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RoboHenne is back and that is not a good thing

One of the things I perceive is a problem with quarterback Chad Henne is his robotic, unfeeling, almost zombie-like approach to playing his position.

Henne would never think of calling a freak audible that isn't dictated by the defense or coaching staff. He follows his progression of reads even if it means throwing a 4-yard pass to Ricky Williams with 23 seconds to play from his own 28 yard line when he's got no timeouts and needs to go 45 yards to line up for a game-tying FG.

Heart? Passion? Emotion? Nowhere to be found.

It drives me crazy.

Henne had one game when he played like a guy with a big heart in his chest and emotion coarsing through his body this season: The Raiders game on November 28. He has since gone back to the uninstinctive, unemotional, uninspired, unsatisfactory play that we saw before he got benched.

On Sunday, however, Henne took robotics to a new high. He did it on the field. And he did it in his post-game press conference to the point he is starting to lose credibility.

To recap: On Sunday the Dolphins lost their sixth home game in seven outings. The offense was largely ineffective against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The loss eliminated the Dolphins from the playoffs.

The pain and meaning of the day was captured by perfectly by Brandon's Marshall, who issued a finely tuned apology to his defensive teammates for the offense's poor play. Marshall also said it was everyone's fault, including coaches, that the offense is not producing. (You can read Marshall's statement in the previous post.)

Henne followed less than a minute after Marshall spoke. And he totally lost me.

(On Brandon Marshall’s comments apologizing to the defense) – “I mean it’s not embarrassing. Obviously we didn’t do what we wanted to do out there execution wise and finishing the game but we win and lose as a team; there’s no pointing fingers. That’s about it; we win and lose as a team.”

What he should have said: I can't blame Brandon for feeling the way he does. I can't disagree, either. No one with a brain would.

(On whether it was frustrating being taken out of the game late while the Wildcat was run) – “Well I mean that’s the coach’s decision. They make the call and if they feel they can run something with the Wildcat and make some positive yards, we’ll do that.”

What he should have said: Frankly, yes. I think Wildcat has a great place in our offense but when the game is on the line, I want the ball in my hands. And I don't want to comment beyond that.

(On whether the fans were justified in booing with only one home win) – “They’ve been booing the last couple weeks so I guess we’re used to it. We, we don’t want to go out that way. It’s a sick feeling for us. I mean to not have home field advantage in this league is, it’s tough and it’s not like we’re not trying out there not to win at home. I mean there’s a lot of guys out there with a lot of heart playing, playing their hearts out out there for our fans and our home field advantage out there.”

What he should have said: Yes. We work for them and we haven't given them enough reasons to cheer, enough reasons to show up in droves, enough reasons to be happy. It is on us. They react to us. We don't react to them.

(On what he would change to get more touchdowns rather than field goals) – “I mean put it on our shoulders. Whatever is called, we’re not going to point our fingers at our coaches or players. Whatever is called we have to execute. We had some negative plays there, some penalties that hurt us. It’s just execution. We’ll put it on our shoulders as players to execute the play that’s called and making the decision after that.”

What he should have said: I would change my execution. It needs to improve. I'm the starting QB. I touch the football on every play. If I perform at a certain level, we'll score more points. Having said that, I'm still learning and I need to get better. Be patient. I'll get there.

I believe the Dolphins will go searching this offseason for a quarterback that doesn't play robotic and isn't seemingly walking on egg shells because the coaches have brow beaten him and turned him into a double-talker.

The Chad Henne I've seen this year is not that quarterback.


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This team has just not been ready to play for some time. Every game this season was a squeaker. Our home games have been pathetic. Look at how absymal this team has played AT HOME against the likes of Cleveland and Buffalo. With the season on the line a few times now, they never stepped up, showed urgency, showed anything really.

Blame has to start at the top. Sparano is in charge of the OC, DC, ST, training, who plays, everything. He deserves the brunt of the blame.

I lived in Pittsburgh during the Cowher era. And if you like Henning’s play calling, you’ll love Cowher’s play calling. He is Tony S with experience. Playing for a field goal with under 5 minutes to play, that’s a Cowher move. The wildcat on 2 and 10, Cowher move. Be careful what you hope for, you might get it.

As for Newton, when was the last successful spread QB. I would be very careful in drafting him too him. He has terrible mechanics. As for the post about trading the farm for him....just don't. Beside the Dolphins don't have to, most teams are going to pass on him in the 1st round.

Henne has some fundamentals that need to improve if he hopes to be a starting QB in the NFL. Footwork, progression reads, and awareness of defensive schemes to react (like reading a blitz and not waiting to get sacked). Otherwise it does not matter who will be the new OC or Head Couch, he will be a lifetime backup.

