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Live blog of the Dolphins versus Jets

This one has the feel of a big game so let's give you the big-boy news first:

Lydon Murtha starts at right tackle for an inactive Vernon Carey. Pat McQuistan continues to start at right guard. Rookie John Jerry will back up both players.

As I tweeted earlier and posted in the comments section of the last post, it makes more sense to go with a more experienced tackle such as Murtha than to move Jerry, who has not been good enough to keep his guard job, to right tackle and start him there. You don't promote and move a player to a new spot for the blitzing, changing Jets defense.

Look for the Jets to match Jason Taylor versus Murtha a lot today.

The only other lineup change for Miami today is Davone Bess starts for Brian Hartline, who is now on injured reserve.

The inactives for today are Nate Ness, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Matt Kopa, Vernon Carey, Eric Chiaciuc, Mickey Shuler, Ryan Baker, and Chris Baker.

We are blogging live from the New Meadowlands Stadium. Gotta tell you for $1.6 billion, this place is nice. But not that nice. It is mostly, just big. But personality?

Not so much.

Meet me in the comments sections for the live blog. I think I smelled a New York Jets collapse being cooked up at the tailgate while I was coming into the stadium.




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Chiaciuc..........The Last of the Mohicans?

Murtha...Sweet. Let's see if Henning gives him some help, or if he will hand Murhta out to dry. The fullbacks(Polite, Lex) will have to be accountable for picking up some of the rush today.

I'm feeling good today.

The upset would be nice.

A, I thought your article on 'evaluations being handed out top to bottom' was spot on. The players play for Tony. That says something and is a line-item on the coach's evaluation form.

My gm approach is blow up everything next season and make Thigpen starter. That gives us our greatest chance at a first overall pick in 2012 and shot at a franchise qb to rebuild a once proud franchise around.

Over the offseason just trade any and everyone For the highest pick value and the most draft picks we can possibly garner. I know it doesnt sound like a very good idea but that doesnt mean it isnt something that critically needs to be done.

Putting a bandaid on a compound fracture doesnt work folks.

Jets suck

Dear Mr. Salguero

After watching the broadway play Lombardi the following events occurred

Channing Crowder realizes that Broadway is just to fabulous to be ignored...quits football and auditions to be a cast member of CATS.

Dan Henning buys a carton of Pall malls and switches to Sanka.

Owner Stephen Ross goes out and hires Gordon Ramsey from the show Hells kitchen to purchase all Dolphin groceries.

Tony Sporano says "Anchorman" with will Ferrell was much funnier.

Soiled :)

Good thing ur not a gm

Harsh DB.

The team really does have a much better nucleus of players than what they inherited, IMO.

Soiled...Thanks for the laugh, this is an all-timer. Hows the book coming? Christmas will be here soon!!!

Sanchez not being a cold weather qb should keep the game fairly close. But with our banged up offense we struggle moving the ball too.

Wouldnt surprise me at all the winner of this game scores no more than 17pts max. Cold weather isnt ideal for the field goal kickers either. Hint...hint....Dan Henning.

Thigpen might be the worst quarterback we havee had there is a reason he couldn't start for kc

Dyingbreed Tyler should not be started he is trash! And you want the team to throw a whole season right? DAMM dude you got problems

Yeah DB. Why go to all that trouble when we can't seem to draft well anyway. Just let everyone out of the contracts (see Matt Roth) and fill the roster with undrafted free agents.
All that would need to be done after that is bring in Chad P to help develop the QB.

Our db's can not hold onto the ball in warm weather so I fully dont expect them to hold onto the 1-2 picks opportunities Sanchez may give them today. Again that may lose us yet another game and will be the same post game story after a loss.

Difference being Jets hanging onto whatever gift picks Henne presents.

Lets lose and get a far better position in the Draft.

It's not like we're making the playoff...even if we win

Let’s hope we don’t get swept by the Jets this year.

Every team that dominated 70's football has won SB's since we last did it. They all hit rock bottom before finally doing it too.

Yes we did finallyhit rock bottom(1-15) but managed to entirely screw that up by going 11-5 and afc east champs the following season. That just cant happenb 1 short season shy of 1-15 unless you were heavily talent laden and the only issue was pathetic coaching alone the previous season.

I would love to see the Jets collapse late season. Ryan burying footballs and Sanchez burying hot dogs.

Carson Palmer fans (not me), he just threw his second pic 6 today, looked like a rookie out there. He's lost whatever he once had. We don't need him here, we already have Henne and Thiggy.

just keep losing and make it ugly. helps our draft and helps ross make the dec on staff

jets should lose 2 more, at chicago and at pitt. but they will get in. hope they lose first rd. safe to say pats have trip to super bowl wrapped up

i hate dan dierdoff wat a tool

By the beard of Zeus !

