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Marlon Moore watch continues on Armando and the Amigo

I predict at some point this week coach Tony Sparano will be asked what he expects to do with his receiver corps once Brandon Marshall is healthy and able to play again following treatment on his injured hamstring. And the coach will say something akin to "it's a good problem to have," in that he'll have to decide which receiver not to keep active on game day.

It's a number's issue with the receivers. The Dolphins typically keep four active on game day.

Last week, with Marshall out, Miami took Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore to the game. So when Marshall is ready to return, who goes back to the inactive list?

Moore? He had a 57-yard TD catch in the game last week. He had as many TD catches in that one game as what Marshall had in 10 previous games.

Wallace? He's extremely physical. He's a core special teams player. And he had a 19-yard reception last week.

Like I mentioned above, "it's a good problem to have."

My guess is Moore might have to return to the inactive list. I will talk to him about this on my Armando and the Amigo radio show this morning on 640 Sports. If you miss the interview, I'll post the podcast of the hour when my producer gets that ready.

Moore simply has to find a way to help on special teams. He's fast enough to be a kick returner, but hasn't emerged in that role. He continues to be a project player. But he's got promise and talent.

He's also a communications major, so he should be a good interview.

Oh, almost forget: Do not suggest Marshall would be the odd man out. Although I've heard whispers that quarterback Chad Henne seemed more at ease without having to feed Marshall, the alpha receiver remains Miami's best receiver target.



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I am not saying first.

Keep what wins and drop what doesn't. If Henne and Marshall don't work, drop Henne or drop Marshall. Because at the end of the day what matters is the w

You have to feed Marshall. He is the ALPHA receiver. No doubt, the fins would be foolish not to. Come on Armando, don't hate on the only real weapon the team has.

Time to START earning that paycheck, Brandon!

I'll say this much. The Dolphins seemed more loose and look to me they were having fun. The offense was more fluid, the running game returned, even Henne seem more relax and in control. Those two rookie receivers with good coaching could be something special down the road. We make too much deal with this ALPHA RECEIVER all you need are player that knows and loves to play football.

that's interesting. henne does seem a bit pre-occupied with Marshall on the field. he did seem much looser and fluid without him. he looked like he did a better job of scanning the field.....

Top three draft needs are the following in no order. 1. A athletic Tight end 2. A big durable center 3. Fast kick returner/half back We are gettn close next year is lookn good, Hopefully we keep ricky and ronnie and not waste a high pick on a running back. Thers other needs on this team like depth! Whats ur thoughts????

Marlon Moore has all the tools to eventually be be an elite receiver.I would like for him to be given the opportunity to make that happen sooner rather than later.

We are looking at next year for sure. Hopefully we can keep building and not lose too much during the offseason.

That also depends on if there is a next year...

We have a lot of needs that still need to be filled before we can be above average.

If we are lucky we may end up 9-7

10-6, 11-5, could be either, and still not make the playoffs, Now that is Depressing, If this team is winning and having fun, then I say lets try to win the rest of our Games, stranger things have happened. once you make the playoffs?? anything can happen.

Armando has Tony talked with Brandon about his attitude in the past 2 or 3 games that he Played

No way 10-6 gets us in. Running the table we end up 11-5 and we still need to depend on several other teams to lose a lot. We basically have no edge on any of the tiebreakers. We are one of 6 teams battling for 2 WC spots so we'd actually have to finish a game ahead of 4 of them, not tie.

Hey mandolin
Iheard sparano was calling the plays on Sunday is that true. If so will he do it again this Sunday.

Next Year -
You're wrong about the Tie Breakers if we run the table! IF we run the table, we'll be 4-2 in the division. If the pats lose to the jets this Week, they'll have a 3-3 division record. If the Jets lose, the best they can do is 4-2! They also have to play both Pittsburg and Chicago on the road! If we run the table(big if), we're pretty much in.

If we run the table - Ha

Not a chance

I just hope we play well the remaining games and try to build and improve so we have a shot next year.

lets just worry about beating the browns. This team hasn't won 2 in a row since early in the season. If we can beat the browns the we are alive for one more week and it'll make the jets game very interesting.

There might be something to that feed the diva comment about Henne and Marshall. He looked a lot better against Oakland.

You know, for once, I'm with the guys who blame things on the HC for this one. How do other teams bring a billion WRs to the show, yet Miami ALWAYS ONLY brings 4? Here's a hint (Coach Sparano), you're so damned focused on your bogus oline, god forbid one of the 300+lb. guys up there sprains their pinkey, so you rotate 50 guys up there, unlike other teams that start 5 guys on the line, and end the game with the same 5 guys. How about dropping one of them one game to get some more firepower on your offense. I mean, you have Dan Henning as a dead weight back there, might as well help Henne out some way, right? I'm not a professional analyst, but olinemen don't score, do they? Or the backup TE, anyone ever heard or seen him in the last 7-8 games? Is HE active?

