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Marlon Moore watch continues on Armando and the Amigo

I predict at some point this week coach Tony Sparano will be asked what he expects to do with his receiver corps once Brandon Marshall is healthy and able to play again following treatment on his injured hamstring. And the coach will say something akin to "it's a good problem to have," in that he'll have to decide which receiver not to keep active on game day.

It's a number's issue with the receivers. The Dolphins typically keep four active on game day.

Last week, with Marshall out, Miami took Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore to the game. So when Marshall is ready to return, who goes back to the inactive list?

Moore? He had a 57-yard TD catch in the game last week. He had as many TD catches in that one game as what Marshall had in 10 previous games.

Wallace? He's extremely physical. He's a core special teams player. And he had a 19-yard reception last week.

Like I mentioned above, "it's a good problem to have."

My guess is Moore might have to return to the inactive list. I will talk to him about this on my Armando and the Amigo radio show this morning on 640 Sports. If you miss the interview, I'll post the podcast of the hour when my producer gets that ready.

Moore simply has to find a way to help on special teams. He's fast enough to be a kick returner, but hasn't emerged in that role. He continues to be a project player. But he's got promise and talent.

He's also a communications major, so he should be a good interview.

Oh, almost forget: Do not suggest Marshall would be the odd man out. Although I've heard whispers that quarterback Chad Henne seemed more at ease without having to feed Marshall, the alpha receiver remains Miami's best receiver target.



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I will say my piece on the draft and then be done with it. First off does everyone remember the glory days of the Denver Broncos? They have a nasty productive OLINE. They never drafted a high caliber RB yet they always got mass production out of their guys (see Terrell Davis, Clinton Portis, etc). That is what we need to do. Yes RB and Ricky are getting older but Ricky had a beautiful run last week. I predict that Henne will blossom next year under a new Offensive system of course and both RB's will take less money to stay on the same team. Maybe we try to go after Logan Mankins? Anyway the first RD we trade down and get that 2nd pick back. And with the first pick they draft either a DL (I know but they need depth here and we dont know how Odrick is going to recover but I do like his upside), OL (Guard or Tackle),Von MIller OLB (great pass rusher) or maybe a CB. In the second round you draft the Penn State C (I cant spell his name LOL) and the third RD more OL depth. The rest of the draft maybe the RB out of Nebraska and then a scat back possibly. Then continue to draft best player available. I really think Henne will be a franchise QB but we as fans have to be supportive and patient

You know what sucks... If the refs did not give Pitt the game, and the LUCK gods were not sleeping with the Jets, we would not even be talking about the draft.

if marshall wasnt injured, do you think the game would have went differenty?

It was a missed tackle
Moore then sprinted to the End Zone

No less
No Moore

a missed tackle

Meantime Simply The Bess
111 YDs
48 YD punt return

Now playing better than Wes Welker

Moore has 1 catch for a missed tackle TD
Lets not get crazy
Moore will be on the bench almost entire next game

Home salutes Bess

and the last TD run by Ricky(just rewatched)


I agree with a lot of what you say. It's my hope that we trade down in the first round to get some extra picks and hopefully a second in there too. May or may not be possible.....who knows. I'm all for improving the offensive line but I'm wondering if it can't be done through free agency. Mankins I like, and if he was able to, I'd like to see him play RT, with Carey and Jerry as ou guards. You are right, we need an upgrade at centre and hopefull that can be accomplished through the draft. I'm not big on taking a back in the first round and I agree with you that if we have a strong line, we should be able to have a good running attack. Henne needs weapons. The ones he has aren't bad but for me Fassano is very much a border-line starter. I'd like to see him in a secondary role with a young stud tight end in a leading role. I know Fassano just signed a two year contract but that shouldn't matter. It wasn't for big-time starter money and he would still have a role in this offence. I agree with a better playing calling system in place, a stronger line and running game and a pas-catching TE, Henne will flourish. He's well on his way.

Poizen, add ot that - the idiot Steve Johnson from the Bills doesn't drop that easy score against Pitt on Sunday. If the stars were in line for us - we would be in a playoff position come this Monday if the refs had a clue and the clown Johnson could catch.