Antony Cleopatra !

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

After going 1-15 we were rewarded with one of the easiest schedules the following year. Isn't that the NFL way? We were 6-6 at the same time that year and finished our weak-ass schedule with 4 straight wins. Then, we were crushed in the first game of the play-offs. Talent? I'm still not sure what you are saying.

Blow up what we've worked 3 years re-building with a core of young developing players and start over???

Beginning with 2007 this is what I believe our progression should have been:

2007- 1-15
2008- 4-12 Drafting Matt Ryan
2009- 7-9 As we did manage
2010- 10-6/11-5

This also is contingent upon better drafting and personel decisions. We shouild have been battling for the division title this year. Not being totally out of the picture at this point in the season.

We should have been looking at 2011 as being the year we could legitimately become kings of the afc east. Not wondering if we will be unseating the Bills as cellar dwellars. That's the way it now kind of looks.

DB isn't saying Thigp will help us, he is saying he will ensure a bad season and therefore better draft picks. DB - no point in trading Long or Vontae because the chances of getting anyone equal to take their places is too slim. Need to keep your top players especially the young ones.

What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole... wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing. How 'bout we get you in your p.j.'s and we hit the hay.

I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I... I wanna be on you.

we went 11-5 that first year, yes the schedule was cake.

I am in Chicago. The weather here is sick. Wait until you all see the game against the Patriots in an hour. Total white out here.

I'm gonna punch you in the ovary, that's what I'm gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker.


2008 Chad Pennington may have been our greatest blessing but he was also our greatest curse. Without CP no way do we go 11-5 even with a weak schedule. CP was a huge mistake for a 1-15 rebuilding team with a weak schedule.

Basically we traded a better future for a better right now with CP. The proof is right now in the pudding. That can not be disputed.

It is not cold nor raining right now. It is windy. That matters.

Not on here much guys. Anyone talking about Josh McDaniels for new OC?

mcdaniels??? no way. guy is garbage.

and the bills beat the browns by a td. so sad we couldnt even beat them

Chad Henne has twin brother named Kyle Boller

Dear Mr. Salguero

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with a Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon master guide book....Dolphins move three paces forword then search for traps.

Dolphins 21
Jets 17

Soiled :)

I get to watch us lose on my new 55" LED TV :)

Jax/Raiders has actually been a very exciting game. Far more offensive in a good way than what we are usually used to watching with our Dolphins. LOL..............

Rock bottom?

We have hit Bedrock!

It's the Fred and Barney show!!!!

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!!!

Dan Henning, I know you're shaking in your boots you wussie! I got a good deadl on some Valiums!!!!


Chad Henne has twin brother named Kyle Boller

Posted by: drfletcherdc | December 12, 2010 at 03:45 PM

Had Boler not just been intercepted and the Raiders scored instead. I guarantee someone here says "lets get Boller" over the offseason. LOL............

ROTFLMAO@ Odinseye at 03:49 PM!

Agreed DB...The Jax/Raiders game has been real good...It would be cool if we had exciting football, but, alas...We have what we have


jets 13-3

Dear Mr. Salguero

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with old bowling score cards...calls for Ronnie Brown to Turkey in the 10th frame to win it.

Soiled :)

Dan Henning is really a 3,000yr old Egyptian mummy exhibit. Do not be fooled Dolfans! LOL...........

Agreed CP was a major reason we went 11-5 and agreed no other QB on our roster at that time would or could have equaled that record. That's just the way it goes.

Hindsight is 20-20 and your expectation or woulda coulda shoulda is confusing to me.

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, half do not have a QB of the future. Please be real. You can't fault BP for choosing a franchise LT to protect his potential franchise QB in what amounted to almost a coup with your first two picks in your first draft. Just MO. I don't believe in 2nd guessing in these situations as NO ONE can predict the future.

Every team picks up players to win now (thus CP), but I believe the new regime looked to balance that with core new comers for building for the future. Pittsburgh, NE, Indy come to mind as I think that was the "blue-print" or intention when they came to town.

Everything about NY/Jersey is pathetic.

Len. It's the same sites EVERY WEEK that stream the games...BOOKMARK THEM AND FIGURE IT OUT!


In retrospect, yes we should not have gotten CP and just started Henne right from the start. He would have had a whole extra season experience (just like Ryan Flacco Sanchez were drafted to start and learn immediately), and by now there would be no debate whether to keep him or not. Sure CP is an excellent mentor, but they do have a QB coach for that reason as well.

Not EVERYTHING is pathetic in NJ. Clarence is going to play the national anthem!

b. croyle is a guy miami will try and sign

Just goes to show how bad we actually are after the Jake Delhomme lead Browns laid ANOTHER egg against today against the Bills. Enough said.....last week was the nail in another disappointing season.

Krishna, get tired of your other name???

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