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Marshall, Henne to reunite after nearly a month

Brandon Marshall will be back on the field for the Dolphins this Sunday when they play the New York Jets, according to a source. That barring a setback to Marshall's hamstring, which must be guarded against as he sits with little legroom in a Broadway theater watching the play Lombardi with his teammates this evening.


But I digress.

Marshall must show up big Sunday. He faces New York's Darrelle Revis, arguably the best cornerback in the NFL. He must account for and overcome the likely absence of teammate Brian Hartline, who is recovering from surgery on a hand. And there is always that stuff about being on the same page with quarterback Chad Henne.

Marshall hasn't played with Henne in three games, as Henne missed the Chicago game and then Marshall missed the next two. So the two haven't played together since Nov. 18.

Marshall addressed all those issues at his weekly press availability. Here's what he said:

Ooops, wait a second. Before you go to the words from Marshall's mouth, I encourage you to read the words from Ronnie Brown's mouth that he used this week to inspire folks. Frankly, much of the news about the Dolphins has not been positive lately. But Brown shared much of his personal life and that might lift your spirits today.

(On if he’s ever been to a Broadway show) – “Yes.” 

(On if he’s looking forward to going see the play about Lombardi) – “Oh yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a good thing for our team, our organization, and to get a chance to hang out with the guys and spend some time. That’s always good.” 

(On how much does he know about Coach Lombardi) – “You know what, I think we all know something and something about him, but I don’t think we know enough. (You know) I think he’s definitely a pioneer to this game and this is an opportunity for us to learn more.” 

(On how hard did he lobby Coach Sparano for him to be able to play last Sunday) – “You know what, I lobbied pretty hard. But I think it was in the best interest of our team for me not to play. There definitely was some soreness in there and the four days…the three or four days that I had extra to rest was huge, a big difference. I felt pretty—felt okay out there running around on Sunday, but, coming into practice Wednesday was totally different and gave me an opportunity a piece of my mind that thing is healed in there and I should be able to make the plays that I’m normally capable of making.” 

(On how tough was it to watch from the sideline again, especially when Brian Hartline went out) – “Well it was really tough, but we got to have faith in the guys that we have on our roster and they have to step up and for the most part they did a great job. Of course we made some mistakes out there…and I wish we could have some of those plays back—But, at the end of the day it didn’t make any sense to go out there and play fifteen great plays and on the sixteenth play re-injure my leg but now I’m done for the season, so. I feel good where I’m at now and this week of practice has been great. The excitement is high and we’re ready to play.” 

(On if he watched the Jets vs. Patriots game on Monday night) – “Oh yes, I’m the type of guy, anytime there’s a team in our division on I’m going to watch them with my pen and my pad and take notes. (You know) so that was an opportunity for us to get ahead a little bit and get in front of those guys.” 

(On how he can get more involved in the offense) – “Absolutely I think the great players around the league want to be put in position to help the team but sometimes like Coach Sparano taught me and is trying to teach me still, some days it’s a shot glass and some days it’s a wheel barrel. You got to understand that and you just got to try to be mentally tough and it’s a struggle when you’re used to catching a bunch of balls or being so involved but we got to do what’s best for the team and hopefully get a couple wins here and have some things fall into place for us and get in that postseason.” 

(On what the possible absence of Brian Hartline means) – “I mean that’s all perception. The reality of it is I’ve stretched the field plenty of times. Marlon Moore is probably the fastest guy in our receiver room and he’s more than capable. It’s all about opportunities; it’s all about situation. You understand the way our offense is built teams were kind of afraid to let us go down the field so when you have a shell, you’re going against a shell defense it’s tough to just run down the sideline when you have a guy, his job is just to play you three yards and beat you up at the line and then there’s a guy over top. That’s what we’ve been seeing a lot of and that’s why you see us in the range of five to ten yards working those routes and we did a great job at times but we definitely need to take advantage of more opportunities.” 

(On whether he’s excited to face Darrelle Revis Sunday) – “Well I didn’t say I was excited to play against that particular guy. I mean it’s an opportunity you guys built players around the league up to be great. He is a great cornerback, one of the best in the league now. I’m the type of guy that I love the challenge and look forward to playing against that Jets defense, great defense, tough defense and just want to win.” 