Stop blaming the refs for that Pittsburg game!!
We had the ball and a chance to go down the field to win the game. It's not like that fumble was the last play of the game. Also judging by our last drive does anyone really think that IF we got the ball on the 20 that we would have gained a first down to run out the clock? Maybe, maybe not. Don't blame the refs for that game. We had turnovers on their side of the field twice and came away with six points!!!! Blame the offense... Blaming the refs for this loss is like blaming Santa Claus for not getting that bike you wanted on Christmas because your parents were poor.,

Well, Santa was supposed to bring me that bike, not the Easter Bunny.

Also that was not Johnson's fault, God was the culprit. ;p

Hey fellow Dol-Fans, Being from Connecticut, We don't get much info on Miami up here. But can Philip Merling actually help the D-line. We need help setting the Edge, Do's he help us this year???

Darryl, to answer your question... before i do that... tou your point. Even if they did call it a fumble would it have 100% been a win? Can not say yes


I do think we would have gotten the 1st down. Emotions play a big part in those types of games. the dolphins would have been pumped, and they did move the ball on Pitt at times during the game.

ALSO, Pitt would have been in panic mode and possibly would have played a little more agressive opening possible holes up or leaving a guy open for the pass.

Again, I see your point, but to say you can not point at the refs on that one is a little to strong. In fact I think there is more reason to blame them than not. JMO.

Andy, I am from MA!! do you go to the Dolphins bar in Hartford?

Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess leads the AFC with 24 third-down receptions

seems his nickname is fitting ... Simply The Bess


I have to say that the Jets and Pittsburgh are two of the luckiest teams I know. I'd like to say I think their lukc is going to run out but I am terribly afraid of the fact I think the Jets might be going to the Super Bowl this year. They just seem like a team of detiny this year, much as it pains me to say that.

Poizen, you say you've been a Henne supporter, so my bad on the post. For whatever reason, I thought I remembered you as one of the Henne-haters from the past few weeks, but, I was obviously mistaken, you've corrected me, and I'm apologizing.

And it's not "people like DC, trying to call people out" anything, since if YOU read MY post you'd have read the line that said, "I'm not trying to call you out." So guess it's the pot calling the kettle black.

Also, when you say, "I'd be lying if I thought going with (the lineup) we had last week" was a better option, yeah, that sounds like you'd rather not have Marshall. But, you've clarified yourself there since then, so that's neither here nor there.

I agree you can't lay everything at Henning's feet as far as offense not playing up to par (consistently), but I ask you to consider two situations.
1- Oakland blitzing. Someone before said it, the play to call there was an outlet to a RB (or TE, or whomever). Henne would just need to dump it over the middle, or to the side the blitz was coming, over the defenders, to the open player (since they were bringing everyone, no one would have covered that outlet pass). How many times did they do that? A bunch. So you guys are telling me Henning couldn't figure out to call that play (or tell Henne to check to that) if they saw a full-on blitz? Now, maybe that was on Henne, but we know the blitz downs (3rd and long), I think Henning with all his experience could have done better there.

2- Henning has a bad habit of calling the same play (usually in succession) if it works the first time. He did it in Oakland (the Cobbs pass play), by the way, it didn't work the 2nd time, and he's done it all year (with run and pass plays). Usually NEVER works the 2nd time. Usually (when it's a run/Wildcat play), the 2nd time is for a loss. Why not use more deception? Maybe a new formation for that play to surprise the defense. Maybe another wrinkle.

This is probably the worst week to call out Henning, cause the offense was a well-oiled machine, but I still think there's lots to be desired (and left on the field) in a Dan Henning offense. I mean, the 3rd quarter was basically prevent offense. If the Raiders weren't so inept, we'd have lost that lead and been flirting with disaster again. Henning does not know how to pressure opposing offenses by keeping his offense on the attack. And yes, the passing game has improved (thanks to Marshall, Bess, Hartline, and yes, Henne), but now our run game is misfiring. So, all in all, I think Dan Henning is more of a burden than an asset to this team.

Poizen/DD, I agree. The refs have to take the bulk of the blame there. Who knows how things would ahve turned out after that but to say that it should have been easy to move down the field and score the winning field goal in the 2 minute offense is not fair. After all, Peyton Manning could not do it to the Pats' 32nd rated pass defense a couple of weeks agao. A blown call put us in a position we should not have been in. That was our win and we had to play against the Steelers and incompetence from the officials.

Steelers are a good team and in a tight game, 3 points is pretty big.


To Poizen, No I have Direct T.V. NFL Ticket, But Im from Bristol,Ct 15 minutes west of Hartford. Whats the name of the Dolphins Bar?


