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Marshall: Jets should bury this one, too

You have to love Brandon Marshall because, yes, he's a good receiver. But he gets it.

He understands when he's being tweaked. And he knows how to tweak the opponent.

And tweak the opponent is what Marshall has just done following Miami's 10-6 victory over the New York Jets.

"My goal this week was to make sure we took advantage of this oppotunity," Marshall said. "Big stage again and it was a divisional rivalry. The Patriots beat them last week and they took a ball and buried it. And we wanted to do the same. So hopefully they bury one our balls, too."


You'll remember Jets coach Rex Ryan took his team out to a hole in the back of their practice facility last week and buried the game ball from New York's 45-3 loss to New England. It was a symbol of how the team could put a terrible defeat behind them.

Well, this loss can't be too palatable for New York, either. They are officially on collapse watch. And coach Rex Ryan said he considered benching Mark Sanchez during this game.

Marshall did his part in helping Miami deliver a reason for New York to bury this result and the game ball from it. He scored the game's only touchdown on a 6 yard reception from Chad Henne.


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You can get a good idea of what is going through a qb's head, when he starts to run with the ball. When he starts to run with his head up, he forces the defensive players in front of him to make a decision, even if it is bluffing a throw. Henne put his head down on several plays and went into a shell.

Posted by: That guy | December 12, 2010 at 08:22 PM

That Guy,

I usually love your posts. Totally serious.

I saw this repost and I have to comment.

Can you get a good idea of whats going through a quarterbacks head when he has been knocked down 4 times, hurried 6 times and sacked 3 times all before the half?

I guess you could take repeated shots like that, while not getting any help from your teammates WHATSOEVER and not go into a shell, RIGHT?

I don't know if Henne'e the guy or not. Honestly he has looked pretty shaky lately, even though he is 7-1 on the road in his first year as a starter.

BUT, whether you guys want to admit it or not, today, Henne single handedly made chicken salad out of chickenshit.

Lets see anybody else go up to the meadowlands, play a tough physical defense like the wets, get no help whatsoever from your offense and pull out a victory.

Look at all the big winners at the QB position... they are all sound pocket passing QBs. Tebow or Newton will not be that without some real help.

We need a qb and we will be unstoppable. The days of chads are over

Newton should go top 10 but he may be available round 12 and if its at all possible we need to trade down. give up 3rd and 4th rd adn switch 1sts whatever you gotta do. Just get a franchise QB

I hear ya, Fins Up!...but have you really watched Newton this year ? His style is not comparable to Russel. Russel was SLOW. Big arm, but SLOW. Both physically and mentally. Ran slow, slow throwing motion, and slow thought process. Newton moves like Vince Young, runs through people like Tebow and has much better passing skills than both. Of course, there is no guarantee his skills will translate to NFL, and who knows how he will hold up mentally, but I still say the Russell comparison is not fair to Newton. He's certainly better than that pile....

then I would go after Luck out of Stanford if you want a long term QB and not just a gimmick heisman winner.

I think some of you guys are hilarious!!! Obviously Henne didn't play a good game but our team went into New York and beat the Jets in their own building. This after they were embarassed on Monday night. This is no small accomplishment! Doesn't matter how we won, it only matters that we won. Henne gets the rest of the season and Sparano probably earned himself another year tonight.

Game balls? Game Balls?

These A-holes want to talk about Game balls?

Fat Rex should go dig up that burried game ball, Marshall should get one too and then they should give BOTH of them to Cameron Wake!!!!

The Wake Monster!!!!

AwRiiiight Miami!!!!

Fintastic, henne has no protection either, two running backs that need to be in the cfl, and two posession recievers a short slow one and a taller one that dogs it all the time.

thank you for your eloquence odin! well said!


Cam Newton is mobile Russel wasn't at all big difference. Cam Newton is an athlete that is head over other players at his level just by his size and athleticism alone. Not to mention he is a team leader and has good accuracy. Newton is more like a Tebow than Russel He is NFL prototypical QB and athletically he is already capable of competing. It's more whether he can grasp a pro offense in his first season that is the question mark on him


Luck is too small might as well just stick with Henne. Luck will also be gone before 5 so trading up is outta the question. Luck has all the intangibles but i don't see him being better than Ryan.

guys! as far as im concerned this was our most important game....beating the jets in front of their obnoxious fans is GREAT!! specially after that spanking the pats gave them! im sure they thought they'd roll right over us.....enjoy the win, i am!


