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Miami future cloudy for Brown, Williams

It is clear the Dolphins have no intention of signing either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams to contract extensions before the end of the season. That's interesting because both are scheduled to be free agents for 2011 (assuming there's a season) and neither are absolutely certain of being back with the team for varying reasons.

Both Williams and Brown have addressed the issue to some extent this week. Ronnie Brown was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this week, and his words clearly suggested he'd like to be in South Florida, but ...

"It's really out of my control," Brown said. "I want to be here, I love playing for the Dolphins, but that's kind of out of my hands."

The Dolphins and Brown are not currently negotiating a new deal, at least not with any sort of consistency. The Dolphins also haven't slipped Ricky Williams a post-it note with contract extension numbers -- something Bill Parcells did with Williams the last couple of times he offered Williams an extension.

(Obviously, Parcells is gone but I wonder if general manager Jeff Ireland picks up the practice from his mentor.)

Williams, enigmatic and unpredictable, speaks with the local media only rarely for reasons known only to himself. But he addressed his future, sort of, with the New York media on a conference call Wednesday.

"I have no idea," Williams said when asked if he sees himself in Miami next year. "I mean, I'll be a free agent after this year ... after this year it's kind of wait and see. You know if someone wants me and they can convince to do this one more year, I definitely would be open to the opportunity. But if not, I'm happy with what I've been able to accomplish in my career."

It seems to me one or the other, but not both Williams and Brown will return to the Dolphins next year.

Fact is it would be cheaper for the Dolphins to draft a running back and replace one of the two veterans, then depend on one of the two along with rookie during the coming season. Of course, Miami could blow both Brown and Williams out and go with a rookie and Lex Hilliard and someone else in the backfield.

Fact is Brown is likely to get some offers in free agency if he gets to that start of the open market because while he has not put up elite statistics with the Dolphins, he has been solid and could be better behind a better offensive line.

And maybe the Dolphins simply need to change things up a bit with their running back dynamic. I know the Dolphins like Williams and Brown together but neither of them is a break-away back. The Dolphins could definitely use a back that adds more speed to the backfield because the current duo isn't going to pop a 70-yard run to stun a defense very often.

That, by the way, is just my opinion. The Dolphins, plodding and even a bit slow on offense, seem to think Williams, for example, is quite fast, thank you.

"[He] still shows me that he’s got good top end and good burst and runs the ball hard, physical,” coach Tony Sparano said Wednesday.


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Maybe I'm the only one honest enough (with myself) to know that judging talent (on the offense side) this year is extremely difficult. It's like judging the mileage on a car with no navigation or idea of it's destination. The only constant from Week 1 - today is Dan Henning's offense (this year, and from my POV last 3 years) SUCKS! No ifs, ands or buts about it. So how can I tell if Ronnie's not doing his job? Ditto Marshall. Ditto Henne (except like Mark said when his play is so awful like against Cleveland it's hard to miss).

This is not the year to be judging talent (as least to the untrained eye like ours). For example, I've seen Ronnie make the first guy miss plenty of times. But then there's another 2 waiting for him. Is that on him? Or the blocker? If Henning only has 2 guys running routes, is it on them to beat double, sometimes triple-coverage? Or is that on the formation/route? If the run game is ineffective and teams are putting 10 in the box, and Henning doesn't call a play to push the defense back, instead calls a bubble screen for negative yardage, is that on Henne? Or Henning?

Henne is inconsistent, that's on him. Ronnie doesn't have a burst (at least to beat your average safety like that 50 yd. run he busted out), that's on him. Marshall dropped some balls, that's on him. BUT, the fact they ALL have struggled ALL year, THAT'S ON DAN HENNING AND THE MIAMI DOLPHINS COACHING STAFF!

DC Dolphin,

Guess you missed my post when I said because of obvious reason its difficult to judge our offensive personel too. You're not alone buddy.

DC Dolphin,

I will be honest enough to admit Brown was horrible last week. At least 4 times Sunday the 5'11 190lb rookie Joe Hayden took the 6'0 230lb Ronnie Brown down on one on one tackles. watching that did absolutely horrify me.

