs to be fix and churning decreased.

Henning did fail to put together a plan that would work with Henne's talents and instead just stuck with the Pennington offense and failed to take advantage of Marshall's talents.

We need several positions. Backup QB (not counting on free agency since it has ALWAYS failed us since Marino retired). Fast young RB for change up. Fix to OL (Center - other position depends on who shifts to where). Pass catching TE. Fast Punt Returner/WR. Nice to get a veteran backup at Safety and perhaps an upgrade to Crowder.


I think the dolphins should draft 2 QB's this year and bring in a FA. Hopefully they can find a QB and a guy to develop and in a few years they can trade the development guy for picks or talent.

Here is my Phins draft...

1RD Best Available QB


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