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Marshall, Henne to reunite after nearly a month

Brandon Marshall will be back on the field for the Dolphins this Sunday when they play the New York Jets, according to a source. That barring a setback to Marshall's hamstring, which must be guarded against as he sits with little legroom in a Broadway theater watching the play Lombardi with his teammates this evening.


But I digress.

Marshall must show up big Sunday. He faces New York's Darrelle Revis, arguably the best cornerback in the NFL. He must account for and overcome the likely absence of teammate Brian Hartline, who is recovering from surgery on a hand. And there is always that stuff about being on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne.

Marshall hasn't played with Henne in three games, as Henne missed the Chicago game and then Marshall missed the next two. So the two haven't played together since Nov. 18.

Marshall addressed all those issues at his weekly press availability. Here's what he said:

Ooops, wait a second. Before you go to the words from Marshall's mouth, I encourage you to read the words from Ronnie Brown's mouth that he used this week to inspire folks. Frankly, much of the news about the Dolphins has not been positive lately. But Brown shared much of his personal life and that might lift your spirits today.

(On if he’s ever been to a Broadway show) – “Yes.” 

(On if he’s looking forward to going see the play about Lombardi) – “Oh yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a good thing for our team, our organization, and to get a chance to hang out with the guys and spend some time. That’s always good.” 

(On how much does he know about Coach Lombardi) – “You know what, I think we all know something and something about him, but I don’t think we know enough. (You know) I think he’s definitely a pioneer to this game and this is an opportunity for us to learn more.” 

(On how hard did he lobby Coach Sparano for him to be able to play last Sunday) – “You know what, I lobbied pretty hard. But I think it was in the best interest of our team for me not to play. There definitely was some soreness in there and the four days…the three or four days that I had extra to rest was huge, a big difference. I felt pretty—felt okay out there running around on Sunday, but, coming into practice Wednesday was totally different and gave me an opportunity a piece of my mind that thing is healed in there and I should be able to make the plays that I’m normally capable of making.” 

(On how tough was it to watch from the sideline again, especially when Brian Hartline went out) – “Well it was really tough, but we got to have faith in the guys that we have on our roster and they have to step up and for the most part they did a great job. Of course we made some mistakes out there…and I wish we could have some of those plays back—But, at the end of the day it didn’t make any sense to go out there and play fifteen great plays and on the sixteenth play re-injure my leg but now I’m done for the season, so. I feel good where I’m at now and this week of practice has been great. The excitement is high and we’re ready to play.” 

(On if he watched the Jets vs. Patriots game on Monday night) – “Oh yes, I’m the type of guy, anytime there’s a team in our division on I’m going to watch them with my pen and my pad and take notes. (You know) so that was an opportunity for us to get ahead a little bit and get in front of those guys.” 

(On how he can get more involved in the offense) – “Absolutely I think the great players around the league want to be put in position to help the team but sometimes like Coach Sparano taught me and is trying to teach me still, some days it’s a shot glass and some days it’s a wheel barrel. You got to understand that and you just got to try to be mentally tough and it’s a struggle when you’re used to catching a bunch of balls or being so involved but we got to do what’s best for the team and hopefully get a couple wins here and have some things fall into place for us and get in that postseason.” 

(On what the possible absence of Brian Hartline means) – “I mean that’s all perception. The reality of it is I’ve stretched the field plenty of times. Marlon Moore is probably the fastest guy in our receiver room and he’s more than capable. It’s all about opportunities; it’s all about situation. You understand the way our offense is built teams were kind of afraid to let us go down the field so when you have a shell, you’re going against a shell defense it’s tough to just run down the sideline when you have a guy, his job is just to play you three yards and beat you up at the line and then there’s a guy over top. That’s what we’ve been seeing a lot of and that’s why you see us in the range of five to ten yards working those routes and we did a great job at times but we definitely need to take advantage of more opportunities.” 

(On whether he’s excited to face Darrelle Revis Sunday) – “Well I didn’t say I was excited to play against that particular guy. I mean it’s an opportunity you guys built players around the league up to be great. He is a great cornerback, one of the best in the league now. I’m the type of guy that I love the challenge and look forward to playing against that Jets defense, great defense, tough defense and just want to win.” 