I could see Brown losing maybe one of those one on one batlles with the much smaller cb and rookie Hayden. But to loose all 4 was totolly inexcusable.

I think some of you are forgetting that Brown has NEVER been a burner. His career long is what? 65 yards?

That's not his game. Does that make him any less valuable?

Marshall isn't fast either. Does that mean we should dump him?

Ronnie runs hard, and let's not forget the MOST IMPORTANT thing for a RB. HE DOESN'T FUMBLE!


I was going to say I thought it odd the way you come on here and run the players down but you've got Ronnie's back. I thought it funny that you of all people would call those of us who don't want Ronnie back 'turncoats'. Isn't that what you do all the time? I'm just judging what I see on the field and I'm just not seeing it from him. He used to run people over and he hasn't done that this year. Are we blaming that on his injury from last year too? And don't even get me started with the number of easy catches he has dropped this year in key situations. You tell me what it is? Not healed from the injury? Lost a step or two? Distracted because of his contract? I don't know....he's not the same guy.

Joe, I very much like Nolan. He was highly thought of to be the 'NEXT' Head Coach in waiting when he ran the defence in San Francisco. I get that he was tied to Alex Smith and that's unfortunate. But coaches are judged by their wins and losses and his record was very poor in SF. If you talk to any SF fan they were very happy to see him run out of town. I'm not sure we want somebody like that taking over the show here in Miami.

Ronnie Brown has NEVER performed like a #2 overall pick. He reminds me of Cris Chambers, always on the cusp of turning the corner, but never turned it.

DB, didn't see that post, but glad others see that too (seems glaring).

And I said last week Hayden looked like a ProBowler. Actually, he's from my area, I know some people who knew him in high school, and they all said he's been a beast since then.

Doesn't mean anything, just that he may be a rookie, but his future is very bright. But you're right about Brown, he hasn't looked that great this year. That's why I said earlier I think they won't resign him, and get someone else.

Even at his best, he was never worth the 2nd pick (isn't that where we got him) in the draft. Definitely not a game changer (even Ginn was a game changer for 1 game). Ok, I guess he had 1 or 2 games where he scored a few Wildcat TDs (the NE game).

But like others said, I'd HATE to lose him to an AFC East team. That would suck.

Bill Belichek was a great DC that failed in his first HC job too. Just saying. Im not projecting Nolan would become the next Belichek.

But.........the things that makes you go...Hmm

lol 0x80, I said the same thing right after you!

That being said though - Ronnie Brown did truck someone last week. That was pretty awesome but it's been few and far in between with the tough runs.

DC Dolphin,

Brown's definitely not and most likely never becomes the franchise back expected to be with the 2005 #2 overall pick. However, Cam Cameron was the only guy Ive seen get the most effective use out him. Unfortunately Brown went down for the season that year too.

There is an effective use for Brown, still he would have to except a new deal based soley on what he's contributed in the pass, not unrealized potential.

Mark in Toronto,

I did take a few restroom breaks during Sunday's game. Maybe that's when Brown trucked someone. Because I know for fact that I surely missed that one.

DC and others,

I think what we're talking about here is we've got a guy in Brown who is about to become a free agent. The organization needs to make a decision is this a guy they are going to commit to for however long he wants to play. None of us now right now whether he can only get a one year contract from the market or whether some team is going to step up and give him a 3-4 year contract. I don't think that will be out there for him but that's just my opinion. So the question is, do you resign a guy who's production is way down this year, thinking that with a new OC, an adjusted OL and another year rcovered from a serious injury he'll return to starter production. These are the type of decisions the organization is faced is with all the time and get criticized for if they choose wrongly. For my money, the guy is approaching 30, which seems to be the magic number that running backs typically decline. He has some wear on him and my thinking is it's time to go in a different direction with someone who has less miles and wear on him. We've got a solid 5 years from Ronnie and I think he's a decent career here. I'm fine with him going on and having success somewhere else.