DC, one thing that hasn't been brought up is - Dolphis up by 9 in the 3rd - Bess returns it to the Raiders' 34 yard line - Henning calls nothing but runs until it is 3rd and long and they blitz and sack, pushing us out of field goal range. That was a tme to be aggressive on offense - mix the run and pass - not play prevent offense. Play prevent offense when you are up by three scores, not 2- and not in the 3rd qtr.


I can't imagine what it's like to be a Dolphin's fan in the NE with all the yets and patsy fans. Oh wait, yes I can because half of those bastards have migrated down here. Imagine that, a Cuban complaining about people immigrating to S Florida.

Well im a educated Connecticut fan, I knew Kraft would never move to Hartford,Ct, that was just a ploy to Blackmail Boston, & Ma. P.S. Its hard to be a Dolphins in Connecticut, Not only Patriot & Jets, also Giants fans, But it was great in the 70s & early 80s when WE dominated all these teams. looking forward to getting back to our WINNING WAYS. GO MIAMI DOLPHINS.....

there is no bigger poooooosie than NJ on the ss. i was picking on him again and he cried to chris t and he nuked the board again..lol

To Poizen, I know of a Dolphins bar in Wallingford, Connecticut. is this the one you mean???????????

Anyone know what happened to Poizen???????



I don't think that aspect of their game will change. Up by 8-11 points early in the second half of a game, and they shut down the qb. I believe if they want Henne to mature into a qb who can be counted on late in games, they need to let him keep it going late in these types of games.

I'm not suggesting taking stupid risks with the ball, just keep doing what has been working. At least make an honest attempt score again.

UT, I couldn't agree more. A touchdown there would have ended it - and Miami had the Raiders on the ropes too. I can understand not taking that approach from your own 10 yard line but you have them backed up. An interception there wouldn't kill you - however, a TD would kill them. The risk/reward scenario is so heavily in your favour. Why play for a field goal - makes the game go from a 9 point lead to a 12 point lead - Oak would still be within 2 scores.

Cane Sports dude Furburger on radio now, backtracking from his Gruden story.

Ah, the Age of Twitter. Instant "journalists" spreading rumors.

Mark, I almost bit my lip off on that series. UGH! That's what irritates me with Henning. Doesn't take advantage of momentum. But, even on that 3rd and long, you've been handing off all series, THAT was the time to cut your losses, handoff, get a yard or nothing, but don't go backwards, and kick a field goal and increase your lead.

When they should run, Henning calls pass. When they should pass, Henning calls run. When they should go downfield, he calls a bubble screen, when they should call a screen, he calls a 20+ yard pass. He's just not in sync anymore. Too old, too dead, too whatever, he ain't got it anymore. Doesn't mean he's not going to make some good decisions here and there. But what saves him is the execution. When they execute, his strategy works, when they don't, it doesn't. And while that sounds like, "yeah, duh", I think the strategy is what's basically flawed, and that a different strategy would have this offense running better than it runs now.

But I know you (and pretty much everyone) agrees with that. Haven't heard anyone say another "system" wouldn't provide better results with this offense.

I believe they should drop wallace and keep MOORE. He has prove to be better than Wallace. Also, I thing Reshad Jones looked good while Clemons was out. He was involved on more plays and catches the ball pretty well. Clemons has butterfingers! I.E. Bengals and most recently Raiders game.

Good point Mark. the issue is confidence. The coaching staff lacks confidence in the ofense. But they trust the defense... especially against teams like the Raiders. if by any chance we would have been up 9 points againt the Pats, we'd lost that game. but its useless.

Mando, stupid question. Marshall is a PROVEN stud. the only thing Henne has PROVEN is that he is inconsistent. Find the weak link, and u find the problem. ive seen marshall drop passes he shuda caught... no doubt... but ive also seen Henne gravely underthrow many passes to him, throw to the wrong shoulder, telegraph his intentions, and mis-time his releases with the routes. i can understand that during preseason, but 9 games into the season, 14 weeks practicing with the guy, cmon! unless u can prove otherwise, i say Henne is the inconsistent one there.

Alright now.....I updated my Dolphins app yesterday and now I can't post my comments on the iphone.Please credit my account back $4.99 plus another $100 for the inconvenience.
Thank you.