(On whether there is a big difference in the Jets secondary without Jim Leonhard) – “Well you know that guy, you got to give him credit. He’s the quarterback on that defense; he gets guys lined up so definitely when you lose a guy like that it definitely affects your team but this is the National Football League. Those guys are more than capable of making plays and getting the job done. They’re coming off a tough week and we’re going to get their best.” 

(On how much he can take from the Monday Night Football game this past Monday) – “I think you definitely got to study, you got to study that game and see what we can do that the Patriots may have done but at the end of the day it’s about us. We’re coming off of a, off of a bad game and have a nasty taste in our mouth too so we’re excited about this opportunity to play on the big stage and compete out there.” 

(On the Jets trying to position themselves for the playoffs) – “We’re trying to position ourselves for the playoffs too.” 

(On the Jets coming off of being routed) – “Well what about us getting routed? Hey they’re all the same; whether it’s three or 40. Whatever it is that’s a route. We got routed (laughing). I’m just messing around.” 

(On how much the chemistry has developed between him and Chad Henne) – “I think Sunday people will see the connection.”


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Hartline out and Marshall out killed us. Henne needs more weapons.

CJ Spiller was only a 13-17 carry a game rb in college. I knew he wasnt going to be an every down back in the pro's. Bills need to consider where to play him.

If I had Spiller I would use him predominantly on kickoffs, punts, and make him a 3rd down back and give him limited role as a change of pace back. Top 10 was far to early to draft him. I knew this during the draft.

Michael, I hear the same in DC (about Flacco). That's why Baltimore is the heroin-capital of the USA. I don't know what those people are talking about. Flacco, Rice, Boldin AND Ray-Ray and that defense, that's a good team they have there. Flacco is fine. Good arm, not going to win games by himself right now, but what young QB is? (crickets)

You're absolutely right, it's hard not to stick with a larva. Flacco/Henne, they're only larva in football QB terms. We don't know what they'll be, they haven't hatched yet. By next year, we should at least be able to tell if they are a moth or a butterfly, but not yet. It's too early.

Only 2 plays absolutely killed us against Cleveland. The Hartline underthrow and pick by Henne and the nothing but daylight pick 6 drop by Carroll. Both or either of those 2 plays win the game for us.

Case Closed...........................LOL

Is it just me, or is Polite not having such a great season. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not like last season. Is that Henning going to the well one too many times again?

Don't remind me about Cleveland. I haven't totally gotten over it (or Henne's play) yet. Trying, but still can't quite get it out of my head.


If noticed we havent had as many 4th and 1 or 3rd and one opportunities this season. Thats why Polite's name has been so quiet. We've also run the ball far less than recent seasons too.


I'm not DC but I do have a big mouth.

Sometimes Henne looks like he can pull it off, sometimes not. I know that the QB position is the most important there is and it's something we need to figure out soon.

Henning and Sporano tried to sit on the fence and in so doing failed miserably. They tried putting the cart before the horse.

They pretend they want to develop a franchise quarterback, but coach and game plan as if they have a Chad Pennington clone. I'm starting to believe they're both in over their heads.

I knew Hennings was a mistake from day one and Tonys last presser was the straw that broke the back.

Our next 4 games are nothing more than pre season games basically and they don't want to let Henne sink or swim. They want to evaluate him on not making the mistake-WTF! Anybody can be coached to not make mistakes. It's time to let him get game day experience throwing the ball all over the field. It's put up or shut up time for Henne. The coaches need to man up and face the inevitable whatever it may be.

At this point it's much more important to see if the guy can do it or not. Let him throw it 50 times! We need to figure this out one way or the other.

We have four games left. With Henne's prior experience this should be plenty of time to see if he can start to develop the "it" factor. Turn him loose!

Tony and Hennings are hurting this team in the long run by p_ssy footing around on this issue!


Dont understand why anyone who's been dolfans as long as you and I hasnt learned we cant get too high with the wins and too with the losses. Its been a fact of life at least for the last 10yrs and more....

I have, but it doesnt mean I dont love the team any less. It means I realize Im getting a little older so I dont need to increase health concerns. No one in the Fins organization pays any bills for me. Health or otherwise. Temperment is the key buddy.

My last post was meanyt for DC not DD. LOL...




