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Marshall: Jets should bury this one, too

You have to love Brandon Marshall because, yes, he's a good receiver. But he gets it.

He understands when he's being tweaked. And he knows how to tweak the opponent.

And tweak the opponent is what Marshall has just done following Miami's 10-6 victory over the New York Jets.

"My goal this week was to make sure we took advantage of this oppotunity," Marshall said. "Big stage again and it was a divisional rivalry. The Patriots beat them last week and they took a ball and buried it. And we wanted to do the same. So hopefully they bury one our balls, too."


You'll remember Jets coach Rex Ryan took his team out to a hole in the back of their practice facility last week and buried the game ball from New York's 45-3 loss to New England. It was a symbol of how the team could put a terrible defeat behind them.

Well, this loss can't be too palatable for New York, either. They are officially on collapse watch. And coach Rex Ryan said he considered benching Mark Sanchez during this game.

Marshall did his part in helping Miami deliver a reason for New York to bury this result and the game ball from it. He scored the game's only touchdown on a 6 yard reception from Chad Henne.


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Sean Smith played out of his mind. Nolan Carrol played great. Cameron Wake played great. The whole d line played great. 8 tackles for Crowder...Wow. Great game. Dansby was there.

R&R played good against a tough d. Ricky better but Ronnie did hit some holes.

Henne looked sleepy out there. I think he needs to go drinking on Friday and stay the hell out of church. Praying ain't gonna make you better on Sunday. Pissed off and hurtin makes a player a better player and clears the mind. And grow your hair Henne. You ain't a marine Since Henne is obviously a boot shinin, sock and underwear folding freak, a 40 of jack on friday, forgetting to shave and shower and having a good crap before Sunday's game would make him a better qb.

Marshall dropped a couple of easy ones. I really wish we could feed this guy when he is running forward. That WC play with the receiver screen pass to BM should have worked. It just took a week to get there. You could see BM crapping his pants.

Yeah this game is way to fast for Henne guys...he just isn't progressing in game speed at all..he's horrible at it.

Kindry, Ronnie Brown isn't a QB.He did throw the ball right in Marshall bread basket. It went thru his hands and back out after bouncing off his stomach. Any WR with a 50 mil contract should have been able to catch the ball with his eyes closed,and if need be, take the tackle if he didn't have time to run upfield. Did you see RB's expression when he dropped it? Brown would have caught that pass.
Marshall has a lot of ego issues. Henne did throw a couple behind him on cross routes, but Marshall is at fault all season for several drops. I thnk him for the TD catch, but he should have 7 more this season. Give Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace more playing time so they can mature and leave Marshall open more.
Moore av 39 yds a catch at Fresno state and caught a 57 yarder in the last 2 weeks.
All the running and WC plays will not work until we get a real bull at center and real tough guards. We haven't had pulling guards since Grove, Smiley and Thomas wee jettisoned.
Sparano was an O Line coach? he sure must have forgot everything he knew.It all starts in the trenches.

Hey Fin Fans. here is a page that has contact info for the tripper. Big Man who trips players. Strength and Conditioning coach. Jerk.


make sure you send your thoughts to all the email addresses there. he has already disabled some of them on Google.

Sal Alosi, NY Jest tripper/strength and conditioning coach. Hey JT, you used to be a Dolphin, you let this punk get away with that?

Email him.

Sal Alosi


Game Ball to OUR Punter...

I would try thigpen what do we have to lose Henne is really bad right now it might be good for him to go to the bench for a while,at least thigpen can move a little and has some balls. The bears game was not his fault, they could not block for him or catch the ball that night give him practice time and time to get ready and it might be different I can't remember a time watching the fins all these years and see that bad of qb play

Hats off to the D they were awesome

We have a game to lose Scott.that's what we have to lose with Tyler.besides we've tried him allready no thank you

Congrats to the Miami Dolphins

Congrats once again to Mike Nolan and the Miami defensive players

Amazing how important Dan Carpenter & Brandon Fields have become to this franchise

