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RoboHenne is back and that is not a good thing

One of the things I perceive is a problem with quarterback Chad Henne is his robotic, unfeeling, almost zombie-like approach to playing his position.

Henne would never think of calling a freak audible that isn't dictated by the defense or coaching staff. He follows his progression of reads even if it means throwing a 4-yard pass to Ricky Williams with 23 seconds to play from his own 28 yard line when he's got no timeouts and needs to go 45 yards to line up for a game-tying FG.

Heart? Passion? Emotion? Nowhere to be found.

It drives me crazy.

Henne had one game when he played like a guy with a big heart in his chest and emotion coarsing through his body this season: The Raiders game on November 28. He has since gone back to the uninstinctive, unemotional, uninspired, unsatisfactory play that we saw before he got benched.

On Sunday, however, Henne took robotics to a new high. He did it on the field. And he did it in his post-game press conference to the point he is starting to lose credibility.

To recap: On Sunday the Dolphins lost their sixth home game in seven outings. The offense was largely ineffective against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The loss eliminated the Dolphins from the playoffs.

The pain and meaning of the day was captured by perfectly by Brandon's Marshall, who issued a finely tuned apology to his defensive teammates for the offense's poor play. Marshall also said it was everyone's fault, including coaches, that the offense is not producing. (You can read Marshall's statement in the previous post.)

Henne followed less than a minute after Marshall spoke. And he totally lost me.

(On Brandon Marshall’s comments apologizing to the defense) – “I mean it’s not embarrassing. Obviously we didn’t do what we wanted to do out there execution wise and finishing the game but we win and lose as a team; there’s no pointing fingers. That’s about it; we win and lose as a team.”

What he should have said: I can't blame Brandon for feeling the way he does. I can't disagree, either. No one with a brain would.

(On whether it was frustrating being taken out of the game late while the Wildcat was run) – “Well I mean that’s the coach’s decision. They make the call and if they feel they can run something with the Wildcat and make some positive yards, we’ll do that.”

What he should have said: Frankly, yes. I think Wildcat has a great place in our offense but when the game is on the line, I want the ball in my hands. And I don't want to comment beyond that.

(On whether the fans were justified in booing with only one home win) – “They’ve been booing the last couple weeks so I guess we’re used to it. We, we don’t want to go out that way. It’s a sick feeling for us. I mean to not have home field advantage in this league is, it’s tough and it’s not like we’re not trying out there not to win at home. I mean there’s a lot of guys out there with a lot of heart playing, playing their hearts out out there for our fans and our home field advantage out there.”

What he should have said: Yes. We work for them and we haven't given them enough reasons to cheer, enough reasons to show up in droves, enough reasons to be happy. It is on us. They react to us. We don't react to them.

(On what he would change to get more touchdowns rather than field goals) – “I mean put it on our shoulders. Whatever is called, we’re not going to point our fingers at our coaches or players. Whatever is called we have to execute. We had some negative plays there, some penalties that hurt us. It’s just execution. We’ll put it on our shoulders as players to execute the play that’s called and making the decision after that.”

What he should have said: I would change my execution. It needs to improve. I'm the starting QB. I touch the football on every play. If I perform at a certain level, we'll score more points. Having said that, I'm still learning and I need to get better. Be patient. I'll get there.

I believe the Dolphins will go searching this offseason for a quarterback that doesn't play robotic and isn't seemingly walking on egg shells because the coaches have brow beaten him and turned him into a double-talker.

The Chad Henne I've seen this year is not that quarterback.


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A.J DUHE and no areosmith does not suck...lol

The wildcat playcall on the final drive wasn't even the worst call of the day. How about kicking to Jackson at the end of the Eagles Giants game?
Henne finally had some rythm. He was 8 for 8 on the Td drive that pulled us to within 3. The whole offense had a swagger. Then the coaches pop the balloon. WTF. I don't care how bad Henne may have played for three quarters. This was his opportunity to put this team on his shoulders. I'm sure Henne had his best 4th quarter rating of the season. And these geniuses take the ball out of his hand so that maybe we can get a 5 yard play. Again putting the advantage in the hands of the defense. Hmm I wonder what happens now.....wait wait....no way Ronnie is going to run it up the gut.....suprise!!! You cannot take the ball out of your quarterbacks hands in that spot. I don't care if it's Corky from life goes on. Let him try and win the game. I feel sorry for Henne, I really do. he could have had a statement moment. The whole team could have had a statement moment. But instead it was taken away by a moment of coaching madness.