I'm listening to some of these comments and I think a lot of it is based on sentimentality and loyalty and I think, when you're trying to put the best product on the field, that's a dangerous game. It's the same argument guys were making for JT and Zach Thomas and in both cases the organization made the right choice.

Brown has been good at times, but definitely have to go with Williams + drafted RB.

Brown seems hesitant a lot of the time before hitting the hole, and often has trouble gaining yards after contact in the backfield (namely, when someone goes at his feet, he seems to always trip and go down. Of course, this could be due in part to a lack of the OL creating a hole but still, it'd be nice to see him do some moves and make something happen. Williams on the other hand has always been a downhill runner.

More importantly, Brown has shown a tendency to get injured.


This kid reminds me of me when I watch the finns...

No, I don't typically TURN on players

I just don't like them from the start. My stance doesn't sway back and forth.

So far, 90% of the players this "regime" has brought in, I'm not a fan.

In fact, off the whole team, 10 might be pushing it, and 3 are leftovers from Saban


My official position on Brown's resigning is base sloely on what he's looking for money wise. If he is willing to swallow prid and ego and accept a contract base on what he's delivered in the past. Then I'm all in, if not I believe he should be all out.


I thought about Bellicheat when I was making those comments about Nolan. I really like the guy, so I don't want my comments to come out wrong. I was very surprised he didn't have more success in SF. i just think if we're going to blow this thing up we HAVE to get it right and I can't say that with certainty about Nolan. Joe can and that's great! But we've got to get away from this changing for change sake mentality. The good teams stick with the same guys throught thick and thing, even when things are going bad. There was a lot of doubt that Cowher would ever win a Championship in Piitsburgh but they stuck with him, I think for 10 or 12 years.

Florio and Rosenthal of PFT predict the Dolphins will beat the Jets. Perhaps I've been too hard on my team (?)

So DB, just so I'm clear, if Brown will agree to not a huge contract (let's say one or two years), are you then in favour of bringing back Brown AND Williams? And if that's the case, you'r not the least bit worried about our running game next season, despite the fact that neither guy has hit 100 yards in a game this season and despite the fact that both thought they would hit 1000 yards this season and both are going to come up short? I'd be scared sh*tless under that scenario. So, outside of Henning being gone next season, what changes?

So marc, you are a Channing Crowder fan too??
I like Channing, he provides spirit and there's no debating - the run defense is always better when he's there.
I also like one Dave Wannstedt leftover and one Cam Cameron leftover in Vernon Carey and Paul Soliai. I caught the opening day game in Buffalo and Big Paul impressed me the most of anyone - he was throwing around their centre like a rag doll. As far as VC goes, he's been a tough and serviceable Dolphin.

Ronnie Brown would be better off in a zone run scheme. We have the type of lineman that are used in that sort of scheme, smaller, quicker guys that move around. This allows, actually dictates that running back wait for seems to open, then follow the blocker through the seem for yardage. Teams like the Titans, Redskins, Kansas City, New England all use this sort of scheme in their running games. These are teams I think that Brown would be effective(not saying he will land at any of them) Ricky looks the part because he hits the hole faster, and is better suited to the type of line blocking scheme we use(or try)

IMO, the most glaring offensive problem of all has been Dan Henning. I know some here dont agree, but thats fine because one man's junk is another's treasure.

However, if anyone's noticed, most of our offensive ineptness usually follows boneheaded play calls and questionable personel usuage. This much can not be denied.

We don't have the type of lineman @2;21 typo sorry.

Craig, you're still not making any sense to me on this. Judging Nolan based on 1 stint in San Fran is unfair. Especially when he was coaching a dismal teal and still IS dismal under a new coach. They'll run Singletary out of town also. Getting fired from 1 job does not mean he shouldn't get another shot. He is VERY well liked & respected by players & fellow coaches.

In case you haven't noticed, NO coach has succeeded there since Mooch. I HARDLY think that's an indication that every coach they have had is bad, more like the management & players they have brought in are bad. Making Nolan the guy brings a little bit of stability but also bring sin more aggressiveness.

Ronnie ran over Joe Haden last week on a run that is one you are talking about, he did get tackled by him a couple of times too, good solid tackles that took out his legs before he was really moving, great play by the DB, it happens.

