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Marshall: Jets should bury this one, too

You have to love Brandon Marshall because, yes, he's a good receiver. But he gets it.

He understands when he's being tweaked. And he knows how to tweak the opponent.

And tweak the opponent is what Marshall has just done following Miami's 10-6 victory over the New York Jets.

"My goal this week was to make sure we took advantage of this oppotunity," Marshall said. "Big stage again and it was a divisional rivalry. The Patriots beat them last week and they took a ball and buried it. And we wanted to do the same. So hopefully they bury one our balls, too."


You'll remember Jets coach Rex Ryan took his team out to a hole in the back of their practice facility last week and buried the game ball from New York's 45-3 loss to New England. It was a symbol of how the team could put a terrible defeat behind them.

Well, this loss can't be too palatable for New York, either. They are officially on collapse watch. And coach Rex Ryan said he considered benching Mark Sanchez during this game.

Marshall did his part in helping Miami deliver a reason for New York to bury this result and the game ball from it. He scored the game's only touchdown on a 6 yard reception from Chad Henne.


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dan morgan, dont look a gift horse in the mouth....any win against the stinkin jets in their house is great!


Not only is Wake a pro bowler but if he contiue like this he'll make all pro his first season as a starter. WOW........

Beating the wets anyway we can i'll that take in any form 0of victory, but this putrid offense that continues to show up week after week is really starting to become SAD and pitiful to watch, WE CANNOT succeed with this formula going into the future beyond this year and nobody on offense deserves to be HAPPY with todays win Cuz they practically lived off their defense in this game, and this year!!!!

odin, wake was being held, and this defense has kept us close in almost every game. if our offense was as good as our defense we'd be as good as the patriots, or close.....

While you bury that ball, put rex's fat face in there too. Go Phins!!!

DB Newton is most definetly a project but he has way more potential to be a huge star than Tebow and Pat White. he is 6'5 or 6'6 250 and can run. He might be an option type QB now but with coaching he could be terrifying. His potential alone should be reason enough to draft him in the 1st. He reminds me of Philip Rivers in College. he almost never took snaps from under center neither did McNabb in college

Odinseye is right. There are at least 4-5 guys on defense who had great games.

One of my personal favorites was big Soliai. Fans have best the crap out of this guy for 2 seasons now SILENTLY he has become one of the best NT's in the league this season.

You Go Big Soliai solo! LOL...........

Wake has been being held all year games would take 6 hours to play if the refs had to call it everytime. Defenseive MVP

Here's the facts, folks:

Henne has been hamstrung by Henning. We don't know yet what he can or can't do.

Next, there's no one better. We saw Thigpen. It wasn't pretty. There's no one in free agency who's better.

There's only one option, and it's this, like it or not: Fire Henning. Draft a quarter back to push Henne. And if I'm Sparano, I even tell Henne and the world that Henne is the man next season. He's had it rough on his confidence. Meanwhile, you groom the qb you drafted to push Henne.

Our defense is awesome.

If next season Henne still sucks, you fire Sparano and make Mike Nolan the HC.

There, that's my two-year plan. You're welcome. I'd take over as head coach myself next year, but I'm busy.

I don't feel empty at all!! We could have won 2-0 and I would be in a great mood. It was against the stinkin, rottin, big mouth J E T S!!! Great Win

Soliai up for a contract this year?


Again, "and can run" means zero on the nfl level unless he can run like Michael Vick. Everyones big and fast on this level.

On this level Cams strengths translates as just one of the average ole' boys. He has eons to go to develop "pure nfl qb" skills. Not taking snaps underneath center in college places him even further behind the 8-ball.

Even with Michael Vick, running means nothing. We're not trying to sell jerseys - we're trying to win superbowls. And the next time Vick wins one, then I will start listening to that argument.

Until then, let's look at the landscape of top QBs:

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees -- all pocket passers. So we can draft all the silly option QBs we want - Tom Brady will still be winning Superbowls.

SHOCKING! How Soliai's been bashed in Miami and now that he's begining to play like a beast and hardly anyone notices.

He had a great game in the loss to Cleveland, completely manhandled Satele like he was his son in a win against the Raiders, and another beastly game today.

You Dolphins fans and Soliai bashers should be completely ashamed of yourselves. Now that he's becoming everything you said he wasnt, now still no respect.

