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Marlon Moore watch continues on Armando and the Amigo

I predict at some point this week coach Tony Sparano will be asked what he expects to do with his receiver corps once Brandon Marshall is healthy and able to play again following treatment on his injured hamstring. And the coach will say something akin to "it's a good problem to have," in that he'll have to decide which receiver not to keep active on game day.

It's a number's issue with the receivers. The Dolphins typically keep four active on game day.

Last week, with Marshall out, Miami took Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore to the game. So when Marshall is ready to return, who goes back to the inactive list?

Moore? He had a 57-yard TD catch in the game last week. He had as many TD catches in that one game as what Marshall had in 10 previous games.

Wallace? He's extremely physical. He's a core special teams player. And he had a 19-yard reception last week.

Like I mentioned above, "it's a good problem to have."

My guess is Moore might have to return to the inactive list. I will talk to him about this on my Armando and the Amigo radio show this morning on 640 Sports. If you miss the interview, I'll post the podcast of the hour when my producer gets that ready.

Moore simply has to find a way to help on special teams. He's fast enough to be a kick returner, but hasn't emerged in that role. He continues to be a project player. But he's got promise and talent.

He's also a communications major, so he should be a good interview.

Oh, almost forget: Do not suggest Marshall would be the odd man out. Although I've heard whispers that quarterback Chad Henne seemed more at ease without having to feed Marshall, the alpha receiver remains Miami's best receiver target.



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Look, I am not going to poop on Marshall. He CAN be a beast. but he has cost us plays more than made positive ones. His attitude the last 2 games(that he played) hurt, and this guy drops tons of balls. I want him out there, but I would be lying if I didn't say that the thought of going with what we had last week may be a better option. Of cours it takes one solid effort from Marshall without his pre-madonna crap to change that

You can argue and quote stats or even scripture.... it makes no difference in the end. I have heard everyone's account of how this season is over and so forth, fact is... its not over. There are 5 games to play and those games are important. Either to this season or the future of this young team. Besides, with the Jests having NE, Miami, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Buffalo on their hands, and having had to spend 2 OT games just to make it past the soft underbelly of their season, I have NO CONFIDENCE NY will do anything great.
Whether Miami make a playoff run or not. It is important for our Rookies and 2nd year players to get a feel for playing a longer, more protracted season then they are used to. One of our teams primary issues is inexperience. They are a team consisting of 85% 1st, 2nd and 3rd year players. I have already seen them playing more instinctively as a team. And they have not shown any sign of quitting even though many of their fans have.

Every game, every quarter Miami plays counts... let all those who want to hear themselves talk do so... Just win, win until someone say's there are no more games to play and it will all take care of itself. Listen to some or these fans and they would already have Miami playing Golf. Just win... Keep strong and play hard.The rest will take care of itself. I still say NY collapses in the back end. Teach a team to play hard no matter what... Not quit like some the losers who watch them.


What do you want to see us do in the next draft, keeping in mind at this stage of the game we don't have a second round pick. I keep thinking that one of Brown or Williams will be abck but not both (likely Williams), which means we will have to come up with a starting back somehow. Thoughts?


Poizen- i say different. where has Marshall been a problem??? wanna talk about selfish problems, S Smith and V Davis being fined repeatedly for being late to meetings.. thats a problem!

I wouldn't mind if we played without Marshall for anothe game or two. Maybe Henne is feeling the pressure of having to get Marshall the ball all the time. I felt Henne looked more relaxed on Sunday and I don't think that was a mirage. I don't see us making the playoffs this season, so anything that gives us a chance to see this team and Henne in a different light can't be anything but positive.

The problem is our offense, not our players. Henne has 3 seconds to throw. Our receivers are mostly slower quick types than fast. Takes them longer to get open. There is no seperation. Every throw will be contested.

We need a more complex scheme. More motion, spread sets. In the red zone, we have no run threat & teams are playing the pass. In the Oakland game where Henne threw the int...Oakland rushed 4 guys & dropped everyone else in coverage...7 guys! How many guys did Miami send out? 3. 3 guys vs. 7. I don't care who the QB is, you won't have a succesful red zone offense when the other team can basically douyble every guy going out for a pass.

