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Miami future cloudy for Brown, Williams

It is clear the Dolphins have no intention of signing either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams to contract extensions before the end of the season. That's interesting because both are scheduled to be free agents for 2011 (assuming there's a season) and neither are absolutely certain of being back with the team for varying reasons.

Both Williams and Brown have addressed the issue to some extent this week. Ronnie Brown was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this week, and his words clearly suggested he'd like to be in South Florida, but ...

"It's really out of my control," Brown said. "I want to be here, I love playing for the Dolphins, but that's kind of out of my hands."

The Dolphins and Brown are not currently negotiating a new deal, at least not with any sort of consistency. The Dolphins also haven't slipped Ricky Williams a post-it note with contract extension numbers -- something Bill Parcells did with Williams the last couple of times he offered Williams an extension.

(Obviously, Parcells is gone but I wonder if general manager Jeff Ireland picks up the practice from his mentor.)

Williams, enigmatic and unpredictable, speaks with the local media only rarely for reasons known only to himself. But he addressed his future, sort of, with the New York media on a conference call Wednesday.

"I have no idea," Williams said when asked if he sees himself in Miami next year. "I mean, I'll be a free agent after this year ... after this year it's kind of wait and see. You know if someone wants me and they can convince to do this one more year, I definitely would be open to the opportunity. But if not, I'm happy with what I've been able to accomplish in my career."

It seems to me one or the other, but not both Williams and Brown will return to the Dolphins next year.

Fact is it would be cheaper for the Dolphins to draft a running back and replace one of the two veterans, then depend on one of the two along with rookie during the coming season. Of course, Miami could blow both Brown and Williams out and go with a rookie and Lex Hilliard and someone else in the backfield.

Fact is Brown is likely to get some offers in free agency if he gets to that start of the open market because while he has not put up elite statistics with the Dolphins, he has been solid and could be better behind a better offensive line.

And maybe the Dolphins simply need to change things up a bit with their running back dynamic. I know the Dolphins like Williams and Brown together but neither of them is a break-away back. The Dolphins could definitely use a back that adds more speed to the backfield because the current duo isn't going to pop a 70-yard run to stun a defense very often.

That, by the way, is just my opinion. The Dolphins, plodding and even a bit slow on offense, seem to think Williams, for example, is quite fast, thank you.

"[He] still shows me that he’s got good top end and good burst and runs the ball hard, physical,” coach Tony Sparano said Wednesday.


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Mark....amen. There are people on this planet who treat their dogs and cats better than they treat people. I think there's something very wrong with that.

Home... I can live with the crazy crap... But if you continue using this site as your personal Social Forum and Political Agenda weapon... I will make it my MISSION to have you banned from this site... I work at a computer console all day long... I will write so many letters to the MH they will ban you just to shut me up....

I ask you very very nicely...Leave Assange and all that crap at the political forums...there are THOUSANDS of them...It has no place here....


You just made my point for me. It's all about the system. Get off your knees and wipe your mouth. Brady is the best QB in the last decade period! Vick is a fraud. He will get exposed come playoff time just wait and see. Just as all Andy Reid teams do and just like all QB's who can't read defenses.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is it really true that Mike Vick is leading in Pro bowl votes and NFL MVP voting ?

Or is this Roger Goodell and his NFL propaganda machine putting lipstick on a pig...this is the face of the NFL

Just wondering

Soiled :)


I think Brown is EXACTLY the kind of back Belicheat would want in NE. Big back, runs between the tackles, moves the chains and keeps the clock running. He signed a 35 year old Fred Taylor. Granted Taylor still has better breakaway speed but keep in mind you can use Ronnie in the passing game too. He would be younger version of Sammie Morris. So, I'm all for letting Brown go but keep in mind we may have to play him a couple of times a year.

I'm all for keeping Williams another year and letting him work with the running back we take in the first round and I would be fine with Ingram. I don't want a C J Spiller type. I wasn't sold on him coming out of college and he's done NOTHING in Bufflao this year.

I love how people act like the Mike Vick is some incredible redemption story. He is a horrible human being. If Vick was Billy Bob and he worked at the Post Office he would be looked at as a piece of garbage but because Vick plays a sport you idiots cheer him and put to the side his actions. Vick is only sorry because he got caught. If he didn't get caught he would still be drowning, electrocuting, shooting and maiming dogs.

Unfortunately Ronnie Brown has never been better than mediocre and certainly a bust for a player picked 2nd overall. Of the 1st rounds picks Miami's had in the 2000's, I think he's nly better than Jamar Fletcher (sorry Drew), Jason Allen, and Tedd Ginn. He hasn't been as good as Jake, Vontae, or Carey. For a player picked so high - he hasn't been good at all.

