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Marshall, Henne to reunite after nearly a month

Brandon Marshall will be back on the field for the Dolphins this Sunday when they play the New York Jets, according to a source. That barring a setback to Marshall's hamstring, which must be guarded against as he sits with little legroom in a Broadway theater watching the play Lombardi with his teammates this evening.


But I digress.

Marshall must show up big Sunday. He faces New York's Darrelle Revis, arguably the best cornerback in the NFL. He must account for and overcome the likely absence of teammate Brian Hartline, who is recovering from surgery on a hand. And there is always that stuff about being on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne.

Marshall hasn't played with Henne in three games, as Henne missed the Chicago game and then Marshall missed the next two. So the two haven't played together since Nov. 18.

Marshall addressed all those issues at his weekly press availability. Here's what he said:

Ooops, wait a second. Before you go to the words from Marshall's mouth, I encourage you to read the words from Ronnie Brown's mouth that he used this week to inspire folks. Frankly, much of the news about the Dolphins has not been positive lately. But Brown shared much of his personal life and that might lift your spirits today.

(On if he’s ever been to a Broadway show) – “Yes.” 

(On if he’s looking forward to going see the play about Lombardi) – “Oh yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a good thing for our team, our organization, and to get a chance to hang out with the guys and spend some time. That’s always good.” 

(On how much does he know about Coach Lombardi) – “You know what, I think we all know something and something about him, but I don’t think we know enough. (You know) I think he’s definitely a pioneer to this game and this is an opportunity for us to learn more.” 

(On how hard did he lobby Coach Sparano for him to be able to play last Sunday) – “You know what, I lobbied pretty hard. But I think it was in the best interest of our team for me not to play. There definitely was some soreness in there and the four days…the three or four days that I had extra to rest was huge, a big difference. I felt pretty—felt okay out there running around on Sunday, but, coming into practice Wednesday was totally different and gave me an opportunity a piece of my mind that thing is healed in there and I should be able to make the plays that I’m normally capable of making.” 

(On how tough was it to watch from the sideline again, especially when Brian Hartline went out) – “Well it was really tough, but we got to have faith in the guys that we have on our roster and they have to step up and for the most part they did a great job. Of course we made some mistakes out there…and I wish we could have some of those plays back—But, at the end of the day it didn’t make any sense to go out there and play fifteen great plays and on the sixteenth play re-injure my leg but now I’m done for the season, so. I feel good where I’m at now and this week of practice has been great. The excitement is high and we’re ready to play.” 

(On if he watched the Jets vs. Patriots game on Monday night) – “Oh yes, I’m the type of guy, anytime there’s a team in our division on I’m going to watch them with my pen and my pad and take notes. (You know) so that was an opportunity for us to get ahead a little bit and get in front of those guys.” 

(On how he can get more involved in the offense) – “Absolutely I think the great players around the league want to be put in position to help the team but sometimes like Coach Sparano taught me and is trying to teach me still, some days it’s a shot glass and some days it’s a wheel barrel. You got to understand that and you just got to try to be mentally tough and it’s a struggle when you’re used to catching a bunch of balls or being so involved but we got to do what’s best for the team and hopefully get a couple wins here and have some things fall into place for us and get in that postseason.” 

(On what the possible absence of Brian Hartline means) – “I mean that’s all perception. The reality of it is I’ve stretched the field plenty of times. Marlon Moore is probably the fastest guy in our receiver room and he’s more than capable. It’s all about opportunities; it’s all about situation. You understand the way our offense is built teams were kind of afraid to let us go down the field so when you have a shell, you’re going against a shell defense it’s tough to just run down the sideline when you have a guy, his job is just to play you three yards and beat you up at the line and then there’s a guy over top. That’s what we’ve been seeing a lot of and that’s why you see us in the range of five to ten yards working those routes and we did a great job at times but we definitely need to take advantage of more opportunities.” 

(On whether he’s excited to face Darrelle Revis Sunday) – “Well I didn’t say I was excited to play against that particular guy. I mean it’s an opportunity you guys built players around the league up to be great. He is a great cornerback, one of the best in the league now. I’m the type of guy that I love the challenge and look forward to playing against that Jets defense, great defense, tough defense and just want to win.” 

(On whether there is a big difference in the Jets secondary without Jim Leonhard) – “Well you know that guy, you got to give him credit. He’s the quarterback on that defense; he gets guys lined up so definitely when you lose a guy like that it definitely affects your team but this is the National Football League. Those guys are more than capable of making plays and getting the job done. They’re coming off a tough week and we’re going to get their best.” 

