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Marshall, Henne to reunite after nearly a month

Brandon Marshall will be back on the field for the Dolphins this Sunday when they play the New York Jets, according to a source. That barring a setback to Marshall's hamstring, which must be guarded against as he sits with little legroom in a Broadway theater watching the play Lombardi with his teammates this evening.


But I digress.

Marshall must show up big Sunday. He faces New York's Darrelle Revis, arguably the best cornerback in the NFL. He must account for and overcome the likely absence of teammate Brian Hartline, who is recovering from surgery on a hand. And there is always that stuff about being on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne.

Marshall hasn't played with Henne in three games, as Henne missed the Chicago game and then Marshall missed the next two. So the two haven't played together since Nov. 18.

Marshall addressed all those issues at his weekly press availability. Here's what he said:

Ooops, wait a second. Before you go to the words from Marshall's mouth, I encourage you to read the words from Ronnie Brown's mouth that he used this week to inspire folks. Frankly, much of the news about the Dolphins has not been positive lately. But Brown shared much of his personal life and that might lift your spirits today.

(On if he’s ever been to a Broadway show) – “Yes.” 

(On if he’s looking forward to going see the play about Lombardi) – “Oh yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a good thing for our team, our organization, and to get a chance to hang out with the guys and spend some time. That’s always good.” 

(On how much does he know about Coach Lombardi) – “You know what, I think we all know something and something about him, but I don’t think we know enough. (You know) I think he’s definitely a pioneer to this game and this is an opportunity for us to learn more.” 

(On how hard did he lobby Coach Sparano for him to be able to play last Sunday) – “You know what, I lobbied pretty hard. But I think it was in the best interest of our team for me not to play. There definitely was some soreness in there and the four days…the three or four days that I had extra to rest was huge, a big difference. I felt pretty—felt okay out there running around on Sunday, but, coming into practice Wednesday was totally different and gave me an opportunity a piece of my mind that thing is healed in there and I should be able to make the plays that I’m normally capable of making.” 

(On how tough was it to watch from the sideline again, especially when Brian Hartline went out) – “Well it was really tough, but we got to have faith in the guys that we have on our roster and they have to step up and for the most part they did a great job. Of course we made some mistakes out there…and I wish we could have some of those plays back—But, at the end of the day it didn’t make any sense to go out there and play fifteen great plays and on the sixteenth play re-injure my leg but now I’m done for the season, so. I feel good where I’m at now and this week of practice has been great. The excitement is high and we’re ready to play.” 

(On if he watched the Jets vs. Patriots game on Monday night) – “Oh yes, I’m the type of guy, anytime there’s a team in our division on I’m going to watch them with my pen and my pad and take notes. (You know) so that was an opportunity for us to get ahead a little bit and get in front of those guys.” 

(On how he can get more involved in the offense) – “Absolutely I think the great players around the league want to be put in position to help the team but sometimes like Coach Sparano taught me and is trying to teach me still, some days it’s a shot glass and some days it’s a wheel barrel. You got to understand that and you just got to try to be mentally tough and it’s a struggle when you’re used to catching a bunch of balls or being so involved but we got to do what’s best for the team and hopefully get a couple wins here and have some things fall into place for us and get in that postseason.” 

(On what the possible absence of Brian Hartline means) – “I mean that’s all perception. The reality of it is I’ve stretched the field plenty of times. Marlon Moore is probably the fastest guy in our receiver room and he’s more than capable. It’s all about opportunities; it’s all about situation. You understand the way our offense is built teams were kind of afraid to let us go down the field so when you have a shell, you’re going against a shell defense it’s tough to just run down the sideline when you have a guy, his job is just to play you three yards and beat you up at the line and then there’s a guy over top. That’s what we’ve been seeing a lot of and that’s why you see us in the range of five to ten yards working those routes and we did a great job at times but we definitely need to take advantage of more opportunities.” 

(On whether he’s excited to face Darrelle Revis Sunday) – “Well I didn’t say I was excited to play against that particular guy. I mean it’s an opportunity you guys built players around the league up to be great. He is a great cornerback, one of the best in the league now. I’m the type of guy that I love the challenge and look forward to playing against that Jets defense, great defense, tough defense and just want to win.” 

(On whether there is a big difference in the Jets secondary without Jim Leonhard) – “Well you know that guy, you got to give him credit. He’s the quarterback on that defense; he gets guys lined up so definitely when you lose a guy like that it definitely affects your team but this is the National Football League. Those guys are more than capable of making plays and getting the job done. They’re coming off a tough week and we’re going to get their best.” 

(On how much he can take from the Monday Night Football game this past Monday) – “I think you definitely got to study, you got to study that game and see what we can do that the Patriots may have done but at the end of the day it’s about us. We’re coming off of a, off of a bad game and have a nasty taste in our mouth too so we’re excited about this opportunity to play on the big stage and compete out there.” 

(On the Jets trying to position themselves for the playoffs) – “We’re trying to position ourselves for the playoffs too.” 

(On the Jets coming off of being routed) – “Well what about us getting routed? Hey they’re all the same; whether it’s three or 40. Whatever it is that’s a route. We got routed (laughing). I’m just messing around.” 

