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RoboHenne is back and that is not a good thing

One of the things I perceive is a problem with quarterback Chad Henne is his robotic, unfeeling, almost zombie-like approach to playing his position.

Henne would never think of calling a freak audible that isn't dictated by the defense or coaching staff. He follows his progression of reads even if it means throwing a 4-yard pass to Ricky Williams with 23 seconds to play from his own 28 yard line when he's got no timeouts and needs to go 45 yards to line up for a game-tying FG.

Heart? Passion? Emotion? Nowhere to be found.

It drives me crazy.

Henne had one game when he played like a guy with a big heart in his chest and emotion coarsing through his body this season: The Raiders game on November 28. He has since gone back to the uninstinctive, unemotional, uninspired, unsatisfactory play that we saw before he got benched.

On Sunday, however, Henne took robotics to a new high. He did it on the field. And he did it in his post-game press conference to the point he is starting to lose credibility.

To recap: On Sunday the Dolphins lost their sixth home game in seven outings. The offense was largely ineffective against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The loss eliminated the Dolphins from the playoffs.

The pain and meaning of the day was captured by perfectly by Brandon's Marshall, who issued a finely tuned apology to his defensive teammates for the offense's poor play. Marshall also said it was everyone's fault, including coaches, that the offense is not producing. (You can read Marshall's statement in the previous post.)

Henne followed less than a minute after Marshall spoke. And he totally lost me.

(On Brandon Marshall’s comments apologizing to the defense) – “I mean it’s not embarrassing. Obviously we didn’t do what we wanted to do out there execution wise and finishing the game but we win and lose as a team; there’s no pointing fingers. That’s about it; we win and lose as a team.”

What he should have said: I can't blame Brandon for feeling the way he does. I can't disagree, either. No one with a brain would.

(On whether it was frustrating being taken out of the game late while the Wildcat was run) – “Well I mean that’s the coach’s decision. They make the call and if they feel they can run something with the Wildcat and make some positive yards, we’ll do that.”

What he should have said: Frankly, yes. I think Wildcat has a great place in our offense but when the game is on the line, I want the ball in my hands. And I don't want to comment beyond that.

(On whether the fans were justified in booing with only one home win) – “They’ve been booing the last couple weeks so I guess we’re used to it. We, we don’t want to go out that way. It’s a sick feeling for us. I mean to not have home field advantage in this league is, it’s tough and it’s not like we’re not trying out there not to win at home. I mean there’s a lot of guys out there with a lot of heart playing, playing their hearts out out there for our fans and our home field advantage out there.”

What he should have said: Yes. We work for them and we haven't given them enough reasons to cheer, enough reasons to show up in droves, enough reasons to be happy. It is on us. They react to us. We don't react to them.

(On what he would change to get more touchdowns rather than field goals) – “I mean put it on our shoulders. Whatever is called, we’re not going to point our fingers at our coaches or players. Whatever is called we have to execute. We had some negative plays there, some penalties that hurt us. It’s just execution. We’ll put it on our shoulders as players to execute the play that’s called and making the decision after that.”

What he should have said: I would change my execution. It needs to improve. I'm the starting QB. I touch the football on every play. If I perform at a certain level, we'll score more points. Having said that, I'm still learning and I need to get better. Be patient. I'll get there.

I believe the Dolphins will go searching this offseason for a quarterback that doesn't play robotic and isn't seemingly walking on egg shells because the coaches have brow beaten him and turned him into a double-talker.

The Chad Henne I've seen this year is not that quarterback.


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Cowher was classic 'play not to lose', 'play for a FG', 'play for field possession', when he coached. He's more of Sparano. Only difference between the two is that Cowher won a Super Bowl but he was there like 12 years and there were times that the fans wanted to run him out of town.

Amazing that Mando allows a self prescribed 'Glue Inhalant"post on here.,Whats next Crack heads?, Mando you should be ashamed.

I agre with FinFan23. I'm not willing to give up on Henne yet. He is in is second year. I think with better playcalling and coaching, the perspective on Henne would change. I think there are at least two game the Fins should have won, but lost because of conservative/insane playcalling. Instead of 7-7, put the Fins at 9-5, and I bet the number of Henne headhunters drops significantly. In my opinion, Henning & Sparano would be ahead of Henne on the cut list. Henning for sure and since the playcalls go through Sparano, I think he is as much to blame. Someone needs to step up and take responsibility for the poor performance of the team. If the coaches won't do it, they need to go.

