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NFL reminds Fins, everyone else of sideline rules

The NFL has contacted all 32 NFL head coach -- yes, even the interim guys -- to remind them of the rules in place to keep the respective benches free of cheating creative ideas similar to the one employed by the New York Jets last week against the Dolphins.

Coach Tony Sparano received the heads up from the NFL Football Operations Department in the last 24 hours.

The memo from the NFL reminds all coaches of the following:

  • Each organization is responsible for appointing a “get-back” coach.  This individual must be aware of all sideline restrictions and will be responsible for insuring that your team and staff are in compliance. 
  • Violations could subject your team and/or individuals to both in-game penalties and other disciplinary action.  Flagrant violations after two warnings could result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Discipline, including fines and suspensions, may be imposed by the League Office when appropriate.  
  • Pages A75-A76 of the Policy Manual for Member Clubs, Vol. II, Game Operations specifically state:

Team personnel in the bench area must observe the zone restrictions in the three areas — (1) the first border or white stripe; (2) the second border; and (3) the player area. Violations of the zone restrictions are subject to fine at the discretion of the Commissioner and game officials have been directed to call unsportsmanlike conduct penalties when warnings to clear the first border areas are not heeded. Safety and officiating access are the prime consideration… 

First Border — The only persons allowed in this solid white six-foot (minimum) area on a continuous basis during the game are the Game Officials and the chain crew; no coaches or players. 

Second Border — … [extends to solid yellow line within the bench area that is six feet from the solid white border.] Within the bench area, the only persons allowed within this second border on a continuous basis during the game are the head coach, assistant coaches involved in calling signals, assistant coaches in charge of substitutions, and small groups of situation substitution players ready to be sent into the game immediately. No other players are allowed in the second border. Each coaching staff should designate a “get-back” coach to ensure that the rules governing the borders are observed by all players and coaches during the game. 

Players & Bench Personnel — Except for those persons allowed in the first and second borders, all other persons with bench credentials and all players not in the game at the time shall remain in the bench area behind the second border. 

  • Additionally, on page A77, the policy states: 

While play is in progress, there will be no coaches or players within the white border, thus avoiding possible interference with officiating of the game. In the six-foot area between the back of the white border and the solid yellow line, only the following persons will be permitted: the Head Coach, Assistant Coaches involved in calling defensive or offensive signals, Assistant Coaches in charge of substitutions, and only those small groups of players ready to be sent into the game immediately (offensive or defensive packages). 

The game officials will issue warnings during the game regarding first and second border violations and work with the team’s “get-back” coach to prevent problems, and will call unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in cases of flagrant violations after two warnings…The League office may impose discipline on clubs for a first violation of the border rules, followed by increasing fines for subsequent violations. 

  • Rule 13, Section 1, Article 5 of the Official NFL Playing Rules provides as follows: 

“Coaches and other non-participating team personnel (including uniformed players not in the game at the time)     are prohibited from moving laterally along  the sidelines any further than the points that are 18 yards from the middle of the bench area (i.e., 32-yard lines to left and right of bench areas when benches are placed on opposite sides of the field). Lateral movement within the bench area must be behind the slid six foot white border.” 

To assist with the enforcement of this rule, effective immediately, all game officials are being instructed not to engage in any prolonged discussion with any coach outside of the permitted zone while play is in progress.

This rule is intended for safety and to avoid possible interference with officiating of the game. That means you will not see coaches arguing with officials for very long, either.


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Oh man, how can I argue with a guy quoting Jimi Hendrix.

Beuatiful song too. Transcends any and all categories and Genre's.


Dear Mr. Salguero

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with Titanic blue prints.....Dan Henning orders full steam ahead.

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with a copy of Mein Kampf....Henning demands the execution of all offensive plays

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with a full sheet of LSD....Dan Henning finally gets creative.

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with knives...Dan Henning enters gun fight

Soiled :)


Dear Mr. Salguero

At the end of the season will Dan Henning be going straight to hell or are him and the little woman gonna do some traveling before finally going to hell ?

Soiled :)

Like napalm and fire
Like flour and broken eggs
Sweetness we crave
Be it victory
Or cake

Mr,Soiled ........what's your favorite poem ?

Mr. Aloco

"what's your favorite poem ?"

I'm more into limericks....like

There once was a girl from nantuckit and she really knew how to........well , you know

Soiled :)

There once was a girl from Neelings
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Not sure how realistic this is, but it would be nice if Ross formally addresses the media after the final game and speaks of where he sees the team at this juncture and what his intentions are. Wayne H. was too hands off, just handed the reins to the next 'guru' coach who only failed in the end. Ross may not be a coach, but he is a die hard football fan and maybe he can exert some of his business acumen into running the team. We'll see soon enough.

It is so that offensive linemen absorb as much punishment as they deliver. You need them big, healthy and as many as possible(TS).

As an offensive line-minded Coach, Tony Sparano likes to punish the defensive line.

tony sporano likes to play hide the salami with all the linemen

You only demonstrate Fear when you post silly things.

