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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bills: All Day!

I was watching the NFL Network this morning and was quite surprised by part of the broadcast which led me to turn it off.

The league's media arm was running down the AFC playoff picture, which of course, included the teams leading their divisions, the teams currently in as wildcard teams, and those "in the hunt."

The Dolphins, according to the wisdom of the NFL Network, were not included in the hunt although some 7-6 teams were. Either the Dolphins get no respect or the NFL knows something.

Look, I recognize the Dolphins have very slim possibilities of getting in the playoffs. Even if they win their final three games -- a serious possibility -- they are not guaranteed of getting in because they need others beyond just the collapsing New York Jets, to lose.

But geez, at least respect the possibilities, no?

I would tell you the biggest chance the Dolphins have of winning today's road game at Buffalo (remember the Dolphins are 1-5 at home so home field advantage doesn't exist this year) is to torment quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick is the better QB in today's game. Look at the stats. So Miami needs Cameron Wake to make his life miserable. It is a real possibility as Wake leads the NFL in sacks and the Bills have some former guard Mansfield Wrotto, starting at right tackle. I told Wake about Buffalo's right tackle issues on Friday.

"We want those [issues] to peak on Sunday," he said. "That's the plan."


It is interesting to me that although Wake leads the NFL with 14 sacks, no one in the Dolphins organization believes he's arrived as a player. And there is more evidence of that than just what folks are saying. There are factoids that speak to Wake still not being in the forefront of the national fans or even Dolphins fanbase thinking. 

It is a beautiful day in So. Fla. And there are Bills fans in the house. I saw Bills fans on the Turnpike driving down to the game, for goodness sake. It will be interesting to me how many DOLPHINS fans show up today despite the fact this game is a sellout.

I did't detect a lot of buzz about this game this week.

Ah, the home field advantage.

[UPDATE: Reshad Jones starts for starts for Chris Clemons today.]


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Nice Dolphins articles today by the herald. I liked the "Rocky Road To Playoffs". I know we've already had plenty draft discussions but is a "little premature"?.

If our guys play the final 3 games like it was a 3 game round robin elimination tournament. We do have a chance. Do we control our own destiny? No, but we do have a chance and that's the least we can ask.

What If Today's Herald Article Had Also Read:

"Miami Dolphins Credit Dan Hennning For Improved Offense."

But it didnt did it, it was Nolan. LOL.........

Here's some of the praise heaped on Nolan:

``Nolan had it down to a science -- they had us so prepared, it was ridiculous,'' Crowder said. ``We knew exactly what they were going to run.'' How has Nolan helped elevate this group? Here's what players say:

• ``We're always doing things a little different to stay one step ahead,'' Cameron Wake said. Against the Jets, ``we showed different blitzes and pre-snap alignments that made them think we were doing something different from the first game,'' Tony McDaniel said.

``We do a lot of disguising that's worked,'' Yeremiah Bell said. ``Last year, we didn't do hardly any of that. In the Bengals game, you could tell they didn't know what coverage we were in. Nolan has made a huge difference. He knows how to adjust on the fly.''

As Randy Starks said, ``We don't do the same thing every week. That's the difference from last season.''

• McDaniel said, ``We know a lot more than we did last year about what opponents' tendencies are in different situations. It's almost like we're in the other team's practice.''

Wow, wouldnt it be great if the same things could be said of our offense too!


I can assure you Wake's pretty prominent in the eyes of the bloggers who come here. Youve seen the reaction here in your live blog everytime Wake shoots another opposing qb down! LOL....

I saw the same thing as well on NFLN, Mando. Have to prove the critics wrong again.

2 Wake sacks today and I love his possibilities of breaking the team record 18.5 sacks shared by Bill Stanfill and Jason Taylor.

Bill Stanfill accomplishments still overshadow Taylor's because Stanfill turned the feat during the 14 game season time frame, It took Taylor a 16 game time frame to tie him.

Im surprised this gets barely mentioned. LOL....

Cameron Wake will be the king of the sack this year and next. His speed and power demand attention and he has been getting a lot of double teaming. This is interupting the opponents run game.