We need a more diverse scheme...an aggressive one & we need some new olinemen who can protect more than 3 seconds. We can lay blame on Henne all we want but the fact is, teams do not fear our run game or our vertical threat essentially because we don't have one. This is the roster as it was assembled. Since we can't change the roster overnight to make improvement, change the coaching to adapt to the players you have. Make what you have work, don't insist on making what you have to work.

Kris- Stallworth was on that team... Jabar Gaffney

Well, I will not disagree about Davis and Smith. However, Marshall's drops are a BIG problem. Then the last two games he gets delay penalties. One of which was blatent. But the drops have been insane.

Poizen- Drops, for sure is a problem, i will agree...

the penalties, ok are not exceptable but vs Ten it didnt hurt, we scored anyways... and vs Chi, well that game was a disaster!!! Hartline followed up w/a 1st down anyways.

Craig, many times on this blog, I have professed my love for Demarco Murray of Oklahoma or a back like him. I don't know exactly what type of draft value he holds right now - but the guy is about 210 pounds (so small but not a smurf), runs a 4.4, excellent receiver, and can even play special teams as a returner. So someone like him would be the tonic in the run game. I know a lot of people love Mark Ingram and he will be a fantastic player - but he is a lot like Ronnie Brown (I actually think he's an Emmitt Smith clone). he will give you 20 carries but the big play? Since the Dolphins like splitting carries anyway - you don't really need another back of that makeup in my opinion.

I would also like it if they drafted a stud to play right tackle and moved Carey inside in the 1st round. I think that would improve 2 positions (RT and G) and would provide tremendous value from a 1st pick. Since there are a lot of qb 1st round grades out there - I think you would get excellent value in a tackle - something like Baltimore got a couple years back in Michael Oher.

S Smith- late for meetings??? are you kidding me? what has this dude proved in this league? has he seen himself trying to tackle??

Wow Poizen. So, first it was Henne as the problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you were one of the guys hating on him wanting someone else. Now it's Marshall who's the problem. Which is it? Is it the QB who can't get the ball to the WR, or the WR dropping passes?

Not trying to pick on you man, but I don't see where you're going with this. Maybe you want to get rid of both Henne AND Marshall.

To everyone, there's only so many ProBowl-quality players in the league. Brandon Marshall IS one of them (like it or not). Like Kris said, before he got hurt, he had like the 5th most catches in the league (maybe just the AFC). Regardless, he's a weapon. He was a weapon in Denver, with a less than stellar QB. This is his and Henne's FIRST year together. Can you guys just chill a little. Allow the team to marinate. Your idea of marination is probably put some mustard on the meat and throw it on the grill, right? Geesh. A TRUE marinade should sit overnight, even 2 days. Calm down and let these guys get on the same page and you'll see what happens.

Marshall is a beast, he's not going anywhere. Henne is progressing, he's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future either. Just because Miami played 1 winning game w/o Marshall doesn't mean he's not a force or an attribute to the team. If that was the case, then Thigpen would be the man (since he was in and pulled out the win against Tennessee). We all see how faulty that thinking is. Nothing is wrong with Brandon Marshall (other than his juvenile attitude). It's not at a level, YET, to become a pain in the team's neck. When it becomes that, then I'll join you guys on the bandwagon. Until then, I'm behind Marshall.

Poizen, the drop that kills me is against Balt that caused an int. Was it a great pass? No. Was it catchable? Hell yes. Afraid to get hit? Give me a break! He jumped and had the ball in his hands then chickened out.

He is known as the beast. A guy going over the middle to make those tough catches. Thats why Ginn is gone & he is here. It's time people stop making excuses for Marshall & his drops. Has he been good? Yes. Could he be better if he would stop dropping gimme passes like he did against Chicago? HELL YES.

Kyle Butler...thanks.

As happy as I was on SUnday at 7PM....i knew the "Marshall is no good" talk would follow.

Sometimes we can't see the forest thru the trees.

i am a Marshall support as well!!!

shmoe, what we need is a running game, all the scheming in the world won't help if nobody thinks you can get more than 3 yards a pop. With the exception of last week, the running game has been absent all year.

