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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bills: All Day!

I was watching the NFL Network this morning and was quite surprised by part of the broadcast which led me to turn it off.

The league's media arm was running down the AFC playoff picture, which of course, included the teams leading their divisions, the teams currently in as wildcard teams, and those "in the hunt."

The Dolphins, according to the wisdom of the NFL Network, were not included in the hunt although some 7-6 teams were. Either the Dolphins get no respect or the NFL knows something.

Look, I recognize the Dolphins have very slim possibilities of getting in the playoffs. Even if they win their final three games -- a serious possibility -- they are not guaranteed of getting in because they need others beyond just the collapsing New York Jets, to lose.

But geez, at least respect the possibilities, no?

I would tell you the biggest chance the Dolphins have of winning today's road game at Buffalo (remember the Dolphins are 1-5 at home so home field advantage doesn't exist this year) is to torment quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick is the better QB in today's game. Look at the stats. So Miami needs Cameron Wake to make his life miserable. It is a real possibility as Wake leads the NFL in sacks and the Bills have some former guard Mansfield Wrotto, starting at right tackle. I told Wake about Buffalo's right tackle issues on Friday.

"We want those [issues] to peak on Sunday," he said. "That's the plan."


It is interesting to me that although Wake leads the NFL with 14 sacks, no one in the Dolphins organization believes he's arrived as a player. And there is more evidence of that than just what folks are saying. There are factoids that speak to Wake still not being in the forefront of the national fans or even Dolphins fanbase thinking. 

It is a beautiful day in So. Fla. And there are Bills fans in the house. I saw Bills fans on the Turnpike driving down to the game, for goodness sake. It will be interesting to me how many DOLPHINS fans show up today despite the fact this game is a sellout.

I did't detect a lot of buzz about this game this week.

Ah, the home field advantage.

[UPDATE: Reshad Jones starts for starts for Chris Clemons today.]


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Why doesn't Miami run off tackle behind Jake Long? Am I missing something? Jake Long is a beast no?

can't even pick up a yard.

wth was that? cant even pick up 2 yds?

More putrid looking offense

Mando---I dropped a quote from the stroy above.

Mortensenhas some cred, too.

Ross MUST ACT FAST, and damn the 2011 lockout question---pay the man!!!



Wow ... Cowher would come to Miami? Next question, would he do well? He certainly seems to have more 'attitude' than Fistpump does.

wow. three runs. way to open it up. our offense is so so sad

what a joke that 3rd down play was. Ronnie HAS TO GO after this season. Im so tired of him. I dont care if he finishes this game with 250 yards rushing. Hes done imo.


works great enjoy


Terrible play call, we obviously can't run against the worst run defense in the NFL

3-1, 3-2 should go to Ricky on run, brown dances too much.

Just filloe the team and stop being brain washed....

Gotta love that Henning play calling. Run game's been off ALL YEAR, but, hell, let's try it again today and see if anything will be different.

The way Mike Nolan can change midstream is exactly the opposite of Henning's glacial schemes. That draw was horrible.

and I assume everyone else here would agree with me but Ross MUST MUST MUST keep Nolan. I dont care if it take buying the guy a house next to dansby and crowder or something on A1A....give the guy a bag of cash....who cares.


Henning is not helping just die

hell yeah, cowher and a good qb, they actually might be good next year. or whenever that would take place.

And for the love of God, run a screen when they srack the box like that! Don't think I've seen a screen play once this year.

Sure there was penetration but Brown has no burst and he cannot break tackles. Pathetic for a #3 overall drafted rb.

Why does this game already feel like a loss? It's just too early to start drinking ... but I think I'm heading in that direction.

DC...why didn't you say that when Armando called for the run on 3rd and 2 last drive....

Crowd is absolutely dead. No noise, no energy.

Ya Nolan must stay this def will be 1 next year

how is our defense 5th? our secondary players besides vontae and bell to a certain extent are horrible, and we have no ints ever.

We can't run the ball against the worse run D in the NFL, but Henne sucks!!! This is supposed to be a power O utilizing play action... This o-line may be the worse in the NFL!

Midi is already having a strong game

Koa is playing well...he has progressed nicely...got ti give it to the "FECTA"

next year a rb with speed, a new coach, a qb, some ol, and were there!

saints are up on ravens we need that

secondary is horrible? LOL. do you remember last year? that was horrible. we are a solid secondary this year by far.

Armando ... Bring Your Corpse Day has been an abject failure I guess.

At least when Fitzpatrick runs this year, he doesn't go 34 yards for a TD.

Maybe we should sit Brown and try Cobbs. Perhaps Cobbs would have better burst than Brown.

bess should not be returning kicks. does he make everyone else nervous?

And here comes the most anemic offense in all of Football...

Even IF we beat the Bills today (and by IF, I mean a REALLY BIG IF) ... I have a feeling this Fitzpatrick kid is going to cause us problems for years to come.

I bet if the O actually made some plays the crowd would get excited. No one cheers for punts or missed fg

that may have been the lowpoint of last season mando.

Henning is horrid would love to see a new oc with henne

Wake being doubled and held again with no call by the refs. What's else new! LOL..........

drfletcherdc ... oh come on, you trying to tell me you didn't get a Chris Matthews "thril up the leg" over last weeks punting clinic????? LOL!!!!!

we dont like Henning but why the hell would you wish he died?

come on offense dont let the bills hang around all day put them away

yeah why not or hilliard. what is there to lose?


we are not a solid secondary when most secondaries have players with more picks than our whole secondary...
maybe an exaggeration but not by much. they are better only because pur front is pressuring.

The mist inexcusable problem is the o line. How can an o-line coach not select line talent.

damn....ravens scored.

Cant entirely put the blame on Henne thus far. He had the ball batted down on 3rd down but that was great effort by the DE.

Great news ... Henne has already beat last week's output!

Terrible call by henning...he sucks....first down...but henning sucks

Between the Fins, Marlins, and Heat, it sounds to me like Miami has the worst fans in pro sports.

Kevin Curtis wide open and Henne overthrows.

Wake me up at fourth quarter

Maybe if Henning were given a cup of warm milk and a blanket he would call a better game from the both. LOL...........


Darnit Henning.....why did you tell Henne to over thro him....play calling sucks....wide open recievers

oh no, giong deep, overthrown as usual! BORING..........

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