I want them to let Henne fly today. 20 yard passes all over the place. No sideline advice unless they are showing him coverages.

Mando, if I weren't here in Scotland I would be at the game.

Go Dolphins!

And to the credit of this blog, most bloggers were clammoring for Wake to get more playing time well before he became a starter. So cudos to folks here for being ahead of the curve on that one!

Mando, Chris Mortensen just had a little tease that Cowher has 3 teams on his wish list = Texans, Giants and Fins. Do you think that if Miami ends up finishing 8-8 or 9-7 and out of the playoffs, that Ross makes a real play for Cowher after the season?

Good point Dying. I miss those days.

I know this question gets asked every week. Where can I find a stream for the game? There is a family that has a relative playing in the Philly-NYG game. I told them I would put it on at the bar. So I'm sacrificing in the Christmas spirit.. Help!

Unless playing "Raven-like" championship defense, I liken our making the playoffs to winning a bronze medal in the Olympics. Good but doesnt mean very much.

Should we do get in, offensively we havent much of chance unless our defense allows less than 10pts a game over a championship stretch. "IF" upon making the playoffs, our defense can play totally lights out over a 4 game stretch we could possibly end up in place so unfamiar since the 1973-74 championship season.

Keep Hope Alive! LOL.............

Here's what you want to happen today:

-Of course Miami beats Buffalo. However, let's not beat them up too badly because they must the Jets in two weeks.

-Pittsburgh clobbers and injures several key starters for the Jets. Not seriously mind you but just enough to go on IR.

-Jacksonville beats Indy

-St Louis beats KC

-NE wins but sustains several key injuries. See Jets above. We want them beaten to a pulp for week 17. History tells us that Bellichek won't rest starters, even if they have nothing to play for. See week 17, 2007.

Dear Mr. Salguero

With all the negatives surrounding our Miami Dolphins I think the one positive thing that should be highlighted is Dan Henning only has 3 games left with Miami.

Dan Henning steals Harvards mascot

Dolphins 35
Bills 14

Soiled :)


Cant guaranttee this stream will work today but it's always worked in the past for me and because of the area Im in I am also delegated to trying to use it today.

Good Luck to the both of us and go kick some Buffalo butt today mighty fins!


Chris in the 623. you forgot to mention that Henne stops locking on to receivers,ronnie stops dancing, and marshall starts scoring. oh and that i win the lottery...

Bill Stanfill accomplishments still overshadow Taylor's because Stanfill turned the feat during the 14 game season time frame, It took Taylor a 16 game time frame to tie him.

Im surprised this gets barely mentioned. LOL....

Posted by: DyingBreed

On the same theme, wasn't the 1000 yard rushing milestone based upon a 12 (83 ypg avg) or 14 (71 ypg avg)game season? Now they give it the same prestige during a 16 (62 ypg avg) game season. Soon we'll have 18 games and then 1000 yd mark will mean nothing more than 55 yard per game average.

In a nutshell, some stats should simple be avg per game over the course of a season as opposed to simply season totals, which blur the real story as games keep getting added.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/12/live-blog-of-dolphins-vs-bills-all-day.html#ixzz18ZvCJ1fu

Wow, I sure am glad Mike Nolan isnt as predictable as Dan Henne. Or there was no way we win a game scoring only 10pts last week.

Can you imagine what would have happened had we still both Henning and Pasqualoni? Wow, what a difference a year makes@! LOL......

Dying @11:44 Great post. We all can see it. but maybe this is a better look into why offense looks so uninspired. I can imagine how the meetings go.
Monday watch tape. Henning catch re -runs of The Golden Girls. Have a laugh
Tuesday- Start game planning. Henning Bridge game at Aventura Fairmont.
Wednesday- Practice. Henning Gotta catch the early bird buffet
Thursday Practice- Henning press conference, blame it on the offense, "They look unprepared, Henne doesn't know his protections"
Friday-Full pads. Henning, install game plan. Pass 40 times. Run 10 sounds good
Saturday- Travel .Henning Nap on the plane. Warm milk
Sunday....Gameday Baby

Whatever! Wake is the m$th$rf$ck$ng man!!!!! We need to pay him!!!! Imagine our season this year without him!!! Think wehave even the slightest chance of playoffs?! No!!!

