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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bills: All Day!

I was watching the NFL Network this morning and was quite surprised by part of the broadcast which led me to turn it off.

The league's media arm was running down the AFC playoff picture, which of course, included the teams leading their divisions, the teams currently in as wildcard teams, and those "in the hunt."

The Dolphins, according to the wisdom of the NFL Network, were not included in the hunt although some 7-6 teams were. Either the Dolphins get no respect or the NFL knows something.

Look, I recognize the Dolphins have very slim possibilities of getting in the playoffs. Even if they win their final three games -- a serious possibility -- they are not guaranteed of getting in because they need others beyond just the collapsing New York Jets, to lose.

But geez, at least respect the possibilities, no?

I would tell you the biggest chance the Dolphins have of winning today's road game at Buffalo (remember the Dolphins are 1-5 at home so home field advantage doesn't exist this year) is to torment quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick is the better QB in today's game. Look at the stats. So Miami needs Cameron Wake to make his life miserable. It is a real possibility as Wake leads the NFL in sacks and the Bills have some former guard Mansfield Wrotto, starting at right tackle. I told Wake about Buffalo's right tackle issues on Friday.

"We want those [issues] to peak on Sunday," he said. "That's the plan."


It is interesting to me that although Wake leads the NFL with 14 sacks, no one in the Dolphins organization believes he's arrived as a player. And there is more evidence of that than just what folks are saying. There are factoids that speak to Wake still not being in the forefront of the national fans or even Dolphins fanbase thinking. 

It is a beautiful day in So. Fla. And there are Bills fans in the house. I saw Bills fans on the Turnpike driving down to the game, for goodness sake. It will be interesting to me how many DOLPHINS fans show up today despite the fact this game is a sellout.

I did't detect a lot of buzz about this game this week.

Ah, the home field advantage.

[UPDATE: Reshad Jones starts for starts for Chris Clemons today.]


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Henne's strength is throwing rockets down field... play to his strength.

wow. a catch! then back to the same old sh%t!

OMG... Henning FINALLY called the right play in the right situation.

Fasano-Marshall-they do exist

Ok I don't post on here all that much but right now I have to say a few things. First yes Henne is making bad decisions! However the play calling is putting him in situations that had they play calling been better he wouldn't have to make those decisions! That doesn't exonerate Henne but doesn't make him the scape goat either! Bottom line is with a better o line and a better o coordinator and maybe just maybe Henne develops more as a QB!

kris, THIS is a good drive (playcalling-wise). WHY wait until down 10-0 for it?

Playing for another FG

holy sh&t you gotta be kiddig! fins to the left, fins to the right.

Good run by Brown.... this o-line absolutely still sucks!!!!


Show your heart Miami, leave it out on the field!

Finally the Rock has come back to Miami-I mean touchdown-runnig-by MiamI? What a bloc by Marshall

Throw on first down to setup the run.... we can't run it against an awful run defense...

I didn't we turned into the Oakland Raiders fans in the endzone LOL funny stuff

let's go D.

This is just the worst play calling i have ever seen even in the 07 season the play calling was much better.Tony Sparano is way to conservative and he needs to go along with Henning.Miami needs major help on the offensive line we should sign Logan Mankins so he can be next to Long and switch Incognito next to Vernon Carey.Miami must keep Nolan because our defense has made a major improvement from last season,he is the reason our defense is ranked 5th in the league.Miami has to find a way to get Marshall more productive in the redzone he is very under utulized in that area,its just common sense to have a player of his caliber and knowing that he must get the ball especially in the redzone because he is a playmaker thats why they call him the beast.Cowher would be a great choice i think his head n shoulders above Gruden.

Great... now the defense goes AWOL

Even when the D makes a play - they try to screw it up. Why the heck would you EVER lateral that ball???? Just keep it.

Not only that, there was NO REASON to lateral. Sapp was in better position to run with it than the guy he was giving it to.

It's clear when you see terrible decision making like we just saw from the defense is that they are just not coached very well.

Go downfield - please - at least once before the time is out.

You can't take a sack

Misread on the blocking and Long whiffed and Henne didn't even read the overloaded blitz!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Is it me, or does Miami have the MOST uninspiring two minute drives in football. Our coaching and players suck.

please start thigpen in the 2nd half. that would be the smartest decision in this game.

Thigpen has even less poise.... When you can't run the ball with a young QB and you can't pass block I don't care who you put back there at QB. Hope Ross fires these fools except for Nolan and brings in Cowher. He knows how to build nasty o-lines!!!

anything is better that that carnival sideshow freak they have out there.

The funny thing with the Fins is that if their DBs just hold on to a few of those dropped interceptions (they have 30 dropped to date), this team would be 9-4 now - maybe even 10-3. So it's not all Chad Henne's fault.

Unreal... can the not get their protection packages together? And where is the check down receiver... what a terrible formation.

no just 95% of it is his fault.

We need a new coaching staff bad - one that won't call plays on 3rd down that will be short of the first down even if completed. Let's face it - player's aside - Tony Sparano is essentially Dave Wannstedt part 2.

another beautiful 2nd half drive to start! sickening.


the secondary is HORRIBLE!

Clemons and Henne have to go

There is no accountability with the coaching staff whatsoever. They just blame the players. I think it is time to get a coaching crew who is at least accountable for their jobs.

davis sucks, non tackling mf.

Yeah... we can lose then Ross will fire the coaches.

The Dolphins are bums.

wtf are these piece of sh%T's doing out there?

this team is a embarassment!

Guess Armando went into hiding or writing his Tony is on the hot seat article for the this week.

Stick a forkin'em folks these turkey's are done!

Its better that they just lose so the coaches get fired and the team gets overhauled. The fact is that if they win, they will keep the coaches and that means continued mediocrity.

I have an idea... run right into the only guy downfield from the kickoff team. No, don't try to go to the side or anything.

and now the fist pump fg is gone!

COME ON... the whole offense cannot be long FG attempts. THIS TEAM SUX. I am over it. I am tired of watching this crap over and over.

You're in NO MANS LAND. You might as well go for it on those. Heck, at least you have a chance of picking up the first down. Instead, you're gonna give them the ball at the spot of the attempt.

Coach Wannsparano is a moron.

is anyone over this garbage yet?

buffalo needs to score to put this one in the books, and then sparano, henne, and henning can pack their bags, for good!


yep... not watching again this year. I am tired of supporting this team year in and year out. We have not had a real coach since Don Shula. And we haven't had a QB that could get it done and win the Superbowl since 1972. This blows.

i here you Fins Up!

this seasons been over!

we should just lose the rest for better draft pick which we will mess up!

The first thing we have to do is STOP pretending that coordinators and assistants can be head coaches.

Hey look.... another penalty... here comes another FG attempt.

Holy SHHT - another wasted time out. Sparano - YOU SUCK

nice way to burn a time out. what genious'

it's the WILDCRAP!

No wonder Henne sucks... every time he gets on a roll, they take him out for a stupid no gain wildcat play. Way to build his confidence.

it'a miami dolphins touchdown.we are the miami dolphins, the miami dolphins, too bad we still suck, and will lose the game, we are the miami dolphins!

Let's go!

let's see if henne can man up and lead this team, or can he do his same old s$it. we will see!

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