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Live blog of the Dolphins versus Jets

This one has the feel of a big game so let's give you the big-boy news first:

Lydon Murtha starts at right tackle for an inactive Vernon Carey. Pat McQuistan continues to start at right guard. Rookie John Jerry will back up both players.

As I tweeted earlier and posted in the comments section of the last post, it makes more sense to go with a more experienced tackle such as Murtha than to move Jerry, who has not been good enough to keep his guard job, to right tackle and start him there. You don't promote and move a player to a new spot for the blitzing, changing Jets defense.

Look for the Jets to match Jason Taylor versus Murtha a lot today.

The only other lineup change for Miami today is Davone Bess starts for Brian Hartline, who is now on injured reserve.

The inactives for today are Nate Ness, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Matt Kopa, Vernon Carey, Eric Chiaciuc, Mickey Shuler, Ryan Baker, and Chris Baker.

We are blogging live from the New Meadowlands Stadium. Gotta tell you for $1.6 billion, this place is nice. But not that nice. It is mostly, just big. But personality?

Not so much.

Meet me in the comments sections for the live blog. I think I smelled a New York Jets collapse being cooked up at the tailgate while I was coming into the stadium.




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Dear Mr. Salguero

Jets offensive playbook replaced with Dan Hennings offensive playbook

Dolphins 21
Jets 3

Soiled :)

Dedrick Epps, signed from the practice squad, will wear No. 81.

I think there's nothing predicting we lose this game (big or otherwise). They're coming off a bad showing just like us. Add the weather, and I think you pretty much have a 50-50 shot at winning at the least. Yet, all you guys are ready to fly the surrender flag.

Talking about losing for the sake of better draft picks is silly thinking. Doubt anyone would ever do that in reality.

jets take shots downfield

Actually for the ignorant:

Hare means "hail", kind of like "ave" (in the Christian dogma). Krishna is the name of a deity of sorts from one of the oldest philosophies/traditions/cultures on the planet. He was also a warrior, lover, teacher of how to live one's life in the highest (read that most spiritual) way possible.



Oh yeah, thast guys career went to shyt after the Henning factor.

I must have felt good for him to get some revenge.

Speaking of which, UPSET TIME!

This one win will make the whole season for me!

lets see if henne's our qb of the future. here's his chance to win the qb job. gotta do it on the field;not in practice where he supposedly completes 80% according to sparano. hope he outplays sanchez.

How many interceptions will "the stare" henne throw in the 1st half?

beating the hated jets will make the season a success for me.

Patrick Turner, known for his years of leadership with the Jets, is among the team captains for New York today.

anyone got a link that works on a mac cant get plug ins


That's why you base everything on whats been most consistent in a historical point of view when in dead heat on a prospective pick. There have been many LT busts too.

Sometimes it comes down to which do you need more? Had the Parcellians asked themselves this Ryan would have been the resounding question. Instead they asked themselves which is safest?

Safest doesnt always equal best either. Had Long sustained a career ending injury or had been a bust by now, it would have been a doble whammy of woe to the Parcellians.

Its not 2nd guessing when you were a Ryan as the #1 overall pick from the begining. Its we told them so. LOL.............

Can Henne redeem himself? Will Sparano have a job next year? So much drama.

Darren Rizzi schemes has the kicker making the tackle on a kickoff at the 45 yard line. Really?

Yep Joe, it sucks......

Pat Turner--I hate the Jets and their fat A coach

Thank God for Carpenter

SEAN "dropped INT" SMITH!

Once again, an interception dropped by the Dolphins.

Catch the freakin bal

First dropped INT--three to go..

Here we go again with the dropped pick six

Our DBs cant catch! What the F*ck!

Sean Smith-pick 6-all year

Handless wonders...it continues

LOL @ MAndy...PAt Turner is a team captain?!

I just posted our db's will drop gifts this game then first series ..........damn you Sean Smith! I hate being right about this!


seriously....at this point I cannot even get pissed.....we've been dropping sure INTs fora year or more.

Watch Smith's twitter acct for a full explanation.

Put Marshall at DB, this is pathetic.

Bet the Jet db's dont drop a Henne gift!

Please no h0m0 wildcat plays

Look like John Jerry did lose his job. Not starting at RG or RT...

Another draft bust?

lets go MIAMI

Mommy-Ronnie's dancing again!

I guess your right DB.

I love people that know everything before it happens.

There is nothing safe about being a warrior or spiritual and there is certainly no consistency so I still don't get it.


Fing Henne,

Smith would have had that pick 6 if Henne wasn't our QB!!!!

Yep Po. But if we can beat jet scum, we'll all feel a little better

Darn.....now there is a Krishna on this blog..WTF...seems like you have some things to say...but could you have picked a differnt name maybe????

Henne has the worst short pass ever

can't believe our D-backs....! I'm completely convinced that these coaches do not know how to draft. Our D-backs cannot catch the ball. LBs catch the ball better than our backs. How many games have we lost this year due to our DBs inability to catch the ball? Our players suck!

All day & Henne can't make anything happen

With ya there Joe.

Henne's not looking right now. He seems nervous ... that was one crappy throw

"Henne has the worst short pass ever" ..ummmmmmm? short passes?

Maybe Thiggy isn't such a bad idea

Of course, that long ball was pretty terrible as well


didn't see the flag did u F A G!!!!

hell ya, thiggy! Henne is a waste...how long must this nightmare continue!

Henne throws it into the 3rd row...yeaaaaa

Jets had both Santonio Holmes and Jason Taylor on the field for that punt return.


Man I hate TRADOR 99

Henne's scared, slow, robotic, and can't even hit a slow, plodding Ronnie Brown

We're not moving the ball well at all. Only reason we got a first down was on a crappy penalty. I think the Jets are going to burn us especially since our CRAPPY DB's cannot hold onto a sure interception.

Seriously ... how do we fix that? What can the coaches do to resolve this issue? My eight-year-old catches better.

The Jets suck and so does anyone that likes them......

How nice it'd b if our D could catch an INT and change momentum, field position and further shatter Gaychize's confidence!!

Jason Traitor will be back in Miami, hat in hand, asking for his spot in the Ring of Honor. Classless.

Hmm.......guys I wonder how many 2nd rd qb's have become franchise qb's. That's gotta be an extremely short list. LOL............

Give the guy a series or 2 to get a rhythm going.

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