(On how much he can take from the Monday Night Football game this past Monday) – “I think you definitely got to study, you got to study that game and see what we can do that the Patriots may have done but at the end of the day it’s about us. We’re coming off of a, off of a bad game and have a nasty taste in our mouth too so we’re excited about this opportunity to play on the big stage and compete out there.” 

(On the Jets trying to position themselves for the playoffs) – “We’re trying to position ourselves for the playoffs too.” 

(On the Jets coming off of being routed) – “Well what about us getting routed? Hey they’re all the same; whether it’s three or 40. Whatever it is that’s a route. We got routed (laughing). I’m just messing around.” 

(On how much the chemistry has developed between him and Chad Henne) – “I think Sunday people will see the connection.”


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lol@ my hero the cuban.


your urination stories are really boring. nobody cares. nobody believes you. nobody shares your excitement. if you are 12 years old and think you are shocking adults, you are not. if you are older than twelve, you are one extremely bored individual.



Aloco, If your stating that Vick is a better QB then Manning,my advice to you is call 911, You've Inhaled to much paint thinner.......

CUBAN, if you r an owner for nfl team , who would you rather have vick or p.manning of today ?

I'd Take Phil. Rivers, or Arron Rogers.....Not Chad (Fat Neck)Henne...., And I sure wouldn't have a OC that Has been dead since 1964...

Mr. Aloco

Do you use tracking software to keep up with your alias's

Uncle Bottoms, Our Lil Friend Aloco needs a Super computer to keep up with his Aliases....

cuban/me soiled .......you trying hard to blame me for every thing,

still both of you are my heroes .


How many times have I told you to quit sniffing my butt?

time for my meatball sub



Yeah I was enjoying my day. Then I got home and saw everyone was cutting my boy Henne to pieces.

I'm sorry Chad, I wasn't here to defend you. I have failed(SIGH).

But I'm here now you Jack Wagons, LETS GO!!!!

PS: Chad your neck is not fat, it's just Muscley

Randy Moss targeted zero times vs Colts last night. Fisher wasnt happy with the selection of Vince Young and obviously not happy with the pick up of Randy Moss despite the company lines he used in the acquistion news conference. The evidence doesnt lie.

I dont want Fisher anywhere near Miami. We already see exactly what he does when unhappy with gm decisions. Fisher equals fishless.


Jackwagon? This reminds me of the Geico commercial:

Would a drill sargent make a good therapist?

Patients: ....And that's what makes me unhappy.

Sarge: You wanna know what makes me unhappy? You do, you JACKWAGON!

Sarge: Why dont we lets stroll right on down to mamby-pamby land and lets get you some self confidence!..............


odin, vernon carey is out for sunday.lol

db,fisher is titans coach sincs 1994 ...16 years and never won any thing .

RB Lemichael James of Oregon is the absolute most explosive rb in college football. Problem is he's only a junior. No word about him coming out.

LeMichael James reminds me of Chris Johnson with his take it the house explosiveness.

LeMichael James would look great trading his Oregon green for Dolphin green should he decide to come out this year. James is the only college rb I would select ahead of Alabama's stud rb Mark Ingram.

He's a td just waiting to happen from any spot on the field.


Have you seen Fisher during any of his latest pressers? The guy absolutely looks like he just walked in off of skid row. With a bottle of MD 20-20 in back pocket to boot!


If you drop-ped Fisher off on wine-o corner you would never be able to distinguish him from any of the other wine-o bums hanging out there. That's certainly the image I wouldnt want displayed here.

Fisher get a razor and clean yourself up for peace-sakes! A fresh bath wouldnt hurt either.


You're a guy, we're all guys. We all know there are some women out there who would make any of want an official membership to the slapaho tribe. I cant say I condone the actions, but with some women I do understand.

You cant always be such a gullible bleeding heart with every single case. Especially with not knowing the past history of some of these skeezers. LOL..................

i kinda laughed when i read vernon carey wont play sunday. heck;he hasnt played all year. it happens everytime we give someone too much money. these big contracts are ridiculous. the player never performs up to that level.



Chris Johnson is much smaller than Mark Ingram too. Get the picture? LOL................

No way is Thigpen the answer at QB, but I've gotta admit he sure is a hottie!

I'am not making this up... arrested someone yesterday for killing and dismembering a homeless guy.. the guy's name... Jeff Fisher.... And he kinda resembles the head coach too....


LeMichael James would be the much sought after speed back we sorely need. With James we resign Ronnie to run between the tackles but not give him an absorbent contract.