Agreed Joe Schmoe - Marshall has been good - but he wasn't brought here to be good. he was brought here to dominate - the team has won 6 games and he has yet to make a defining play in any of the wins. He hasn't been as good as Roddy White or Greg Jennings. He's barely been better than Brian Hartline.

Praying won't help, religion won't help, blind faith won't help. Math rules. The chances we run the table and 5 of the other teams ahead of us all drastically collapse together are beyond reason. Sure, I understand the players and coach have to go all out, but in two weeks we will be mathematically eliminated. I say we quit, let Long get surgery now to heal faster, don't risk Henne's knee or Marshalls hammy. Give Wallace and Moore playing time. Sit Ricky and he may have one more good full season left in him.

WOW DC!!!! You totally screwed up that post. I have been a Henne supporter on every post fighting against everyone else. You might want to get your facts straight before calling someone out.

dey, I don't disagree. Without ricky's long run, our YPC was 2.9. 2.9!?!?!?!?! The oline is to blame. The interior line is just not good enough. They have messed with it so much it's been worse year after year.

I hope they move Garner to center, Carey to LG & find a new RT. Until we can pass block for more than 3 sec & make a push in the run game, this offense will be stagnent. With that said, I still think miami's too conservative. They do not dictate to defenses. We need a change in coaching for things ti improve.

For the record

Wallace absolutely SUCKS on special teams

Major screw up that has now cost the Dolphins 3 huge negative plays

Does Anyone watch the games?

no Marshall hasnt been as good as Roddy White and or Greg Jennings this year but they have better QBs who have been in the same system w/their key WRs for a couple years now.

Hartline IS NO BARNDON MARSHALL!!! lol crazy fans


Joe Schmoe- run blocking a problem? YES... pass blocking??? not so much... in my opinion. Henne had a lot of time this past sunday

Philip Merling is a Butt-Ugly Scumbag

Not only does he have a history of beating women
Now he bashes a pregnant woman

The Scumbag is 6.4 & 300 lbs
He paid of his knocked up girlfriend to hide out of state, so she could not be reached by the state attorneys office

This Scumbag should not be on the team

Kyle, I didn't say Hartline was as good as Marshall - but Hartline gets skewered on this blog and may reach 1,000 yards this year. Marshall is the beast and may barely reach 1,100 yards this year despite being the #5 targeted WR in this league before he was injured. You see what I'm getting at? If Marshall showed the same kind of effort Hartline did - he would be putting up Jennings and White numbers in all facets of the game. Blame the QB if oyu want but that same QB has Bess, Hartline, and Fasano achieving career years. Sooner or later, the finger has to be pointed at Marshall himself. For some reason, he gets protected so dam much. I don't understand it. Must be Madden crushes or something.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Broward Sheriff's Office commander who's accused of giving Miami Dolphins defensive end 6.5 315 lb Phillip Merling special treatment after his arrest last month has been temporarily reassigned.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Jim Leljedal says an internal investigation into the handling of Merling's arrest is under way.

The deputy has been accused of leading Merling out a side entrance of the jail and then driving him to Weston, where he was arrested in May. Leljedal said the deputy has been reassigned to desk duty and the matter is under review.

Merling was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery against a pregnant woman and was released from Broward County Jail after posting bond.Merling faces 15 years in state prison and a $10,000.00 fine

U cheer for the Scumbag, I`m going fishing

Home - Brandon has beat his gf several times, so say the police reports. Should he be on the team?

Kyle, if you consider having to max protect with TE's & RB's good pass protection, we see things alot differently. On 3 of the 4 sacks last week henne got rushed and had 2 seconds to get off a pass. Sorry, but our opinions on what constitues good pass protection is vastly different.

1st i am not gonna kill Hartline(even tho i think he is ok at best, but who am i lol)

White has had a career year(he is balling this year) and Jennings after a slow start has picked it up no doubt...