Ryan Mallet folks.

Gruden for OC

Ol next 3 draft choices.

The agree with the earlier posts guys. This kid (Henne) has been brow beaten to not to the point that he's damned if does and he's damned if he doesn't. We will have to live with it or at the very least get a new OC. This can't all be laid at Henne's feet. You take the game away from him in the final minutes when hes on a hot streak and then blame him for not getting the ball in FG position with 32 seconds left. You can't have it both ways, not with a young QB. I will be the first to say he has under thrown passes, missed wide open on deep passes when called, but look at the flea flicker play guys, Curtis going deep was double covered so he checked down and got the ball to Marshall. It's not all bad!

We changed our DC from last year and voila we got a top 5 defense. Imagine if we get a new OC, someone with a little imagination? Someone who see something working and continues to use it! Not insert some crap or gimmick.

For all the Cowher lovers, it took him 10 yrs to win a SuperBowl. Lemme see, that's when he got who? umm? let's see? Rothlesberger!!!! And when they won it was because of defense and a running game!!! they had three back! and #1 defense!

As for Armando, I know your job is the advance the story but this is getting old with the constant finger pointing at Henne and coming up with cheapshot names. All QB's double speak and coaches, your job is to interpret. If he answered the way you wanted in the "he should have said" section you would have fodder for weeks! While it maybe good radio and such it isn't smart organizationally.

@ kingsmith,

if you think Henne is BAD, Mallet is worse! have you seen his mechanics? have see his feet? if only there was a way to get Luck from Stanford but that's pie in the skiy.

NY, agreed he needs polish, that's where Gruden comes in. I just feel his size and arm make him intriguing.

Luck would be great but we have no shot and I think it's about time we take a shot and draft a top ratedQB with our first pick. Haven't done it since Marino.

The coaching staff embarrassed themselves. Not the players. Henne played well. He did exactly what they told him to do.

When the biggest surprise in a game is the Wild cat and everyone in the league knows you are going to run it, then a team is in trouble.

On 4th down you don't always kick the 61 yard field goal. You go for the first down even if it is 4th and 15. Do you wanna see a team having fun. Look at the Patriots, they play to win every play. Courage. Fun.

The coaches did not believe from day one that their team could win. Fist pumping aside, there comes a time when a coach has to dare his team to win and let them make plays. That is where the fun starts.

Football is a physical effort but it isn't work, it is supposed to be fun. I work and they get to play so let them play to win so I can enjoy my Sunday's.

Trade up for Cam Newton do what the Jets did for Sancheezy.

i wish I and the entire world could just forget about this last decade. Not just this season but every season this decade has been embarassing, including 2008 becuz of the playoff disaster.

Ok lets get real....Henne is 25 years old...so far what he has accomplished puts him in the rarified upper echelon...there is no way..NO WAY...you let go potential like that go...now...why is is high and then low...many reasons...
1 Is he being handled well, coached, managed?..NO
2 Has he shown the required skills to be ELITE...YES
3 Has he shown the MENTALITY to win under extreme pressure....YES

Ok...so we agree that we have actually WITNESSED Chad Henne play lights out..at 25 years of age at NFL level...id say he is a prodigy really...

What I really think stinks is the FO....
1 Henning has been woeful in his playcalling and that has LIMITED the QB a lot.
2 Dont let Sparano off the hook...he can OVERULE every call...every call...so he is part of the problem because he is clearly in agreement with the call because he doesnt OVERULE it...look at his clock management..incompetent...his mangement of the OLine...incompetent...his time outs..incompetent...he must know how much time is left yet ALLOWS dinking and dunking...its bizarre...