Mando, you're wrong. Marshall can speak his mind and not worry; 50 mill will let you do that. Henne, yes, the brow beaten, whipping boy of this regime, does not have that luxury. He has to talk the company line, and hope that he is still part of the company next year.

Fire Henning -- yesterday, Sparano gets one more year to get something done, bring in a new 'up and coming' OC (or I would take Kubiak when he's fired -- that could be the second coming of Nolan), and draft a QB somewhere along the line to compete w Henne and Thig.

Although all of you 'sky is falling' fans out there are again ready to X out the entire organization to make you feel better, this team is really not that far away. Let's face it, the D is set (just keep Nolan and add another inside backer). That allows the Fins to go O crazy in the draft. Pick a speedy WR (you notice I say PICK one, not hope one falls of a cart in the bargain section somewhere) and a game changing back (either one of whom can run back kicks -- these are both areas that this regime has completely neglected since they arrived on the scene!) some interior O line help, including a stud center, and a playmaking TE (yah, kinda like the 2 studs that the Pats got in last yrs. draft).

I truly believe that this team isnt that far away. Just fire Henning NOW and appease the masses! If Sparano doesnt do this, and soon, he may be the one looking for a job, and he's not retirement age yet (like the old coot, Henning).

I wonder what goes through Ross' head during all these home losses?

He's gotta be wondering what all this money has got him?

Not sure NH, but he must be a very patient man. Sparano must be also, or just plain stupid. How is Henning still the OC after the last 3 weeks, not to mention the entire season, and last year?! That wildcat play on 2nd and ten has to be the last straw. In forty years of watching football, I am not sure that I have ever seen a more pathetic offensive play selection.

Mind-numbing stat from Mike Florio: Pittsburgh has more wins in Miami (2) than the Dolphins do (1). If that's not unacceptable on it's own merit, it's HOW the Fins have played for their own home crowd. Makes me want to puke.

Henne sounds like the ultimate company man. Unfortunately for him this company may be going the way of Enron.

Again this goes on henning.. How are we playing the worse run defense in the league and have Ronnie have I believe 8 rushing attempts?! I saw a stat in the third q about Jackson vs brown and brown had 6 attempts for 39 yards.. That's over 5 yards per carry... Don't say the running game was not working!! Henning didn't do his job... I personally think henne had a pretty good game, but it's hard when your qb is in a rhythm and you take him out and basically lose a down.... Henning sucks.... Do not judge henne under this OC... Mark my words, henne goes to another team and becomes a stAr....

Did you ever hear the players say after a loss that we let Henne down --NO--. The guy needs to go to another team to get his head straight, this coaching staff has twisted his head and created a robot. I hope Thigpen hasn't bought into this coaching disaster. Mr. Ross PLEASE HELP. We the fans feel like the passengers on the Titanic the deck chairs are floating and the captain says everything is ok "Henne did some good things out there today."

Agree w ya super -- simply cannot fairly judge Henne with this dinosaur as his OC. Man, just the fact that Parcells brought this clown in to be the OC makes you wonder about Parcells' judgement. Another 'friend of Bill' appointment. It's time to cut him loose!

ok. the scum henne mixxes a wide open ricky out in the flat where there is no defender so he will score and it's henning fault.. f'n clueless homers.lol.

I think Nathan said it best earlier, Henne's first game in relief against Arizona in his rookie year, he took charge from the off and showed something as he marched us downfield for our only score of that game, the game against the Jets last year was the best QB play we have seen since No 13, what has happened to him since last season, I hardly recognise him this year, how does a player regress like this, to me it has to be coaching, but I may be wrong, regardless he may never recover so we need to DRAFT a QB high in the 1st this year, I don't care what it takes and we need to change the HC, OC for starters but retain Nolan as DC!!

Great article....fire sparano cut henne fire henning

Henning is doing Sparano's Wannstedt's Take a Knee/Play for the FG & the Tie/Avoid Losing Philosophy. The approach starts at the top, and Sparano is in tune w/ Henning & vice versa.

This problem is no longer confined to Henning.

The Adolescent Ball Boy GM & Coach Fist Pump MUST GO!!! They'll take Henning w/ them/

cowher is going to the texans. he will use and abuse the phins in his leverage tactics just like everybody else does to the phins..lol. where's fat axx parcells now.?.lol. f'n ireland. wt.f is he.? a penis with glaxxes that's what. and spazano is a glorified cheer leader with zero clue.

1st drive - Missed fg.
2nd drive 3rd & 2. Run play = No Gain. Punt 3rd drive - 3rd & 2 Run play = No gain. Punt

Was the result ever in doubt?

Buffalo was the worst run D in the league & we made them look like a beast. Let's be real here. We can't run block & we can't pass protect. This leads to conservatism & stagnant offense.