Anthony Armstrong has 100+ yards receiving yesterday against the Cowboys. You think a speedster like that lined up opposite Marshall wouldn't help the Dolphins? This guy will become another Matt Roth. Playing for another team.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

Great city by the way! Probably my favourite in Canada. Sorry Mark in Toronto he's got you beat on this one.

Didn't Armstrong play with us at one point? We're good at giving these guys away. Henne would be another one that would light it up wherever he went.

Oh, I didn't intend to paint everyone with the same brush - I like the vast majority of people here - or I wouldn't post.

But I know there is one poster (cough, Home, cough) wh always starts with that Canadian vs US bull. The NFL is a global game. That's why there are regular season games in Canada, Mexico, and England.

NFL - not just for Americans anymore.

Craig, my wife is from Toronto and her family is still there. Awesome city. I go at least 8-10 times a year and love it everytime. Montreal is great, but I love Toronto as well. And yeah, Armstrong was a dolphin before. He showed flashes of what he could become many times but we decided to get rid of him. Another bad management decision if you ask me.

This is not primarily a Henne issue. This is primarily a Henning issue. Henne is injured, mired in an offense designed for Pennington but crippled by injuries to the OL that render our key running game inoperable. Henne could be fine with the right coaching and OL. Bottom line - replace Henning, move Incognito to right guard, get a stronger center and a new LG, draft a fast RB and a pass catching TE -- and hire an OC that builds their offense around Henne's tool. I am fine with using the first round pick to get a QB or trade for Tebow since we will need a backup anyway but it takes two years before anybody we draft to work. Meanwhile it would be a mistake to go to free agency for a QB since that strategy consistently failed since Tebow retired.

Mark in Toronto, couldn't agree with you more on that 01:11 post. I got married in Costa Rica 3 years ago and our guide was wearing a Marino jersey. I told the guy I was very proud of him and gave him a good tip. LOL!!



What do you mean ALoco ::))?

"build offense around Henne's tool."


The last Indian. Henne is toast after 2 games you dolts. He stares down, checksz down and throws 30% more INTs than TDs. Get it: HE BLOWS CHUNKS. Henning will retire. And, Henne will STILL SUCK. He largely sucked @ Michigan....where he peaked.

Mark and Montreal,

I'm in Canada too and as you know the interest level in the NFL in Canada is at least what it is for the CFL. You have your loyalists on both sides of the issue but the appetite for NFL football is huge!

I have to admit I'm not much of a CFL fan. I have friends who tell me it's a better game but I know very few of the players, I don't like how there's only 8 teams and I don't like how teams get rewarded for missing field goals. IMO, it's all a big amateurish or second rate and I just get the sense that it's a watered down product. I repsect those who enjoy it, I'm just giving you my opinion. I don't feel a 'buzz' around the game. This year I didn't even watch the Grey Cup for the first time in years.

#1 Fan, it may be a different story in Montreal, where you guys put out a fine product year after year after year. I just know that in Toronto, like most of the pro sports teams in the city, it's a pretty sad and embarassing product, year after year.

Montreal, Aloco has been up for 19 hours huffing paint thinner, dont pay any attention to him.

Montreal, Canada sucks. Stick to your second rate league. You don't know squat.

Posted by: Shaggy Dec 19th 2010 21:07

Dude, just so you know, the only player worthy of going to the Pro Bowl to represent the Dolphins this year is a product of that second rate league. The only exciting player on that entire roster. Yeah, from that second rate league. So next time, before you post, try using that pea brain of yours just a little bit more before insulting me you fu**** dumb a**.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 20, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Um Dummy, he was drafted NFL first. Oh yeah the players flooding out of canada are everywhere LOL there are more arena guys than canadian pukes in the NFL. Go shovel some snow you hoser.

Craig, I'm not a big CFL fan either, more of an NFL guy. But having said that, the CFL is still a great league and deserves some respect. You can't say either one is a better league because it's 2 different leagues with different rules. I prefer the rules of the NFL but that's just an opinion.




You sign a QB in free agency to give Henne some competition next year. No more wasted picks for QBs next year. Let's get him some targets at WR and TE, improve the OL and get someone who can run the ball with more consistency. Those changes coupled with someone like Gary Kubiak or Josh McDaniels and it's a totally different offence next year.

I think Chad Henne has been under the gun all year since the "(Chicken), Tuna of the Sea" called him out at the bigging of the year saying that he was considering benching him... all this before Henne was to start his first full season as the teams starting QB.

Of course Parcell's made these statements while he was boxing up his belongings and exiting through the back door.

Sparano has followed his mentor by benching Henne after his first bad performance against the Baltimore Ravens.