I really feel that Henne is good but immature...Marshall has performance history and therefore has gravitas to say what he thinks...he FRIED the offence really well with his comments because he has cache...he has history of being TOPSHELF...a STAR...so gets to talk....and subtly gets the message across...

Henne doesnt dare speak like that yet...he is still a babe in the woods...trying to tow the company line...not yet grown up like Marshall...

Thats the robotic part we are seeing ...he doesnt know what THE FUKK to say or do yet...he is a boy....

Later, when the lights turn on he will call his own game and manage the team his way...

Henne "may" make it....patience now for all...

But Henning and Sparano have no EXCUSE for the game they are constructing...it is poor and limited...and it is a progress stopper for ny QB...including Henne....in 2 years time and with a different OC....he may realise he's good..then lookout...

I say put the spotlight on Henning but moreso on his boss Sparano...being a good locker room mamager is NOT ENOUGH.

MANDO! I hear you on the radio and read through your writing that you want Henne out. I have no problem with that. HOWEVER, WHO do you replace him with. I would make a run at McNabb. What do you want?

No more aimless: Henne is not the QB. I want solutions.

When You Play for the TIE you have no business in the NFL...

Armando, I have been very critical of you in the past, but this time I completely agree with you and think you hit the nail on the head. I like that you are choosing to be a critical beat writer and not toe the line of non objective journalism. I like it when a reporter says it like it is and doesnt kiss the tail of the coaching staff. I have been a Dolphins fan for all of my 35 years on earth and I will share a few emails I have sent to Sparano the past few years on here. Keep in mind I have received some feedback from some. this one sent September 2009:Tony and Bill,

I hate to be a thorn in your side, but I want to offer my input in a constructive manner. I wanted to type this note on Sunday when I was extremely disappointed in our philosophy and EFFORT given by our staff and players. It seems like as an organization, we are in denial about when our future begins. Our future is now and we need to realize that we are carrying dead weight on our roster.

Channing Crowder- Lazy, reactive only, loud mouth with no substance to back it up, and cannot cover my grandma in her scooter as she goes to the curb to grab her mail from the mailbox. This guy got his clock cleaned when he stopped pursuing a play, an obvious lessen never to be learned by this irritating player.

Ted Ginn- I'm sorry, he just doesn't have "IT" and he's running scared out there. STILL. Duper and Clayton were even smaller than him, but had twice the cajones!

Justin Smiley- This guy is slow, cant move and consistently gets beat off the snap. He cannot move to his left for anything.

Jake Grove- I'm sorry, but I watched film on this guy too from last year. I didn't see what you guys saw. He is not going to over-match anyone's interior nose/tackle and has marginal athleticism. I wish we could find a mammoth center to MOVE people.

Vernon Carey- Again, I see no footwork and a big belly. I think he is a leaner that doesn't play with leverage. He cannot bend his knees to keep his balance proportionate. He has no stamina as well.

Chad Pennington- Yes, the QB that is a personal favorite of mine has to step aside. He is the kid of guy that I would love as a friend and someday as my football coach. But, he just does not have the arm strength to keep the defense honest. Plus, because we use Gin as a stationary target, its obvious that Pennington is left with half of a field to throw to (defense rolls the safety over-top Ginn wherever he is lined up, and always to targets in the flat or curl zones. We don't have any deep threats to supplement our non-factor Ginn. He just isn't a game changer, like more physical receivers. Pennington would better fit in Minnesota where the running game balances the passing game and keeps it honest.


Ricky Williams is a better/more explosive back than Ronnie Brown. Lets get smart and use both of these backs together. I liked what I saw in the Atlanta game when Brown threw a great block for Ricky in the 1st quarter for a 14 Yard gain. I like the dynamics and the element of power and flexibility this brings our offense. Consider this!!! Phase out Polite except when we need 1 Yard in short yardage, hes talented with this.