LeMichael james can run between the tackles too but you mostly use him to attack the edge. This would also loosen things up between the tackles for Brown too.

Everyone blames the oline for Brown and Williams not being able to find gaping holes up front. But they dont consider we also dont have a speedy edge back to help loosen up the middle.

Defenses are just packing the middle because we dont have an edge threat. This makes it doublely difficult to run up the gut and off tackle.

Ronnie brown will be playing for the Broncos next year...........

Mark Ingram isnt exactly a speed back but he's still effective on the edge because the guy is just an absolute master in setting up his blocks then exploding. That's a gift that cant be taught and very few rb's ever master.

That's why I am so crazed about being able to get Ingram. He is a HUGE upgrade Ronnie Brown. ALL the experts agree on this. Case closed! LOL.........

At this point I wouldn't care if Happy Gilmore starts at QB against the wets.

Other than Nolan, this entire organization is starting to make me physically ill.

They try and pigeon hole Henne into a game manager. They preach don't make the big mistake, no turnovers and severly limit his development with playcalls. They get in his head so bad he starts to look robotic.

Not exactly the best way to find out if your young guy has the "it" factor, but when the games count it's understandable.

The thing is, now that the games don't matter, lets see what the guy can do. Lets find out now if this is going to be the guy starting next season. Tell him this is his chance to shine. No pressure, just play the game and do what you do.

NOPE! Tony announces in his presser that these next 4 games will be an evaluating process for Henne with the emphasis on not making the big mistake.

To me, this isn't even about whether Henne will ever be elite. It's about how clueless this organization is making itself look.

If I'm the head coach, I'm out of the playoffs and I have to figure out the quareterback position, the last thing I'm going to do is preach about not making mistakes. I'm going to turn the guy loose. The games don't even count for christs sakes. I myself would be tempted to let him draw up his own game plan, maybe even call his own plays.

I would tell him, sink or swim, here's the keys, have fun!

Not Sporano and co. they much rather pretend they know what they're doing!

dying, bradys got the answer to get the running game going and its not even the oline like people think. he says line em up and spread em out;5-6 receivers out on every play. after a good dose of accurate passing to whoever is open, the running game can come alive whenever you want it to. mix this with good playaction and the d will be on its heels. just ask rex ryan/jets. we just dont possess that offensive philosophy.


dan, I have a solution. For my support of DADT, and my respect for..."ticklers", meaning me not using derogatory language to identify..."teabaggers", you and yours may not ruin the sport for us "y-chromosome lesbians" by publicly stating who you think is cute or not.

Deal? Thanks.

Sparano is amazed at the Saints oline, where every starter has played every game this year. It's sad when staying healthy for 16 weeks is some kind of Haley's Comet-chance in a million type of event. I think Miami acquires players with bones made of matchsticks.

Let's just clone Jake Long, 4 times, and we'll have the best line in the history of football!

Aloco, That's the American way, Get the money your due, This isn't Costa Rica or any other banana Republic(At least not yet)(Though I got a feeling that's about to happen in the next 6 years) Also look for Mr. Cower to be the next"JAW" to coach the mighty air breathers... Need a JAW to coach here, the last one was the God of all coaches....

If we wanna consider ourselves a physical pound it run team. Upgrading the run game should be top priority this season. For those of you who think the oline is top priority consider this:

The 90's Cowboys were considered one of the greatest run blocking lines ever. But when they wouldnt pay Emmitt and he was out the first 2 games that season. Thier run game was absolutely stuck in the mudd. Consequently they lost both thier first two games of the season.

Jones then immediately gave Smith the money and immediately upon return the Cowboys oline and run game again looked like one of the best ever. those would be the only 2 games the Cowboys lost that season.

odin, odin, odin. Bubbie! That's what rye whiskey is for. Game days!

I'll say whatever I want whenever I want. I could give a flying f*uck less what any homophobic nitwit thinks.

Thigpen is a hottie.

I wonder how the Boys are enjoying the theater tonight? I wonder if there are cocktails at the theater? Could you imagine having to sit through a play, or for that matter anywhere you don't want to be without your drink of choice? I'm sure the squad will go to sleep inspired tonight.


What has really sparked the Pats offense are:

Woodhead's running and recieving, The two rookie TE's, and Dion Branch being able to step right in already familiar with the Pats style of offense.

It also helped with the kick in the ass Brady gave the offense during the sideline tirade a few weeks back. They've been playing super ever since. Also that young defense seems to be coming into thier own right before our very eyes.

WE ALL HATE YOU BELICHEK! LOL.................

