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Ross skips out on postgame locker room -- again

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano or general manager Jeff Ireland or both have a problem -- and it has nothing to do with what you think.

It doesn't have to do with the fact quarterback Chad Henne is inconsistent and both are tied to Henne as the franchise QB. It has nothing to do with the fact no one in Miami's defensive backfield can be trusted to catch a potential interception delivered directly to the hands. It also has nothing to do with the fact the running game, around which the offense is supposed to be built, has been absent the entire season.

Those problem pale for Miami's top football men compared to this: Owner Stephen Ross is clearly not happy.

And Ross makes the final call on both Sparano's and Ireland's job status.

Ross was at Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns at Sun Life Stadium. But when the Dolphins lost, he made himself scarce. Unlike other games in which Ross goes from his suite to the team's locker room, Ross skipped the trip on Sunday.

And it was at least the second home loss after which Ross skipped joining his team in the locker room after the game. He wasn't there after the shutout loss to Chicago Nov. 18. So that's two consecutive games after which Ross does not go see his team.

This, by the way, may not seem significant to you. But how the owner's feels about his team is something the football people must be keenly monitoring if they want to enjoy some sort of job security. And it is clear those absences are a sign of disapproval.

It doesn't end there.

Ross is clearly not happy with Miami's 1-5 home record. That record is terrible for any team, but particularly frustrating for a team that has managed a 5-1 record on the road. Clearly, if a team can win on the road, it should be able to manage some wins at home as well. If that isn't happening, it suggest they are under-achieving at home. Certainly, Sunday's loss to the previously 4-7 Cleveland Browns suggests that.

And that is bad because Ross wants his home games to be fun and entertaining and an event. He has spent many resources -- celebrities, concerts, noise, etc ... -- on making home games a bigtime experience.

The problem is all the appetizer and side dish stuff loses its meaning when the main course, the actual football team, is not palatable on its home turf. What's more, the Dolphins are not only seldom successful at home this year, they are boring in the process.

The Dolphins are averaging 16.3 points per game at home this year. They are averaging 19.5 points on the road.

That is not good. And it is especially not good when the owner is so keen on entertainment and showtime and offering people a compelling reason to attend games.

That leads me to the next issue: The Dolphins have two more home games at Sun Life Stadium this season. Never mind whether they win or lose those games against Buffalo (Dec. 19) and Detroit (Dec. 26).

The fact is neither one of those games is sold out at this time. The fact is, barring some unexpected series of events, neither of those games is likely to sell out in time to avert the local television blackout.

That sets a bad tone, folks. Home games that are not sold out make the owner (more) unhappy.

And that is increasingly an issue for folks like Sparano and Ireland.

[I'll be discussing this very topic on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. I'm sure the other local morning hosts that read this blog for material will pick up on this, but I would encourage you to listen to me directly so I can share other tidbits on this topic with you. Armando and the Amigo is on 640 Sports in South Florida.]


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As good as Dez is, and I say very good, he has proven to be injury prone. He has been oft injured and is now on IR, had surgery today. In retrospect it was a good move to pass on him.

if you are goihng by because ross is a michigan guy and that's why henne will be the qb, then you are more dumb than you sound and ross has no business being a owner!

Our first rounder is on IR as well, what's the difference?

This is the main thing and I know it usually doesn't go over well here - the Dolphins NEED to lose the rest of their games so we can at least have a shot at one of these QBs - going 8-8 does nothing - we miss the playoffs and pick 22nd. If you're going to suck, suck all the way. Don't suck at sucking. I know it’s hard to root against them, but if we can pick the top 5 maybe we can get an impact player. I know the draft is a crapshoot - but your odds go up on hitting it big the higher up in the draft you are. Look at the Steelers - one year they went 5-11 under Cowher (which never happened) they picked 7th in the draft and took Rapelesberger - the rest is history. Going 8-8 or 9-7 or even 10-6 (and playing on the road in the playoffs) just keeps teams spinning their wheels - perfect examples - The Dolphins of the late 80's and 90's and the Chiefs of the 90's - both of these teams went 8-8, 9-7 or 10-6 every year - just miss the playoffs or lose in the first round and then pick 24th in the draft and continue to be mediocre every year. Examples the other way – Tampa (Brooks, Sapp, etc.) - picked in the top 5 every year - finally put it together and won the Super Bowl - same with the Rams - picked in the top 5 every year (Orlando Pace, etc.) and won the Super Bowl. I'm not dumb enough not to realize that other things must go right and you have to hit on some later picks - but why go 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs? In this league you have to go 13-3 with home field throughout or 3-13 and pick in the top 5. Just my opinion. I hate rooting against the Dolphins but I would take sucking for a few years to win one championship - what the heck, we suck anyway with little hope for the future.