Come on you guys, lets hear for BIG PAUL "the dancing bear" Soliai!!! LOL...........

The fins should draft a guy like Luck to push Henne.

Then, can we give Henne a real game plan and some people in the organization (including fans) that will actually support him and not try to decapitate him for every little mistake.

Everyone cried like $20 hookerz on a $5 corner when Soliai was bad. Where are you now? I know you're still here. LOL..............

Soliai is a great player - the knock on him was always his ego and sometimes he let his ego get in the way of his play. I saw it first hand watching him play at Utah. But another Utah rookie has come in and got attention now (Koa Misi) along with Cameron Wake and that has humbled Paul a bit and now he's playing like a determined Dman again.

The Dolphins are becoming Utah south: Paul Soliai, Koa Misi, Sean Smith... and whoever else they draft this year from Utah's defense.

An empty feeling? Speak for yourself.

Anytime we beat the wets period, let alone up in the meadowlands, I'm f-cking PUMPED!

The offense is a mess, but it is what it is. Thats all it will ever be with Hennings. If you don't believe me, just ask a Carolina fan.

This defense has me inspired. Their playing lights out and they're young and getting better.

The tackle by Misi was awesome. The left tackle tried to block down on him and couldn't. He grabbed his facemask and actually pulled his head around. Misi stayed with it, fought off the block and the facemask and made a superb tackle! I'm freaking PUMPED I tell ya!

Despite the drops, the secondary is starting to look solid. Smith is making plays now and QB's don't want to throw at him or Davis. Carroll is showing some promise and Jones is becoming great on special teams. He's making the most of his oppurtunities. The more he plays the better he looks.

I looked at Jason Taylor on the sideline at the end of the game and thought: Cam Wake Baby!!!! FU-JT!!!!

Fins up,

I think you have Soliai very confused. Soliai never had an ego problem, he had a letting go of that ego problem. He was alway overweight and outta shape.

He came to camp this season for once exactly weight wise where they wanted him to be.

Fins up,

Meant letting go of the EGGO problem with a gallon of maple syrup! LOL.......

DB, perhaps... but what I witnessed on many of games at Rice Eccles stadium in Salt Lake City was he was a bit of a hammer head. Don't get me wrong, I love Utah football and was glad to have him on the Utes squad and was thrilled when the Dolphins got him.

truth to that but anytime a QB puts up 1000 + rushing yrds and 20 rushing tds you have to acknowledge he can do a lil more w his feet than the average QB does. There might not be the same lightning speed Vick has but he shows he is capable of making tacklers miss and make a play with his feet unlike Henne. Why'd we draft Pat White if we were satisfied with the way he moves around back there? I mean Pennington shows us he is more mobile than Henne... that is a problem

Ok, I've been reading a ton of this... Armando talks, and all of a sudden there is a land slide.

Listen up folks... Lets point the fingers where they belong..

First is the fan base and the media for expecting a SB ring in 3 years of a project that rose from the ashes of a 1-15 season (and a 4-12 before that)... It very rarely happens... I'm sure the stats people with the elongated foreheads will prove me wrong somehow. I will get back to the fans and media in a second or two.

The next big problem is the offensive line... 50 something million for Long, and and aging Carey, but not much in between. Even Incognito, who can be a beast pushing a pile, can't pull to save his life. Something Grove and Smiley did at will, and the real reason the Wildcat and running game was a stunning success for 2 years... Who do we pull the finger at here? Sparano, the o-line guru? No, he's not "buying the ingredients" as Parcells would put it... Ireland is the cluprit for this sometimes working, a lot of times not O-Line.

Chad Henne... Everyone's favorite scapegoat lately. The future of the frachise, or so he should be. I still don't buy anything either way. The guy get's pulled to the sideline on downs where you should be thinking... Run or Pass? What is it gonna be? Oh, run, it's the Wildcat... (I really hope the 2 pass attempts out of it this year fools somebody)

Look.. Henne is bad right now, and average overall... But I really don't know what to think with the guy... seems we can't figure out how to use a rocket arm because we have no real downfield receivers to use it with... Hartline isn't a downfield receiver, I don't care how fast everyone says he is, the guy will always be between a #2 and #3... A 2.5 receiver (if that was only his 40) And no other receiver can seem to get seperation other than Bess. Henne just doesn't seem to be the only problem... He's not Marino, but who the hell is?