Nice win Miami

Not pretty, but nice win against not very well liked division opponent

Jets strength and conditioning coach should and probably will be fired and unemployed in the NFL due to unacceptable behavior
NFL players association should have this cheap shot artist banned from the NFL

sean smith improving, but sometimes might be a good idea to listen to astute scouting fan who always claimed sean has NO hands
Believe he is approaching 10 dropped INTs now that In Fact hit him in both hands
To his credit Mike Nolan is teaching him how to tackle by cutting opponents legs out from under
Also nice leaping pass break up by sean
Replay showed sean soaring like an eagle breaking up what would have been a TD on his man
However u can not throw too much perfume on this pig of dropped INTs by sean
Should have had at least 3 NFL easy game changing INTs
Tony Sparano voiced his disappointment in sean immediately after the game in his press conference
Home believes Jason Allen would have caught at least 2, Probably all 3 Int that were thrown directly at out of position CB
sean is improving and We Won
So lets stick with that and celebrate

Nice Job finally again by Crowder , who showed up yesterday

Crowder said, defeating the Jets is always big -- no matter how pretty the performance.

``They're a good team,'' Crowder said. ``They play good football. But they're not tough. They're not what they come off as they are. I hate it. I hate fake people. I hate posers. A lot of them are. I just really don't like them.''

Yes, he's still rubbing it in.

Go Phins!

Do not underestimate the Buffalo Bills

Their offense is playing much better than Miami

Celebrate for a day and refocus on new opponent

Believe Harvard Graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown at least 1 TD in his last 14 games in a row and is a much better QB than he is given credit for being

Dolphin need to win out

Very likely Jets could fold in next 2 very tough games

Go Phins!

Hard to believe Henne completing only 5 passes for 55 YDs and himself fumbling the ball away twice, still outplayed Mark Sanchez

Imagine if sean hung on to all 3 or was it 4 easy NFL INTs, Sanchez would have been at an all time low

Holmes dropped a TD that most 10 year old kids would have caught, Dolphin lucked out on both sides of the ball

Of course
We will take the Win
Dolfans needed something to celebrate

Go Phins!

When Its All Said & Done

Chad Henne Has Beat the Jets 3 Times

Henne is 3-1 against the New York Jets

So Home says, To All NY Jets fans


Go Phins!

If he is placed in the right coverage Sean Smith can dominate a game.

After watching the quality of football yesterday around the league, I'll take this win.

But you watch teams, the good ones, who are consistent (Steelers, Pats, Falcons), and we are miles away from where they are. Then you see a team like KC, having a great year, but you put a bum as QB, even though there's great talent all around him, and you lay a goose egg. That's just the way it is in this league.

And Chad Henne is not that bum...yet. But he sure is trying his hardest to become that guy. And it's not all him (we've said all this). It's Henning, it's the oline, it's the receivers, it's the running backs, it's the whole, vanilla, predictable offense.

But in that mediocrity, Henne is one of the more mediocre, inconsistent, unexplosive parts. He's not helping the team right now, he's hurting it. 5 completions for 55 yards. 6 1st downs ALL DAY. That's embarassing. Even in the rain. Henne has ball placement problems on a good day, so I didn't expect him to be great yesterday. But now he's having problems getting the ball anywhere NEAR a receiver. Did you see some of those throwaways. On one, Bess had 3-4 steps on the defender, yet Henne was unsure enough to throw the ball in the 1st row.

Not where we need to be at this point in Henne's progression. This is a 1st year QB problem, Henne should be much further along than this, but he isn't. And he's giving Sparano no other choice but to seriously look for a QB in the offseason to at least give Henne enough competition that he'll have to play above average to keep his job.

That was the bad. The good is our defense is seriously elite. I don't care what you guys say about lack of turnovers, INT's that slip through hands, secondary issues, but this defense gets it. They have stars (Wake, Dansby, Davis), they have core players (Crowder, Bell, Solia, Landford) and at least the rest are gamers.

My only hope for next season is keep Nolan (please don't let him go elsewhere, though it's hard if he's being given a HC opportunity), keep the defense pretty much as is, maybe draft/pick-up a couple players, but this d is good as is. Spend the offseason upgrading your offense (start with OC) and next year might be that magic year (to at least be better than .500).