(On how much the chemistry has developed between him and Chad Henne) – “I think Sunday people will see the connection.”


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Instead of taking the team to see "Lombardi" why not show the video of the 1972 Undefeated Team? That still inspires me.

I second that motion with the second comment..

I have a strange feeling that we are going to win this one..don't know why, just do. And I have called all of our losses this year in my pool, so it's a gut thing, not a dream I had...

Melfins -ditto. Why go see a play ? How about a little Dolphin history. Or maybe talk to Shula and Marino.

I've like Marshall and his attitude from Day One.

He is not the problem.

Well we will win......IF we run the ball on 3rd and short instead of pass it, IF we run the ball more than 20 times instead of making Henne throw 30 plus times, IF we could actually hold on to the interceptions when there thrown into our face instead of bouncing off our facemasks , IF we could block better on special teams then we will win. Easy formula RUN RUN RUN and run some more Whats the orst that could happen we kick field goals?? We do that already lol So RUN until there Defense is dead tired!!!!!!!!PLZ DAN HENNING GO PHINS!!!!!

And it's hard to say
Who you are these days
But you run on anyway

Don't you baby?

You keep running for another place
To find that saving grace

Don't you baby?

While the self proclaimed Elite are making decisions that put hardships on the slaves of the world, riots are becoming common place, like the 30,000 in England

The Dolphin`s run on anyway
Don`t they baby?

While the Dolphins are trying to save grace
... Hacktivists are exposing the truth

The world we live is not a truthful one
U have been had

Is the NFL and all calls made by the refs truthful?

Are any of the games fixed?

These secrets exposed can in some instances endanger others ... but the truth should be told

How did the world become so dishonest?

I like the bowling idea better from a year or two ago better.

Remember when the scared police officer tried to ruin Randy Starks career charging him with a felony, he did not commit

Now decorated & highly praised journalistic humanitarian Julian Assange is in jail and being set up for crimes he did not commit

An imprisoned Chinese dissident was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, on Friday
Of course he did not show up, they wrongfully put him in prison

U Run On Anyway

Don`t you baby?

Blah, blah, blah. Anything anyone says on this team is meaningless. Just like the last 4 games. Meaningful only to draft position.

Oooooo, wait. I take it back. There is one meaningful phrase worth hearing. Dan Henning: "I'm retiring at the end of the season".

Dolphins held Darren McFadden to just two yards rushing and following that up by holding Peyton Hillis to just 57 on the ground.

Nice job Mike Nolan & Dolphin defensive players

Nice job, Indeed

(On how much the chemistry has developed between him and Chad Henne) – “I think Sunday people will see the connection.”

Yes, when he punches Henne in the face for over/under throwing him and for throwing 2 int's in front of him, then proceeds to scream at him to the point he cries on the sideline and the whole season just gets flushed in 1 quarter...this connection will be awesome!

Sanchez has thrown 11 interceptions in his last seven games

NostraHomeUs Expects the Dolphins to play well Sunday

hopfully marshall won't be playing with henne to much longer. this game is going to be horrible. miami signs another dallas joker. can't get the season over soon enough.

We had such high hopes for Henne this season. He had a great mentor (Chad Pennington), a great O-line (that got tinkered with till it isn't anymore), a big time reciever (Brandon Marshall), a top 10 running game (it isn't), and a veteran Offensive Coordinator (see Old). We put him on the same level as Sanchez. All the pieces were in place for him to become an elite QB. But, he's having problems reading defences, placement with the football, touch passes, staring down his reciever, no pump fakes, nervous in the pocket, not great out of the pocket, etc. I'm beginning to wonder if this kid is strictly back-up material and we need to look further for a QB. . hez

Its time to get some moral wins.. As sparano says ITS ABOUT US!!!!! We are clearly out of the playsoffs so let start with trying to improve and get so feel good wins!!!

How about lose the rest of our games: get a higher draft pick, fire the gutless and clueless Sparano AND eliminate any of the Parcells BS from this organization.

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'We can confirm that their Royal Highnesses' car was attacked by protesters

If the Dolphin dont beat the Jets Sunday
Expect further revolt from Dolfans calling for the heads of players and management

The JETS are P.O for loosing to NE.They are going to KICK the Dolphins ass this Sunday.

HAARP is now causing snow in the Northwest Territories. Don't be foolish. Prepare yourselves!

U Run On Anyway

Don`t you baby?

If the Dolphin dont beat the Jets Sunday
Expect further revolt from Dolfans calling for head.


vulgar comments & imposter posting above should be removed

Status of New York’s right tackle, Damien Woody, is uncertain because of a knee injury
D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Eric Mangold are also battling shoulder injuries

Perhaps the Dolphins defense continues to be impressive lately stopping the run

Will be applauding Jason Taylor Sunday when he sacks Henne with forced fumble and ties Lawrence Taylor for record number of sacks

That is if I can applaud with one hand! HAARP ON BABY!!!

Go Fins!

Winds @ the Meadowlands expected to be 12 - 14 mph during game time

Problem is
Its suppose to rain, Like a Cow Pissing on a Flat Rock

9:22 post also imposter with issues

U All have a HAARPy day ;)

Home Out!