The running game... Ricky is heart and soul... Ronnie should be running for his contract life. Keep Ricky for another year, draft a "stud" next year. I don't hate Ronnie, never would. We just can't seem to get him the ball anymore other than a dash on the weakest part of the line. No more flats, no more screens (wtf Henning?)... Oh wait, we can't pull because of a point I made up above.

Defense... Cameron Wake? Are you kidding me? Jason Taylor has 4 sacks this season, and I think he did some of that damage in the first Jets-Dolphins matchup. Lets not forget about what JT did in Dolphins land (even if he does look stupid in gang green), but we should definitely root for Wake. He keeps it up, he might be a perennial pro bowl favorite.

I have other points to make... but the main one is DON'T FIRE THE CURRENT STAFF... let them try to fix it. Don't listen to the media, they are sharks. Phins hate sharks... I don't want to start over at this point... We aren't "elite", but we have some good stuff going on right now. Don't hit reset, I can't stand another 4-12, 1-15 fiasco.


Soliai used to drink maple syrup like regular people drank water! LOL............

Sean Smith batted down several passes today, and some are whining he didn't catch them. A batted down pass is considered and excellent play in the game of football. Let's not be too hard on a guy that makes a contribution to the big W. Had any one of those not been batted away, it could have changed the outcome of the game.

DB, hahahaha... so funny... so true


Henne actually looks fine as far as mobility goes... we have actually seen him scramble for positive yards several times in the last few weeks and that is with a displaced knee cap too. Did you forget the injury that he sustained just a few weeks ago that many thought would end his season.

It's time for everyone to stop tearing down Henne and support the guy; recognize the good things he does.

Sure his day wasn't stellar, but he showed some poise back there not trying to force balls like before. We can take a 55 yard day from him if he doesn't throw interceptions.


Again, if a qb doesnt ru a 4.2 40 like Michael Vick did coming into the league. Being able to run means very little to nothing. Most the lb's are as big and fast as Newton on this level.

He didnt see that with widely consistent regularity on the college level. You cant always be fooled by college numbers.

I agree with all of you that are ready to celebrate this win. Guys, we beat the hated Jets! We may well have helped knock their arses out of the playoffs! Enjoy it! Call or blog a jet fan today and rip em good! We beat 'em on their home field three straight (I think I'm right).
This may be the highlight of our season. We have a pretty darn good defense to build on. Eat, drink, be merry.....next season will take care of itself, Go Phins!!!


Also a small school rb who was the nations leading rusher last season with 2,000yds rushing was cut from 2 nfl teams after the preseason. I was high on him based on number alone too.

Now I cant even remember his name and probably neither does his Burger King manager consistently remembers his name right now.

i think his 40yrd dash is 4.75 but it will prolly be better round draft time.


I'm guilty, I admit it.

When Solia came in I thought he was going to be an instant star. His freaking size alone made me a fan. When he didn't have instant success, I got down on him real quick. I think I might've even posted that we should cut ties with him and look elsewhere.

When he didn't live up to MY expectations right off the bat, I got down on him real quick. Good thing I'm not the GM because I would of have given up on the guy just a little too soon.

And no, I didn't purposefully write this too sound like I could be refering to any other Miami Dolphins player that might be a quarterback.

Thanks Paul, thanks for proving me wrong!

5 sacks by the defense today. Even big Soliai had a sack!

Defense T-A SCK INT FF

K. Dansby 8-1 1.0 0 1
C. Crowder 7-1 0.0 0 0
S. Smith 5-0 0.0 0 0
C. Wake 5-0 2.0 0 1
K. Langford 4-0 1.0 0 1
Y. Bell 3-0 0.0 0 0
C. Clemons 3-0 0.0 0 0
T. McDaniel 3-0 0.0 0 0
B. Sapp 3-0 0.0 0 0
P. Soliai 3-0 1.0 0 0
R. Starks 3-0 0.0 0 0
T. Dobbins 2-0 0.0 0 0
K. Misi 2-1 0.0 0 0
V. Davis 1-0 0.0 0 0
Q. Moses 1-1 0.0 0 0
N. Carroll 0-0 0.0 1 0

Dansby/Crowder combine for 17 tackles. WOW! LOL...........