Bess, Hartling and Fasasno are having career years because of Marshall taking a lot of coverage w/him lol

Blame the QB if oyu want but that same QB has Bess, Hartline, and Fasano achieving career years



The problem with fans is that they always want to skew the numberss and make them say what you want the rest of us to hear.

Tell the WHOLE STORY...and lets see what happens.

This also begs the question.

If Bess, Fasano, and Hartline are on a path for career best (as Mark in Toronto says) and I say that Marshall also was on pace for Career best (posted by Armando and quoted from Marshall's mouth when asked about his lack of TDs)...Then why is every body complaining about the OC????

seems that all skill postions are flourishing....minus our run game.



Just defending myself here... sorry to wast space doing this,

1. I do not speak out of both sides of my mouth, I have supported Henne this entire time. I am still unclear if he is the answer but I think he can be great.

2. I neer said I wanted to get rid of Marshall. Not even close.

It's people like DC that can really screw up these posts with his attemts to call people out. If your going to do it. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

All the old posts are archived, go read them clown.

Kris, you ae correct, could have been a career year already in catches without the drops. :)

But really, why do you think he has he dropsies so bad? Do you think he is still trying to prove himself? I do not remember him dropping this many in Denver.

I will say this, if he starts catching those balls that he is dropping, it will be scary for the rest of the league!!!

Aloco, how about Dansby?

Joe- dont be sorry lol

anywyas they always werent max protecting on sun... just in general, overall, season overall.. pass blocking has been way better than the run blocking thats all... i watched the game again last night, and Henne had time in plenty of plays. some of the problem w/the sacks was that Oak sent more rushers than we had blockers.. like on Moore's TD play

Joe Schmoe, don't agree with Marshall comment but you're spot on with the rest.

Offense pass plays are simplistic (no surprise there, look at the source) in nature and are easily deffended.

Ask anyone who knows, it's easier to run block. So, why are we better at pass blocking? You get help from TEs and backs, thereby taking them out of the play.


hey Nextyear, this just in, there will be no next year. In case people haven't heard let me inform,, there will be no nfl football in the 2011-2012 season.


Marshall has had an impact on the productivity of the other 3 no doubt - but I don't think he's doen as well as he can. You can say he's getting more attention - I say he was targeted more than enough while healthy but still not come up with a suitable standard. We can go at this all day - but simplay what i want is to marshall to play up to his own standards - which he has not. I want him to be a team player - which he has not been.

And I agree - the major blame in the lack of points has to go to our run game and the OL which is why i think the 1st and 3rd picks we have - have to be spent on the OL and RB. not wide receiver as a lot of people say - we have good recievers - we don't need anything there.

We need speed? Maybe but I don't think it's a major need. Not worth spending a top pick on. Our run game is the facet of the team that is below par and needs serious help.


Beforen this year I only saw Brandon Marshall on ESPN...on the hi-lite reel. So all of his plays were spectacular, to all of us. but in between those 1-2 hi-lite reel plays is is 35-70 other plays that happen for an offense. He didn't have 35-70 hi-lite plays on ESPN on Sundays.

Alot of people just arn't being realistic....its true we haven't seen even on SPECTACULAR play from Marshall with the ball in his hands, but we have seen BONE-CRUSHING blocks and as is always stated...he draws the double and sometimes triple teams so OTHERS can have career years.

As far as the drops...maybe he has always had them....and Henne doesn't throw the most catchable ball.

Seer, your lack of intelligence astounds even the weak minded. You sound like the Yankee fans who were screaming that they would never win the world series with A-Rod on the team. You know nothing sir so shut up, sit down, and watch the games like a normal human being.


Aloco - I'm still waiting on that Gruden news you promised....

Mark- other than the 2 penalties i feel he has been a great teammate. he speaks w/confiendce on his QB(Henne) made statements that they are a playoff team. i wish half the team had the attitude to be the best as this guy.

and w/that said, as true Doplhins fan i have no issue w/you demanding the best from Marshall, he is an alpha male WR after all and claims too be one. BUT i am not gonna kill the guy either. i can think of 3 or 4 goal line misfires from Henne otherwise he'd have 4 or 5 TDs and no one would be killing him.

and not that im killing Henne. i am willing to live w/the growing pains of a young QB


I echo the sentiments of Kyle Butler...I got no issues with him and I think next year they get even better.