Ted Ginn- Move him around and put him in MOTION. Make the defense confused and have to communicate new coverages to account for him. This also allows your offensive staff to do reconnaissance intelligence into the defense's calls and audible tendencies. We are making a HUGE mistake in placing Ginn on one side and expecting him to get open on any type of 15+ yard pattern. Move Ginn inside and don't give the defensive back the sideline as a comfort zone to defend Ginn's enormous speed, Let Ginn use that speed to create coverage issues in the middle of the field where he can create more space. ......next one sent Nov 2010 Hi Coach I really like you and have been rooting for you to succeed and have parched my citicism of you until now. I am sharing this with you in the hopes that something resonates in your mind and future approach with your football team. I wanted to wait a while and let the objective mind come to reason before I emailed you as my unfortunate frustration in our football team has reached an all-time status. It is my opinion that The Miami Dolphins have lost their identity and this happened not during the season, but rather during the off season. We have lost the "Don Shula Factor" ( a hard nosed and mentally/physically strong team). We have replaced it with the penchant for practicing indoors in an air conditioned bubble on hot days in the florida heat. We have lost the Miami "Heat" Factor and we have built a team is poorly conditioned "Thumpers" without the ability to play 4 quarters in the sweltering Miami heat. I know your philosophy along with Parcells is to build a team full of dead lifters and power lifters. I am of the point that you have pigeon-holed your team in a manner that will never allow them to play late into the season with any sort of consistency. Coach you have allowed your team to morph into a passing team when you have built your personnel around power. I have resisted the desire to email you in the past few weeks but after tonight's bears game, I feel that the imaginary world the Dolphins live in has to be exposed for what it is. Tony, your team is perhaps the most undiscipled Dolphins team I have ever seen. A Don Shula team would never look and act so impotent and flat out childish in their in-game celebrations (Brandon Marshall is a bumb) and the guys like Quinton Moses dancing around when we are losing by 16 points in 4th quarter. Tony, you are no longer the leader of our team. You have lost the mojo with the players and its apparent that you have lost the desire to play true to the principles of a consistent winning team and that begins with fundamental football. As for fundamental football, this team is a joke and you have put a black cloud over the team with your allowing the players to run the asylum. Sean Smith is the softest cornerback I have ever seen. He's not an NFL football player!!!!!!!!! I have watched him now for 3 weeks avoid contact and whiff on tackles at the perimeter at crucial times of the game. He is horrible at containment and run support! HORRIBLE!! And you guys cut Jason Allen????? You should have cut Smith, he is undeserving of a roster spot. You seem to be a Bill Parcells wannabe and you have no acumen for innovation and/or motivation. Your hand claps and high school ra-ra demonstration after 12 field goals in a game are hard to digest and must make your team squirm. You need to take a page out of Mangini's book and realize that you are NOT BILL Parcells!!!!! Much like Mangini realized, he didn't have success when pretending to be somebody else (bellicheck). I don't like what I see at all and I honestly knew after this draft of ours that we failed in every aspect for the off season: We overpay for a team cancer brandon marshall, we give up future draft picks and fail to accumulate future draft picks (New England is so much smarter than us in every aspect). We draft a bunch of players who are thumpers and not jumpers. We need ATHLETES!! We have no sudden Players on our roster, no players that can change the game with explosive plays. The front office has failed in bringing in players and our coaching staff (you included as Head Coach) have failed in preparing your team for games and properly motivating the players to be PROFESSIONALS! We run around the field recklessly on defense and our offense designed by dan henning is absolutely tortuous to watch: predictable,boring and most important STIFLING! The Miami Dolphins ruin quarterbacks with this mentality that you created for your quarterback to play constipated and tight on gameday afraid to make the big play because you have saturated his brain to be safe on each play. I'm sorry Coach, I blame you for not being a strong enough leader to stand up for your principles. If I were in your position, I would start over right now and do it your way, not Bill's way. Cut Brandon Marshall for insubordination, cut Sean Smith for being a coward on run support and request the firing of Dan Henning. Groom Chad Pennington for the quarterback coach position and promote David Lee as Coordinator. Tony, your forte was the offensive line and that is the weakest unit of our team, they are like bull fighters and are absolutely pathetic. You would think you would have made that a strong unit with your experience, but this unit is unconscious out there. Its time to Cut The Fat. Our game plans were pathetic and unimaginative. WE WERE OUTCOACHED! OBTUSE IS THE WORD.