I'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt on Cam to a degree... but when Russell played in college, he was just as dominant. To say Russell was any less dominant is just not true. I have only seen Cam play maybe four full games. Part of my problem with the Cam evaluation is the fact that Auburn plays so many 2A teams on their schedule. And the fact that the SEC was rather weak this year also helped how good he looks.

Just saw the tripping incident on NFL.com... that coach needs to be banned from the league. That bush-league tactic was completely classless.



WHAT do the Jets have in common with the Metrodome's roof?




You're hitting the beer far to hard. After White and Tebow no gm in his right will come near a spread option type qb in the first rd.

There hasnt been a qb yet that hasnt taken snaps underneath center in college that's been a success at the nfl level.

Alosi guy gave a statement and he admits he tripped him purposefully and apologizes.... UNBELIEVABLE. I don't think this should be forgiven.

Weird... all of sudden the tripping video was taken down at NFL.com. It said, "Sorry, this video is no longer available."

Ha, I guess they know it is incriminating evidence.

aloco, youre slurring your typing, lol!

That game was as painful to watch then the Miami Vs the Browns game..The NFL should get the game tape of the game and bury that too...

they just showed the tripping incident on NBC at halftime, there is no denying it


Nothing was more boring then watching the Patriots Jets game a week ago... because we all knew who was going to win after the first 10 minutes.


I read these comments and I'm still amazed that most don't see the problems and why we have them.
We have a young defense with good to great leaders. It starts with Dansby, Wake, Bell, Vonte Davis.. Sean Smith stepped up today. He was hurt and still flew like a missle to knock down like 8-12 balls that could have been 3-4 TD's. Our defense is playing well because of confidence in it's leaders. Even the younger guys are showing confidence, even though they make mistakes from being too cocky. Thats a lack of maturity from lack of playing time.
Our offense lacks confidence from its QB because he cannot get on a roll positively.
It all started with injuries to Grove,Donald Thomas, and our left guard from the 49ers. Hwne Parcell told the left guard not to come to camap, that meant Jake Long had to work twice as hard. he hasn't complained, he even played with damaged shoulder since preseason. Next Sparano juggled Donald Thomas from rt G to L G, and shook what confidence this rookie had. Then he started comparing Berger to Grove, out OL stud @ Center who was the piece d resistance to build around. yes he was hurt, but he would play hurt and was better hurt than Berger is well. We have had NO stability at either guard or center, Vernon Carey looked good when there was Donald Thomas at rt G. If our OL can't pass block, run block, then we nead replacements. Because the OL is not reliable, Ronnie can't average 5 yds a carry, Ricky isn't getting enough carries, and Henne is ready to dump the ball outside or anywhere as long as he is not getting sacked. Henne needs 1.7 to 2.0 seconds to read react and deliver the pass. When the OLine is in focus, he delivered more like 1.7 -1.8 seconds. We didn't have to have 2 Rb in backfield to protect him. Screen passes worked. Wildcat could be run all day and opposition was always dehydrated. they could not get off the field, even at their home games.
SO, you can call out Henne, Ronnie B, Ricky W., but until The trifecta minus one gets a new Oline, and a better backup QB a fast WR that will hold onto balls... We will not win more than 45% of our games. We have Wr's that can catch balls, and if Marshall is benches, and Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore along with Hartline and Bess are our new starters of the future. Wallace is huge and good hands. Moore is quick fast.. caught 57 yd pass a couple games ago. Look to the future now.

j-e-t-s exposed exposed exposed again again again colapse colapse colapse mayday mayday mayday crash n burn baby!!!

DB, ur hitting the crack too hard if you think he is dropping to the 2nd RD the dude won the Heisman trophy this year and is playing for a national title... quit thinking too hard you'll only end up giving yourself an aneurysm in your brain.
He is a way better prospect than Tebow.
Newton has 28td/6ints and 20 rushing TDs this year


If I knew I could collect I would bet you a grand right now Cam Newton does not get drafted 1st rd. Guess I'll have to settle for only bragging rights next season.

See you after the draft buddy! LOL..............