DD, Hopefully they wont be "Sleeping" during Sundays game like they did last Sunday...........

DB, don't you think this is an old thinking when you talk about 1990's cowboys ?

you got first get a QB and midgets like woodhead and welker to deliver the football in smart way like brady .

DB, all that time and work for 15-play TD drives. It's making me sick dude. I wanna have the ability to score from anywhere on the field in one play. I want a potent, high-scoring, explosive offense. I'm sick of "smashmouth". I want fireworks. I don't wanna go through the Steelers or the Ravens anymore, I wanna go OVER THEM.

By the way, that's exactly how we almost beat the Steelers this year. The NFL of this decade is all about air domination. We need to enter the fray before it's too late and the NFL shifts again.

I'am Out Kids, You all have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite.....

breaking news............. PETCO the pet store will SELL M.VICK JERSEY STARTING IN JAN 2011 ................................


The Marino era and the Pats 18-1 season was conclussive proof just being able to throw the ball alone can get you to the big game but doesnt guarantee a win.

The 49er's smashmouth football us just as the Giants smashmouth footballed the 18-1 Pats. The aerial first Colts and Saints maybe the only exception because they both played the same brand of ball and someone had to win.

Remember, the only ring Peyton has is when he had University of Miami star rb edgerrin James in the backfield with him. Colts-Saints are only aerial first teams to ever compete against each other in SB history.

Check it for yourself. Hell, Brady had a greater aerial season than Marino in 1984 and they still lost. Exact same fate as Marino. LOL.............

dan, why don't you have some respect you effing tool? I don't give a good damn if you smoke the baloney poney or pound the joystick. But this is a SPORT you tool! I think Danika Patrick and Maria Sharapova are hot too, but I wouldn't say so on a SPORTS blog. Get you damned head out of the toilet. This has nothing to do with sexuality, it's about score more than the other guy.

Got any good comments on how the Dolphins can beat the Jets you whackadoodle?

DC. Do you think that Henne is going to be a quarterback that we can trust to throw the ball 35-40 times a game and win? What is your feeling right now? Not if Henne gets new tools, or another coordinator, etc.

It amazes me how many people want Henne benched. I'm living up in Baltimore and the people here are complaining about flacco just because of one play. They saying the same exact thing dolphin fans are complaining about. Flacco. Play calling. The point is this. We cant get a good qb in this draft. We need a running back to compliment Henne the way Lt helps Sanchez. How many times have r and r dropped passes that killed our drives. We need a third down back like chested taylor or sproles or woodhead to help Henne when he checks down. Henne will be a good qb if u know how to use his abilities

A great pass rushing defense is certain death to pass happy offense. Most cases great pass rushing defenses do make it to the big dance. If I had to bet on a great pass attack vs a great pass rush defense. Win or lose I would bet on the great pass rush defense every time.

High octane pass attacks always look great until meeting the high octane pass rush defense.

DB, you're right, you need balance. But I'm saying having that air superiority allows you to do lots of things. You do need to run at times (control clock, end of games, end of season, bad weather, etc.) But being strong in the pass game (usually) opens up the run game (except with this year's Dolphins). And, frankly, Henne could be the QB to get it done. I mean, our pass game has definitely improved this year thanks to him (and others).

I'd like balance, but I wanna see those 2-3 play TD drives, badly.

michael lash,

Mark Ingram is a great runner and great reciever out of the backfield.

My feeling about Henne right now is everytime he steps back to throw the ball, my hands are over my face and I'm peeking around them to be honest. But I've seen sparks man. That's what I hate about this guy. He makes some boneheaded plays, no doubt. But he also makes some terrific, dare I say Marino-like throws. He has talent, just inconsistent. If he fixes that, the guy could be a keeper.

Draft him. Resign Ronnie. Look at cj spiller. He did nothing for the bills Need Ronnie also to fall back on.


Balance is the key. High octane pass attacks alone look great against teams who cant generate pass rush. If you have no run game great pass rush teams just pin the ears and all out assault the passer. A great run game also keeps great pass rush teams off of your qb.

You do need both to be a truly dominant offense. One without the other is certain death when playing great defenses. Defenses need to be balanced in run and pass defense too.


And let me just state, before anyone remarks, Henne is not now nor ever was or ever will be Dan Marino. Not even close. I don't see him as Peyton or Brady or Rivers. I think he could be Eli. Or Matt Hasselbeck. Both took their team to SuperBowls. I doubt either makes the HOF or will be considered one of the best at their positions.

Henne was having prob with Cleveland because of Moore and wallaces peeeeoueer

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