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Miami future cloudy for Brown, Williams

It is clear the Dolphins have no intention of signing either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams to contract extensions before the end of the season. That's interesting because both are scheduled to be free agents for 2011 (assuming there's a season) and neither are absolutely certain of being back with the team for varying reasons.

Both Williams and Brown have addressed the issue to some extent this week. Ronnie Brown was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this week, and his words clearly suggested he'd like to be in South Florida, but ...

"It's really out of my control," Brown said. "I want to be here, I love playing for the Dolphins, but that's kind of out of my hands."

The Dolphins and Brown are not currently negotiating a new deal, at least not with any sort of consistency. The Dolphins also haven't slipped Ricky Williams a post-it note with contract extension numbers -- something Bill Parcells did with Williams the last couple of times he offered Williams an extension.

(Obviously, Parcells is gone but I wonder if general manager Jeff Ireland picks up the practice from his mentor.)

Williams, enigmatic and unpredictable, speaks with the local media only rarely for reasons known only to himself. But he addressed his future, sort of, with the New York media on a conference call Wednesday.

"I have no idea," Williams said when asked if he sees himself in Miami next year. "I mean, I'll be a free agent after this year ... after this year it's kind of wait and see. You know if someone wants me and they can convince to do this one more year, I definitely would be open to the opportunity. But if not, I'm happy with what I've been able to accomplish in my career."

It seems to me one or the other, but not both Williams and Brown will return to the Dolphins next year.

Fact is it would be cheaper for the Dolphins to draft a running back and replace one of the two veterans, then depend on one of the two along with rookie during the coming season. Of course, Miami could blow both Brown and Williams out and go with a rookie and Lex Hilliard and someone else in the backfield.

Fact is Brown is likely to get some offers in free agency if he gets to that start of the open market because while he has not put up elite statistics with the Dolphins, he has been solid and could be better behind a better offensive line.

And maybe the Dolphins simply need to change things up a bit with their running back dynamic. I know the Dolphins like Williams and Brown together but neither of them is a break-away back. The Dolphins could definitely use a back that adds more speed to the backfield because the current duo isn't going to pop a 70-yard run to stun a defense very often.

That, by the way, is just my opinion. The Dolphins, plodding and even a bit slow on offense, seem to think Williams, for example, is quite fast, thank you.

"[He] still shows me that he’s got good top end and good burst and runs the ball hard, physical,” coach Tony Sparano said Wednesday.


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What some dont realize is also our oline has been looking a 7-8-9 defenders in the box with regularity on run plays. DC's doubled Marshall then focused in on stopping our run because Hartline was very ineffective at least the first half of the season.

Like I said so many thing have contributed you cant shake a stick at one singular thing and say here is where the primary problem lies. closest you get to that is Dan Henning.

Talking draft already? Seasons over but here's the thing for everyone pining over what may be next season. There will be no football in 2011. noooooooooooooooooooo foooooooooooooooottttbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll in 2011 so all of this talk is a serious waste of all of your time.

so.....we're all agreed?

Fire The Ball Boy & Fist Pump!

most folks think a CBA for the NFL will get signed by 2011.
the NBA is a different story....

craig m, how did nolan do this year? did he improve the d drastically? do the players respect/play for him? is he articulate when addressing the players/media? ever hear bad things about his coaching? come on man! his defense is more aggressive than our offense.

Oregon Dolphin fan,

I appologize if you took my comment wrong. By saying "circle jerking yourself" I was referring to the team doing the drafting. You are not a GM so there's no way that I was referring to you "circle jerking yourself." Get it now?

Greg z,

could not agree more about your Sparano assessment.

I'll take it a step further and say he does not have a clue about how to bring a modern passing offense.

I would love to see a vertical passing offense brought to the Dolphins and Sparano is not the guy to do that.

And pass protection is hard, harder than run blocking. Hence the need to keep building up the O-line talent.