You need to be smart Tony. If you have a guy that scores TDs, guess what, you MAKE HIM ACTIVE. Sit some other yahoo that'll hardly see the field. I mean, last week it was Reshad Jones. Another contributor. Why this team sits talent is beyond me. That's the single biggest argument I have against Tony Sparano, he doesn't know who to bring to the dance and who to leave home.

And did I just hear Tony (or Mando, not sure which) say they can't sit out Roberto Wallace because he's "extremely physical" and a "core special teams player."

LOL! Mando, were you serious with that statement? You mean a core ST player who got TORCHED by Ford this past weekend. Or do you mean a core ST player who single-handedly (as a unit) lost the NE game earlier this year. I'm not sure which you're talking about.

Look, saying the Miami Dolphins have core ST players is an oxymoron. If they did have a CORE, they wouldn't be the worst in the NFL (or near the bottom) for years now. OBVIOUSLY, Tony doesn't have a CLUE what "core ST players" are. So, I think you can't get any worse than GOD AWFUL. Let's try this. We'll give up the points on ST, sit Wallace, and play Moore to hopefully get one back somewhere else.

Core ST player, what a joke!

It seemed to me that Wallace got more attention in preseason but I liked the way Moore played wide receiver then and now.

I am a big Marshall fan because let's face it folks, he's a beast.

However, I think that there is something to be said about not having to be concerned about feeding the ALPHA DOG receiver. I mean, look at the Pats without Randy Moss. They seem better off without him.

I also enjoyed not having any bone-headed moronic penalties this past Sunday.

Brandon needs to a) get his head on straight and stop with the ridiculous inexcusable penalties b) not demand the ball. Let Chad run the offense and just shut up and put up. If he does both of these things, then we are thrilled to have him.

One last comment and I'll stop venting (even though I pleased with the team as of late, meaning this past week). In my stirred up passions, I forgot who our OC was. Dan Henning hardly ever has 2 WR routes, so asking to have 5-6 WRs active, to Tony Sparano, who knows who his OC is, might be like asking a vegetarian to keep steaks in their fridge. Tony can make 20 WRs active, you think Henning would use any of 'em? Sure, he used these guys last week because Marshall was out and he had to. Think he'd ever use them if Marshall played? Maybe a redzone play, sending 3-4 big WRs out (Marshall, Moore and Wallace). Would you EVER dream of seeing a Dan Henning Miami offense do that?

If your answer is like mine, then you know why Tony doesn't feel like having more than 4 WRs active is helpful to the team.

Maybe next year rookies!

The two best moves of the season could have the biggest impact on our destiny.

1. Henne Benched....Henne comes back more focused

2. Marshall inhures himself and we have the biggest offensive day so far....Now Marshall has the oppertunity to do the samething.

DC...AMEN @ 8:39....AMEN

We need these speedy receivers to see more playing time. Marshall and Hartline, are good receivers, but lack speed.

The coaches, and OC have to do a better job to mix-up personel like they did on sunday.

David - regarding your point (b), I've thought the same thing. You get these guys like Owens and Keyshawn and maybe Marshall that want to make the QB look inept if they don't get a bunch of balls thrown their way. Thats why Dallas got rid of Owens, not because he still couldn't play, he was a distraction to the QB. We really need to avoid this from happening with Henne/Marshall. The goal isn't for Marshall to have 100 catches a season, the goal is to win games.

I do not like the way B Marshall plays the game. His routes are almost always cut off, only once all year have I seen him keep his stride after a catch. This is why he is average yards per catch and YAC are so low. Once he gets the ball, he starts looking for defenders. All this nonsense with the ball is immature, as well. I don't like the affect this guy has on the team during the course of the game. I could do without him, but I also know he is a big help.

I noticed during the Raider game that they ran more routes that allowed the receivers to get into open areas. I don't understand why these schemes aren't used when Marshall is playing. I guess that goes to the OC.

Maybe the Raider game will change the play calling so then when Marshall is back we'll see more of what we saw in the Raider game.

{Parcells has made no secret to friends about his serious doubts about Chad Henne,}

armando. i like the way u ended this blog!!! right?

Make no mistake about it...Marshall is among the top 5 wide recievers in the game. He is young, hungry, and wants to have a HOF type carreer.

He has stereo-typical diva qualities, but all the great ones do.... Randy Moss, Fitzgerald, Boldin, T.O. Chad 85....and the list goes on....the only exception may be Andre Johnson....

You have to expect that from him from time to time. HE WANTS THE BALL...just like Rice did.

There is no reason why we shoudn't be able to get it to him more often...none.