Disgusting showing. Parcells puppets must go !!!!!

Pink slips should be waiting on desks this morning............

We have a great defense which will get better next year. Our cb and safetys will start to
catch, instead of knocking down passes. Henning
will depart,maybe Saprano will also leave,and
that still leaves us with Hene. I don't need to
repeat all the discriptions of his horrible
performances. He is a robotic,uninspiring,man
who will never mature into an exceptional QB.
He seems dazed and intimidated, I think that he
will be relived when he finnaly gets replaced,
or downgraded as a backup. Saprano should let
Thigpen start the rest of the games, he is
more athletic,with a gunslinger attitude,and
we would at least be able to tell if he is worth keeping. When the draft comes in the spring,we should draft several QB's,maybe we
could get lucky and find another Marino.Stay away from getting a washed up has been like
Pennington,McNabb, Culpepper.

Been a fan all my life and I won't look back now. We'll be back on top again. I for one am out, but not gone. I'm done with football for a while. This loss cut me deep. Really deep. Probably deeper then the playoff game in 08.

it's tough to play qb in this league when you're wearing handcuffs and you have a retard calling your plays.

the bills called plays for fitzpatrick. he wasn't asked to go through a series of progressions. he had one, maybe two options on every play. they spread the field for him to make it easier. if his option was covered he still threw it because that was the play and he didn't have to stand in the pocked for 5-6 seconds behind a swiss cheese line trying to go through his progressions. the ball was out quickly.

henne is being asked to be payton manning in his 2nd year.

The coaching staff should go all of them except Nolan, but only if you can get Cowher otherwise just get a new OC and try to find another Qb. That is not an easy thing to do especially when Ireland is the one judging the talent.They do have some good young talent on this team but they have no set of balls as far as the coaches are concerned, I would rather go down swinging then throwing 4 yard passes with no timeouts left and Henne is to blame for that as well no one should have to tell him he has to throw the ball down the field to win I don't care what the play call was or is have some courage dammit .

HAHAHA. Get it? "RoboHenne"? Wow, Mando, you are GOOD, man. You should write some great literary novel. Thanks for the consistently vapid insight and half-baked commentary presented in a way any spell or grammar check would love.

-- Bebo

That is then hardest part about watching this team is the offense looks scared, instead they should be attacking INTS happen to everyone but if you play for a tie like we do all the time you are going to lose half the time or more which is why we are 7-7 and home again for the playoffs , being Conservative all the time will never win you a championship have some nuts TONY or get the hell out!





Mando, your final statement is the most important of this article. Henne is the QB that the coaches have created. We all know he is physically gifted for the position so where is the problem? Either he's not smart enough to play the position or he is handicapped by the way the coaches are developing him. I believe it's the latter. The TD strike to Marshall was the Henne I'd like to see. Instinctive rather than overly methodical. He looked at Fasano first than upon looking next to Marshall saw a small crevice and fired it in there for the TD. Free Henne up. Don't "brow beat" him in to a robotic overthinking zombie!

funny how hennes comments sound so much like chap Penningtons

here's what fans want. Fire the OC now. lets see what we got now to help for the draft.

The intrigues of mayonnaise.

look at the top teams today,Atlanta,New England,Pittsburgh,Baltimore,New Orleans, what do all these teams have in common????A Good QB, Do you think Henne will ever be great???????

Or good???????

I'd settle for just adequate....(And apparently he too would be happy with just being a adequate QB too)

As of now Cuban, no, Henne doesn't look like he has it. Unfortunately, there are so many other "issues" hampering the team (offense) that many people (in the organization) won't want to replace Henne until they take care of those issues first to see if those were the reasons for his poor play.