LOL....Sean Smith had 5 tackles but should have had 5 picks today. But as long as its a "W" I'll settle for the 5 passes defensed too!

Quenton Moses had only 1 tackle and 1 assist but that one tackle was behind the Jet lines for a loss. I'll take it! LOL............

hey DyingBreed, is wake the nfl sack leader now, or is he behind matthews?

Carroll had zero tackles but 1 pick(should have been 2). But again I'll take it! LOL.........

odin, did you ever meet up with paul ojibway?

Imagine how high we'd be right now if we only beat lowly Cleveland last week. It's a great win, but bittersweet. Nothing quite as entertaining as seeing Rex eat his words though. Let's see how much swagger he has now.


Smile buddy!

Current NFL Sack Leaders:

1. Cameron Wake MIA 14.0
2. Clay Matthews GB 12.5
3. John Abraham ATL 11.0
4. Tamba Hali KC 11.0
5. Jason Babin TEN 10.0

Wake's already a shue in for pro bowl, I now wanna see him make 1st team all pro! LOL.........

Mike Florio say Woody Hayes was fired for attacking a player and he thinks the Jet assistant should be too.


If Carrol had suffered a season ending injury due to "unsportsmanlike conduct" the offender would get a more than a 15 yard penalty. The sideline is treated differently than guys on the field who, under stress may do something questionable.
For instance, the DC of the Titans got a 25k fine for "the finger" towards the ref.
I can easily see a $25k fine against the Jets, which will obfuscate the fact that the officials will still ignore Jets holding, interference, and other infractions in the NFL's quest to get them into the playoffs....and beyond.
Same with the Patsies and Steelers.


I'm meeting 3 of my 4 sons down in Lansing for Christmas. I'll be staying at my parents house for over a week.

We're planning on meeting up then. Talk about a sight for sore eyes, man we are going to party. We got to make up for lost time!

That assistant should be banned for 1 year starting tomorrow, if not permanently. What an atrocious act of unsportsmanlike conduct. I'll bet the Jets fire him tomorrow just to avoid the press that is coming.

odin sounds great! enjoy!!!!! have a few drinks for me!

Wake should have been starting last year when we 1st got him. He is just too explosive.


Watch this Darlington video. ITS A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE HERE:


Karlos Dansby,

"Roger Goddell, Come on man!"

thanks DyingBreed, wake was held most of the game and he still played like a beast!

i am convinced Henning considers Henne a threat to his job secutity. the poor play calling is just too obvious now. the wildcst screen was atrocious. pulling henne off the field ehen he threw for 30 yards to Fasano would kill any qb's momentum. drivd the ol man to the home and give him a box of checkers


I'll have a drink for you and I'm going to drink a toast to you.

Not only that, you can bet that I'll be telling him the story of how a guy on a Dolphins blog named Redsky gave me the idea to look him up again!

God Bless You!

Carroll has class... Nolan is a really good person and that coach should resign to cease further embarrassment to the organization, nfl, and players. Every team they play from now on has to be wary of going near their sideline for anything might get tripped up...pathetic

Woody Hayes was fired and the Jets pizza boy should be too!

Amazing to me that we won today IN New York and all some people want to talk about it Cam Newton and Tyler Thigpen.....just amazing!! Some of you guys have NO clue! I'm not saying Henne played well but we were missing some of our line and a guy like Hartline. And for whoever said this 'win felt empty', buy a clue!! I'll take a victory like this EVERY week!! This was against a team that SHOULD have been angry and SHOULD have taken it out on us today. They didn't. Kudos the 'Phins for a great victory!!

Goodell's forced to do something. Dont forget Carrol's mother is a big political wig. Im sure she could use political clout in someway to get the pizza boy fired!

She's Republican too! LOL...........

Good article from the NYT:


Reason #235 why Sparano needs to be fired...........The play where the jet receiver caught the ball on the left sideline and was clearly out. We don't challenge. Why? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I DO NOT KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!! Do the fins not have anyone paying attention to plays to challenge. All it would take is one person paying attention to the game. I dont know man, thats the kind of oversight this staff makes evry game. I am sick of it, sparano you suck, hennig you suck, henne you suck.

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