I'm open to the idea of giving Nolan a 2nd chance at the HC job...anyone else?

Greg z, forget about Craig M on the Nolan topic. He has a man crush on Fox & Fisher.

Apparently if you haven't lost a Superbowl on your resume, you're not good enough to be considered for a HC position.

NH, thats what I have been arguing with Craig about. I think Nolan knows football more than Sparano ever will. He has respect of his players & his peers.

Absolutely, I want him to be the next HC. Look, it can't get much worse than it is now. What's the harm in trying? The best part is, he isn't in the Tuna family tree. He can bring some disagreement in terms of evaluating guys. Different perspective...

Address running back thru trade or draft. Let both Ricky and Ronnie go and trade for Tashard Choice or draft Kendall Hunter from Oklahoma State in the 2nd or 3rd round. Go get Mallett from Arkansas in the first. Henne is not the answer at QB.

I just want some stability in our ownership/coaching/GM position.

I envy NE with solid ownership, great coaching, and excellent talent evaluation.

If Ross is going to hang around for a while, then he better find a solid GM / Coach combo that can last 10+ years.

I second that Brando. Henne is going to have a tough time on Sunday-vs- the Jets D.

i say trade for Kevin Kolb.Eagles probably gonna want a 1 for him but he's young and has some experienced

Susan...is that really Home in there??

mike nolan has so much class;he lets his coaching results speak for themselves. he keeps a low profile and does his job flawlessly. denver media people really felt it was mcdaniels biggest mistake in letting nolan leave! i only wish mike nolan could draft his defense instead of ireland. he will make some team in the near future a good head coach! hope its the fins. his defenses are more aggressive than our offense.

I disagree. I think Henne will have a solid, if not terrific game on Sunday. That is the way it seems to work with Henne. He plays well, has a stinker. But he has yet to put together 2 bad games in a row, and he plays well against the jets. Also, we are playing away from home. If nothing else this should give Henne some confidence. I think those "massive home crowds" probably keeps Henne up all night before home games thinking about the chorus of boo's he will get if plays like a dog.

Maybe our organization should take an entirely different approach. Every time we try to bring in what we think are the right guys to run the organization we get the wrongs.

So I suggest we deliberately try to get the wrong guys. Then give them 5yrs no matter what. Here's my list:

GM Deon Sanders

HC Steve Young

OC Terrell Owens

DC Gebril Wilson

With this cast of characters we either miraculously win a SB or end of with the 1st overall pick for the next 5yrs.

Heck, Im saying since we never get it right when we try and get right. So maybe deliberately trying to bring the wrong football people in may finally get it right for us.

Just seems we may be cursed that way. LOL.......




If Miami really wants to fix the running game, they need to sign Logan Mankins from the Pats and draft Rodney Hudson from FSU. Both players are beast who can pull and get to 2nd level blocks. You would still have somewhat of a hole at center, and Carey is starting to look old, but it would be a day and night difference. Id love Miami to get a a RB with blazing speed like Sproles, Leon Washington or Noel Devine in the draft. Put those together with Ricky for another year, and Hilliard or Cory Sheets and they would be dynamic and much improved.



parcells quit on us but put his guys in here to stay. i'd like to break the curse. ireland/sparano/henning all must go;the sooner the better. the fans deserve better;at least a management that can articulate a thought or two.

Aloco, mankins is a free agent after this season. He just signed a tender for this year. He's already been franchised and held out for the first 6 or 8 games. Look it up



They should have gotten rid of Ronnie when he still had some value last year.

I like the idea of Nolan being our head coach over any of the others I've heard bandied about.

Not at the expense of our defense though. Nolan and his new system have been the one constant in a very up and down season.

Viva Le Nolan!

PS: NH- How funny, as I was reading Susans post, about halfway through I though: I wonder if this is Homes? LOL!

Ironically enough, I saw the production of 'Spamalot' on Broadway a few years ago and Kevin Gilbride (the Giants offensive coordinator) sat next to me and was even brought onstage in an "audience participation" moment.