Brandon Marshall didn't catch all those passes in Denever AGAINST THE SAME TYPE OF SCHEMES...THEN COME TO MIAMI AND SUDDENLY FORGET HOW TO GET OPEN.

No one complained when Marshall had 10 catches for 130 yards earlier this season....Henne should feed him. He SHOULD be the 1st option on EVERY PLAY....

I know we fans LOVE to fall in love with the who did what last, but if you think think this offense is better of with out Marshall.....you seriously need to reconsider.

"He's also a communications major, so he should be a good interview."

That was a joke...right?

Henne has his first 300yd+ game without Marshall and was distributing the ball equally to all the receivers.
I believe when Marshall is in the game, Henne feels OBLIGATED to pass to him first.
Marshall in retun starts to CRY when he does not.
For whatever reason the Henne/Marshall combo is not productive.
I don't care that we paid him a boat load of $$$.
Bottom line....Henne was awesome, comfortable, accurate & confident on Sunday with Marshall back home in Miami.

What about keeping all of those wide receivers and taking Anthony Fasano out of the game more often. Seems to me that Brandon Marshall is physicall enough to play some at tight end.

You know that before Marshall got hurt - he was the 5th highest targeted receiver in the league? They did plenty to try to feed him - and he failed. Marshall's biggest contribution to this team so far has been to be a decoy and as ALoco says "look nice wearing very expensive suits".

The NE and NYJ games coming up are the reason we acquired this guy. This will be his final opportunity to show his value. So far - I say he hasn't been worth it.

heres a thought...activate them all.....hello....5 WIDE. why dont we do this? we have a "big arm" QB...a known stud at wideout, another BM prototype in wallace, hartline and bess underneath, and Moore is fast....a defense wont be able to doubel marshall and if they do one of these guys are wide open....am i right?! if we are going to throw 30 to 40+ a game we might as well us all of them. i say activate all 5. leave one fo the tight ends of the active list to make room. C'mon man!

I agree with moron023....start 5 and spread the field.
Marshall will draw a double team from the FS, leaving Moore to blaze past the corner deep.
if that is defended, Hartline or Bess will be open in the slot.
I like it!

What Henne/Marshall really need is a running game that is more than a 3 to 4 yard threat. It's so rare we have a big run unless its an end around or some trick play. My big concern with Henne today is that he can't seem to complete a pass in the red zone. It seems like every single time we are down there he stalls out.

It was one game men...1 game.

Marshall was ON-COURSE to have carreer numbers in RECEPTIONS and YARDS.

His draw back is that he isn't scoring TDs....

My question to you guys is this......Who on the Miami Dolphins is/was?

Answer that nefore you write off 1 of the best recievers in the league.


Well Mr. Dan Henning...Looks like your about to get competition in the Miami Blame Game.

Agreed....we try to pound it up the middle for 2-4 yards, then Henne takes a sack or an incomplete pass... then we're stuck with 3rd and long.
Everyone, including the opposing defense, knows we will not run it on 3rd and long, so they drop 8 and Henne throws it away for another 3-and-out.

I was so pumped to see Ricky blast through the hole for his 50+yd TD run!

ok guys i read the blog every day, and your comments alot too, i really really think that you guys are overlooking this. Kris has it figured out. When Henne got benched he has come back to throw 3tds and 2 ints and thrown for a higher completion and average yards per throw and is finally putting touch on the ball (cobbs and bess passes for 28yds and 1td) in areas that he needs to.

I feel that Marshall is going to demand the ball and he should. the man holds the single game record for receptions, 21... 21 FLIPPIN CATCHES IN A GAME?!?! some recievers are lucky to get that in a season. The kid has talent and can get open. Getting injured and realizing that this offense can move the ball without him may open his eyes and maybe, like Henne, he will be a better player.

He is our best threat, and i agree OC.... needs to either go, or stop trying to fit his square rounded run game into this leagues round shape fast pase game! GO WEST COAST! GO TO WHATEVER MICHIGAN DID TO MAKE HENNE SUCCESFUL THERE! GO TO WHATEVER MAKES HENNE COMFORTABLE AND WE WILL WIN! henne is a talented kid. He is nervous... alot. WHen you see his face the first couple of games, especially the NYJ and NEP games at home, he looked scared in the pocket. TAKE THE HANDCUFFS OFF! And Sparano shouldnt be yelling at him like he was on sunday. He's a kid!! Think of yourselves when you were his age. Were you making mistakes? Were you scared to screw up at your job? Were you?

If your answer is no, you prolly worked for or lived with your parents and never expereinced real life. He is a kid, and he will be good if this offence acomidates him. And Marshall? hes good, he will mellow out and this offence will run smoothly.

the phins beat an oakland team in which 43 of the players should have been on ir..lol

Article on the TSN website this morning brought back this famous quote from Joey Porter after being asked if he thought the Miami Dolphins would release him:

"If you want to out Cameron Wake and them in the game, go ahead. Good luck to you," said Porter prior to the season.