Ronnie didn't out run the DB in the MInnesota game, but the DB had the angle and 230 pound RB's aren't going to run away from DB's other than Bo Jackson. What are you guys expecting? To be a DB in the NFL you almost have to run sub 4.45 and many are under 4.40...

I get some of the criticism, but what back is going to do all that some of you are asking? Chris Johnson is 190 pounds and fast, he should run away from everyone. How many RB's that weigh over 220 have multiple 60 plus yard TD's?? The NFL players are too fast for much of that...


My train of thought line is as follows:

1. Draft Mark Ingram if available.

2. Resign Brown to a upper level backup contract.

3. Resign Ricky he wont break the bank.

4. Get speedy back no matter the size. 8-10 carries per game.

This scenario leaves Hilliard odd man out. Hilliard will never get must rb usuage here anyway. He doesnt have any skillsets we cant do without.

Yes, I'm a Crowder fan.

Can't say I'm a fan of Carey, but, he's held the fort up until this year. He's been beaten pretty badly all year.

Carey, if I'm not mistaken, was a Saban pick as well.

Solai has definately impressed all season. Especially the last month

DB: I think 99% of us here believes Henning is the biggest problem.

The Pats have given us the game plan to beat the Jets, but my cynicism tells me that Henning will ignore it and/or bungle it.


Brown should have gotten as low as possible and rammed Joe Hayden so hard he would have thought twice about trying to take his legs out again. Brown did nothing to try and make him pay. Thats what big powerful physical runners do.

Brown kept staying straight up and Hayden kept taking his feet from under him. Brown learned nothing and Hayden never had to pay for his approach to taking Brown dowm.

A 230lb back as to make a 190lb db pay even if he does bring him down. The next time the db thinks twice about trying the same approach knowing the pain he experienced last time.

Lets not forget we have Kory Sheets on our team. He is due back. He's a speedy guy, can be the change of pace back to carry a power runner like Ingram.


You're still giving me a reason to believe that Nolan is THE GUY. You're just taking a guy who is good at being a co-ordinator and making him a Head Coach. What about his time in SF tells you that he's going to be a good head coach? Because people like him? Well people like Tony Sparano too and how's that working out? I don't follow SF closely enough but if you talk to actual FANS of the team they will tell you he was a lousy head coach. His record does nothing but back that point up. And don't even get my started on Mike Singletary! He is NEVER a head coach. He should be a motivational speaker! Based on your argument guys like Josh McDaniels and Brad Childress should be head coaches some time soon too. Not all good co-ordinators make good head coaches (see Wade Phillips and Norv Turner). I know this is something we're not going to agree on. I say keep Nolan as defensive co-ordinator, you say HC. Let's agree to disagree.

I wouldn't be suprised if Hilliard is gone next year. I'm pretty sure he is a free agent. I think that Hilliard could be a very good player in the mold of a guy like a Kevin Faulk, or Sammy Morris. A solid third down back that is a reliable blocker, and good pass catcher. This regime won't let him on the field so why should he stick around. I'm sure he will catch on with another team who will use him properly. The other scenario I see with Lex, is that they are grooming him to play fullback, and will release Loasaka. This would have been consdidered crazy talk last year, but Hillard has seen some time at that spot this season, and has done a good job(like he always does)when he has had his chance

Neither Ricky or Ronnie has broken 100 yards, why is that? Because neither gets enough carries to do it with this...Ronnie had enough carries in the Oakland game but didn't have a high enough average per carry. The constant rotation doesn't let the "hot back" still get enough carries to get 100 yards.

Craig @ 2:15...HUH? You can't say with certainty Nolan can get this project done...OK. Who can you say with certainty can get it done right? Do you think Sparano can? If we all know we can do better, we shouldn't TRY to upgrade for the sake of continuity? That makes absolutely NO sense to me.

Good teams stick with the same guy? NEWSFLASH - We aren't a good team. We should be looking to become a good team, not stay an average one. In 3 years, we have more holes that need filling that are filled. We have 1 QB & 0 Rb's signed for next season. We should stay with these clowns for another year for consistency?