Dan Henne? A fraudian slip perhaps. These next two games should be a great chance for Henne to get on track and seperate himself from coach Andrew Jackson.

Sometimes the Truth is a cold, hard slap in the face.



I agree a full 100%! Jim Brown rushed for over 1,863yds in a 12 game season. That's a 155ypg average = 155+ 155, so if you add 310+ 1863, that's 2,173yds over a 14 game season.

Even Eric Dickerson's fabulous season of 2,105yds would not have broken Brown's mark 2,173yds had Brown played 14 games on the pace he was on. Still Dickerson posted his numbers over a 16 game season.

Had Brown played 16 games on the torrid pace he was on the record would be now totally out of sight, at 2,484yds. The discussion would now be:

"What's More Difficult To Break, The Dimaggio Hit Streak Or Brown Rushing Mark?"

I was lucky enough......or am unlucky enough to be this old...........to have seen Jim Brown live & in person as a young lad bundled up in NYC for a Jints-Cleve game. Awesome display of power, speed, football IQ & moves.

Stll the best, no debate, IMHO.

Hmm ... I can see a big game out of Fasano! He is due for one.


Monday watch tape. Henning catch re -runs of The Golden Girls. Have a laugh
Tuesday- Start game planning. Henning Bridge game at Aventura Fairmont.
Wednesday- Practice. Henning Gotta catch the early bird buffet
Thursday Practice- Henning press conference, blame it on the offense, "They look unprepared, Henne doesn't know his protections"
Friday-Full pads. Henning, install game plan. Pass 40 times. Run 10 sounds good
Saturday- Travel .Henning Nap on the plane. Warm milk
Sunday....Gameday Baby

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | December 19, 2010 at 12:17 PM

What scares me most about this post is that it may be closer to truth than any of us realize. LOL..........

I think that in Baseball there are more variables then in football. In baseball, for instance if the opposition chooses to pitch around you, there is nothing you can do. Footballs version would be concentrating on the run, and putting 8 men in the box. You stil have the opportunity to break a long run, or 2. Especially if you have the ability to make teams stack the box. I would say the hit streak is a more difficult achievement.

From PFT story (still on front page) re Cowher "eyeing" 3 teams, Including MIA>

"The Dolphins could be the most intriguing possibility. With Bill Parcells gone, owner Stephen Ross could clean out coach Tony Sparano and G.M. Jeff Ireland and hand the keys to Cowher, whose first order of business would be to try to lure Kevin Colbert and/or Omar Khan from the Pittsburhg front office."

PLEASE SANTA............we need some nice new toys.

henning may suck but lets not forget the head coach is way too happy when we get 3 points so he can go right along with henning as far as im concerned, i still think its hilarious when im in a sports bar watching the games and people laugh at this guy fist pumping like he just won a super bowl after meaningless field goals

they better win at home or else sparano gets wacked for bill cowher for 2011 report on espn has cowher eyeing dolphins job number 1 on his list!.


When Brown was playing I still didnt know what a football was yet. I was only like 10-11yrs old when our Fish made thier run at perfection. Fortunately enough for me it was still a "perfect" age to know what the hell was going on at the time. LOL.........

On espn they are saying take Fasano as a TE for your fantasy team today. What do you guys think about that one? LOL...........

Ross should pull the trigger now, regardless of lock-out possibility. Build 2011 lockout into contract.

Like Teddy KGB sez: Pay The MAn His Money!