But, this may be a trend. Check last year, Henne faded at the end of year. Those games we needed to win in there (Tenn, etc.), and Henne played pretty bad. Again, this year, need wins in Dec., and Henne fades. Could be a trend!

Changes are on the horizon!

This will be Ross' first real test as owner.

Can't wait to see what transpires!

Mando, I agree with previous posts about you asking or making your comments directly to Henne or anyone else that you have an opinion about...ask the tough questions and gives us the answers instead of complaining and bitching to us.... stop the shoulda/woulda/coulda and be a sports journalist! Why be sooo discreet? would they banned you from attending the press conferences? Be the voice of all your readers and listeners.... don't you be robotic!

Where are the headlines "Dolphins Fire OC" this morning???

Changes are on the horizon!

This will be Ross' first real test as owner.

Can't wait to see what transpires!

Posted by: NHDolphan | December 20, 2010 at 07:25 AM

"Those who do not embrace change are due to wallow in there mediocrity"... A Quote




the roblem with the dolhins has been almost comletely the offensive line a unit who underachieved and layed well below exectations and was the most inconsistant area of the offense which slowed the growth of our qb flatlined the running game and did not allow lays to develoe which effected execution mixed in with some bad lay calling yes we do need new offensive coordinator if only norve turner could get fired and no to bill win one suerbowl in 15 years cowher good oc and sarano would be fine hes a good coach chad henne great hysical gifts just needs a little more time to not only grow but to get a freakin throw off or a running game(good run blocking to freeze defenses but doesnt mean we should ignore cometition in the draft dolfans were frustrated now but next year you will see that it was all worth it guaranteed!go dolhins oh year oc will be gone so lets sto talking about it

ross boasted about us going to the super bowl and henne being better than marino. henne didnt think tebow was an NFL qb. maybe tebow is and henne's not?

Some one wrote in another article we should get McNabb. That person is a football tard. McNabb is finished, he would be a nice 2nd or 3rd string guy. His play dictated his benching, he has been terribile.

On another note. Why the F did Henning call 5,10 and 15 yard routes with under a min? Ricky should have been at least 10-15 deep, not 3-5. The play calling is flawed. Henning has destroyed this season. Henne needs on year under another coordinator, if he does not improve then we can berate his performance. A QB cannot throw deep down the field when there is only one receiver running a deep route and the CB takes Deep 3rd coverage with the FS over the top.

Dan Carpenter: "Laces in!"

Whta bothers me most about Henne is that the guy shows no fight or emotion. I noticed yesterday when it's 4th and 1 he doesn't even look to the sideline to see if we're going to go for it. He automatically starts trotting off the field. I mean we lined up for insanely long fgs all day yesterday when there is no question we should've went for it at least twice. Buffalo went for the 4th and 1 on their first scoring drive. Had they not gone for it they would've lost the game. Conservative in this league doesn't get it done. We are so willing to kick long fgs that it destroys our chance of winning these games. Henne in my opinion needs to show some competitive fire and dispute some of these decisions. He looks like he is relieved when the kicker comes on. He'd rather the pressure be on Carpenter than himself.

we had a horrible defense last year. mike nolan fixed that. word out there is he will be in consideration for head coaching jobs in 2011. if ross fires sparano, i'd like to see mike nolan as the head coach. he's a class act who has the respect of the league/players. better than cowher/gruden.

Did anyone besides me see Henne laughing in smiling late in the fourth quarter? That so much made me mad because he didnt care we were to loose to the Bills.

For how long have we been in this situation possessing an anemic offense? It goes all the way back to 1996 when Jimmy Johnson let Irving Fryar go and brought in Jordan and Barnett. Think of how many high draft choices on offense we whiffed on, or didn't take because we've had a series of defense-minded coaches (apart from Cammeron):

You could resurrect Marino to active duty but with Dan Henning running that offense they are still average at best. Of course, stciking to your theme, Marino would likely audible out of 75% of Henning crappy play calls (and untimely to be more accurate) so it might work?