The Vikings saw they weren't going anywhere with Childress anymore. Result = Fired.

The Broncos saw they were going backwards with Mcdaniels. Result = Fired.

before they get too far gone, people stepped in and decided we need to get this thing headed the right way. Why shouldn't we? If we don't demand changes, the product you now have is what you'll always have.

Teams make necessary moves to imrpove. How long do you keep looking at mediocre results & roster & hope it turns around?

The best way to tell what the future will look like is to look at the past. The past 3 years have been filled with below average roster moves, bad drafting, outdated coaching & another .500 season.


The Pats may have given the beat the Jets blueprint but we know Henning offensive approach doesnt have the flexibilty nor design to puill it off.

I said in another blog that watching Brady execute the Pats offensive Sunday was like watching ufo's roll off the assembly line knowing your army is still riding on horseback with bow.

Marc, Carey was definitely drafted by Rick Spielamn, not sure if Wannstedt was still the coach - it might have been one of those years when they were flip flopping player personnel power (sigh, what a dark period) and the Dolphinstraded Minny a 4th round pick to move up one spot so they could draft Carey. They were afraid NE would trade up to get Carey but NE stayed were they were and picked Vince Wilfork. That trade of a pick to move up one spot was definitely Spielman-esque.

I forget who Minny drafted but he was a DE from USC with an African name I think that is no longer in the league.

PS, I am not hard on Carey - he shuld have already been moved inside - he's been beat up way to much in his career to still be on the end and he is still very powerful.

There is also a train of thought out there that Carey has been beat too much because he's worried about doing some things Jerry should be doing but is missing on the inside. I don't know what to make of that.

I have instructed all Barbie dolls to engage in collective work for the advancement of the proletariat. This task shall be completed before the harvest.

Tonight, they will gather in the town square to sing songs praising the life of Telly Savalas.


Are you suggesting you would do all FOUR of those things? There's not room in the backfield for Ingram, Brown, Williams and a speed back. I think if you keep Brown AND Williams you commit to them and don't draft someone. That's not the approach I would take. Back in the first or second round (assuming we can get a second round pick) and bring Williams back for at least one more year. I still believe you can get a good back after the first round, as we're seeing from Greene, Charles, McCoy, Curtis Martin, Arian Foster and others. If you guys want to add OL in the first instead, I'm fine with that too.....get rid of that clown McQuistan!!....Ireland and Sparano whould be fired for even bringing that guy aboard!!

LAphinsfan, everyone has known how to beat the Jets. You spread them out & negate their blitz. They can't generate a rush without blitzing.

The Dolphins cannot run the offense NE ran against them. We don't have the pieces. We have slow moving skilled players. Patriots have fast guys. Don't expect to see anything other than what you have seen all year from this offense.

We will have no success running & Henne will be forced to throw into coverage where guys are blanketed all game long. It might be a long afternoon but I'd love to pile on the Jets in December.


I hear you, but he did do that on the play in which he ran Haden over, it didn't stop Haden from making some good plays later in the game, kudos to Haden. I think the WR's could/should also have done a better job blocking Haden in the first place.... no?

Darryl Dunphy,

I disagree about Hilliard. If not with Miami he would have the same role on any other team. A worst case scenario backup who's primary fuction is st's.

If Hilliard doenst make it on st's with anyone he wont make anyones team. There's nothing special about his rb skills. Nearly any 3rd team nfl rb can do exactly what he does from the rb aspect.

CraigM, my answer to resigning Brown is no. RB seems to be the one position (or one of a few) where a rookie can come in and play immediately and have an impact (Moreno, Best, CJ, etc.). I think we can improve on Ronnie in the draft.

Craig we have 4 rbs now.

Brown, Williams, Cobbs, Hilliard

In my thought lien it would now be:

Ingram, Brown, Williams, Cobbs

I said Hilliard would be out.