(On whether there is a big difference in the Jets secondary without Jim Leonhard) – “Well you know that guy, you got to give him credit. He’s the quarterback on that defense; he gets guys lined up so definitely when you lose a guy like that it definitely affects your team but this is the National Football League. Those guys are more than capable of making plays and getting the job done. They’re coming off a tough week and we’re going to get their best.” 

(On how much he can take from the Monday Night Football game this past Monday) – “I think you definitely got to study, you got to study that game and see what we can do that the Patriots may have done but at the end of the day it’s about us. We’re coming off of a, off of a bad game and have a nasty taste in our mouth too so we’re excited about this opportunity to play on the big stage and compete out there.” 

(On the Jets trying to position themselves for the playoffs) – “We’re trying to position ourselves for the playoffs too.” 

(On the Jets coming off of being routed) – “Well what about us getting routed? Hey they’re all the same; whether it’s three or 40. Whatever it is that’s a route. We got routed (laughing). I’m just messing around.” 

(On how much the chemistry has developed between him and Chad Henne) – “I think Sunday people will see the connection.”


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SRJ calls ALOCO dumb and spells receiver....wait for it.....reciever...i before e exept after c or when sound as A as in neighbor and way.

What concerns me about the Jet offensive? With Al Harris gone, Sanchez will find whoever Nolan Carrol is covering and go there all day on 3rd down.

Also, Keller is always huge against Miami.

Mark, and Santonio Holmes. Damn guy always finds a way to win a game.

And LT on the screen passes.

thank you sammy29,i didn't catch his writing mistake due to you know what .

No problem.I just think if you are gonna play genious you should spell correctly!

Win or lose on Sunday, this team,as it is currently constructed, and the cuurent regime, are doomed.

Having said that (h/t to Curb Your Enth.), and at the risk of further diminsihing our chances of getting a good qb in draft, I hope we win, only because the Jets are the vilest, most loathsome entity in football.

Even more vile that Bill "The Quitter" Parcells.

Yep, if Santonio goes up against Carrol, it will be along night. The only reason Carrol didn't get exposed last week is because the Cle WRS and Qb suck so much. How did we lose that game again?

Nolan might have to cool it with moving Sean Smith to FS on 3rd down for this game.

To be honest, I'm queasy today just thinking about the game. Take into account it's the Jets, and how we never fail to keep all games close, and it's a late game, means I'll be in the can 1/2 the day (and I'm not even taking the field).

i think the dolphins will play well and win since we r very relaxed and we just watched lombardi and we r out of the playoffs .

I just hope we can get pressure on Sanchez with our D-line early and often.Our linebackers will be very busy in coverage.

DC, you can do what I did and install a TV in the john.



Fins will play loose and well because they have nothing to lose. Sancheese can't play in cold weather. We should win.

Our ST are great...if you are the opposing team:(

No, he said he was a heck of an athlete - big difference.


short nsm

Unless Brown&Williams have sucess running the rock(130yds)the Dolphins will win,but-----if Henne has to put it in the air 30 or more,the Dolphins will lose.Henning does not have any creativiy in his playbook,very vanilla..The Dolphins are better off not even get off the bus.

ALoco, a guy can be a great athlete yet have no clue about playing a certain position at the NFL level - ie not be a great cornerback.

It's what can sometimes called a veiled compliment or critcism.

mark, thank you .now i know some thing and i can go tell others what you told me of the difference and take credit .

Mark, if I put a tv in the john, my wife would never see me!

And the downside is?

Could it be the reason the playbook is so Vanilla is because Henne doesn't have a grasp of the basic offense? How is the coordinator supposed to install more plays when the quarterback has proven he struggles to execute the basic ones? This said, I think Henne plays well this week. Simplify the playbook by handing the ball off, and limiting Hennes attempts.

This Pennington turn of events really has me baffled. I've always been a fan of his, but how can you possibly think you are ready to play again when you say your shoulder is typically sore on Wednesday from practice, and then you say your shoulder popped out 3 times in your first two plays? And how do you still think you can come back after yet another surgery? And how is it the FO considered him a 2nd string QB and could not see that he was totally unable to perform?

This as well falls on the shoulders of the HC.

Fins can win by shutting down the run and not biting on Sanchez play action. He will chuck & duck a few times every game. Jests win when they get PI calls off of those.

