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Live blog of the Dolphins versus Jets

This one has the feel of a big game so let's give you the big-boy news first:

Lydon Murtha starts at right tackle for an inactive Vernon Carey. Pat McQuistan continues to start at right guard. Rookie John Jerry will back up both players.

As I tweeted earlier and posted in the comments section of the last post, it makes more sense to go with a more experienced tackle such as Murtha than to move Jerry, who has not been good enough to keep his guard job, to right tackle and start him there. You don't promote and move a player to a new spot for the blitzing, changing Jets defense.

Look for the Jets to match Jason Taylor versus Murtha a lot today.

The only other lineup change for Miami today is Davone Bess starts for Brian Hartline, who is now on injured reserve.

The inactives for today are Nate Ness, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Matt Kopa, Vernon Carey, Eric Chiaciuc, Mickey Shuler, Ryan Baker, and Chris Baker.

We are blogging live from the New Meadowlands Stadium. Gotta tell you for $1.6 billion, this place is nice. But not that nice. It is mostly, just big. But personality?

Not so much.

Meet me in the comments sections for the live blog. I think I smelled a New York Jets collapse being cooked up at the tailgate while I was coming into the stadium.




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Misi might be a player ...


At least they know how to draft O-linemen

Good call Ref!

Man you called it. Henne is just too slow and too unathletic. He cant avoid a pass rush and hes not smart enough to breakdown a defense...

henne looke soooo uncomfortable

The garish green fan booing the home team ...


Whats game temperature there?

I don't get excited when the ball gets deflected ... we're sure in hell NOT going to catch the damn thing!!!!!

I don't hate our defense--but someone other than Wake has to start making some plays!!

nice p[lay design the saftey valve ran a two yard route on 3rd and 9.

Henne should have designed the play better.

Didn't matter max protect two receivers BOTH coverd.

Henne should have got separation for the receiver or just threw the pick,

Get a freaking clue DOLTS!

Today's game will come down to coaching. IOW, we're toast.



yes....they listened to me!!



It can't be!!!!!!!!!!

A pick?

Oh my God .... is it legal for the defense to catch the opposing teams passes?



wow is sanchez bad


An interception-now you can die happy!!

OMG.............. Are we dreaming?

Young Carroll!

Sanchez sucks

Tiny Hands Sanchez can't throw in the cold.

Sanchize ... LOL

he caught it! he caught it! he ... i feel faint...

Nolan Caroll now has as many INT's as SEAN SMITH!

I hope we get williams back for next year.. Let ronnie go

Nolan Carroll finally breaks the Dolphins string of dropped interceptions. At least four by my count.

Is Merling in the game?

Gaychize sucks!!! Athletic as heck no arm!! I'll take un-athletic Henne wit a cannon and time to grow.

Only problem is that Dumbson is our QB.

Well, it gave us a first down ... ho hum.


Wild Fin ... Lex Hilliard in the game ? Shocker

And an effective Wildcat play? it's a time-warp i tell ya

"F" ing Wildcat!!!

lol where are you at tortured huh??? Your JETS got stomped last week and look like trash so far HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

Is it just me or do we seriously get a holding penalty every 3 plays of wildcat?!!?!?

WIlcat means yhour offense sucks otherwise. That's about right.

JT almost picked Henne off, LOL

Henne sucks too.

Anybody have a link?


There is a turnover god!

HENNNNNNNEEEEEEEE....lets blame that on the OC

Henne does NOT look right. Seriously ... run the freaking wildcat the rest of the game.

Henne attempting to re-gift the interception from Sanchez.

throw down the field!!!

Yeah, Danl, the SAME SITES that have links every single week!

Henne SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

worst offense in the NFL...

good god! take him out!!

SAVE THE GAME ... BENCH HENNE ... he is looking TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

They're making us look like h0m0s.

Exactly Kris ... Not Henning, it's mostly Henne, has been all year.

Henne suuucccckkkkssss!

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