I think you're just an argumentative mood today and I'm not going to get into it any further with you. I didn't say all those things you are trying to make out that I'm saying. I'm agreeing with you that if things don't change we need to make changes. The only thing that we're not agreeing on is Nolan as our Head Coach. Give me someone with more of a track record. I'm on record as saying, if the Dolphins don't AT LEAST make it to 8-8, then Sparano should be gone. At the top of my list, will be the soon to be available Jeff Fisher, followed by John Fox (yes, I know....go ahead and rip it!....but he's had ZERO support from management the last few years and he does have a track record of success with the Panthers). I'm even willing to consider Chuckie before I consider Nolan.

That's all I've got to say......I'm out!.....

You guys are kidding me right? You guys need to take off the goggles on Ronnie Brown. We all wanted him to pan out and be a star but he isn't. Blaming Dan Henning for his struggles this year is ABSURD. Brown has been average since he came here. He has 1 season of over 1000 yards and he barely cracked the mark.

I'm not saying Brown should be rushing for 1600 yards a season but 1300 should be do-able for a #2 overall pick. And saying it isn't his fault he was picked there is a like saying that for every pick that hasn't lived up to their draft status.


I keep forgetting to remove Cobbs in place of a speedback. Cobbs and Hilliard would be out. A speedback with good hands totally eliminates the need for Cobbs too.

I think bringing back both Ronnie, and Bong Pipe would be a mistake. This would just give our FO an excuse to not go after a running back this offseason. I'm all for a 2 back system. But there has to be a hiearchy. We must establish a feature guy, not 2 aging stars that share the load. We all see it, either of these backs can get into the flow. They are subbed like it is Pop Warner, and they have to play a required amount of downs.

But DB, as things stand right now, Cobbs and Hilliard never play. They get next to NO touches. So who are the guys that aren't going to get the touches? Obviously Ingram would get the lions share but then what? I don't think you are going to get Williams and Brown to resign if they know you're going to have a rookie carrying the load and he does have to carry the load to be effective. You don't have enough balls to go around to keep everyone happy......sorry.


Great point! LOL............

Guess getting Ingram and a speedback does make it pretty pointless to resigne Ricky and Brown.


I'm on side with your plan. Ingram in a starting role to be subbed periodically by Wiliams, with Cobbs and Hilliard in reserve.

That's what I'm thinking DB.....spend the money somewhere else....


One thing for sure is we do need a great rb and a rb that can be a legit edge threat. Those two make Riky and Ronnie absolute anyway dont they! LOL........


I think Cobbs can be a great 3rd down threat ala Jim Kiick. Ingram can be Czonka 2.0, and we still need that Mercury Morris legit edge threat. With this I think we're well on our way!

I have no issues with Fox or Fisher. However you're contradicting yourself because earlier you dismissed wanting Nolan because of the way he exited from San Fran.

Well, Fox & Fisher on the same crash course - No Superbowls either. Not a big fan of Gruden, not overly impressed aside from a 2 year stretch in Okland & 1 year in TB. He loves old players and that's why he got kicked out of Tampa. It was like a nursing home where footballers go to die.

Also we have to think on the basis of some economics. This is where I think Hilliard comes into play, and must get some carries at the end of this season to prove his worth. If we sign, or draft a running back it isn't going to come cheap. Also we have other holes that need to be filled, via free agency, trade, or draft. Again this will cost us. Signing Ronnie and Pipe makes no sense if we could sign Hilliard for 3/4 the price. It makes no sense to spend on R & P because you have to take into account how much money it will cost as to how mant carries they will get.

Joe Shmoe,

Totally agree no Gruden. Gruden's hugely overbloated ego may even be fiscally larger than Parcells himself. That's why he was run out of Tampa Bay!

Darryly Dunphy,

Hilliard is only a 4th string rb and a mop up player if your team ever has a huge lead. Have no clue what you see in him Ive never seen anything to suggest he'll have any more value than what he presents now.

Please, dont get carried away with Hilliard. He was only the feel good story of camp 2009. The guy was within a ball's scratch of not making the team. He can EASILY be upgraded for about the same amount of money. Absolutely nothing's special about him.

Sparano loves Cobbs and isn't Cobbs signed beyond next year?

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