1996: No offensive player taken in top 2 rounds
1997: WR Yatil Green (1st)
1998: HB John Avery (1st)
1999: HB JJ Johnson (2nd)
2000: No offensive player taken in top 2 rounds
2001: WR Chris Chambers (2nd)
2002: HB Ricky Williams (through trade of 1st)
2003: HB Ricky Williams (through trade of 1st)
2004: QB AJ Feely (through trade of 2nd)
2005: HB Ronnie Brown (1st)
2006: QB Dante Culpepper (through trade of 2nd)
2007: WR Ted Ginn Jr. (1st)
2008: QB Chad Henne (2nd)
2009: QB Pat White (2nd)
2010: WR Brandon Marshall (through trade of 2nd)

Let's think out of the box. I have a simple idea that will give this offense a boost. Have Henne were high heels. There is no way to operate like a Robot wearing high heels, and he will automatically have to show some desperation on every play. Next, have Henning wear a dress. Being dressed like a girl, he will want to divert attention from himself, so instead of calling WildCat on 3 and 18, he'll trying something more commonly effectivesuch as throwing long. Now some of you may laugh, but this is philosophically a sound idea.






Seriously, the Dolphins need to invest in some young skill position players on offense. Take on draft and decide that this will be the draft that you improve the offense, and go out and do it. Miami could have had Dez Bryant, Jordan Shipley, or Demarius Thomas last year and went defense. Think of how much more dynamic we would have been with Bryant on the other side of Marshall?

At running back, we're now in a situation where we have to replace both Brown and Williams. We should have traded Ronnie back in 2007 when we knew it would be a five year rebuilding process to get us back into upper-level playoff contantion.

Instead, I feel that this coaching staff will draft another defensive lineman, or someone to complement Jake Long. Maybe draft Christian Ponder in the 2nd or 3rd round. And then try to pick up someone at WR/HB in rounds 4 and 5, just like we seem to do every year!

Chad henne is a robot who cant extend a play for nothing. Start Thigpen the last 2 games PLEASE... AND BRING IN GRUDEN NOT CIWER IR D IS FINE OUR OFFENCE NEEDS HELP...







Fry Sparano,Henningand Henne they sucks sucks sucks Mr. Ross should fire all of then now,dont wait till the end we the Fans the real ones who are far from the MIAMI area us from PUERTO RICO who travel 2 times on the season to cheer for your teams i watcthem loose to the browns and bills we deserve much much beter i forgot the one the referee stole from us the steelers.
Mr. fire them and hire CHOWER or GRUDEN and a new GENERAL MANAGER, thanks for nothin.

Ive been a dolphin fan since I was 16 now Im 62 Im not sure will see another super bowl we need someone anyone who knows the game that can help the dolphins become winners again we need a coach thats agressive and willing to take chances a quarterback who can think and throw at the sametime a running back who can find a hole and break tackles PLEASE! HELP

Things NO ONE on this site will make me believe today:

1 - Henne played "pretty" good.
COMPLETE B.S. You don't play poorly for 3 quarters, and then decide you need to step it up when the game is almost over and start picking it up. Sorry, that doesn't get you to playing "pretty good." Again, not making the correct (or on time) reads, not reading the defense well enough at the line, not understanding the game situation, not throwing accurate passes to open receivers, that's a basic rundown of Henne's play. Great, down 10-0, he finally comes alive for a hot second in the 2nd quarter, dies down again and comes back when it's too little too late. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

2- All of this can be chalked up to poor execution by the players, coaches have no responsibility.
COMPLETE B.S. The Dolphins were outcoached yesterday, pure and simple. As usual, it was more stark on the offensive side of the ball (you could say execution was the problem on defense, because the player was in the right place on most of those passes, just didn't make a good play on the ball).

