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Ross skips out on postgame locker room -- again

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano or general manager Jeff Ireland or both have a problem -- and it has nothing to do with what you think.

It doesn't have to do with the fact quarterback Chad Henne is inconsistent and both are tied to Henne as the franchise QB. It has nothing to do with the fact no one in Miami's defensive backfield can be trusted to catch a potential interception delivered directly to the hands. It also has nothing to do with the fact the running game, around which the offense is supposed to be built, has been absent the entire season.

Those problem pale for Miami's top football men compared to this: Owner Stephen Ross is clearly not happy.

And Ross makes the final call on both Sparano's and Ireland's job status.

Ross was at Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns at Sun Life Stadium. But when the Dolphins lost, he made himself scarce. Unlike other games in which Ross goes from his suite to the team's locker room, Ross skipped the trip on Sunday.

And it was at least the second home loss after which Ross skipped joining his team in the locker room after the game. He wasn't there after the shutout loss to Chicago Nov. 18. So that's two consecutive games after which Ross does not go see his team.

This, by the way, may not seem significant to you. But how the owner's feels about his team is something the football people must be keenly monitoring if they want to enjoy some sort of job security. And it is clear those absences are a sign of disapproval.

It doesn't end there.

Ross is clearly not happy with Miami's 1-5 home record. That record is terrible for any team, but particularly frustrating for a team that has managed a 5-1 record on the road. Clearly, if a team can win on the road, it should be able to manage some wins at home as well. If that isn't happening, it suggest they are under-achieving at home. Certainly, Sunday's loss to the previously 4-7 Cleveland Browns suggests that.

And that is bad because Ross wants his home games to be fun and entertaining and an event. He has spent many resources -- celebrities, concerts, noise, etc ... -- on making home games a bigtime experience.

The problem is all the appetizer and side dish stuff loses its meaning when the main course, the actual football team, is not palatable on its home turf. What's more, the Dolphins are not only seldom successful at home this year, they are boring in the process.

The Dolphins are averaging 16.3 points per game at home this year. They are averaging 19.5 points on the road.

That is not good. And it is especially not good when the owner is so keen on entertainment and showtime and offering people a compelling reason to attend games.

That leads me to the next issue: The Dolphins have two more home games at Sun Life Stadium this season. Never mind whether they win or lose those games against Buffalo (Dec. 19) and Detroit (Dec. 26).

The fact is neither one of those games is sold out at this time. The fact is, barring some unexpected series of events, neither of those games is likely to sell out in time to avert the local television blackout.

That sets a bad tone, folks. Home games that are not sold out make the owner (more) unhappy.

And that is increasingly an issue for folks like Sparano and Ireland.

[I'll be discussing this very topic on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. I'm sure the other local morning hosts that read this blog for material will pick up on this, but I would encourage you to listen to me directly so I can share other tidbits on this topic with you. Armando and the Amigo is on 640 Sports in South Florida.]


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please Sparano take notice how the pats keep firing with a lead

woodhead is a beast

The Jets and Sanchez had a bunch of "great" come from behind wins against lousy teams..... against the good teams, they bend over easily!!! Their D is grossly overrated... teams have figured out the all out blitz crap!!!


What were the Jets thinking when they cut Woodhead?


Dear Ireland and Sparano: If you want an example of a Tough, Smart, Discipline team that you preached, take a look at the Patricias.

C'mon Pats - break the 50 point barrier!
Send Rexy home crying.

Watching Brady makes miss the Marino days....
The guy is awesome, gotta give the props.

The SAD thing is, we are far worse than the Jets.

the jets are going to kills us next week

I think the Fins have a shot next week.... this Jets team is going into the usual late season fade! A fraud like their loud mouth fool of a coach. The Fins need to run the spread O they ran against the Titans and attack this wusses.... Spreading the field out gives the QB easier reads and throwing lanes!!!



Anyone know of a good Jets' blog? We ought to troll and taunt those posers. This game is too hilarious to keep to ourselves.