Who cares if Marshall and Henne reunite. Henne can't get him the ball anyway. Henne over throws every single deep pass. Marshall abused Cromartie earlier this year. I was there live to see it first hand. I thought it was a sign of things to come but the fact is Miami went out and got a very elite weapon for Henne to take advantage of and Henne isn't good enough to get him the ball. Sure, Marshall has dropped more balls this year then any fan would like to see but Marshall is still an elite talent. Henne is what he has been since Michigan very very inconsistant. Henne reminds me of a poor man's Kerry Collins. He would be best off as a back up. He can win you some games. But seeing Henne as a 10,11 win guy that can get you deep into playoffs and championships is not happenning.

The major problem in Miami outside of coaching (Sparano, Henning) and QB play is the lack of players that compliment each other. At WR Marshall, Hartline and Bess fail to compliment each other. Even with better play calling who is going deep? Marshall can get deep and use his savvy and strength to get nice position to make the catch but Henne stinks and can't get the ball to him. Bess is great underneath but when he has managed to get deep I remember 2 over thrown balls. Hartline is a decent player. He is nothing special. He is playing starter opposite Marshall but is probably most effective as a 3rd or 4th on most teams. Don't get me wrong he is a decent player but nothing special. He has come on lately vs bad corners but when the corners are good to elite he disappears. He would be good at exposing a safety or a teams nickel or dime corner not being forced to consistantly beat a teams starter.

0x80, chad.p pulled a con job on the dolphins ,and what about our doctors ?


I was very skeptical of Pennington's return for the same reason. He just didn't seem ready physically. It's really a shame too because that was the spark offensively this team needed. Pennington's lack of arm strength is well known but so is his LEADERSHIP, ACCURACY and SMARTS. Pennington has that "IT" factor. He always has. That is probably why I HATED (respected) him so much as a Jet. I used to think how does this guy pick Miami apart over and over when he doesn't seem to have much arm strength. Pennington forever has my respect for being a professional and leader and also turning my laughing stock (2007 Dolphins) around and into a divison champ.

Henne's qualities? Arm strength and ..................... Someone help me?

Are these the same doctors that thought Brees' shoulder would never be repaired?

Who works for the Dolphins? Dr. Nick Riviera?

Lord Mandy, I BEG YOU to at least allow us to IGNORE comments from SPECIFIC users!

Marc, you don't mean the monstrosity known as Home, do you?


Pennington is an ultimate competitor. Most professional athletes are. I think he wanted back on the field so much he used poor judgment. I wouldn't say "con job".

MarK...That's ONE. Of course, I've always had a feeling that there's one or two that post as 15 different retarded personalities

If you notice as soon as one retard stops posting another starts blasting...


Although Penny did job us

The fat fagg0t robbed us to a FAR greater extent!


How did Penny job "us"?

Wow, it really struck me last night. I have been waffling the last few weeks as to what I really honestly feel about Chad Henne. Now obviously he is no Peyton Manning. But notice Peytons footwork in the pocket, little moves that give him a split second longer to keep his eyes down field, THEN check down. Then watch Kerry Collins. I'm telling you Henne is a clone of Kerry Collins. They don't move in the pocket, they hop back and forth. It is the SAME movement. This is something that Henne needs to get better at. I know it won't happen this year because Henne is playing injured. But his footwork in the pocket has been poor all year. This explains why he is so inaccurate, and has trouble feeling the rush.

Pennington was the best and worst thing that happened to this franchise in the past decade. He played well enough to take us to the playoffs, albeit with the softest schedule in the league, but, was exposed YET AGAIN, and should have never returned after his last sugery. Of course, there was the "no trade clause" as well.

I personally dislike everything about this guy except for his leadership. His completion percentage is a direct reflection of the distance of his throws.

Wow Andy, I didn't read your post.... I'm seeing the same thing.


I just was saying the same thing. Henne is a poor man's Kerry Collins. Henne isn't a starter bro. He just isn't that good. I know the optimist are holding hope he can turn into a good QB but he hasn't shown in. I understand a young QB is up and down but he can't even put together back to back good games. I look at the good, young and unproven QBs around the league in Flacco, Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford even Sachez and they all have had stretches where they look baffled and average but also have consecutive games where you can see them taking steps forward. Does anyone see that with Henne? He has a good game and then 2 or 3 bad every time.

It would be nice if these sports writers actually asked the tough questions. They are pansies, ask a bunch of silly stuff and let the coach dance around answering them.

Coach, how is it possible you and your medical staff couldn't see Pennington was no where near ready to play? Why did you offer him several million before you could even know if he would ever be able to play again? How do you go into a season with no real #2 QB.