the difference is we got 3 for 1, Odrick, Misi, Dobbins. 2 are not on IR.

jason taylor is laughing his ass off right now. freezing too!

Anybody can get injured. You don't pass on a guy in case he gets hurt. Tom Brady gets hurt. Everybody get hurt. Ronnie Brown never played a full year. It's part of football. It's Bryant's first year, it doesn't mean it will happen every year.

next week miami will not know what to do out there. henne should just hand the wets the ball. make it easy on himself!

Dolphin Fan, yes anyone can get hurt. But we were rebuilding, so they had a worthwhile 3 for 1 deal. They were not impressed with Dez's football knowledge so they went with Brandon.

You are comparing 1 to 1, but it was 3 to 1 in our favor.


After Ross cleans house, you think Misi and Dobbins will stick around? How impressive are these guys? Not much. Is Dobbins really an upgrade over what we had before? Not really.

he knows how to take out his own teammate!

Fan in Montreal - Dez has lots of talent, but knows nothing about reading defenses or route running, at least thats what came out of his interview here. I think they were thinking Dez or Brandon, but not both, so they went with Brandon. Plus they wanted to trade down for some extra picks.

wow everyone is saying to fire sparano. I think you give them one more year. He pretty much said that it is going to be evaluated at the end of the year. I've been reading on other sites and fans want Cam Newton. It is interesting but I really dont think he is nfl capable. I still say trade down for another 2nd rd. I would rather the fins take Ricky Stanzi or Pat Devlin in the mid rounds. Hopefully we can repair the OL in FA. Much work to do but it can be done in one year look at the defense. If we can get a top 10 offense to go along with the D look out

i thought what came out of his interview was his mother was a prostitute.

The Dolphins biggest problem this year is scoring points and red zone offense. You think Dez Bryant wouldn't help resolving those problems? The answer is YES, he would.


dolphin77, you and me should get together and be a couple. We think alike, to gay peas in a pod


Misi will be around yes. He is a rookie. He is developing well. Not every rookie hits pro bowl status half way through the first season. He is #2 in sacks for rookie LB's. Dobbins has been useful. Odrick who knows.

game time, see ya! lets go pats!

deytreder, talent is what you need to make the playoffs in the NFL. We need a lot of it!

Montreal, must be nice to be such to have an opinion now. Everyone here knew the Dolphins needed to draft defense during the last draft. Well, everyone but you obviously. Dolphins did what they needed to do, move on.

Montreal, he wouldn't help us anymore than your grandmother on IR. He's been injured 3 times already in his first season and now he's done. We have players contributing that came in place of him.

I've been saying since day 1 that this year is THE year for this regime. No playoffs equals goodbye. Ross will clean house. You can bet the farm on that. Highest payroll in the NFL and we'll be lucky to finish 8-8. Unacceptable.

dolphins just signed jay fiedler

Montreal you fail to see it was Marshall OR Dez, not both. They went with Marshall, and then got 3 picks instead of 1, which they used to bolster the D and yes it has helped and has been better than just having Dez and not the others. If you can see that, oh well. End of this conversation on my part. I'm glad you are not the GM.

Montreal what you say doesn't matter honestly you are not that important. Sid Rosenberg today said he believed this FO will get another year. I believe he is right

Nice post. We needed defense. Yeah OK. Now we can't score and offense is our biggest problem. Great post Montreal for dummies. Hard to have a discussion without insulting someone isn't it? And which player did we draft that made our defense so amazing? I wonder who the real dummy really is.