I wouldn't offer him more than a 3,4 year deal at 2-3 mill per season. If he can get that elsewhere, good luck to you. He's easily replaceable and was easily replaced when he went down last year as Miami still finished top 5 in rushing without him for a big chunk of the year.

Andy NJ
Find your response nauseating
self control my fellow blogger, self control

Brady is awesome
However put him behind center on the Miami Dolphins with current players and OC

Mike Vick is the farthest thing from a fraud
Has an extremely strong & accurate arm & is much better on his feet than any QB to play the game

Watch some Vick highlights Andy in NJ
your opinions are prejudice & jaded

Hope u can improve as a civil human being

Perhaps study humanitarian Julian Assange ;)

Mark, seriously? If the Dolphins offer Brown anything more than a ONE year deal they are NUTS!! You are seriously going to offer this guy a 3-4 year deal? Based on what? He's had an atrocious year! I personally think he's done!! He doesn't hit the holes the way he used to and he gets lost in traffic to much. I don't think there is a team out there who will offer him a 3-4 year deal. If they do they are nuts!!


I think he would be a fit in NE too. There is no way with Browns overall production which is just slightyly above average and injury history he gets a big deal. He might realize this is his last chance at getting a deal and take the most money available so he could end up anywhere but he does have some versatility that fits NE

Mark in Toronto...

That is why I say he is no Belecheat Product. Belechick is not interested in overpaying a "Tap-Dancer" to do the jod he has a young New York Cast off doing right now for less the $1 Million a year. Aide from that, Belecheat is so loaded with 1st,2nd and 3rd round picks...why bother bringing in an over priced, under-performing high dollar Back...?

I believe every time a Dolphins player leaves here someone says..."He'll do to NE!!!"... and they never do... save Wes Welker and that was stupidity and undervaluing talent... hard to do with Ronnie.

RB is the one position where shelf life is a critical factor.
Some backs last longer than others, Ricky being one who never suffered a major injury and uses alternative methods to keep his body in top physical shape (yoga).
Ronnie on the other hand, while younger is more injury prone and has clearly lost a step with his recent injury.
In my observations, Brown will never get back to where he was back in 2007 when he was on pace to be the MVP....trade em' and move on.

Andy, agree with you about Brown. If it comes down to taking the most money out there he won't be in NE next year. I could see him getting a 1-2 year deal from them and he may decide that gives him his best chance for a Championship. Maybe they couple him with some young stud they take in the first or second round next year too. He'd be a great mentor for a guy like Ingram.

Andy NJ
Do u think the players that murdered human beings and served no prison time are more to cheer for?

Ray Lewis, Donte Stallworth or OJ Simpson

Only Mike Vick paid for his crimes with everything he owned plus hard time in prison for fighting viscous dogs bred for fighting

Vick is and should always be forgiven
He now also works for the Human society, gives them money and lectures children on his wrong doings

graigM/MARK..... most humans are annoying ,if dogs and cats can answer you back or be as annoying , people would treat them worst .

to be or to be

Craig, if they let him go for nothing and sign Ricky again, I won't be crying either. I just don't think you can let both of them go - there has to be some continuity - or you HAVE to spend a top pick on a back.

Sunday Night
Mike Vick & Eagles vs the resurgent Cowboys

Getcha Popcorn Ready!

Free Humanitarian Julian Assange!

everyone, please ignore Home...he is clearly off his meds and is seeking attention.

...now, back to football!

Dolphins should keep both backs 1 more year!

Sports Forum,

How about Sammie Morris or Junior Seau? Did you forget about them? Damon Huard? They also had one of our fullbacks there too for a bit....can't remember his name now. Belicheat, doesn't just win by getting the top guys from College. He gets some blue collar guys into the mix too and Brown at this stage of his career would fit too. He's still a guy who can wear down defences and would work well with a young stud.

Who the hell cares who the RB is? Until we revamp the o-line from LG to RT, you could put anyone here & they'd be below average.


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How bout u & me
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any snow there, yet?


Vick is ACCURATE? Are you serious? You must not watch the Eagles play a lot. Im not sure where in the country you are but I am right outside Philly and watch the Eagles every week if there isnt a better game on. Vicks completion percentage is only high because the Eagles screen passes. Lesean McCoy is the leading reciver on the team.