Of course Henne had to come in after a few plays the next week and help lead the team to victory before hurting his knee.

I also hear people talking about McNabb and Bradford but both of them have lower passer ratings and winning percentages than Henne this year.

My final conclusion 14 games into Henne's first full year as the starter is that he's been average at best. He's been inconsistant, thrown too many interceptions, and has missed a lot of open passes. I've also seen glimpses in his throwing that makes me believe he'll be a very good QB such as the Tenn and Oak games and the fourth quarter yesterday...

I think the Dolphins are crazy not to continue to develop Henne next year. Unless you can bring in Belichick and Brady I don't think any other QB would have gotten the Dolphins to 7-7 with the teams talent level on offense... consider Peyton Manning's year.

Boulder, you may be right about keeping Henne. But wrong about the reason. Henne will be here due to the lack of options.

This regime painted themselves into a corner with Henne. All or nothing without a backup plan. Oh, that's right, their backup plan was Chad Pennington.

I'm not even going to start with the O-line, let's just say piss poor decisions have finally caught up with the Parcellians.

Which league gave him the opportunity to show everyone what kind of player he is you dummy? Yeah, the CFL. Every time he tried out with an NFL team he got cut. Get your facts straight you retard. And one more thing...Do you have any clue how many Americans play in the CFL, earn a paycheck to support their families?? Quite a few, so do me a favor a f**k off you moron.

ALoco, the marriage was one day. The rest of the trip was adventurous. We had a guide with us and he's the one who was wearing a Marino jersey. Not the priest.LOL!!! If I would of chosen a priest with a Marino jersey, I think my wife would of divorced me before even getting married. LOL!!




Oh boy, The CFL!!!!!! hahahaha Lets see two diamonds. Moon and Wake....I will even give you Flutie. Guys that were passed over by the NFL happens all the time, Show something against high school talent and get brought back.

If you think the CFL is a Viable league you are a total ass clown. Oh I forgot, the rock played in canada too!!!! I guess Vince Mcmahon should than the CFL for developing him too LMAO.


A, learn how to use your caps button.

Shaggy, Wake was NOT drafted into the NFL out of Penn State - he signed with the Giants as a FA and was released.

Get your facts straight before you try to look smarter than someone else, man.


shaggy, our very own Dolphins have used the CFL time and time again to add talent and would be wise to do it again. There are at least a few special teams guys that would be very useful.

mark Dixon was a great Dolphin that was a stalwart in montreal before he went south. Probably the best lineman behind Long that we've had here since Webb left.

Mark, shaggy wouldn't remember Mark Dixon. He's probably 15 years old or something. Trying to show people how tough he is by insulting people on an internet blog. Real scary dude.

Drafted/ FA semantics... he was in nfl first. OK i give, the CFL is awesome.......Chuckle.

What about Chuck klinbeil!!! Awesome....Good minor leager we brought up too.

Whoever claimed Henne owns all the Big Ten passing records is mistaken. I couldn't find evidence that he owns even one. He does hold most, if not all, of the Michigan passing records, however.

I also saw that Cowher was interested in miami. Not a good fit in my opinion. He's a defensive guy through and through. We already have that guy in Nolan. If anything make him the HC.

Personally I think Sporano gets the benefit of the doubt and they see if there's any improvement next year when his contract is up. I think Hemming is definitely on the hot seat and will go before.either Sporano or Henne. Bring in Kubiak as OC. Hes done in Houston.

Well said caphinfan!

Talk about hitting the nail on the head about Henne and the team. Sometimes it takes someone removed from SFla to give some perspective and common sense.

Marc Bulger maybe available and affordable to play/ tutor a new quarterback for 2-3 years. Henne does not have it to be the main man...how many think the draft will supply a quality player next year...less than 10%


Great post about our robo qb!!! Did anyone see him laughing and smiling at the end of the game? He plays with no emotion and we clearly need a better quarterback for next season. I would love to see Gruden as our next HC. 1-6 record at home is unexcusable. Henning should be fired inmediately... why let him coach the next to games??

cmon guys i know i sizzzuck big time! Ill overthrow ya, underthrow ya, throw it too high or too low or too hard or ill just let the d lineman bat the ball at the line! But if worst comes to worst ill just throw it too the other teams DB, or ill hold it for 10 secs, ill stare you down befor i attempt to throw it to you so the DB can jump it! Hey its not about wins and loses we lose as a team although i contribute 50% to each lost i think we just have to get better as a team lol!! Now wheres my batteries im out of juice!! LMAO

wow that was hilarious, Robo Henne!!!