Its called having a smart coach and a HOL QB......oh, and a game plan.



They were sniffing some of your glue.

Henning is not a very young qb friendly OC to begin with. Its not because he doesnt wanna be, its because he comes from an era when a lot of young qb's werent allowed to start until thier 3rd sometimes 4th season.

They expect the young qb's to know all of the intracansies of the entire offense when starting. They are not used to coddling qb's. All the development you were going to get was in practice and watching from the sidelines. If you didnt show promise the 1st starting season you were already labeled a bust.

It really wasnt until Marino and Elway came along that it began to become fashionable to even think of starting a qb in his 1st or second season. Even by this time guys like Henning were already old schoolers to the old system.

Im sure Henning is very frustrated with having a young qb. Personally I dont think he has the patience for it, was totally comfortable in retirement, and only came out of retirement as a favor to Parcells. I really see Henning going back into retirement at the end of this season.

In my honest overall evaluation Henning isnt as horrible an OC as he is still handcuffed to an era. Unfortunately for all involved its an era long passed which Henning continually tries to hold on to. It doesnt make him a bad OC, it just makes him an outdated one.

Show me a great QB and I'll show you a great coach (and great OC). Who are the great coaches in this league? All the ones with great QB's.


3 picks for Sanchez...... HaHaHa!!! He must be cut immediately!!!


Mark Henne Sanchez

3 man he is catching up with Henne guess they need thiggy

Dan Henning is moon lighting as the Jets OC.


We didn't let Welker go, we got at least a second round pick for him. Plus, we had to do it.

Rex Ryan flat out released Woodhead.

Another int by Sancheez.

Sanchez has a much better supporting cast than Henne..... Sanchez====Overrated!!!!!

Bench Sanchez!

How do you guys think Jet fans are feeling about Sanchez right now. They used a #1 pick toget him only a year ago. I guarantee thier not thinking about drafting another qb.

I think Brady wants to run the score up as much as he can!


im calling TD on 4th


Chad Henne is moon lighting as the Jets QB.

this is so funny

Here comes 45.

Brady and Bellichick are sending a nasty message to the Jets and all other playoff contenders.

Take sanchez out and fire Rex now!


PATS..... 876
JETS....... 3



I don't buy this 'era' argument for a second. Thats like saying as you get older you lose wisdom, not gain it. Does anybody think they were smarter when they were half their current age? Henning sees 100x more than any fan will see. For some reason fans think they see more and are more up to date than those that live and breath it. Senile maybe after 80, not at 68. It's simply ludicrous. Henning tries to tailor the game plan to the capabilities of the players, which isn't quite enough yet. You think Henning hasn't watch 1000x more times film than all of us and doesn't see and fully understand whats going on?

Didnt Rex Ryan say on espn he has the better team? Damn Rex going to have a very tough time explaining this one away at the podium.

And we gotta go up there in week 17?

amazing what the pats are doing to the jets huh?


billicheck is trying to get in the heads of other teams

well if it is the pats that must be beat to winthe afc east the jets look the same distance as us with a lot older roster

Where are all the punk add jets fans now? That's right sit down and shut up!

I think Brady's pissed Rex Ryan had the ball to compared his wrinkled up old skank to his supermodel Bungden.

And we gotta go up there in week 17?

Posted by: R & R EXPRESS | December 06, 2010 at 11:13 PM

They will have home field locked up.
We might actually win that game if they sit their starters.

Belichek is teaching all the other coaches how to destroy the Jets!

even if they sit there startersyou know were losing that!

Where's Torchured?

just hope our coach is taking notes

And the Pats have 432 picks in the draft to boot!

Another pick coming soon.

DB is right, ryan very matter of factly said, "i just think we have the better team...."

Jets better keep this drive alive or Belichek will hit them over the head with 52 points!

anybody ever notice how the Dolphins get mentioned on MNF in some way shape or form every monday? weird.

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