How about the overload blitz that sunk Henne again this week as it did last week? We can all blame Henne but 2 weeks in a row? Same blitz, same result? Maybe we can blame the o-line? The protection scheme itself? The Bills OBVIOUSLY see something on film.

So many people talk of the clock all QB's have to have in their head...3 seconds...3 seconds. Guess what? On the sacks & the tipped ball that got picked, Henne absorbed contact in LESS than 3 seconds. LOL

You can bring ANY QB here & they will not succeed. Did you read Bills players post game comments? Here's a couple of doozies! Tlaking about the final drive & in general:

"Why would anyone be surprised?" Buffalo cornerback Drayton Florence asked about the first play, the one where Wildcat formation was inserted on second-and-10 from the Bills' 31 with just over two minutes to play. "They were playing for a field goal. That's what they do."

"We thought, 'playing for a field goal,' '' Bills safety George Wilson said. "And we stuffed them there."

"We watched the Jets game this week and saw Henne was getting hit a lot and didn't look comfortable in the pocket,'' Florence said. "We knew they'd had some [problems] on the line and that Tony Sparano was a line coach.

"So we knew two things. One, Henne wouldn't be holding the ball long on most plays. And, two, if they were going to throw medium or long, they'd have maximum protection and only send two guys out."

All Sunday, that was the case, Florence and Wilson said. Easy to defend, huh?

"It's not complicated,'' Florence said.

I've been saying it for weeks. The BIGGEST problem with this offense is that teams know EXACTLY what's coming. Did anyone also notice that Clemmons did not start this game? Hopefully it's because the coaches are seeing what I do. Clemmons is always late over the top & is not very good.

Let's promote Nolan to HC since he is gaining consideration for other jobs around College & the NFL. Got to keep him here! Bring in a young creative mind to run this offense. Not sure if Henne was ever going to be the guy but this year may last with him as John Beck's did. His confidence was destroyed that 1st year in Miami & I think same with Henne.

Everbody that goes to the lions game needs to wear BLACK to let them know how we feel.


Fans still making excuses from the couch...

The NFL is, and always will be filled with busts. "..he was great in college... blah blah blah ad naseum..."

Anyone remember: Avery, Sammy Smith, McManus, etc?

Sorry to burst your bubbles...

Please shut up, thank you.

Chad Henne!!! you should be ashamed of yourself sir!!How can you say your not embaressed after the way you suck at your position sir!You have to show emotion,show that you are pissed when you and your offense stink it up,show that your excited when your offense does something really good!! But you? Good thing its the time of the year when you can watch rudolph the red nosed reindeer and and relate to the toys on the island of misfit toys!!! You are a misfit sir!! How can you go home and even look your wife,or girlfriend in the face,not to mention the rest of your family and friends.Wave goodbye sir because you are gone you pathetic excuse for a QB who most definitely peaked at michigan. PFFT!!!

our year and half starter(QB) cant make plays and Green Bays back up goes in and wings the ball all around for 3 tds... sick to watch!

When teams win they always say...we knew it all the time"....the The bills would be wise to STFU and be happy ti get a win.

Where is DC Dolfan with his wealth of knowledge?


Yeah, almost as unbelievable as the playing, the coaching and the total lack of home field advantage is the people on here today saying Henne played a pretty good game.

Sure, you can say he's the best we've got right now. You can say he's young and needs a chance to evolve. You can say the other issues (with the OC, oline, RBs) is stunting Henne's growth and fix those first. ALL of those statements would be factually correct and believable.

BUT, you CAN'T say Henne played well (he didn't). NO ONE in the NFL right now is saying Henne is playing well. He's playing timid, scared, inconsistent, inaccurate, not adjusting to the situations in the game well, not making quick enough reads, putting the ball into areas where he shouldn't be (leading to INTs). Nothing in this game showed anything but a glimpse of good play. But, overall, Henne played flat, and Henne played awful.

That's the sad truth many of you here still aren't accepting.

Its not that the GB QB just threw the ball around....he was reading a defense....something that Henne has yet to show he the avility to do....sit him down for another 2 years....bring in McNabb or Palmer and see if he can learn how to read a Defense....throw touch passes....Matt Flynn threw passes that mde me long for a true QB who can throw more than the 12 yard down and out.....

RoboChad is a far better nickname...

Kris, we beat the Titans and they claimed to know what Miami's offense was doing too. So, not only when they win, but also when they lose. I think it's safe to say this offense needs an overhaul. Too Predictable, too vanilla.

Kris- in a nut shell thats what i meant, very TRUE, read Def and made plays

DC....The team put me to sleep....I fell aslep on a Dolphins game....now you know that sh^t has to be boring....I woke up in time to catch the last 3 min.....