Kevein and I went out for a drink later...and I'll just leave it at that!

True Aloco, but he's said some pretty nasty things about the pats because they wouldn't give him a long term contract. Called them liars, dishonest, and back stabbers. I think they let him walk. Ireland did try to trade for him, so you would think he would be the top target in FA for Miami.

Team going to watch the Broadway play "Lombardi?"

Im quite sure this isnt what Stephen Ross had in mind during offseason aspirations Sparano would lead this team to THEE Lombardi! It's a trophy Tony not a Broadway play you idiot! LOL..........

We're in deep trouble guys. Our HC thinks the Lombardi is a popular Broadway play. Geesh....

First play in the clip, he runs over Jason Allen for a TD...

I haven't heard anybody say we'll beat the wets Sunday.

I read a Homes post that says we'll do good against them.

I read Darryls post that says Henne will do well this weekend.

I'll go as far as to combine their posts and say I believe we'll beat the wets Sunday. If their is one thing that Henne has proven since joining the NFL, it's that he knows how to bounce back from adversity.

I'm going to predict Henne shuts up the knee jerkers and hits Marshall for TD in a winning effort.

I'm hoping we can win out, but I would trade the other three games for a victory over the wets. I want this next game bad!

PS: Darryl, it looks like you and I are the only Hilliard believers on this blog-LOL!

odinseye, im also a Lex fan but he was baely used this year. I thought he ran wel last year, who knows?

New Blog!

Get rid of Ronnie Brown, he is not an elite RB is not the offensive line its not the play calling he is simple not good enough to be a full time RB. Its amazing that we keep waiting and waiting, meanwhhile other NFL teams churn RB like crazy.....please get rid of Ronnie Brown, and Henning keep williams as a backup 3rd down guy......

are u kidding me Ronnie Brown is a beast Get rid of Henning immediately not one of your top offensive threats I see his lack of numbers falling squarely on the coaches STRAIGHT UP

Isn't Sparano supposed to be an offensive line coach? Dude can't seem to figure out how to build an Oline instead of drafting odrick they could've gotten Iupati. The interior line for Miami is a joke and Carey hasn't been pulling his excess weight either. Could u imagine what ronnie would be doing with the Jets line? omg biggest mistake they could make is getting rid of the best RB in the AFC East. F stats get rid of poor coaching

The Jets game is going to be a great test of our RB's it looks like a all day rain in New York this will be a good thing to keep the ball on the ground and away from dead eye Henne, it looks like he can hand the ball off most times when he doesn't fall down and the rain might wash away the ink on Henning's game plan and give us a chance for a win. GO FINS

Brown I think was one of the best things that happened to miami in their running game. He is the reason the wildcat was as successful as it was when the dolphins first started to run it. It's been the Dolphins break down on their offensive line and poor coaching decisions that I believe have led to Brown's eminent downfall. He just doesn't have the luster this year he had 2 years ago, and last years injury ended what was going to be a promising year. I think Brown has some left in him. But the dolphins need to fix a lot of things on offense if they are going to be able to get anything out of Brown.

Ronnie brown is the Chad Pennington of RBs. He might not have amazing skills or athletic ability, but he has a great attitude and work ethic, and is a VERY intelligent RB, but has also been plagued by injuries. His greatest asset has been his ability to read the D, be patient, and follow his blocks. I like Ronnie and hope that he can come back to Miami, but I agree that he and Ricky splitting drives has been hurting our offense.

I know this... If Ricky Williams wants to play for the Dolphins next season he better AT LEAST get a decent offer. Ricky is right now the second best RB in Miami Dolphins history. With another decent season and possibly a championship you might even hear his name in conversations about the best in Phins history. If he gets treated the way Taylor and Thomas did I think it might just disenfranchise Miami's already dwindling fans.

We should bring back Brian Grease and play him at RB. He's the most mentally tough ex Fin around.

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