I'm glad we took a pass on Spiller. I can say that the FO did their homework on this player. He cannot block. This is a must in our system because as you know most of the time we are in MAX protection. To be serious though, Spiller cannot be trusted to pickup the rush, he gets ran through, or is in the wrong spot. One thing that Parcells demanded, and i think he is right about. His running backs have to be able to block. If they can't they sit. Chan Gailey is from the same school of thought, and Spiller can't find the field.

Yeah, hear you DB, I guess it's attributable to other factors. He's been stuffed on some of those short-yardage plays. That could be because Henning's playcalling is as clockwork as movie theater showtimes. Or the interior oline isn't as good or nearly as effective. And the missed throws could be Henne's inability to throw and accurate short out touch pass.

I just see that John Connor guy from the Jets, getting all the praise, and I know Polite is as good or better than that guy. I just want him to get his due and make a name for himself. I like the guy, want him to do well.




Dyingbreed you need to check your stats before posting.Payton won his ring the year after edge had left edge doesnt have a ring

Odin.. What up!
I totaly agree. Although the team, and orginization probably feel like there is still hope to make the playoffs. That said I doubt we will see any sort of evaluation of sorts until we are numerically eliminated. I doubt Sparanos job is in jeapoardy so unleash the hounds. Let some of the fringe players get some snaps. We need to find out who can play. Tons of players make their marks at this time of year and position themselves for roster spots for the next season.


Being top in tackles not always a good stat. If playing in a poor run defense teams run more at you creating more tackle opportunities.

I like to look at number of tackles and where that defense is ranked against the run too. If a guy's tackle number is high and he plays on a top 5 run defense its special because he's getting those numbers in LIMITED opportunities.

That's the key! LOL.............

Easier said than done DB. See, around March/April, before the draft, I get this itch. I start thinking what the future might hold. I forget about the past, I start daydreaming at work. Then the draft comes, and I see all this young, fresh talent. It's a whole new slate. And I start getting excited.

And, like you said, it lasts until Week 1 (or 2 or sometimes 3), but sooner or later, the stench of mediocrity pours over me like humidity in South Florida in the summer. And the memory that I've been trying to fight back emerges, and I get that ohh-too-familiar feeling again, average. I've never smoked crack, but it must feel like it does when you try to stop smoking, that sickness.

It lasts rest of the year. And then the cycle begins again.




My bad buddy. However, after checking Dominic Rhodes(647yds) and Joseph Addai(1,081yds) combined for 1728yds rushing in thier 2006 championship season. Peyton Manning passed for 247yds and Dominic Rhodes was the hammer with 113yds rushing.

Still proving the points well balanced offenses win championships. Not aerial only or run only offenses. Yes, this time I did do my homework. LOL...........


I know exactly what you mean buddy! It's been a fact of life for over 10 seasons now. Just try to use the 72-74 Championship Dolphins as a sheild to guard my heart.

They always say you are what your record says you are but conveniently the critics disgard this when it comes to the 72-73 Dolphins. If you are what your record says you are the the 72-73 Dolphins are unquestionably the greatest team ever. 17-0 should say so right? LOL.....

Yeah DB, that's all we have left. My Steeler-fan friends always talk about winning the MOST SuperBowls. My Giants-fan wife loves to rub in most RECENT SuperBowl. All I have left to defend myself is the PERFECT season.

No matter what, I will enjoy the 72-74 championship Dolphins until the day I die. In my eyes and heart they have deserved this!


Perfect season trumphs all! They can argue most recent. They can argue more SB's. But one thing they'll never be able to argues is PERFECT SEASON. For this all nfl fans not called dolfans will FOREVER ENVY! LOL.......

Patriots forgot its not a PERFECT season unless you win the SB! LOL...........

As a Dolphins fan I would have been absolutely devastated if we had finished the 72-73 season 16-1. I may have slashed my wrists. LOL.......

Of course it would have been alot easier for the Pats to have lost one game during the season. It hurts more to lose that ONE game in the Super Bowl. They went all the way in the season w/o a loss. Go through the playoffs w/o a loss. hahahhahaha

Wow..........was just rehashing exactly how I felt when the final gun sounded with Dolphins winning 14-7 in the perfect season of SBVII.

Again.....WOW! I wanna go out and burn a cop car right now...LOL.......