I fondle myself better than anyone.

panocha en regalia

They should make Henne the get back coach the more he gets back from the white line the more games we will win.


If I had to guess what drug Henne plays like he's on I would never guess the white lines. It would definitely be one of the heaviest downer drugs known to man.

Even on coke Henne at best would be a zombie. The way he looks on the field at times I almost wished he would try some coke. LOL.......

go to sleep , you both not adding much .

My cat just ate another palmetto bug and vomited all over the kitchen floor.

HER cat just bit me again.....He is not long for this world

Miami revealed itself in the patriots game. Too bad the team lacks a qb!!!!!!!

Go fins!

Henning is done but still a genius

Favorite dolphins: dansby. Wake Vontae and Amaya

And koa of course!

Miami Dolphins only 1-5 at home and have been outscored 141-98 at Chemtrail Death Stadium

NostraHomeUs has Miami beating Buffalo

Pitt beating the NY Jets

Miami must cover TEs for Buffalo

Miami 24 Buffalo 13

NostraHomeUs Prediction for Sunday

Weather at Chemtrail Death Stadium will be a bit windy today w gusts up to 18 mph

In the meantime weather in Europe is being described as "freaky" on CNN
Folks do not want to believe that something other than lol "Mother Nature" can control,create and stall severe weather
Suppose if the sheeple knew what the weather weapon, HAARP could do and realized it is fully operational, they then could see outside the box and understand what is happening
Of course most folks are not ready to understand the "freaky" Truth

Some of Europe's busiest airports are canceling hundreds of flights Sunday in the face of "freak weather conditions" after several feet of snow were dumped on the continent over the weekend.

If the Dolphins can contain Fred Jackson
Who has unlike Ronnie Brown, earned 3 100 YD games in the past 4 games, than the Dolphins for sure will win the contest

Go Phins!

The clock is ticking for NFL teams in California
The beginning of New World Order man made severe weather devastation is coming to the west coast USA

and then the mother of all HAARP earthquakes

thankfully the Super Bowl is in Dallas,TX

Henne has 13 touchdowns against 15 interceptions, and his 76.5 passer rating is 26th in the NFL. In the fourth quarter, his passer rating is 49.7 - No. 37 in the league.

However Henne bashing ends today

Expecting good game from Henne Marshall & Brown

Home - its called Winter. In Winter there is normally cold weather and snow and flight cancellations. Snow dates back to pre-technology and even pre-historic times.

Is there a team luckier than the Jets? They play the Steelers and Polamalu is out. Luck up the arss!! They still lose though. I hate F'ing Rex!!

Jets will get a wc spot with just one win. because Henne couldn't get out of his deep slumber for one stinking drive during the Cleveland game, the worst complete game I've ever seen from a Miami qb, we won't make it in this year.

luck ?? jets will get killed by pit. wildcards are already wrapped up with baltimore and san diego. jets no shot, they r done

I got this last night. Chad Henne is very shy and consequently he needs confidence. The arm is there, the size is there(+ other attributes in a QB), but we don't know, Chad, do we? We need(and you yourself to evaluate you as a QB. Good, bad or mediocre you need to show it out, play it out.

And I hope today is the day.

well u cant oscar, cause they play the awful bills and lions at home. then face a third string patriots team in the last game that pats will sit everyone in. so we wont know till next year when henne battles carson palmer for starting job

I eat HAARP for breakfast, everyday.

Carson Palmer is done. Don't know if its due to his injuries or just lost confidence in himself, but he looks shell shocked out there. I watched his two pick 6's last weekend and both were on him, plain dumb throws. Why bring in a vet clearly on the downside of his career and take away starting time from a younger QB?

Not talking about the Fins, bill, but about Henne, he and himself.

they will next year. ive heard palmer and croyle mentioned. ugly, whould they even try mcnaab?

yes oscar, if henne cant look decent vs these next 3 then he really sucks

- Shut up!, this is my huddle! You don't agree with the play I call timeout and take you out of this series. Bob Griese.

On 3. Go!

Chatter today about croyle, palmer or anybody is meaningless chatter and nothing more.

agree on that. wont even be football next year

gonna be a long time till we can watch a meaningful fins game again. september 2012

All this little chronicles that I post are mainly due to Edwin Pope who originally published them.

Another thing, hate to wave the white flag, but NE is already far better than we are, plus they have a whole stash of picks in 2011, really going to be hard to catch up to them. NE is a smart organization, Miami just endlessly flounders around with short-sightedness and stupidity.

Good morning fellow Dolphin fans

Amaya is a great pickup

fired up for the hurricanes next year

I agree Henne not waking up in the Vlevland game was the break in tbe season

HENNE and HENNING can no longer HENG out with this team!

should i start ronnie brown in fantasy?

he sucks balls lately but buffalo has the worst run defense in the league.

Do palmetto bugs make good pets? I enjoy tickling their tummies and stroking their antennas.

Will someone get Armando out of bed! It's game day. I wonder if he was out on the town until late doing blow, and drinking scotch?

Just on NFL countdown. Cowher wants to coach in miami

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