Vick is the type of QB who can only get you so many wins and thats it and he cant do it and HAS NOT done it in back to back years. His running around like a chicken with his head cut off cost him a few games every year and his INACCURATE passes cost him when it counts. He can't make the BIG throws when it matters. He plays great when his team is leading and struggles when they are trailing. He is having a career year no doubt but he still is a BAD HUMAN BEING and a dynamic but not great player. He hasn't done it a WHOLE season in his career and CAN'T!

Craig, the guy you are thinking about is Heath Evans. They also got Terrell Buckley, larry Izzo, and Wes Welker from us. A lot of Miami Dolphins won Super Bowls this decade - in New England.

Dear Mr. Salguero

With Dan Hennings play calling disabilities nearing terminal, will the Dolphins have Hospice care on the sidelines the rest of the season ?

Where all very sad :(

Soiled :)


I think you bring back Williams AND draft a top back. Brown has mileage and wear. His time is up!

Agree with Joe Schmoe. You would think after 3 years, we would need to replace a couple of older players or upgrade at one or two positions. But once again, we need a massive infusion of talent to try to become better than just mediocre.

We are doomed to be an average team until we make better than average decisions. That goes for ownwership on down.

What ever happened to Corey Sheets? I know he was injured during pre season, but that guy is probably the fastest back the Dolphins have.

Home, U never cease to amaze me!
Loon Mt. got hammered this week, over 2 ft of fresh powder!


Yes, it was Heath Evans I was thinking about. I think he's in NO now.

Yes, that's quite a pile of ex-Dolphins that have done well in NE. I also think one of our OL went there too. Can't remember who now.

Clearly u r very prejudice & jaded towards the "new Mike Vick"

Why dont u have a pop tart and a glass of milk
relax & breathe deep

Ever try Tai Chi?

could do u wonders, man


He does all that because he is trying to PLAY football. Vick could give to craps aobut the Humane society and lecturing kids. You are that BLIND and NAIVE? For real? And Ray Lewis was never convicted of murder. He was proven to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent until proven guilty, right? OJ was a case decided by race and the politics of the city of LA and Stallworth should be in jail right now! Vick is a piece of crap and you can forgive him all you want but I refuse just like many others. I see through him. He is trying to rehab his image for the $$$ not out of the goodness of his heart. You feel different and that's fine but he is a punk.

Would love a week of that skiing!

1st we go to state liquor store

What the team really needs is new supportive fans!!!The announcers even brought up how critical and non-supportive Miami fans are of the team and coach.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to get why the struggle to play well and win in front of the home crowd!

There is no prejudiced toward Vick. As a player he is dynamic and the best athlete ever to play QB. He can't make all the throws, he can't read a D still and he count be counted on when it matters. The proof is only his entire career. If he proves me wrong then so be it but it ain't happening.

As a person he is GARBAGE

Craig, I think it wsa Wade Smith that was there for a while - he's starting in houston now.

INfusion of talent is right - we need about 4 new starters on offense with high end talent at thieir positions to make the leap I think.

I find it funny when I hear people say we need more talent at WR - isn't that what Brandon marshall was brought here for? HE is supposed to be difference - he has enough other receivers to take the heat off of him - Bess and Hartline were good this year - HE needs to step it up.

ok Andy
Agree to Disagree

still try Tai Chi, u will find inner peace, man

Andy NJ for President!

Well guys I've been a backer of Sparano and company all the way through but I'm starting to change my tune. When I look at the personnel decisions and the product on the field and the screwups on the field I really have to wonder why we would keep these guys. it's a results oriented business and with the exception of the season we went 11-5, the results haven't been good. Lots and lots of misses off the field. The only way they get a reprieve is because I want to see what Henne can do with a better OC and I fear that if they change everyone the new guy will get rid of Henne. That would be a mistake at this point.


Mr. Aloco


Did you type this with one hand or two ?

Soiled :)

It is happening, much to your reluctance Andy NJ
check nfl.com read reports, watch videos on Vick

#1 QB rated this year to Pro Bowl by fans
#2 Best QB rating in the NFL

your statements hold no water

Free Julian Assange!


Right again....it was Wade Smith I was thinking of.

And you are right on about Marshall. He was brought here to lead. He's being paid as a leader and he's turning into a freak show!