Also....thats intresting thinking on the OL picks....I hadn't thought about that. Veron Carey either sucks or gives very little effort. I WANT THAT GUY GONE......Hope he has some trade value

Thanks Aloco, I think we NEED Dansby to keep Hillis at bay.

Kris - Good point on the highlights. Maybe he has had the drops his whole career.

If he could just clean that up thogh... WOW, that would be dangerous.


I am worried about next year also, If they play football.

Our O-Line needs help, we probably will need a running back. we need another playmaking LB and depth in the secondary!

There are a lot of holes and not a lot of picks.

Marshall is a baby and causes problems for the team on game day. Like throwing the football at Cutler. I still have not seen him do anything special. Wheres all those after catch yards? What about the drops. Touchdowns? I think we should start looking to trade him. Just my opinion. I hope he steps it up and grows up, but once a jerk always a jerk.

Hartline and Bess are the two best receivers on this team.


A right tackle with a shift of Carey inside sounds good to me. Would Jerry then move to left guard or do you want Carey playing next to Long?

I'd like to see us get our second round pick back somehow and I think we have to come up with a good pass catching TE after passing on a few good ones in this draft. You mentioned Mark Ingram and I also think he's going to be good but I don't think we can afford to take him in the first round, as there are other things we need to accomplish and can acheive the same thing by taking a back a little bit later in the draft.

Would Ingram drop to us? I liek the Pass Catching TE idea. I really think we need another linebacker though. Someone to plant next to Dansby that is a playmaker.

I still think Carey is a good player, he's very strong and agile - for a guard. However, his days as a tackle may be over. It's not a bad thing and has happened to several other tackles before him as they reach the back half of their careers. He's been and should be able to continue being a good player. I've been asking for a move inside since the end of last season but the team had other more pressing needs I guess. Let's see if that happens this year.

I don't know if there is a TE to be had in this draft - I haven't heard much noise from the TE class this year - lsat year was the year for that.

And Craig, I don't know which guard position Carey could play. But I know he's a pro and a team player so whatever the coaches ask him to do - he will give it 100%.

All of sudden everyone can catch the ball but Ernest Wilford, the $6 million man, could not?

Poizen, Ingram is rated about 14th or so on ESPN's big board - so yes, there is a chance he could be there. It is one of several ways the administration can go in solving their RB/OL problem I guess. I defer to them on the specifics because they are the experts but I surely hope they come up with some kind of plan with high draft picks/top end free agents.

Kris great point @ 11:24
The numbers are fraudulant. This is why throwing out stats can sometimes be misleading. The only numbers that really matter are the numbers that are rung up in the red zone, and at the end of each half. We are the best team in the league between the 20's. When it comes to scoring time we turn into a bumbling virgin looking at a naked woman for the first time. The same could be said for our possesions at the end of the first halves, and fourth quarters.
Henne has played much better, this is great. But some of the ineptness in the redzone cannot be blamed all on Henning. When the field shrinks the throws become much more difficult. Any inaccuracies are magnified because the spaces are closed. Our guy has struggled in this area this year. It is puzzling because you see him make throws that make you think hmmn. The Fourth Quarter has also been disaterous. I don't put all the blame on Henne because in most games this year, we have abandoned trying to run, and put the game on Hennes shoulders. Completley 1 dimensional. For all that think those 2-3 yard runs are a waste, wake up. If we can do this it means we are in the game for 1. 2 this helps the quarterback, and the line because it wears down the other teams front. Maybe some of our poor 4th quarters would have been different if Henne didn't have to chuck it 40 times.

Theres no controvery here. Marshall is the guy. One game with a good effort does not change what the phins are doing here. I doubt the Raiders were double teaming Moore like Marhshall has had to deal with week in and week out. Also, getting Bess in the game early opened up the way for the rest of the recievers. That said, Marshall has to make plays, quit dropping balls, and keep his head in the game by not penalizing his own team. IT is a good problem to have and the dolphins need to exploit it.

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