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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bills: All Day!

I was watching the NFL Network this morning and was quite surprised by part of the broadcast which led me to turn it off.

The league's media arm was running down the AFC playoff picture, which of course, included the teams leading their divisions, the teams currently in as wildcard teams, and those "in the hunt."

The Dolphins, according to the wisdom of the NFL Network, were not included in the hunt although some 7-6 teams were. Either the Dolphins get no respect or the NFL knows something.

Look, I recognize the Dolphins have very slim possibilities of getting in the playoffs. Even if they win their final three games -- a serious possibility -- they are not guaranteed of getting in because they need others beyond just the collapsing New York Jets, to lose.

But geez, at least respect the possibilities, no?

I would tell you the biggest chance the Dolphins have of winning today's road game at Buffalo (remember the Dolphins are 1-5 at home so home field advantage doesn't exist this year) is to torment quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick is the better QB in today's game. Look at the stats. So Miami needs Cameron Wake to make his life miserable. It is a real possibility as Wake leads the NFL in sacks and the Bills have some former guard Mansfield Wrotto, starting at right tackle. I told Wake about Buffalo's right tackle issues on Friday.

"We want those [issues] to peak on Sunday," he said. "That's the plan."


It is interesting to me that although Wake leads the NFL with 14 sacks, no one in the Dolphins organization believes he's arrived as a player. And there is more evidence of that than just what folks are saying. There are factoids that speak to Wake still not being in the forefront of the national fans or even Dolphins fanbase thinking. 

It is a beautiful day in So. Fla. And there are Bills fans in the house. I saw Bills fans on the Turnpike driving down to the game, for goodness sake. It will be interesting to me how many DOLPHINS fans show up today despite the fact this game is a sellout.

I did't detect a lot of buzz about this game this week.

Ah, the home field advantage.

[UPDATE: Reshad Jones starts for starts for Chris Clemons today.]


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3rd and forever, MIAMI F'N SUX!!!!!

i get tired of that look on sean smiths face.

Wat happend to hennes fast throw?

nice play dansby. way to defend.

Dansby was a blink late on reacting...now we need 3 fist pumps to take the lead

between 3 defenders and since they have nothing to play for anymore, buffalo will go for it all day

I was just watching the Celtic woman sing christmas carol's Mando. It's more interesting than watching this game. QB huge area of concern all year. Let's hope you've got it right now, you've been on the wrong end of defending Henne.

well they scored a TD there goes our game BRINGING HOME THE "L"

The defensive player for Miami just lets the ball go by them + Buffalo catches-then-unnecessary roughness to no purpose-this is the way losers play

thanks for the link dude...just enough time to watch that TD ...fack lol

Just got off the phone with Sparano, he's going to give Henne 5 more interceptions before benching him AGAIN.

When Miami faces 3rd and long - it results in an INT. When the opponents face 3rd and long, it's 6 points. This team is baffling. They cannot stay on the field when they need to and they cannot get off the field when they need to.

if suck boy henne can't do anything, sit his sorry ass and bring in thigpen.

NY...Its called letting your recievefr make a play....we should try it sometime

This is extremely frustrating - how many more years of mediocrity!?

Hey deytreder,

When you spoke with Tony, did he mention anything about Dan Henning? I suppose were keeping him on the payroll too? Darn.

smith sucks

The good news is that the Dolphins owner has already been rumored to have discussions with Bill Cowher. That would certainly mean the end of Dan Henning.

ummm sure Kris, can we throw some go gett'em to Marshall and let him make a play?

dude if we lose to the bills that will suck!! come on O score some points

Why can't we block the Buffalo Bills on running plays?

Chad Henne 7, Miami Dolphins 0. Hey Joe Schmo, you're guy is having another great day isn't he?? Oh yeah, that's right, he's not entirely the problem. It must be Marshall's fault Henne threw that bonehead pass that got picked off.

Is it possible for one of our rbs to break a tackle

Berger, can you block anyone in the middle you stiff???

Wow... another example of rotten play calling. It's 2nd and 3... now's the time to stretch the field.


so slow he gets sacked-bench him now


When I watch Chad Henne, I miss Cleo Lemon.

Hope Miami loses out!we need a leader, Cam Newton would be great. we also need a real center, speed at LBand another inside LB

The good news is that if we do lose, it will probably mean the end for this coaching staff! And that, my friends, would be great.

Henne touches kids

Fist pumps from the head coach, Henning should have been fired 6 games back, lack luster starting QB. OL sucks and our only saving grace, D hasn't shown up yet!

I do not want to see Cowher.Just another Wanny or Sparano. He is just another conservative coach.

Gruden would be so much better for the Dolphins.

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin fan | December 19, 2010 at 12:53 PM
Ignorance again. Cowher's teams (featuring "Slash") were hardly conservative.
I'll take Cowher's resume over Gruden's ANY DAY.

Why run on first and second when they always loose yards on the 2 run?? Henning is stupid

This is painful to watch

they pick up the blitz and he still can't get the ball off? wow, i am done with this guy, no more defending him, time for thigpen. So on a day when they know they are still alive, the O, D and ST all don't bother to show up? Nice job of coaching there!!! Way to get the guys ready to play!!!

Why aren't we talking about how bad that guy murtha is?

Where's all the Henne lovers? Not sayin'much today. It must be Marshall's fault. Or the o-line. Henne is a star in the makings.

i would rather have gus ferotte in there at this point!

Henne needs to be pulled immediately! WTF, throw the damn ball Ahole!!!


But let's look at the reason he was in the position in the first place. It's because our freakin' OC is the worst. When it was 2nd and 3, instead of calling a play that would stretch the field, he called some predictable shotty run play that made it 3rd and long - AGAIN. Until we get a new OC, it does not matter who the players are.

We could have had Spiller-but with our mighty offensive line-that they got rid of, and our never fast RB's-who work at Fred Astaire's in their off time we didn't need an electric player

Bills have heart and once again the fins at home are flat! No emotion nothing from the idiot henne but early pics and indecision with his passing

This can't be playing well with Ross and all his red carpet cronies.

oh no, hennes the future, the leader, the franchise qb. that's the funniest sh%t i have ever heard.

Miami is in the 11th year of a 10 year rebuilding program.

Henne is one problem, but it's very evident we're being outcoached before your very eyes.

Bills Gould go here on 4rth and 1!!! Why not put the fins put of their misery d
So I can watch the eagles and gints

But Henne is playing himself OUT of a job (even though I think he keeps it until a better option comes around).

I was a big supporter for Henne, but he just doesn't have it. Did someone check to see if he had a pulse?

it's the end of henne, and the trisuckta!

Well... now we're down by two possessions... this means ALL the pressure is on Henne. Oh well, Fins fans. I guess the good news is that we will be eliminated from the playoffs - we won't need to waste our time any more this season - and it will give Ross the added incentive to continue negotiations with BIll Cowher.

Fins Up-you have a point-Sparano needs to step in-this game is our season + a lot of peoples jobs-You would hope the players would realize this but we will found out soon

A team needs to be explosive and energetic in December. In this game, that team is Buffalo.

Dan Henning should resign or die

henne's better suited to be the waterboy!

Hey Armando, how's that 90th straight sellout?

Good news though. Score dictates offense gets more offensive, so Henning takes his foot off the brake. Take the decision out of his hand (that's when Henne is at his best).

If Dan Henning has a clue... he can get his team back into this game but he needs to cut Henne loose and let him throw a bomb to Marshall that goes for a big gain and gives the offense come emotion.

But instead, Henning will undoubtedly do the predictable thing and handcuff the offense with small gain runs which will doom the offense for the rest of the game.

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