TOM BRADY AT ....109.5


To everyone that wants to draft a qb in the first round think of all the qbs that have been busts in the 1st rd. We have way too many holes to have a bust in the 1st rd. Ryan Mallet has Ryan Leaf all over him, Newton reminds me of J. Russell, Locker is a Jake Plummer clone, and the only cant miss is Luck. We all know we dont have the ammo to get him. So I propose this: Trade down in the first round to get a 2nd. In the 1st rd draft Penn ST C Wiseniewski. In the second try to trade down for another 3rd rd. In the second rd draft FSU OL R. Hudson. In the 3rd rd think QB possibly Delaware Pat Devlin (my favorite pick), Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick,or a stud RB. With the second 3rd rd pick a stud TE or even another RB. See we dont need a QB in the first round Devlin has all the intangibles to be a solid NFL QB, and he is touh as nails playing with a broken rib. The Nevada QB is also intriguing but he needs more work. Anyway with the rest of the draft BPA. And did I mention resign Ricky (cheaper and lest yrs) and let Ronnie walk. TIme for a fast RB that can break away ALA Chris Johnson or Jamaal Charles. Draft a speedy reciever as well to stretch the field

The Dolphins cannot make the same mistake they did at the end of last season. We have to get Lex Hilliard some carries so we can evaluate him in a sitation that is not the 4th quarter of the preseason. He would be the perfect back to become our 3rd down guy. He could also fill the FB position if the orginization wants to go that route. I think that Lex is also a free agent. It wouldn't suprise me if he jumped ship if given an opportunity somewhere else.


good deal bro!

Mr. Aloco


Only if its on the bus line and there's a way to sneak in.

Soiled :)


You're right on man!!.....I wish you were running the show. The only thing I would add, I wish there was a player or too we could trade and maybe get an additional pick or too. Maybe a guy like Crowder or Merling. But I like the way you are thinking. As long as the running back we draft is taken NO LATER than the third round.


I don't get the reluctance to get any contributions from either Cobbs or Hilliard this season. What do you figure gives?




Pats are the best, but they use a lot of no-name 5 foot 8 white guys that probably wouldn't be playing anywhere else, and make them look dominant. Much of that is Brady, but it has a lot to do with the schemes, too. Bellicheat is flat out smarter than virtually everybody else. Like they said about Shula, he can take his and beat yours, and take yours and beat his.


Craig M- I have no idea is my best answer. All Cobbs does is produce when he gets a chance. And with Hilliard, he just blocks people I don't think he has more then 1-2 touches all year. What puzzles me is that when we get more people involved in our offense, we have been hard to stop. When it is the same 5-6 players getting all the attempts, we go flat. My vote is to let them all play, and spread the love.(like a Vegas hooker) We need to find out what we have. Imagine hypotheticvally if Peyton Hillis was a Phin, or the Oompa Loompa in New Engalnd, Chris Ivory in N.O. These guys would never see the field because their last name isn't Brown, or Pipe

Darryl D

I just looked at the team web site and Hilliard has 0 carries and 1 catch for 3 yards. Very odd he had 23 carries for 89 yards and 1 td and 20 catches for 2 tds last year. This is the offensive "incompetency" we come to expect.

Craig M
Cobbs is more of a specialty back/player or situational player
"The Hill" while impressive is still in line behind Ronnie & Ricky

The problem with drafting high end talent is you need high end picks. We'll only have 1 this draft since we are without a #2. If you want to win NOW, they need to sign a ton of FA's. And there will be a bunch of affordable DB's, FS, OL & RB's.

If you want to continue to draft & rebuild, the best best is trade down in rd 1, get your #2 back, and HOPE you find some gems later. In this scenario, you won't get more than 1, POSSIBLY 2 top end talent type guys. Simply not enough to win now.

Based on this regimes track record, this rebuild process will take A LOOOONG TIME unless we go the FA route. I have said we have needed to build through the draft but I'm heavily leaning towards rebuilding this roster with FA's now. Not budget type guys like Charlie Anderson, Torbor, Crocker etc...Younger talented vets in their primes. We don't need stars, just adequate starters.

We'll need another 2-3 years min to be ready to compete if we keep drafting this way. By that time, Dansby & Wake will be in the twilight of their careers. Food for thought.

This Dolphin team is very conservative. From the GM down. They will want to fix their o-line first this off season.To do this they`ll have to sign at least one of Ricky and Ronnie. If they are both wanting 2 year deals,as any agent is going to demand ,then they`ll sign the younger back.
They will trade down again in the first round to get a second rounder aswell. Probably big slow Vernon Carey is going inside as a guard. They will draft a right tackle at the end of the first and a running back in the second round.
Chad is going to get another year to prove himself out of necessity.( Thanks again Parcells for drafting Pat White.)After all how often do third round QB`s make a difference.We`ll all have to wait one more year to find that elusive great starting QB we`ve all dreamed of.

This is crap Armando. You left out the most important fact. There is a lockout looming and neither an agent or team is going to commit to a contract whose conditions may not be worth the paper they are written on since we have no idea what the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement will be.

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