Cuban Assassin,

As I stated earlier, had this happened to the 72-73 Dolphins(16-1) I would have slashed my wrist. LOL.............

Wow Dyingbreed yes you did.I agree to you have to have the run and the pass

The 72-74 Champoionship seasons are the only thing that gets me thru the garbage seasons witnessed since the late 90's. LOL...........

mikeoliver 1313,

Seems the deeper into the playoffs you go the more being ONE DIMENSIONAL gets you exposed. Balance is the key on both sides of the ball.

Lots of people think Pats or Atl are best team in the league right now. But take a look at this this stat from nfl.com:

Even though Giants are only 8-4,

On offense Giants are 6th running the ball, 12th passing it, for an overall offensive ranking of #4 in the league.

On defense Giants are 2nd against the pass and 7th against the run for an overall defensive ranking of #2 in the league.

That's well balanced on both sides of the ball folk's! Our eyes and hearts say the Pats or Atl are the best team. But the numbers say it's the NY Giants despite the 8-4 record.

Giants may very well be 2010-11 SB champions in the making. How ironic would it be for a Pats/Giants rematch. It would be the highest rated SB in nfl history and made even better should the Giants spank that ass again! LOL....


if you never again use the phrase "but i digress"....it would be great,, for everyone


If the Patriots are going to the Superbowl, it would be nice to see them play the Giants and be on the wrong end of a good ole fashioned butt whoopin' like last time.

the canes down to 3 canidates for the head coach position. not looking to good right now.

In the 72-73 perfect season not only were we perfect in record. We were perfect on both sides of the ball. We finished ranked #1 in the league on both sides of the ball.

Does anyone now wonder how we finished 17-0? LOL........


If GY had made that field goal, the final score of that Superbowl game would have been 17-0.
Would have been nice to see that score along with the 17-0 record.


Miami's new Prez may have ruined Hurricane ball forever. First thing he wanted to do was to clean up the over cockiness. Dude its ok to be cocky when you back it up.

In the old days all the best high school ballers in the state wanted to go The U. Its no longer like that anymore. That's why the U's football program is where it is now.

Deceptionally high morals and undeceptionally low win totals. Change of coaching's not going to change that anytime soon. Great in state ballers no longer want to come here.

names COMES TO MIND;;;;;;;;;;;;;






Corrected this for you ALoco:

Names COMES TO MIND;;;;;;;;;;;;;



Posted by: ALoco | December 10, 2010 at 09:42 PM


MIKE KOLEN(very good lb)
BOB MATHESON(53 defense) 1ST 3-4 version D

Yes, Dolphins actually had first version of 3-4 defense with Matheson. It was called the 53 defense after Matheson's jersey number.

DE Bill Stanfill actually led the nfl in sacks one or two seasons.

I WONDER how much money bob griese made in 72/73 ?

Dolphins starting lb's were mlb Nick Bounticonti, olb Doug Swift, and olb Mike Kolen. On 3rd downs #53 Bob Matheson would come in on passing downs or 3rd downs as an extra lb in coverage giving us the first form of 3-4 defense. Or 53 defense it was called then named after Matheson's jersey number.

No, Bill Parcells did not create the 3-4 defense we did. Yes Bill Parcells stole the idea from our then defensive coordinator Bills Arnsparger.

Arnsparger would become HC of the Giants. Maybe Arnsparger had already laid that blueprint when Parcells arrived. But Parcells does wrongly get all of the credit for being the archetect of the 3-4 defense. When truly it was our then Dc Arnsparger who began it with the 53 defense.

That brings to mind:


Ah, the cheerleaders!!!


It wasnt until Czonka, Warfield , and Kiick defected to the World Football League that it was the absolute first time a pro football player ever made a million dollars. Now do you fully understand why they left the multiple championships potential at Miami?

Joe Robbie absolutely refused to match those offers. It was unheard of at the nfl level that that time. However the WFL would soon fold because of low ratings, low attendance and those Huge contracts given out to lure top college and nfl prospects.

Damn WFL.
I still think that was a conspiracy to break up the Dolphins.


If Griese made $600,000 a year(Henne's current salary) he would have been one of the top paid qb's in the league at the time of winning multiple championships. Boy what a bargain players were then. LOL.........