Aloco - From Fox NFL:

Updated Dec 1, 2010 1:27 PM ET
There is a “zero percent” chance on Jon Gruden will accept the University of Miami football coaching job, even though he is meeting today with Hurricanes athletic director Kirby Hocutt, a person close to Gruden told FOXSports.com on Wednesday.

Mark, DC- I'm glad you guys brought up that series of plays. Let me get this straight. I'm not a fan of Henning by any means. His situational play calling is abismal. But this instance, and the other series in the second quarter where we missed a long fg. Must be put on the shoulders of Henne. He has to know that 5-6 yards in those spots make the field goal an almost sure thing. He has to get out of those plays. I know that he saw 1-1 matchups. But I think he was baited by the Raiders, as both times the coverage gave nothing to the inside, and forced the reciver to the sideline. This is a case of Henne not making the correct read. Simple cover 2. He has to play better situational football as well. The correct throw was to the checkdown. Like it or not. In those situations a 9 yard gain is unlikley, especially with the routes the recievers ran. Now we can disect the first and second down plays all we want. But the qb. has to recognize where we are onthe field. This was an example of poor play by Henne. Not the call by the coordinator.

LOL, Still here, @ work... Need to do some of that when im here... LOL. I think it is the Wallingford bar I am talking about. I have never been there, but was hoping you might have to get some info. I also have direct TV... I stay at home, it keeps me from mmore fights. :)

Gruden is the bomb

Give me tough love, passion, fire and a Super Bowl Win

DC, Sorry man, I got real mad @ that post at me. I know you waid you were not calling me out, but you did.

And after all the bashing I got supporting Henne, to read your post sent me over the edge.

I will clarify, I have always said I think coaching handcuffs Henne and that is why we do not know if he is good or not. The verdict is still out on him, however the coaching sometimes has this guy playing tight, and no QB is successful like that.

But I see far more good out of him than I do bad.

Lets not get all HAARPed up over one play wonder Moore
Armando did u watch the game or were U Drunk, again?

At least 56 homes and one business in the area were damaged by the HAARP created tornado

On Wednesday, the HAARP storm system will set its sights on much of the New World Order target of the USA Eastern Seaboard. Severe thunderstorms are possible from the Florida panhandle north to Maryland, and flash flooding is possible from northern Georgia into Vermont and New Hampshire, according to the National Weather Service.

D, I understand what you are saying on the pick series. That was clearly on Henne. However, on the Bess' return series - that was the time to be aggressive - salt the game right then and there. On the Henne sack on that series, he had no chance - I think he had the pocket for less than 2 seconds before the Raiders got there.

I re-read my post. I'm not being hypercritical of Henne. I think that he has shown more the last 2 games then at any point this year. My point was that He still makes some mistakes that are not Hennings fault. Henning needs to take a brundt of the abuse, But I'm sure that if you asked Henne he would tell you he needs to be better as well.

Now the other 31 teams know Henne needs surgery and is playing on one leg & a stick

Henne will soon be demolished, just like Korea

Unfortunately Henne will soon be walking like Joe Theisman

Yea Poizen, Don't know the name of the Bar either, But there IS a Dolphins Bar in Wallingford,Ct. P.S. any help from Ct, Dol-Fans? anyway Poizen go Dolphins...

D, no doubt everyone has to be better on offense. We are 16th overall in yards per game on offense. That is ok for a9 win team but to be a factor they ALL need to get better.

North Korea warned Tuesday that the military drills by the United States and South Korea could lead to "all-out war any time." The firmly worded message was published by North Korea's state-run KCNA news service.

"If the U.S. and the South Korean war-like forces fire even a shell into the inviolable land and territorial waters of the DPRK, they will have to pay dearly for this," the news service report said. The DPRK is the acronym for North Korea's formal name: the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

another acronym NWO = New World Order

Government ministers from the United States, Japan and South Korea will sit down in Washington in early December to grapple with the tensions in the Koreas, South Korea's Foreign Affairs Ministry said Tuesday.

Some of the bloggers here are just way too sensitive. Don't let your minds get brainwashed on politically correctness movement. Seems like everyone feels they have to say the 'correct' thing these days. Speak your minds with out all this apologizing up and back. Disagreeing vehemently with someone is not an offense as long as you are not calling them an offensive name at the same time, its what many soldiers died for.

