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Marshall: Jets should bury this one, too

You have to love Brandon Marshall because, yes, he's a good receiver. But he gets it.

He understands when he's being tweaked. And he knows how to tweak the opponent.

And tweak the opponent is what Marshall has just done following Miami's 10-6 victory over the New York Jets.

"My goal this week was to make sure we took advantage of this oppotunity," Marshall said. "Big stage again and it was a divisional rivalry. The Patriots beat them last week and they took a ball and buried it. And we wanted to do the same. So hopefully they bury one our balls, too."


You'll remember Jets coach Rex Ryan took his team out to a hole in the back of their practice facility last week and buried the game ball from New York's 45-3 loss to New England. It was a symbol of how the team could put a terrible defeat behind them.

Well, this loss can't be too palatable for New York, either. They are officially on collapse watch. And coach Rex Ryan said he considered benching Mark Sanchez during this game.

Marshall did his part in helping Miami deliver a reason for New York to bury this result and the game ball from it. He scored the game's only touchdown on a 6 yard reception from Chad Henne.


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"That guy" I couldn't have said it better. In fact I saw the same thing. Henne does not have "IT". He just does not adapt, improvise or overcome very well at all. He is inconsistent and inaccurate. He shows flashed of brilliance and then complete incompetence. The Fins need to seriously address this position. I believe Henne and Henning have cost this team 2 wins this year. That is gonna be the difference between playoffs and promises.


The artcle confirms local medias make opposing team sound better than they really are and the home team sound worse than they really are.

Pretty nearly the same thing our media would have written had we lost. Excepting the Carroll incident. LOL......

odin thanks, im of an age where that means a lot! i appreciate it my friend!

holy $h*t!!!! can we at least enjoy this f**K*n* win against the Jerks? I know this team needs a lot of things done but for petes sake, enjoy the stupid win!!!

Cuban, I think Atlanta looks pretty good. I wonder if New England is peaking at the wrong time. There is still a lot of football to play. I have never been impressed with Chicago and the Jets have won games in such improbable ways this year. However, the Patriots are an excellent team and FO. They may be the best out there. They are a model organization and I tip my cap to them. I wish the circus in Miami could learn from them.

Dear Ross and Sparano: Please keep the team on the road for the remainder 3 weeks.

beerphin, youre right about carroll having class....did you notice that all the jets staff was right on the line.....they were in a premeditated formation so that our guys could not avoid their blockers. theyve practiced that before....

What a game. I had to watch it on TiVo. I'm psyched. I don't care how we beat the jets, nothing feels better then shutting up those chuckleheads.(well there are a few things) That was a defensive beat down. Kudos to our punter. I can't believe I'm giving props to a punter, but he kept us on the right side of the field position. We are building a defense that will keep us in almost every game. This is a golden ticket considering our offense. The whole unit looked lost, and once again outcoached. Every single offensive player was horrible today. But just a little less horrible then those chucklehead in green, and their mascot the Village People Fireman....SUCK IT JETS YOU HORNBLOWERS, CHOKE ON A DOUGHNUT!!!!

nyfinfan, I don't think anybody is really upset about winning. It just means less when the reason for winning is the incompetence of the other team. I mean how many balls did the Jets drop? Holmes dropped a sure TD. It just isn't fun when you wonder how your team could have won the game at all. This win only highlighted how far away this team is, on offense anyway. Sparano may get fired goes he didn't have the stones to square away Henning. Yeah, I'm glad they won, but my God there are issues.

DyingB, good point about carrolls mom....she is the newly elected lieutenant governor of florida.

Redsky: Can Carroll's mom get Henning canned?

DB, agreed, too often the local fans don't have perspective. I understand they want to run Peyton out of town! Peyton! Sorry man, you have had 3 bad performances in the last 9 years, that just won't cut it around here despite your 3 MVP's, SB win and 7 consecutive seasons leading us the playoffs.

OMG, when they ran the wildcat was the only time i could take a breath, when old dead eye Henne was in i would just get ill.Every game i say to myself it can't get any worse and sure enough Henne proves me wrong.PLEASE SANTA give Henne a nice warm bench for xmas and a bus ticket.

Jets suck!

Officiating sucked!

Sparano and Henning suck each other!

Where the jet fans at???
We know your reading but cat caught your tounge.
Bury your all time under 5oo record and sart another one.

Big F'n deal. If Holmes makes that easy grab we win period. We are still going to the playoffs while Miami sits home and watches tv. You're all a bunch of masterbate heads.

FinsSuckHard.. But Holmes didn't, and you lost. So go have a cirlce jerk, or play Dungeons an Dragons..Or whatever you jet scum do in your grandparents basements. But FCK OFF somewhere else..

FinsSuckHard - couple of Sean Smith picks would have neutralized Santonio Homey's reception.
Woulda coulda shoulda huh?
You lose!

Jets suck!

Officiating sucked!

Rex Ryan and Mark Sancheezy suck each other!

Robert, I agree we have problems. But this win is satisfying nonetheless. I know our offense needs an overhaul and yes sometimes it takes a little luck to win these games like the Jerks have gotten, so you could say they were due? But our defense play a heck of a game.

Fake Automaton at 12:46.
Typical Jet loser trick.

Jets suck!

Enjoy watching the Jets in the PLAYOFFS. I know I will. Get your cuban popcorn ready. Buffalo already looks better than you guys who need to gloat over one win on a rainy day. Miami will be in rebuild mode for how many more decades? Looking forward to see who your new coach oc and qb are next year.

Patriots to steal Jets lunch the bang Jets little sister while Jets fan looks on helplessly.