Very poor management, unacceptable really.

the dolphins wasted a QB SPOT plus paid 5.7 million .how that could be .notice chad.p never came to talk to media until he was going again for an oparation .

If Henne is an exact clone of Kerry Collins, personally I would take that right now. Collins at his peak was pretty darn good but he lost it mentally with the alcohol abuse and stuff. he was good enough to bring a Giants team to a super bowl and his career would have been a lot better had he not lost it mentally like I said.

If Henne is Kerry Collins minus the substance abuse - that's a good thing. Easy to crticize Collins now becuase he's washed up though.


I don't see how you can say he is the best and worst thing that happened to Miami. Pennington did his job that year. You play who you play. If that is the case Miami should have beaten Cleveland this past week. Miami was at home and a better team but QB play and coaching killed them.

Pennington has been to the playoffs and won playoff games. He is also a winner.

Andy, I think Hennes mechanics are completley screwed. So I do hold out some hope for him. It is slim, but I think it can be fixed. Look at the games that we won at the start of the year. That is the team we needed to be. Then we fell behind against the jets. Henne was forced to chuck it, and played well enough to perhaps fool everyone that he could win games with his arm. The Pats game was a diaster and can not be put on Hennes shoulders. Although he played poorly. The Packer game was back to the correct blueprint for this team. We ran it and took the pressure off Henne. Baltimore was a screw up by henning that should have had him fired an the spot. Tennessee, and Oakland were Hennes shining moments this season. No critiques. Then last weeks disaster. Nothing much to say. So when you look back on our wins. You could argue that in only 2 of them Henne made the difference. In the other 4 the ball was taken out of his hands, and we won by running the ball, and limiting his throws.

Mark in Toronto,

I would take a younger Kerry Collins too if that's what Henne is but I said a poor man's Kerry Collins. He is a lesser version. Maybe my analogy is sort of a slight to Collins which is undeserved. I guess I'm referring to Henne having a strong arm like Collins, very robotic, no mobility and making mistakes at the worst times. Henne also does what Collins has does when he is behind and that is sling it and put up some decent numbers when trailing.

Andy NJ, how many games do you think Chad Henne has cost Miami this year?

I don't think it is more than 2 tops - yet the team lost 6.

Almost every qb in this league crapped the bed at least once and cost his team a game.

Even Brady lost to Cleveland - it happens.

I acknoweldge he does have to improve but I think your criticism is extremely harsh. He is what he is - a young qb that looks like a world beater one week then poops another week. After next year we can judge Henne with no grading curves.


Very good points from 12:54 post. The blue print was supposed to be run first power football. I have even slimmer hope then you that Henne can turn it around but you make good points. I do see Henne getting one more year if this staff is retained. I don't know how hot Sparano's seat is but if he is canned I think Henne is too.

Forgot about Cinci. Henne played ok in that game. That was game was won by our defense. I will give Henne credit for the long drive at the end of the game. He has shown some signs that he can play. He deserves 1 more year to improve. Like I said before, if he can clean up his footwork, and get some feel for the pocket. IMO he can be a guy that gets us to playoff caliber.

Mark in Toronto.. I didn't say there was anything wrong w? Collins. They just look like the same qb in the pocket. The way they move, or don't. And how on some throws you say wow, and others you say....WOW WTF.

DD, I also do see the similarities but Henne is already better than Collins - this year vs this year.

I am really looking forward to next year (yes there will be a settlement at some point and a season but not before they scare the begezzus out of everyone) it will be the verdict on this particular QB era. The QB in waiting better be on the roster next year either way. Be it Devlin, Ponder, Stanzi, whoever.

Mark in Toronto,

It's not only what Henne does to cost Miami it is also what he doesn't do in these games.

Pats 10/4 - He started very hot and then fell apart. Miami had a chance to go up 10 they were driving and he threw that horrible INT to Ninkovich. Special teams was the real reason but that was a big moment early in the game.

Baltimore - before the half throwing the ugliest pass I have ever seen right before the half to a wide open Fasano also a chance to put his team up at the half. And then he stunk it up.

Cleveland - just a disaster.

Some observations:

1) No doubt Brandy is an outstanding competitor, but if I were Donald Trump, I would have hired Clint to be my Apprentice. Why? Because (to answer the proverbial question), if there were one person on that show I would choose to be in a foxhole with, it would be Clint.