Crazy thing is that you might be right. I still think we could have squeezed at least 2 more championships out of that team. 2 is saying the least. LOL..............

that is funny ,GRIESE AND HENNE .

Dont think the nfl enjoyed having a deep south team dominating its league either. The league likes it better when northeastern or northwestern teams are dominating. Thats the hotbed of all of thier overall ratings.


Funny thing is that during racking up 3 straight SB's and 2 victories I hihgly doubt if Griese was making $600,000. Henne makes $600,000 and has done nothing still most feel sorry for him that he's under paid.

Im sure one of those who feel sorry for Henne because he only makes $600,000 isnt Bob Griese. I can assure of that! LOL...........

I'm all for the past. But the 72 team is just that the past!I'm 32 so that was before my time.so it's not my past.my dad was a dolphins fan to.so that's his past.so I don't bring it up.not my past

R & R Express...

I can tell you as a guy who vividly remembers the 74 season, that what you are saying is not far from the truth. I can remember in the play-off game against Oakland, in '74, "The Sea of hands game"... The catch that came out of that pile was a good one... it was a catch in the third quarter that allowed Oakland back in the game would have been overturned today... Oh Well... long time ago.... But here is the thing about your statement...
The Miami Dolphins were the Super Bowl champions two years running, and had already been to 3 in a row... they were an amazing 43-5 over the past three seasons, including their undefeated season in ’72. The Raiders were an impressive 32 -11 over that same period. SO... These two teams were the Pinnacle of greatness in the NFL!
In that game (The Sea of Hands game) There was Hall of Fame WR’s Paul Warfield & Fred Biletnikoff, and a should be Hall of Famer Cliff Branch, There were Hall of Fame players everywhere that day. The Raiders had Dave Casper, Gene Upshaw, Art Shell, Jim Otto, and on defense was Bubba Smith and Willie Brown. George Blanda was the kicker, Ray Guy was the punter. The Dolphins also had their share of HOFamers such as Larry Csonka, Larry Little, Bob Kuechenberg, Jim Langer, and Nick Buoniconti on defense. By my count that is 17 actual Hall of Fame players in that game that day... not counting all those who should or might yet be there.

Pete Rozelle, who was commissioner back then was taking heat... from the Northeastern Homers who always start whining about poor TV ratings when teams from elsewhere play in champ games (Hell they still do)... Rozelle was under pressure and the Miami schedule was blistering. The WFL came along... and believe me...NO ONE except Miami fans cried when the major talent of the Dolphins was split up.

Funny thing is... There is very little, only pieces of that game that has survived to see... The original caught fire and burned. There has always been a "Conspiracy Theory" that the game film was burned (No other has ever been lost) because of the pathetic officiating, Pete Rozelle is said to have not wanted the game to be scrutinized in by the future... and it certainly would have been... It is still one of the quietest issues (That game film) ever in the NFL... NO ONE has answers, and no was is asking the questions anyway! There are only those of us who witnessed it in real time who remember what happened and how it all went so crazy in the 4th Quarter. The crowed on the field 45 seconds before the game was over and Miami was on the 15 yard line with another down to play. There was a horrible call in the 3rd Quarter when the ball OBVIOUSLY hit the ground and was ruled a catch on the field, they could not overturn a call in that period of the NFL.The actual "Sea of Hands" play itself where the ball and players are out of view all the way from 6ft in the air, until the guys un-piled off each other in the end zone. Most watching the game that day feel there is no way it was caught without hitting the ground. The Raiders of course... went on to win it all and have a different story. Miami's coach Shula was "Unshakable" and "Without Reproach" compared to Madden and what is still one of the dirtiest teams in the league.

For those of you who wonder why Miami does not ever get a fair shake in the media... it has been that way since those days... Think about the way some people think of the Heat right now.... Now magnify that with 3 Superbowl's, 2 of them won, one undefeated all season long.... Miami was either respected, Loved... or Loathed. And not one damn thing has changed...

Thus ends the history lesson....

Here we go again.

Actually, not that long ago NFL Network ran a NFL Films special about that 74 Raiders/Dolphins playoff that had more game action from it than I had seen in years, including every significant play.

And, yes, I also remember that game well. It was the first year I was really into the team and it just broke your heart. Still stings, actually.


Great post.
You get post of the night honors!

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