Mmmmmmm, let's see. Our defense is a hell of a lot better then last year. Sooooooo your wrong. Case Closed

Our defense was one of the worse defenses in the NFL last year, so to say that this year is better is pretty lame. It couldn't of been much worse. That's like saying Parcells is a genius because we were better than 1-15. Gee great. That's not good enough. Yeah the defense is better. But do you think this defense is one of the best in the league? Like the Steelers? or the Ravens? the Jets? even the Bears? Not even close.

We lost Porter and Taylor last year. Needed to make up for that. Misi has helped, Dobbins has played a fair role subbing for Crowder and Dansby. Run D remained solid because of that. Odrick yet to be determined. We were not going to bring on two 50 mil receivers at the same time, not with new gaping holes in the D. need to consider the whole picture.

To reiterate, every single person here knew the vast majority of the draft picks needed to be used on defense, but you. Look up Monday Morning Quarterback, that's you

FoxNFL, the Cowboys gave Miles Austin how much $$$ and still drafted Bryant. Yes the defense needed help, but today's NFL is all about scoring. You never have too many playmakers on offense. The defense improved the minute they got rid of that stiff Gibril Wilson, another Parcells/Ireland bust.

Mr. Ross, maybe fewer celebrity owners and more celebrity coaches! Terminate the Parcells crew of Ireland, Sparano, Henning, and poor Henne! They are wasting our time and your cash; give it to Chucky while he is still interested!

The look on Rex's face says he already knows he is going to lose this game. Picture perfect.


Everytime I see both Pats rookie TE's it makes me sick to my stomach knowing we should have had at least one of them. I know we even worked out the one from the Gators for sure. How the hell did the Parcellians miss out on him?

Montreal, you think I'm the only one who thinks we should of added another playmaker on offense? Mr.Salguero on this very blog suggested the Dolphins should go after Vincent Jackson despite the fact they had traded for Marshall. Oh well, I guess I'm not the only one. But we're both stupid and you're the genius right? We'll go pretty far with this offense, watch how many SB's we'll win with this offense and great defense.

Dying, how right was I on Gronkowski?? He is gonna be special. Kills me



Im watching the game in my office but still its really like background wallpaper.

DyingBreed, we needed defense, that's why. LOL!


I really had no idea who Gronkowski was until he became a Pat. Pats now have two seemingly great TE's and well.....we still have Fasano.

Sanchez can't handle the cold. I sense BLOWOUT!

At the rate the Jets-Pat game's going it could possibly be over by halftime.

#1 Montreal Fan, In hindsight we are all smart. Fact is we needed to fix our defense so im not gonna say our draft picks were not what we had to do. We were 1-15 only 3 years ago. With a much better D we can concentrate on our offense and some playmakers this off season


Lets now worry that Denver fired McDaniels and they could lock in on Nolan for next Head Coach?

3rd and long, see I told you guys even great qb's have trouble with conversions. Brady didnt do it but Henne's seeming always placed in this position.

Between Ronnie's ballerina audtitions at line of scrimmmage and Henning's at times horrible playing calling. Henne has far more 3rd and longs to try and convert than what you wanna see any young qb to have on his plate.


anyone wanna tell me how great the Jets are? Shoulda lost last 3 games, not gonna do it against this team

Actually fellas, check your facts. We ARE an elite defense (better total defense than Steelers OR Ravens). We have a MUCH BETTER passing defense than the Jets, they have a better rushing defense.

In ONE year. Thanks Mike Nolan. Now if we can get an offensive genius, we might be somebody.

We can't let Nolan go, promote him to HC if we have to.

Pats looking like a real football team.

bobbyd12, well said. But when you have a chance to draft a special player, you should go for it, regardless. This regime failed miserably, and Ross will clean house. How many blunders have they made? Too many. Anyway, good night guys. We're all Dolphins fans, and that's all that matters.



The Foxboro beat down is on.

ALoco, Grilled Branzino. Marinate Branzino with olive oil, lemons, limes, oranges, onions (seal in foil). Grill. Delicioso! Mediterranean delight.

I thought I saw Bill Belichek's balls hanging from Rex Ryan's chin until I looked again and it was only Rex Ryan's mouth piece.

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