But that rollout by Sanchez, where he was trying to run, and juke Solia (our NT people), and Solia didn't fall for it, that's nice. Stopping TWO 4th-down drives, great. And when you're playing well, luck seems to go your way too (the Holmes drop in the endzone). So, big ups to the defense, they really came through yesterday.

sean dropped 4 Ints that were thrown directly to him by badly struggling QB Sanchez missing his WR mark
Not cuz sean was tightly covering receiver, get a grip, Man

sean also gave up biggest pass play off the game
42 yards over CB sean who now has the worst ball skills and hands of any CB in the NFL, dropping a record 10 INTs this season, that In Fact hit sean in both hands

Home is seeing marginal improvement for sean in tackling thanX to Mike Nolan`s teaching

there was a reason sean was benched by Mike Nolan this season

Right now, Fact Is
Tony Sparano is very disappointed that sean smith has absolutely the worst ball skills of any CB
Immediately post game Sparano called out the POSER BOY, FRAUD CB sean smith

Go Phins!

Home if sean could catch the ball he would be a wr not a db get off his back dude.go talk to your self in the 3rd person some more

"He had a few knockdowns I guess," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "A couple of those we need to come up with obviously in this type of game. He got his hands on a lot of footballs thrown directly to him, but dropped them all."

oh sean was a wr but they realized, he sucked at that position also

Shoulda kept Jason Allen
Woulda had 2 or 3 Ints yesterday & prob a pick 6

sean smith leading the NFL in dropped INTs LMAO!

... Just Saying

game highlights

"sean smith has ball thrown directly to him and drops another Ints"

"sean smith has ball thrown directly to him and drops another Ints, that`s 2 droppped Ints"

"sean smith has ball thrown directly to him and drops another Ints, OMG that`s 3 dropped Ints"

"sean smith has ball thrown directly to him and drops another Ints, WTF! That`s 4 dropped Ints,
What a POSER BOY, FRAUD CB sean smith has turned out to be"

"sean smith leading the NFL in dropped Ints"

"this kid is a fraud!"

Miami has now beaten the NY Jets in their house in

... Just Saying

How Bout Them Dolphins!

A win over the hated jets is always good. Hat's off to the D and Brandon Fields. Not often any offense can play that bad and still win. Our offense is simply terrible.

Keep everyone, fire the ignorant fans.

My thoughts on last night:

1)Wake had another great game.
2)Fields was unbelievable! 56+ yd. average on 10 punts? WTF! Got to
hang onto this guy.
3) Young Master Chaddeus not looking good again… and again… and

"INADVERTANT CONTACT? The cuplrit already posted a comment and apology saying how stupid his action was.

"Members of the Jury, we know the defendant aimed the gun at the victim, told him he was ging to kill him, missed him with the first shot but reloded and fired again killing the victim but, we think it was an "inadvertant homicide" lol

Olindo I agree with you 100%



Nolan Carroll, Clemons & Reshad Jones are proving to be great rookie pick ups for the Dolphins

Aloco sean smith wears his NFL gloves eating lobster dipped in drawn butter for pregame meal

... we might be on to something here, lol

2 years ago Home went in depth discussing Brandon Fields Home fan scouting report

U see Home witnessed Brandon Fields punting repeatedly from the back of the end zone, under rush pressure ALL THE WAY TO THE 30 YD LINE AND ONCE TO THE 20 YD LINE

Folks these were 80 Yd punts and one went 90 yds
Could not believe it but
Home was standing 20 Yds from Fields watching this amazing feat over and over again

Glad u all could see some of his results under game time pressure up in NY

Again like my 1st post on this page
Amazing how Awesome our Kicker Dan Carpenter &
Punter Brandon Fields are and how important they are to the Dolphins

Home is a dumb a** who talks in the 3rd person

Did Sean Smith drop 5 Interceptions today ...or 6??

Posted by: Yazzi | December 12, 2010 at 08:28 PM

Home has more dolphin football knowledge in his little finger than you will ever have! STFU!

If Santonio Holmes missed an easy TD pass, then you can't really blame Sean Smith for all his misses. He's not a WR. And it was wet and obviously the ball was slippery. Give Smith a break, he was in good position pretty much all day.

Your season ends on the 19th.of this month!

Buffalo 20 Miami 19

blah,blah,blah and Sean has good ball skills.blah,blah,blah.
yeah when he is playing with his crotch.
save your breathe for your inflatable date Sean Smith cannot catch a cold.he is a choke artist.

Thank you Bill. You may be right, but at least our season didn't end Week 1 like yours did.

But, all you have left is play the spoiler (been doing that since Sept.).

Good luck to you and your...cute team!

looks like if smith cant catch them he gets rid of them.

I knew I would wake you up! Where is little Krissy?

Sean Smith`s signature move is laying on his belly slapping the ground after another blown, oh what could have happened if i didn`t suck play!