Palmer?? Really he's just a over hyped henne he throws worse ints then him I would grab mcnabb ..

Really we are a good qb away from being a 12-4 team this year



Time to do a break down of the top college QB's and the teams that will pick before us. Of course that doesn't mean the Dolphins will pick a QB. They will probably go with the O- line and defense again.We need to lose the next two games.

and play calling(WHATS NEW?)

i believe it was Gannon doing the game? killing the play calling. actually felt good to hear a professional call out the play calling not just the fans

Hey Kyle, how many 4 wide sets did you see the Fins line up in yesterday, or last week, or the week before that? ZERO. It's pretty hard to 'sling it around' w one guy running a pattern.



KyleButler....that was what I interperted from your post....thats what made me write it. I'm not gonna crwn Matt Flynn after one game...but he throws a nice ball....

I typed it before...watch a good QB...they know where they are going with the ball before its snapped...1-2-3...balls out....1-2-3...balls out...and instead of staring at the reciever they come back to him at the 3rd second....it helps get the reciever open and makes thows easier.

What's the deal with Vince Young. I'd rather have him then happy feet McNabb or an unproven QB


I know Palmer isn't a popular choice, but I think he need a change of scenery...I think he is Drew Brees waiting to happen....He is also the victim of bad coaching....he can make all the throws and he is SMART....Chad Henne can become Carson Palmer...the good Palmer....

Look at his whole body of work...not just this season

newenglandfinfan- u are right.
im just saying, its tough to stomach watching other QBs w/less NFL play come in read defs and make good plays.

Henne has taken MAJOR steps backwards


People need to stop saying we don't run 4 wide sets because we do...and we did in that game....so your statment is false....we don't complete many of them, and usually Henne gets sacked...but we do it


how many other young QBs are out playing Henne... thats all people.... even Matt "F'in" Flynn!

Joe Schmoe,

Its true Courtland Finnegan did say he knew the plays. and Henning has to answer for rhis as well...But ultimatley its on Sporano for approving the garbage game plans...he sighns off on them...let him answer for them


kris, you said the problem with Palmer is bad coaching. I would say bringing him here would give him worse coaching.

Complete team loss form to bottom including defense and the coaching.

The secondary shouldn't get a pass on this one considering the who the receivers were they were playing against. Not good at all. Missed tackles - not making plays around th ball.

Everyone except the run defense had a hand in this one.

By the way, on Henne's one interception - how fast was that guy on Henne? What exactly does Mydon Murtha do to earn an NFl paycheque? I could do exactly what he does out there and I weigh 195 pounds. He just stands there and whiffs on guys.


I woudn't crown Matt Flynn just yet...he coudn't handle the blitz (from the plays I saw) but he could make nice throws when given time...but its still only one game

i am far from crowning Flynn...

thats what i thought watching that game thats all(how bad our more experienced QB plays)

lol @BobbyD12....very true. I am assuming that Henning with a new QB comming in.

Come on people, Matt Flynn?? He got 3 points agains the Lions the week before. One week does not a star make.

Carson palmer, Donovan McNabb??? If you guys haven't noticed, they are just names. their production is on par with Henne. What would be the point of making those moves except to put us nearer to the cap limit. Unless they come cheap - I wouldn;t want them. However, the team must get in a pretty good vet to at least make Henne step it up. If these guys are on par with Henne now - then it will force him to improve to keep his job.

If I were Henne, I would spend all offseason with a personal Qb coach to save his career because this administration is doing him no favours.

Henning will be gone...I meant to say....I don't see how he gets to keep his job...poor execution or not


I think they both come cheap...Palmer by way of a 4th rounder...or McNabb cheap on the money...he will be cut...


What did it take to improve the defense in 2010? A new DC, check. A veterain leader in Dansby, check. Maturity from Wake and a few of the young guys, check.

I'm going to throw a name out there, Kitna. Only a stop gap of course but along with keeping Henne and bringing in a rookie QB it makes sense. We love trading with Dallas. Kitna is a leader, guys love playing with him, he's gritty, experienced, has some mobility and is smart. Doesn't have Henne's skillset but if you don't use it what good is a skillset? And to top it off he looks like Jason Voorhees!

Henne's biggest faults in my opinion are lack of leadership quality and poor pocket awareness. The guy is a type B personality in a type A job. I'm not sure you can coach those up. You have them or you don't. It's not an indictment on the guy, it just is what it is. The rest of his flaws are correctable. If nothing else he'll be a quality backup next year.



Total lack of effort, I hope Sparano doesn't come out with a bunch of bullshyt double-talk today. Either him or better yet Ireland need to step out today and roll some heads. The year is over, NO REASON for Dan Henning to be here one more second.

Mark- how many points will Henne get this week vs the Lions??? LOL

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