Time for you to earn the pay - Brandon - Let's go!

Final Score:

Jets 24 Miami 17

Lapband 31
Smock 10
Brandon 2 silly penalties
Henne Benched
Running game < 70 yeards
Monday - Hot seat for Sparano, Ireland, Henne

Grab your popcorn baby...this game is going to be a war!
These two teams hate each other more than any other in the AFC East.
We were embarassed on Sunday Night Football in round 1, and both teams are coming off loses.
Henne, Marshall, Brown, Bess...are u guys awake?
Kick the crap out of those stinkin' Jest!

The only consolation to not making the Playoffs would be to beat NY and the Pats at their home. But rain in NY and snow in Mass. worries me for a team without a strong run game.

Let's hope we're one!~ Headline from recent PFT:

"Bill Cowher says he’s ready to consider “opportunities”"

Forget Cowher, Gruden. No coach has ever won a SB with two different teams.

if b-marsh draws revis away from bess, then mission accomplished.

Yes Steve, that has been brandon's biggest contributuon to the team. DECOY

This is the point in the year when Dolphin fans start looking forward to next year and dreaming of a better team - Again.....

i actually feel sorry for marshall i know hes not a burner but it seemed he was dominating the highlights with big play after big play the last few years for denver then he comes here and this high school coaching staff turns him into a posession reciever and high priced decoy

With the size of his paycheck I don't feel sorry for marshall - I feel sorry for myself - lol

Yes, I feel very sorry for Marshall and his 50 million dollar contract for working 16 days a year. It's really a pity.

hahah, feeling bad for Marshall, that's funny.

I feel bad for me too. I don't have $50 mill dollars and have been invested in the Dolphins for a lot longer than he has.

50 million and still feeling bad for him ? well let see what marshall and co doing today ;

1-having good breakfast
2-practice AT GAINTS and having fun
3-having early dinner at sard's

hahaha yeah i figured that one would get some laughs lol

If theres any possibility at getting Newton they need to do it QB fo the future

What caught my attention out of yesterday's player interviews was Philip Merling. He was asked about how Nolan got them all into the game, giving everyone a chance to make plays, and in Merling's answer he said something to the affect that Nolan gets everyone involved, d ends get to make plays, and about the d backs he says, "I don't really know too much what they do."

Does that strike anyone else as a reason possibly the team doesn't play in cohesion at times (whether offensively, defensively, or as a whole)? Shouldn't well-rounded football players know the entire scheme (at least on their side of the ball) to fully grasp what the coordinator is trying to accomplish? Isn't that what the Pats try to teach, so players don't just know where they should be and what they should be doing but know what and where their teammates are doing as well?

Just saying. When a Wes Welker and Davone Bess become studs in this league, you can bet the physical is but a small piece. The mental game, the understanding is what allows them to excel. Maybe due to the fear and danger of their physical vulnerabilities, they make sure they understand what everyone is doing around them, so they don't get knocked into retirement. Wish the big guys would learn that too.

SRI, can you tell us what would you do w/50 million ?
lets have fun.

you gotta remember philip merling just started playing a couple of weeks ago, so i wouldnt imagine if he didnt know what the DB's were doing since hes trying to catch up with all the rest of the d-ends and learn the gameplan for the jets

i would buy you aloco an education so i wouldnt have to see all your painfully incoherent moronic posts thats what i would do with 50 million. ya happy now?

If I had $50mil, I'd find some 60-70 year old South Florida native who was at the '72 SuperBowl, and pump them with Dexter's goodnight shot. Then I'd take them to one of those CIA black ops labs overseas, where I'd get the doctors to tap into their brain, collecting their memories, and upload them into my brain. I'd have them pinpoint the SuperBowl memory in realtime, put it on a loop, and feed it into my brain for a week (getting the memory deep inside the recesses of my head, into my subconscious).

And when I awake, I'll have that memory stored inside my head for the rest of my life. Then I'd find a soul food restaurant and eat chicken and waffles, by myself, with my thoughts! 50mil for a slice of heaven.

srj, i was trying to tease you but you took hard .i am sorry.

i can i get that money cash ,i am happy w/the way i write .

srj, nice comeback!

I'd buy Henning a one-way ticket out of town.

DC ,
your post@ 11;21 proves you r very educated not like (( i feel bad for marshall )) guy

Indiana, did he just get the playbook a few weeks ago (he was on IR, not suspended)? This wasn't a question about this particular week, this was a question about the DC's philosophy. I think at Week 13, it's not asking too much for a player to understand the coordinator's scheme. ESPECIALLY if you're not getting the game plan week to week. All you gotta do is read, pay attention and ask questions. You get to see it from above and see how all the pieces work and how you work within those pieces.

I think you're giving Merling a little too much leeway there. There are ways to get better from the sidelines (if you're committed to getting better).

If we don't stop the TE and tackle better on the screen passes then.....

Aloco, yes, very educated. My favorite teacher was Miss Mary Jane. Such a wonderful teacher!

Hhahaha, DC, that's awesome.

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