I like what I saw from the fins this week. Great defense...Cameron Wake is my defensive mvp. Sean Smith is playing great!!! nearly 2 more ints....just needs to learn how to catch it. hes my dude though. Henne isnt the answer....and ronnie needs to be traded. I still think Ricky can do it. Looks very strong still and fast. There was one run yesterday where he totally ran over bart scott, but hes not gonna put up huge numbers getting only 8 carries a game. Go PHINS!!!!


# This is starting to become repetitive, but it was yet another outstanding performance by the defense, and at some point Mike Nolan has to get credit for the fantastic job he’s doing as defensive coordinator.
# The Dolphins now rank among the top five in the league in total yards allowed, they’re shutting down every opposing rushing offense and they’re getting sacks on a regular basis. Now, imagine just how good the defense could be if the Dolphins actually could hang on to some interceptions.
# The main culprit in that department against the Jets was Sean Smith, who could have had three easy picks. The thing that’s baffling is that this is a guy who was a playmaker in college after first arriving at Utah as a wide receiver and now has the most dropped Ints in the NFL.
# How fitting that the Dolphins’ last defensive stand concluded with a sack by Cameron Wake, his second in three plays. As Channing Crowder has been known to say in the locker room for reporters to hear, time to start making those reservations for Honolulu.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I like that we got the win but......

Maybe Mr. Ross can hire the actor who portrays Lombardi to hang out around the Dolphins facility spouting Lombardisms.

He should also hire look alikes of Gruden and Cowher and Dungy to hang around the Dolphins facility to keep the coaching staff and Jeff Ireland on there toes.

Soiled :)

LOL @ Soiled

screen pass,pass to wide receiver off the end of the formation just something that resembles a football play for gods sake.

Taking Bill's comments aside (cause, who cares what Bill says), but to the real Dolphins fans on this site. If you find something to criticize the defense on THIS WEEK, then you're an ignorant piece of trash who knows nothing about football.

That was a defensive MASTERPIECE. I don't care who you think should have intercepted what or done what. If it's so easy, why aren't one of YOU out there playing ball? Exactly, cause all you can do is blog about it, since you can't BE about it.

Hats off to each and every defensive member of the team, they carried the offense on their backs (and pretty much gave them the 2 scores they were about to muster).

Say what you want about the offense, crucify them, they deserve it, they suck. But the defense was incredible. Yeah, a couple of mental mistakes, a couple of breakdowns, but that will happen to any team in any game. They withstood, they hardly even bent, let alone break.

So if you want to criticize anyone on the defense, I say...EFFE YOU!!!!

Hope you guys don't think the Buffalo game is a easy one!
Fact~~~ Fitz is a better Q.B. than Henne!
Fact~~~ After Miami we are going to take the Jersey Jets out at the end of the year!
Fact~~~ We are the only New York team!

Didnt stevie johnson sean smith one wide open!

Very Good Job on defense but

Put the crack pipe & kool aid down DC

Sanchez is in a major slump dude & played worse than Henne who only completed 5 passes for 55 yds and fumbled the ball away twice

Sanchez also had some key dropped balls including a gimmee TD to Holmes

Very Good, yes

Masterpiece, C`mon Man!

B-Bill is smoking some of the finest orchard park lettuce.



B.Marshell~~~ 2 catches for 12 yards and he thinks he is the difference maker!


Henne is not the guy. No touch pass, slow thinking, panics easily, no internal clock, doesn't sense the pocket closing in around him, not a good scrambler, can't look off defenders, can't find secondary and/or tertiary receivers, tucks his head when he runs and so on.
Big arm? So what, It's so rarely used that it's insignificant.
Bag Sporano for putting such an inept team on the field.
Bag Henning (yesterday's news)and Special Teams Coach (inept, week after week) and demote Henne. Keep him as a back up, but it didn't work.
We've made mistakes before. Everyone does. Question is, do you fix them or stubbornly defend them.
Empty seats, baby! Lots to do, down here.

Sanchez wants to be a model Pete Carrol told him he was a football player models&football players dont lye on their back pornstars do.

B-Marsh game winning TD

Dif Maker

Nuff said

I loved the fact that we won this. Henne has never looked worse in his entire career, Michigan included.

We have an outstanding D, if we only we had a QB who could direct our offense, we would be scary.
Still a miracle away from a playoff berth
Go fins,

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