Do what it takes to get Andrew Luck from Stanford...this kid has "it"

You all make me glad I'm a RAMS fan, we ain't got much but we do have a QB. Good Luck next year.

F-I-N-S $uk,$uk,$uk, for your local JETS fan!!!

Even the great Parcells could not save your sorry franchise.

“I mean it’s not embarrassing. Obviously we didn’t do what we wanted to do

That right there assured me of what i already felt about Henne; how can you say that after a game like yesterday. This guy is freaking clue less, wow.

I think it's time to park the cicus and bring in the likes of Randy Moss opposite Brandon Marshal and get Donovan McNabb to take over the offense next season. Henning has to leave and get someone offensive minded for the 21st century NFL.

We have searched the world over far and wide, yet failed ot get someone even close to Dan Marino. It's time to field a veteran QB that is still a viable passing, running threat. McNabb brings that to the table and more. He can even run the wildcat offense and still make all the throws. It's time to reach deep and pull out the stops. Get something proven as we did with brandon marshal. The superbowl would be nice, but I am sick and tired of this 500 football teams we field every year.

The catch 22 with Henne is that the staff can't come out and say just how disappointed they are with Henne because it reveals that they totally f*cked up with selecting and sticking with him. Furthermore there are a few games left and they feel they have to use him to be able to extract any trade value he may possibly have left.

If we can sign Kyle Orton we should do it in a heartbeat...still draft a QB as well. We also need a true center!!!

i would take a one legged mcnabb over henne anyday. the guy sucks. no his hans were tied or it's hennings fault or it's only his second year. fact is he is not a leader, he's not a franchise qb, he does not deserve to be starting in the nfl, and he will be gone shortly. but not soon enough!

I personally think Henne should continue and here's why. And please let me know if I'm not remembering this correctly:

1) It seems to me that last year he was more of a gunslinger; I recall him throwing so hard that I could hear the receivers breast plate of the shoulder pads make a cracking sound.

2) I also seem to remmber him taking many more shots downfield with the confidence to accurately slam the ball through tight windows of opportunity.

I don't think I've seen him throw one ball this year as hard as he threw most of them last year. Personally I think the coaching staff is "training" the gunslinger out of him and forcing him to try and touch pass everything which in my mind makes a guy like him inaccurate as the timing is all messed up when you're not allowed to throw the way you have your entire life.
I also think they are play calling him out of a career; he's got a cannon arm and they need to let him USE IT! I think the play calling is to blame for the check downs.

Everyone wants Bill Cohwer, not me, we don't need a Defensive Coach, we have Mike Nolan. Would rather find someone who can coach offense

Plus didn't it take like two decades for Cohwer to win a SB in Pittsburgh?, I can't wait that long, have already been waiting almost 40 years.

Lock up Nolan and hire Gary Kubiak when he is fired by Denver.....Nolan is the thing he has lacked in Houston


I live in DC and not sure what you are watching, but McNabb has had an absolutely terrible year, he short arms more balls then any QB I have seen in awhile

I say new coach, new OC, and go back to the aggressive play calling we had last year and see what happens with Henne, but also bring in a VET to push him, but not McNabb.

If Soprano is available then look for Orton in Miami next year, he is his kind of QB.....just saying

I wish the Dolphins still played in the Orange Bowl. At this stadium, the crowd is too far from the field and thus we lose part of the home field advantage. I think we need seats closer to the field. Watch other teams react to their "close" fans.

Makes me miss the Fiedler days.

Should have kept Sage around, he does make mistakes but at least he is not afraid to do something out of the box.

For everyone that thinks our QB hopes reside in the draft come on back from fantasy land.

There are 4 teams that will draft a QB ahead of us meaning there won't be a NFL ready QB by the time the Fins draft. I guess you all think a rookie QB is going to come in here day 1 and start playing like a Pro Bowler behind this O-line with this coaching staff - get real. Henne will be the QB next year and with Hennig gone he will progress.

Remember what the message to Henne this year was - 'Throw down field, but don't make ints' - talk about hand-cuffing a 2nd yr starter.

It would be typical Fins karma if we cut Henne loose and he goes to NE, sits behind Brady for a couple of years and then turns into a pro bowler that kills the Dolphins b/c we were too impatient with him playing for this brain dead coaching staff

Henne, backup QB at best

Very nice post Nathan.


Henne is who I thought he was; big slow without quick feet to move in the pocket. He makes the offensive line look really bad. He has a strong arm but is not very accurate.

it's Pat White's fault

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