2) Sometimes Ronnie Brown looks so shifty and quick. And other times he looks slow as molasses.

When Ricky Williams gets up a head of steam, he remains one of the most exciting runners in the game today. But there are times (too frequent) where he meekly surrenders to the first tackler who goes after him, particularly behind the line of scrimmage.

What I'm trying to say is - Ronnie and Ricky are occasionally great, but not nearly enough to justify a long term commitment to either.

3) I got up early this morning and watched "Words And Music" - the 1948 bio-pic of the great song-writing team of Richard Rodgers (music) and Lorenz Hart (lyrics). Unlike the garbage music today, their music will endure. Mickey Rooney played the homosexually tormented Lorenz Hart (though of course, that was never even hinted at in the movie). Rooney did his customary bit of overacting. If I had to list the thespians who overacted the most, I would say:

a) Mickey Rooney
b) Anthony Quinn
c) Jackie Gleason
d) Tony Sparano

4) When the sexiest and most beautiful women of all-time are ranked, I'm surprised that chick from "Purple Rain" - Appolonia? Apollonia? - is never mentioned. She was beautiful, sexy hot and intelligent.

5) I take a backseat to no one in my admiration for Don Shula. But there are too many people on this site who whitewash history and pine for the days of Shula being at the helm of this once storied franchise. Need I remind you of the dark years 1986-1989 where the Dolphins never won more than 8 games in any one season? The collapse in 1991? The collapse (5 straight losses to end the season) in 1993? The collapse in the 2nd half of the playoff game against San Diego in 1994? And worst of all, the collapse in 1995 when Huizenga thought he had purchased the best team money can buy, and mortgaged the Dolphins' future? I remember all the pitchforks being out for Shula then. So, no, it was not a utopian time.

6) Sometimes I go on Facebook, and look for the roughly 10 women I've had massive crushes on. I have no doubt that there are legions of women frustrated beyond words because if they were to search for Nathaniel Dodsworth they would not find him. I do not have a Facebook account.

Henne is like CulPepp without the legs. He's a chucker, he just chucks it. He is best at brute force type throws, as opposed to timing throws. It worked for CulPepp only when he had Moss in his prime.

Those down on Penne (pre injury) don't know what they are talking about. Incredibly accurate, moved the offense, very tough to defend against. Always knew right where to go with the ball. Read D as good as anyone. The fact that he didn't have the strongest arm isn't to say it wasn't strong enough.

Mark in Toronto,

My criticism of Henne has been brewing for years. I am a Michigan fan and a Miami fan. He just honestly gives me 0 confidence. He has always been inconsistant. At Michigan he had his moments and crapped the bed every year in big games (Ohio State) and even lesser games (Applachian State). He was benched his Senior year in favor of Ryan Mallet although they said it was because of leg injury. Mallet looked like a deer in head lights at times and had some high turnover games but he gave me and most Michigan fans confidence that we never saw in Henne.

The 72 Dolphins gave the blueprint for run first powerfootball.

You need a Czonka-like rb to pound the middle. Then you need a Mercury Morris-like speed demon to attack the edge when the defense stacks the middle to stop your Czonka-like rb.

Then when the defense starts putting 8-9 in the box to stop the up the middle and edge running game you need a Paul Warfield type wr to beat one on one coverage for long to medium range td's.


Love it man! I don't get the knocking Chad Pennington either.

Wake is going to plant down Sanchez like a Tree.


Big props to your last post. That was the exact same Henne I saw at Michigan. He seemed to always play down to the competition at Michigan.

I was absolutely shocked when Parcells drafted him in the 2nd rd. But gave the decision the benifit of the doubt because it was BP. Just like at Michigan, at times Henne can look great and when you need it nost he can be simply terrible.

Andy, as a Michigan fan, did oyu think Tom Brady would be one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game? I mean, he was pretty good at Michaigan but not as good as his predecessor (Griese) and many people wanted Drew Henson right away over Brady.

Not saying Henne will be the 2nd coming - but we shouldn't dismiss him because of his college days (which were pretty darn good at times - after all - he beat Tebow!)


If Pennington had an arm he could have benn unquestionably one of the greatest qb's in nfl history. Unfortunately, especially playoff time and against the upper echelon team a qb has to have the ability to hit the deep ball.

If not, upper echelon defenses will drastically shrink the field on your offense and take away ALL operating room.

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