Just think how god Newton will be after a couple years of tutoring by Chad Pennington.

DB beerphin has said a few silly things on here but Newton getting out of the 1st round of the draft isnt something i'd bet on i understand your reasoning but anyone that has watched more than one draft has seen plenty of calls more questionable than taking Newton in the first round

whatever DB i almost called the entire draft I picked everyone we drafted up until the 5th rd. I even called the trade down w odrick then Misi in 2nd and Jerry 3rd. i did have Edds in 5th or 4th but either way I think I was one of the few to call out what the phins were going to do before the last draft... No BS

Jets Suck suck suck!!!

Fact: No option QB has ever won the Superbowl.

Idea: Fans and COACHES - especially - actually support Henne and create a game plan that helps his arm.

Fact: If we had a modern Don Shula as coach, Henne would be golden and everyone here knows it.


Also too bad no one in the nfl runs the spread option offense. Nfl experts also know having never taken snap underneath center Newton will be awkward in learning to drop back into the pocket plus he'll have even less time than he's use too surveying the field.

Im not even mentioning the less time college qb's have because of nfl pass rushes either. You can not have never taken snaps underneath center and not be a huge project in the nfl. Didnt PatWhite now Tebow teach you anything?

Neither had ever taken a snap underneath center prior to coming into the nfl. Neither has Newton. He's going to be a HUGE project Bub. LOL..........

Wow..hey Beer, want a medal or a di€k to pin it on...

The spread offense and the option in the NFL do not work with any consistency because the defenses are too fast and the all the players are elite. In the college ranks, only a small percentage of players is elite so the option and spread can be used to exploit those weaknesses and lack of athletic ability.


Wow..hey Beer, want a medal or a di€k to pin it on...

Posted by: cowkilla | December 12, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Scares hell otu of me someone else could possibly think exactly like the Parcellian. I now know for certain we dont wanna replace the Parcellians with Beerphin. LOL.............

Not that we've done better but everyone who has been talking up the Jets before last week obviously didnt realize they've only beaten two teams with winning records and now both those teams have beaten them.... granted miami's has done the same but they haven't been completely hyped all season

Fins up,

Thats why spread option qb's are very unprepared when they come to the nfl. College coaches use it to sell tickets and possibly win games. College qb's get tonever take snap underneath the center. That's very key and critical in the nfl.


I'm just enjoying this win over the wets.

Ryan dissed our defense in his presser. He said we had a good defense but next week they'll face an even better one. F-ck Rex and the entire classless wetspots organization.

I think I'll mix a little coffee with my Rum and start e-mailing ESPN about the tripping incident.

God I love defensive football!!!!

Fins up,

It takes 2-3 years to coach a college qb up when he has taken snaps under center his entire career. The speed of the game still shocks most of them from whta they are use to in college.

Now take that fact and add in that a guys has never taken snap underneath center. LOL.........

off of NFL.com "I wish they would have tripped me. I would have broken his leg." - Channing Crowder
Gotta love Crowder's attitude

Posted by: beerphin | December 12, 2010 at 09:48 PM

I also love the fact that channing flownder can back up his talk all so well, OOPS wait, no he cant, hes just a typical trashtalker with an invisable game to show for it.....God i hope this guy gets canned after this year!!!!

aloco go join nj and carlito at the ss you little dicktweed

aloco is a dicktweed with no hair on his balls


jets could implode and lose the rest of their games, wouldnt that be nice! dallas is playing good football against the eagles!

Lets be real true dolphins fans.......
This win against the Jets is a total empty feeling. Our offense is so bad I wish Henning would go to sleep and NOT WAKE UP. Are you kidding me, Why do we never check off to backs or simply game plan the RBs in our passing game. Last time I checked they are an illigible receiver. Nolan is the only bright spot of this staff axe the rest .....PERIOD!!!!!

aloco, is that true?lol

Shoulda been a by td Vick

How has Michael Vick been doing for the Eagles? hmmm... Maybe a mobile QB is exactly what we need with this line falling apart

Everybody wants to whine about Henne and talk about Cam Newton.

We should be whoopin it up about our defense. Nolan and these youngsters are becoming special real quick. Without much offense to boot.

Has anybody kicked this defenses a s s this year?

I believe Wake was being held all game, AGAIN!

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