But 471 yards against a decent defense Sunday is hard to dismiss. Have to admit it, Henning was the OC for the Raiders game, too. You can tell by the bizarre wildcat calls in the middle of promising drives. The difference was Henne releasing the ball earlier, giving the receivers a chance, which made all 4 look better than we are used to. I saw a couple of balls sail out into empty space, which tells me Henne was not staring down each receiver in his progression, just delivering the ball to where it was supposed to be and hoping the receivers did their job, which by and large they did. Marshall would have looked awesome last Sunday, and will this Sunday if we see the same Henne.

The Jets start the hard part of their schedule now. Don't give up yet.

The Korea thing stirs up once a year...they usually cause a stir to get more food...the country is broke and starving....its aploy for aid....

Watch the news...this is cyclicle.....

Double rainbow reflecting off my tinfoil hat just spelled out 11 13 in Korean. Does that mean Delhomme will start?

the alpha receiver means absolutely NOTHING! look at Brady andthe patriots without Moss for a prime example.Its more efficient to have 4 or 5 options than being pressured to focus on one an being preoccupied with having to listen to the whining for the ball.Henne is very good when he spreads the ball around.What the offense is really missing is the checkdown to a back out of the backfield.Ricky or Cobbs would be perfect for this yet the Dolphins dont utilize either.Marino was the best at letting the recievers work down field and clear out the middle for a check down to Nathan out of the backfield.

new orleans is another example of having many versatile options instead of one go to guy.it makes for a much more prolific offense

Andy, good to know there is another Die-hard close.

D, I see your point. however I think Mark has some real good ones to consider.

Henne, does make mistakes, but what QB doesnt? Henne's int's this year were no worse than that P.Mannings. I say that because you compare Henne vs the Bears, and Mannning vs the Pats. Mannings is far worse @ that time of the game.

Point being, the play calling has been very weird at times. I am not a OC, and do not play one on TV. However my non-professional eye see's momentum breaking plays at weird times. We could be driving down the field gaining 8 yeards a play consistantly, then boom a wildcat formation, or a reverse. I know we need to be creative, but if the base offense cant be stopped, why try a gimmick at that point. Make them stop the base offense first.

Henne, has made mistakes, I agree, but not any more than most of the QB's in the league. So I can not pin the majority on him. and we abondoned the running game to often. I would think that falls more on the OC.

That being said the players need to make plays and out O line has sucked making holes. But I do not see an attemt to try different run formations, we just keep beating a dead horse when it is not working, or we choose to pass every down.

Mark- What has been frustrating about this team is right when it looks like we are on the cusp...a dud. This could be because we are a young team and can't handle prosperity, or maybe it's just a sign that there are a lot of good teams, and we fall in the middle. To me I feel like we are right on the edge of something great, we just can't seem to get to that upper tier. We have done it with a rag tag line, no running game, and a qb that really is a shadow of our team as a whole. Great at times, dissapointing at times, and still learning how to win.

with henne as your qb, you'll need 6 jerry rices in their prime for him to be effective.lol

I agree with that D, We are on the verge of greatness in games and then some weird crap goes down. :)

2 watt, I don't get it. He just made Hartline, bess, moore and wallace look like top tier WR's

Although, simply the bess might be.


RW and Cobbs have 16 catches this year on checkdowns. You are fortunate to have missed them. The ball needs to go down the field. I seem to remember that Marino fellow hitting Duper and Clayton long from time to time, too.

Poizen, D, we definitely are on on the cusp. Unfortunately we mmay have to settle on being the best team not to make the playoffs this year. I know- that means nothing but we have to continue to build. We are young, we are on the move.

Poizen, it's all good. I get hot when people falsely accuse me too, so no worries. Come to find out, my take on Henne/OC is pretty much exactly like you just stated, so we're pretty identical in our thinking there.

DD, on that play, that's what I was trying to figure out (if it was Henning or Henne). The reason I didn't think it was Henne was that I saw Ronnie blocking, and never stepped out to be the outlet. So I wasn't sure if that was the formation, or if Ronnie was partially at fault.

On a blitz/pressure play, the QB needs to understand the situation (that he needs to get rid of the ball quickly), but so do the WRs and RBs. And on NONE of those plays did I see anyone (QB or RBs/WRs) understanding the situation. So it's hard to tell who's at fault.

But, I agree, Henne has some learning to do on good decision-making at certain points in the game. When you see a wall of defenders at the line, ready to blitz, you gotta say to yourself as a QB, "gotta get the ball out," and not take a 5 step drop and look downfield. Totally agree.

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