Hahaha, what a friggin moron!!

dolfan13-actually hartline is the fastest of the 5 receivers. i'd say 4 wide and a RB is better for this team. all 3 backs can catch so they can either stay in to run or block, or go in motion and spread out wide. cobbs caught his TD out wide.

2 watt, I thought it was Miami who was dealing with injury problems? Everyone is dealing with injuries right now - that's the NFL in week 12.

jason, one play i kept waiting for when the raiders were showing the all out blitz on Sunday was the quick salnt to the WR. It took Henning a few times to catch on and he eventually did - that was how wallace made his catch. I kept thinking, man, if the raiders want to bring 9 guys on the blitz, throw the quick slant to Hartline - and we are off to the races.

Marlon Moore isnt even in Brandon Marshall's league... you people are CRAZY!!!!

We have some serious weapons on offense and should be scoring 24+ points per game but don't.
We have the talent but lack the scheme to match their skills.
Lack of coaching and poor play calling is the culprit and until we address this as a top priority we are not going to have many games like this past Sunday.

Moore will be back on the inactive.


ESPN just did a piece on "who will win AFC East?"

We were not even an afterthought.

Despite the cheerleading & wishing-harder that goes on here, this season is over. As is the next, and all seasons after that, while Ireland/Sparano are in charge, and Henne is the QB.

Who will lead us out of this Wilderness, and When?

Indiana Dolfan,


I feel like I am banging my head up against a wall sometimes.

I have been know to be wrong on more occassions than a few....but bench/trade Marshall...It will take more than one game against the Raiders to convince me of that.

This is clearly a "what have you done for me lately Blog. So what has he done?

10 58 693 11.95 1

Almost 700 yards in 10 games....excellent

58 Receptions....Excellent

11.95 APC....sounds pretty good to me, I would perfer 20, but i'm a fan.

TD...1.....poor. But I have seen many posters post and complain how BM isn't thrown to/at in the redzone....that kind of explains itself


Seer...count me in the Cheerleading and Wishing folks....Stanger things have happened.

How did the jets get into the playoffs again?....even after their coach cried at the podeium about how his team was ELIMINATED from the play off race

I know the odds are aginst us...but i gotta believe until MATH says "no chance"...that there is a chance.

Kris@ 10:27.. well said my fellow PhinPhan!

ESPN has the Jets/Pats game on Mon.. of course they are gonna pump them up!

Brandon Marshal IS earning his paycheck, he still is #25 over-all with 58 receptions and 693 yards. That is after missing 11/2 games thus far and having a game plan built around him that is pathetic. Marshall has Nothing to prove, Miami needs to learn how to use him and Henne needs to learn how to Throw to him and trust him. Yes, he has dropped a few, they all have. Get Marshall involved with a good game plan and he will take apart an opponents defensive secondary.

Whatever Miami does with this line-up, they have enough speed with two of the guys to at least make teams respect it. But if it is not used in a scheme properly, you may as well not even have it. Keep a player running two or three fly routs a half and you will keep a SS engaged over the top, loosening up the all important run game. Allow a team 8 in the box and a SS over the LB's shoulder and the running game will go no where fast. Ya may even catch up flat footed like Cobbs did in Oakland. Bottom line, we know Henne can pick apart a press one on one.... Now lets see him work a cover 2 or some version of the "Umbrella Zone" without getting picked off or not being able to spot match-ups in pre-snap. This has been Henne's weakness all year and the teams who know it deploy cover 2 and the Umbrella Zone to confuse him.


lets talk pats....shall we....

A few years ago WES WELKER leads the league in receptions with like 130 or something crazy like that....and Randy Moss sets the Touchdown record with like 21 or something.

Who else was a reciever on that team?

How many more wins would this team have IF we had special team players? Just wondering!!! I say we definitely would have beat the Jets and likely would have beat the Pats. The Steelers game was stolen by Stealers in pin-strips. Get back to running the football and we can put a few more W's up and make a run here the last third of the season. We win out, we make the playoffs. Lose ONE game and forget it.

Batman and a supporting cast work....we just need to be consistent

Personally, I don't care if we make the playoffs or not - I mean it would be nice - but I just want to see significant improvement over last year's 7-9 mark. I thought 11 wins was reachable for this team in August. It might have happened if Henne isn't hurt agains the bears or we had a competent officiating crew for the Pitt game but I digress.

Bottom line, if we sit here at the end of this year as a 10 win team then spend the next draft upgrading the offense and obtain a co-ordinator who could do for the offense what Nolan did to the defense - then 2011 - could be a great year - if there is one.

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