Move early, let Cowher get him a good personnel guy from Pittsburgh (their underlings have to be as good as Bellicheat's, i.e., Pioli, Dmitrv, etc

The NFl Network showed the top ten toughest places to play the other night. The Orange Bowl was like 5 or 6. I know that there are factors in why Joe Robbie is such a morgue. 1 is the over all poor play since the Phins have moved in(compaired to the teams that played in the Orange Bowl) 2 There are so many more ways to experience the game. Back in the day, if you wern't at the game. You probably had to read about it, hope Cosell played the highlight on MNF. 3 For all of the old buildings faults, it had charactar. The same can be said for the Redskins. The new place is nice, but it isn't the same as the old JFK. There is something to be said about stadiums that really "rocked". 4 Do the fans really have a reason to get excited about a team that is 1-8 at home over the last 9 games? Fishing in the Keys sounds a whole lot better then watching this garbage product. Who can blame the locals?

Wow, ESPN is really on the ball today! They just posted a stat that says Cameron Wake has 19.5 sacks in 14 career starts.

Those are some very, very beastly-like starting numbers! LOL...........

What are you talking about mando? Everyone on here loves Wake! Tim Graham of ESPN just wrote a big article on wake this past week saying something about not to fret, Wake will not only make the Pro Bowl roster this year, but also will get a lot of Defensive Player of the Year consideration, which he deserves. Everyone knows making the first Pro Bowl is difficult and after that one is when everyone has heard of the player and makes it easy to make it again.

I do not want to see Cowher.Just another Wanny or Sparano. He is just another conservative coach.

Gruden would be so much better for the Dolphins.

This team was fun to watch when it aired it out. Ross ought to be thinking that too. Want fans in the seats? Add a vertical passing game.

Looking for the Dolphin D to put the screws to Buffalo today.

No time like the present to revive a home field advantage.

Hope the O-line can keep the bills off Henne.

24-10 Dolphins!

Go Dolphins.

Who cares what the rest of the NFL thinks. Your records says who you are. And we're 7-6.

Chase, read the column and then you'll know what I'm talking about.

BTW. What the hell happened to Al Harris? When did we get rid of him????

Al Harris is on IR. Been that way for a couple of weeks.

I mean really...........I and I assume most others here are Over The Moon about Cam Wake.

I voted twice and I'll vote again, okay......btw, does anyone know if you can jump right to LB apge on NFL net.......I can live w/o the carpal tunnel from voting ofr other positions (except Fields & Carpy, of course).

No Lee Evans. Miami defensive domination!

I hope Fitzgerald doesn't put a 30yd rush TD on us again this year

Does anyone know if there's a 2011 lockout, will it count as a expire season on the players contract?

If so, does it mean that's an entire season none of the nfl players would not be paid for?

If these 2 things are true then it would certainly be in the players best interest for the Players Union to get a contract hammered out before the 2011 season.

Warren Sapp is a joy to watch on NFL Gameday Morning. Marshall Faulk is pretty good,too.

Mando, who's getting the ball first?

Love me my Fins games, but Thank Santa for RedZone today..............so I can monitor action in the real & meaningful games.

RedZone = Greatest Invention Since Canned Beer

The Seer, I was thinking the same thing. It's Playoff time in Fantasy, and with all these 1pm games, I'll need to be checking scores frequently.


One dude w/ mucho influence who'll fight to save the 2011 season is Bob Kraft.

I mean, FFS, the Pats have like 37 draft picks in first three rounds.

Dang. I've realized hes been gone the last couple of weeks, just must have missed the article of his placement on the IR.

Enjoy the Game.

DB. Thanks for the live stream info. My prediction Phins 27 Bills 13. Go Phins!!!!

Didn't you know Chase? This is MIAMI! Where veterans come to get hurt.

& fwiw DB--

don't pin this all or even mainly on the players.........we're talking lockout, not strike. The owners are a greedy bunch, willing to risk killing the Golden Goose.

Bills win the coin toss and will defer.

Bills steal Sparano Deferral Policy. Complaint to Goodell to follow.

The upper level of Sun Life has more empty seats than it does bodies in seats. sad.

Cool, we'll get the ball then. 3 and out, here we come!!!

Crush, kill, destroy, damn the torpedos-full speed ahead-have a buffalo burger.

Miami 15 Buffalo 10, repeat of Game 1

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