With the way the defense played we don't need a QB, we just run the damn ball and leave Henne on that warm bench, Good God he can't even hand the ball off with out a turn over.

Jets fans suck like their team.
Enjoy the curse of JT.


AMAYA and Nate and Solai and Wake and Crowder had great games. If we go into the New England game needing a win then i think we need a new QB. Henning needs to go out with a flashing star and we need a brilliant offensive game plan that day. Go fins

Today's win over the loser Jets guarantees the Bills the cellar dweller position.


Who cares about beating the Bills?
Life is all about beating the Jets.
Life is good!


What was that sound?
The sound the the Jets imploding!!!


Yo FinsSuckHard - holla at Rex the Jumbo Jet for me.

Jets suck!!!

Hey Guys, anyone see doucheness aka torturedjetdouche today?

whats up with that jets assistant coach that put his knee out and tripped our player. was that nolan carol that got knocked down? what a cowardly move that was. how can he get away with that?

say what you want about smith not catching those ints, the thing you had to notice was him always being in the right spot to make a play on the ball. he straight up made plays today. i wish he would have caught those but he didn't give anything up and he's tackling guys. he is a much improved player. if he learns to catch he will be a bigtime player.

Some of you guys ripping Sean Smith seriously come across as absolutely clueless about football.

Yes, he definitely MUST come down with some of those dropped int's but it's equally true that he has been playing OUTSTANDING football recently, making plays all over the field.

Dave Hyde has a pretty good item about it over at the SS, and I'm confident his improvement has been noted by anyone even remotely connected to actually playing or coaching the game.

You guys that think he's playing badly are either nuts or blind. Seriously.


The entire country has seen the Jets exposed for the frauds they truly are.

Enjoy the latest meltdown.

ricky that was nolan carroll, the trip could have injured him worse. it was their strength training coach alosi, he admitted it amd apologized after the fact. now its up to the jets and the nfl to take action against him. the video is on youtube for now.

Did you know that ---

The Jets Suck!!!

The New York Jets were made for losers to root for.

sean smith played a great game, eventually he'll start catching some.....but he broke up a lot of plays, thats the important thing. crowder also had one of his best games. the entire defensive line played superbly! considering they were in for most of the game, they didnt seem to tire out.....great defensive effort....im out guys, goodnight.

A New York Jets fan is someone who has been inbred over five generations.

Goodnight redsky.
If you don't dream of beautiful naked women, may you dream the replay of today's win over the Jets.

Jets Suck!!!

Wooo Hoooo!!!!

Pats Help Fins Make Playoffs?

Entirely possible! All we gotta do is win the next two games and Jets have a total collapse.

The 11-2 Pats clinched playoffs today. They win the next 2 games(13-2) then they rest the starters week 17.

AND WE BEAT THEM! Isnt that how the Colts allowed the Jets in last season? LOL.........

Jets fans were boasting how great LaDanian Tomlinson looked earlier in the season. Old legs fail fast late in the season that's why Chargers let him walk.

Now all of sudden it seems Shonne Greene cant run his way out of a wet paper bag neither.

Man soali or w/e is starting to look good at nose wish they would have known this is wat he could become we could if used that first for wr or somethin other than odrick... what about our young corners??? Lookin good hopefully smith can start grabbing em but I would rather have a shut down corner that can't catch then Jason Allen that's pro bowl one min bum the next. O ya and wake 14 sacks pay da man

Jets are gonna lose the next two but will we get in if they go 1-2 and we sweep I think they still get tie breaker ?? Help lol

It now seems Braylon Edwards couldnt catch a cold if you stranded him naked on the Siberian border in the month of Febuary. LOL...........

We can get in if the jets lose to the steelers and bills or lose all 3 if we sweep of course

Or maybe if bal loses at hou, saints and either browns/bengals. Hey it's possible the lions beat the pack


If Jets go 0-3, we win our next two, maybe the Pats rest thier starters wk 17. Pats sit the starters we may have a chance to win and get into the playoffs the exact same way they did with Indy resting its starters,

Also, if Jets go winless these final 3 games they miss out on the playoffs the exact same way we did last season. I'll credit it to the REVRSE CURSE OF JASON TAYLOR! lol.........

There's one thing here....
very important......
stay with me.......

The Jets Suck!!!!!!!

Looks like Hurricane football's abck to 3-4 wins a year. Who the hell is Al Golden? LOL..........

If Al Golden's the best they can now attract it's back to Fred and Barney with Canes football.

I can see high school recruits now, falling off of thier mothers lap to go play for AL Golden.

AL WHO????.............

Keep burying those game balls Fatboy. The 2010 Jets season video can be titled "Rex Cemetary".

we should get rid of henne as soon as we can.
i don't believe in that "developing-thing".
even with plenty of time he under-/overthrows his targets. he looks so unconfident on the field. i watched big ben running around with his hurt ankle and he looked way better than henne when doing it.

A.golden is a good coach,just don't think the recruits are gonna see it .And there gonna have to do good in class.....LOL.YA ok,They will go to F.S.U,Florida,Old miss,texas,A.M,U.S.C,Auburn,Georgia...ect.Anyone see a pattern?

Now that you whiners have figured out that Henne is a bust, you don't have any suggestions on what to do. Just cry? We are going to have to give up plenty to get a qb. But we will have four really good def ends next year, and we are set at defense (Parcells built a big tough cold weather defense) so we aren't far off. We get a qb for Merling and a first, or something like that, and a couple good running backs in the draft, and we are as good as Pit, Baltimore, etc.. Nobody is going to touch NE until Brady is gone. They have draft picks stacked for rebuild - a 13 and 3 team rebuilding. Old Hoody and Parcells are the best.

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