But on offense, again, total coaching meltdown. The game plan didn't change from Week 1 (listen to defense talk, they say the game plans change game to game and within game. Nolan makes adjustments on the fly. Puts his team in positions to make plays and deflect what the other offense is trying to do (sometimes adjusting before they actually do it). On offense, it's the same no matter who the opponent or what the personnel is. Goddagnit, if Henning wants to pound the rock up the middle on 1st and 2nd down, even if it hasn't produced all season, even if the interior line is the worst part of your team, by gollie that's what's gonna happen. If you look at the drives that "worked," you'll see some similarities (also stuff I've been saying all season):
- pass on 1st down (this is when play action works the best)
- utilize RBs coming out of backfield as receivers (check down or a read in progression)
- get your best WRs (Marshall & Bess) going early and go to them often

When they played the vanilla "hard-nosed" style Henning prefers, nothing happened but wasted drives. When they finally realized that wasn't going to work, it was too little too late.

You know, the Redskins had a similar issue. They had their system, and wanted to run it. McNabb wasn't getting it done (for multiple reasons). What did they do, put in a QB that they thought would run the system better. Miami doesn't have that QB, and their problems are more than the QB for their system. But does Miami try anything new to fix the issues? Nope. They just trot out there with the same old tired playing that's gotten them this far. THAT goes on the coaches (HC foremost).

3- Miami personnel will PLAY for Sparano.
THIS IS COMPLETE B.S. IF there was EVER a time to play for the coach, this was it. You've been awful at home. Your season is quickly slipping out of your grasp and you're playing another division rival. Absolutely NO REASON to come out flat, yet, on both sides of the ball (so evident the announcers were talking about it all day) Miami comes out flat. That's a two-fold hit: hit on the head coach for not getting his team fired up enough, and a hit on the personnel "fighting" for their coach. On both fronts, Sparano came out lacking. His grip on this team is unraveling.

In the end, this was another ugly game. Henne might be playing himself out of a job, and Henning is just going through the motions for the last 2 games of his career, but Tony Sparano should not be comfortable. Whether he gets another chance will be of intense speculation here the next 2 weeks, but as of now, I'm saying if you can acquire someone better, then do it. We could go through another year with all these same issues to be right back where we are this year, or we can start new "again." Best case, we don't start totally new. The defense is pretty much set. A few players here or there to upgrade, but if we can keep Nolan and most of the players, they should be fierce next season. The offense needs a total overhaul, STARTING with the Coordinator. From there, determine the system, and get the oline in place. Then RBs, TE, WR (with speed) and a QB to at least put pressure on Henne and be reliable if they need to go to him if Henne shows early next season he's a bust.

I knew and everyone else here knew Henne wasn't an elite QB from the beginning. It was Parcells that said," if they don't bite as pups, then they are never gonna bite", he never bit. He was robotic from the beginning. I saw last year how he just went threw his progressions in order every time he threw. He never let plays develop or had any instinct. I saw that last year and stated it here many times. He is a backup at best. I couldn't go through another year of him, Sparano or Henning. Just clean house mr. Ross!!

There are a lot of issues but Henne just one of them. Why isn't Pennington on the sideline tuitorong / motiviating Henne. I rarely see Henne warming up between positions / talikng to his recievers or linemen. In fact most of the time he is sitting on the bench by himself. Never see him read Airial shots or on the phone chatting with the Coaches booth. What is Sparano doing this whole time or the Quarterback coach. This is the bottomline the kids got all the tools but NO confidence, and from what I can see NO leadership. You through the fact that the O-line is hurting the running game and way too much preasure is on Henne to throw the ball and Carpenters on the take and you have a perfect receipt for a lose. BTW Miami's problem isn't Henning its executing

I live outside Baltimore and always see old COLTS specials before they bailed from Baltimore.

One thing I see over and over is Unitas NEVER showed emotion after INT or TD etc....... He was a prick to his teammates when they F'd up. However, everyone wants to see Henne show emotion. Well WTF does that accomplish. I like the Unitas approach, and Henne has that same demenor excpet I don't know if he light up his teammates when they F up. I know Marion used to.

I would like to see henne with a new OC or even a completley new regime. I'm not saying don't go QB shopping but closing the book on henne without seeing him with a new OC is a mistake

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